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Hey Everybody

About three, maybe four years ago I had an idea for a website/web application that would function as a sort of Linkden for creative people, who need electronic press kits which can be easily thrown together and maintained by a lay person who has one of more creative offerings to promote but doesn't want to learn wordpress. There's also some other functionality planned down the line, to make it a site that truly offers artistic types agency of their careers, hence, the title artistic agency)

The problem was I did not know a thing about programming at the time.

Since then I've attained a software development degree and built the alpha version of the website, located at

It's based on the idea that the account holder, you, are the atomic unit of the site, with press kits for each thing you offer. As most creative people I know do at least a few creative things... … UczxOxi3ZK

Anyway. At the moment the site is basically just full of placeholder profiles to look over how the interface flows. I'd love for anyone interested to give the site a glance and offer some feedback, or better yet sign up and create a profile and see how that experience flows.

Currently it's a ruby on rails project, but I'm learning Node.js, and thing that might be a better fit.

Any and all feedback appreciated.

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Re: Artistic.Agency (Linkden for creative people)

I'm out and about, but I look forward to checking this out. Sounds like a really cool idea.

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