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Hey guys, Teague here with the third scary movie of October. Prepare your spine for curving and the conclusion of your intestines for high speed rupture; our movie this week is The Fly.

All hands on are deck for this creepy-ass horror show, and for a creature feature, resident old school FXer Trey is less than impressed. Why, you ask? How could it be? Listen to find out. Because I forgot. I think he’s just a curmudgeon. Or kind of a dick.

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Re: The Fly

Great job, guys! Really enjoyed this one.

Michael wins the Internets for pointing out that his steak experiment is invalid because it wasn’t a double-blind test.

This is a transformation monster movie, like The Amazing Colossal Man, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, The Incredible Melting Man, Incredible Shrinking Man, and so on—even The Wolf Man.

Warning: I'm probably rewriting this post as you read it.

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