Topic: Finally I can reveal....ALPHA

MAN this has been a long time coming. 

Variety: Legendary Digital Subscrip. Service to Feature Live, Interactive Shows from Nerdist, Geek & Sundry

So yeah, Geek & Sundry's Open Beta wasn't just a lark.  It was the longest interview process I've ever had.  Felicia Day, Legendary DIgital VP Steven Hein, and Geek & Sundry General Manager Ryan Copple were pleased with my work, and offered my the gig as Subscription Content Producer for all of G&S content slated for ALPHA, a new subscription based, interactive channel.  I start officially in July, and we plan to enter a closed Beta period later this year.  In the meantime, you can go to to sign up for early access.

Eddie Doty

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Re: Finally I can reveal....ALPHA

This is the first step in one of Eddie's many long-term plans to eventually do nothing but win all the time.

Teague Chrystie

I have a tendency to fix your typos.

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Re: Finally I can reveal....ALPHA


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