Re: Dubious musical taste.

The only thing better than tongue-in-cheek 80s lesbian honky-tonk

is the same band doing an utterly ethereal cover of "Sweet Jane."

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Re: Dubious musical taste.

Been getting into some funk-inspired jazz lately—the Hammond organ/electric guitar combo is just ear candy.

Re: Dubious musical taste.

*clicks play on first video*

*waits nine seconds*

*is fully into it*

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Re: Dubious musical taste.

These are all wonderful and have a delicious groove. I dig it.

If it's not about musicals, I probably don't know what I'm talking about.


Re: Dubious musical taste.

Oof. Themz some bloody snazzy tracks.


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Re: Dubious musical taste.

I don't often listen to music. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I...don't like it. It just doesn't often occur to me to put something on, and it's usually an orchestral soundtrack when I do happen to get the urge.

So my musical taste is perhaps the most dubious of all tongue

Anywho, here's a band I was exposed to quite on accident this past weekend (short story, not short enough). They sound really good live.


This EP is fun as hell, particularly The Last Thing.

Witness me!

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