Topic: How To Tame Your Dragon

Alright so I just seen this movie in IMAX 3D and well I have to give it to them this I believe  it was a good movie. 

And I work at a theater so it was a screening for testing of the film.

Anyways I wanted to ask here what opinions you guys have on animated movies in general or if you think this seems like a good movie.

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Re: How To Tame Your Dragon

Well I just saw this movie, (As part of a self made double feature with Alice In Wonderland actually) and I frickin LOOOOOOOOVED it!!

It was great! Albeit yes, it was sorta your typical fairy tale plot line-ish, but with a little Dreamworks twist in there of course, and I think it really works.

And as far as other animated films go, It depends on the film, but on the whole I'm usually a fan.