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(Jk love you.)

It depends on your threshold for the opening stages being fairly mannered and slow before things turn nuts. I won't say I didn't enjoy the first half hour/forty minutes or so, because I did—the characters and the humor are already there, and like the rest of the film it's a treat to look at—but I expect that section plays much better knowing that the sinister is coming.

It's a much softer film than The Master in ways—it lacks the unrelenting claustrophobic close-ups that one has, and the grainy haze of the visuals is less oppressive to look at than Master's 70mm, which is just the prettiest thing ever but also really sharp-edged. I'm not sure how well I can answer your question, because I find Master completely hypnotic rather than interminable (that's not me tryin' to sound hifalutin and artsy, it's just genuinely been my emotional reaction from the first viewing onward), but Phantom Thread is definitely less likely to punish you for devoting your attention to it.

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I went to film school and everything and I do not get the love for Phantom Thread.  The closer PTA gets to whatever he's going for, the less I enjoy the result.  I don't want him to stop making movies and I don't mind if people like them, but personally I'm mystified.     

It took me a week to get through The Master, mostly by letting it run while I did other things.  Inherent Vice I didn't even try to finish because I knew better after The Master.   Phantom Thread was kind of a step up, in that I didn't actively quit watching it, I just fell asleep after about an hour and haven't had any urge to watch the rest. 

So you're saying something actually happens in that last half hour?

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Geez, I need to get Eddie in here to back me up. tongue

But yes, Trey. This is very much PTA's Hitchcock film, and it's very similar to Vertigo (which I know you also don't care for) in that the opening proceedings take their time but are absolutely necessary for setting up everything that goes nuts later on.


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Okay then, I may give it another chance someday. But if it turns out you're messing with me, your name's going on a list.


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The list is real.

Teague Chrystie

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Can finally listen to the DiFs now!

Finished off Tarantino's filmography tonight with a double feature of The Assassination of Bill by the Coward Uma Thurman. In the moment it's definitely a fun experience. Uma Thurman is a goddess and we should never have allowed her to fall off the A-list. The fight scenes are all pretty damn awesome—tbh I prefer the one-on-one brawls to the Crazy-88 showpiece, especially the opening knife fight and the trailer duel.

The fun does not come without reservations, however. Just casually throwing in there that the Bride has been raped repeatedly while comatose is just such a fucking gross, demeaning, awful thing, and while I often just roll my eyes at Tarantino's more tryhard edgelord moments this one made me actively furious with him. That leads to my larger problem with the movie—it's decidedly the turning point where Tarantino stopped making movies and started making various degrees of cartoon. I can't entirely blame him—if Jackie Brown, my best and most adult movie, got a lukewarm reception and then I released a four-hour cartoon to general acclaim, I'd probably keep making the cartoons too. But it filled me with a certain sadness knowing that this was the point where he stopped trying to mature in his filmmaking.

Some other scattered observations:

- I'm surprised Zoe Bell didn't get her own proper credit, considering the Crazy 88 stunt team did along with the other actors.

- The more self-indulgent stuff (the Pai Mei scenes, God) should have been trimmed so this could have been released as one 200-minute movie. Separating the two volumes is to Volume 2's detriment—it's an hour of continued action followed by an hour of denouement, which when viewed in isolation would be a pretty major pacing problem.

- Why does everyone hate Death Proof so much? Volume 1 is the exact same tone for even longer, and nothing in it compares to the car chase in DP.

Final QT ranking now that I've seen all his stuff: Jackie Brown/Pulp Fiction > Inglourious Basterds > Reservoir Dogs > The Hateful Eight > Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2 > Death Proof > Django Unchained. Like 'em all except for Django (which still has its moments), and outright love the first three. I await his upcoming Manson film with a mixture of hope and leeriness—his decision to release it on the anniversary of the Tate murders as a publicity stunt doesn't exactly fill me with hope that he'll nail the tone.

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It has been a long time since I watched Kill Bill, and I have made no attempt to familiarize myself with the rest of Tarantino's work, but I think I agree with most of your points. It's an interesting experiment to split it into two but they become two very different movies, tonally, for it, and you have to be in a certain mood for 2's style and pacing, whereas if they were wrapped into one it might go better. I'm sure there are a half dozen decent fan edits out there that accomplish it in different ways.

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