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Alright, I know there are several takes on this, but my best friend keeps insisting Revenge Of The Sith is the best Star Wars movie, so I had to sort of re-write them on the spot, to make him realise all the errors, and how it could be way, way better.

So, this will be a bit loose, and have some plot holes in it, and borrow some small bits from other rewrites, but this is mine nonetheless.
In it, I will delete Episodes 1-3 that already exist, and both animated Clone wars shows. I'll allow Rebels, Rogue One and the Old republic, as they sort of fit into my plot.

Episode 1.

I haven't quite figured out exactly where we start, but we certainly don't start with Anakin as a kid. Anakin is a cocky padawan, trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi. He's good. He's really good. Most of their missions are training missions and the odd courier and whatnots. There isn't a war going on, so there's not much serious stuff to do for the Jedi.
They are part of the Galactic Empire. There's no republic, and there is peace, more or less. The galactic empire has a droid army, led by a Droid General, let's call him Griveous, as names don't really matter. Griveous isn't a cyborg, he's a sentient droid. AI, so to speak. We'll get back to this bit.

Amidst a mission, Anakin meets Padme(still calling her Padme, doesn't really matter), and they hit it off. (TPM introduced the whole bit about Jedi not being able to love. Fuck that shit, it doesn't work. If Luke's dad has it, Luke has it, and Luke's sister has it, it's genetic, and Jedi SHOULD be able to procreate.) They become a couple at some point, and all is well.
Enter Darth Maul. Darth Maul is a dark jedi, aka Sith. He's on some sort of mission for his master, and is, by chance, intervened by Anakin and Obi-Wan. They have both read about dark Jedi, but neither have met one before. Maul know what the Jedi are, but try to manipulate them into letting him go about his business. Move along, move along.

The two Jedi report back to their council, the Jedi council. They all agree that they should pursue Maul, but when they get back to him, there are two; Maul and... I don't know, Asajj Ventress. They get into a fight, and while both Jedi are immobilized, the Sith escape, as their mission is more important than dealing with two Jedi, plus killing Jedi, the guardians of peace and justice, is far worse than simply immobilizing them. Episode 1 ends on this. The Jedi report back to the council which is now revealed to be a council, but smaller and less prominent than in TPM. The Jedi are wise, and some of them are warriors and generals for the army, commanding the droids.

Episode 2.
Anakin and Padme are happy together. Padme is pregnant, expecting twins.
Obi-Wan and Anakin are shown to train hard, sparring against each other, in order to prime themselves for a possible encounter with the Sith again.
It is revealed that the clones are to replace the droids. Griveous, outraged by it, realising himself and all of his army will be decomissioned, plots to send some AI programming from himself, I don't know, copy/paste to the entire hive network, making all droids sentient. Suddenly Griveous is a good guy being hunted by the empire, and his story is a sad one, but not resolved in Episode 2.
The Jedi are hearing about the clone army for the first time. Not against it, send two of their own to greet the cloners, but on the way are intervened by Asajj and Maul again. This time, they've been training hard, and manage to kill of Maul, but Ventress manages to escape, hurt, but still escapes.

The clone army is comissioned. To replace the droids as more rational soldiers. Soldiers that don't rely on a network of information to take decisions, but individuals that are smarter than droids.

Episode 3.
The twins are growing up. 2-3 years old.
There's a new bad guy revealed; Darth Vader.
Anakin and Padme are starting to realise the problems with the Empire, and vow to take it down from the inside, by gaining the trust of the emperor, and somehow overthrow it.

The Jedi generals are still on the side of the Empire, but now, decomissioning is a case of genocide, which noone will stand for.
It is revealed that Palpatine is the Sith Master. We haven't seen him before, only heard his name by Maul and Asajj.
Palpatine tells the clone commanders that the problem is the generals; the Jedi. In order for them to wipe out the newly sentient droids is to kill the Jedi. No easy task, but the Jedi aren't aware of this, which makes it easier. They should be restistant to this, but are for some reason not able to resist direct orders like this one.
As Obi-Wan and Anakin are on a mission to destroy the two sith in the midst of all this, Palpatine has been made aware of the plot to overthrow, and as a counter-attack, he sends a squad of clones to kill Padme and her toddlers.
Padme somehow is informed of this(probably by the elephant-nose-mask dude from ANH), and manages to send her children away. Luke will go to his uncle Owen, while Leia will go to her uncle Bail Organa, Padme Organa's brother. Padme is then killed by the clones.

In a weakened state, from sensing her murder, Anakin is wounded in battle, and falls of a cliff. Obi-Wan manages to kill Asajj, and rushes for Vader, who he also kills, by pushing of the same cliff(Borrowing elements from Dorkman's rewrite here). Both are seen as burning "corpses", but you can't tell who's who.

In mourning, Obi-Wan vows to watch over Luke, his nephew of sort, but to protect him from the Empire, he's going to watch him from a distance.

Anakin, still alive, still wanting to overthrow the empire, identifies as Darth Vader when found by the rescue team. As he's severly burned, and nobody has seen Vader without the mask, he's accepted as such.
He's fashioned a new suit with a similar look, and that's where we end.

Now, as stated, there are holes.
But there are some things that will work.
-The rule of two was initiated in Episode 1. Episode 1 is deleted.
-Midi-chlorians isn't a thing, and it's more or less insinuated in ROTJ that it's genetic, so having kids would make sense.
-Having Anakin as a good guy throughout the saga works. He's corrupted over time by the empire, after countless missions in order to regain his strength and finding a clever way to overthrow the emperor, who he now knows is a powerful sith. He then finds out his son lives, and tries talking him into joining him, but Luke is scared, and more or less jumps down the shaft before Vader can even finish. In RotJ he's torn between two sides, but ultimately redeems himself by helping Luke.
-We don't need Qui-Gon, or anyone else that isn't crucial to be fair. Bail Organa is needed here, as he is the older brother of Padme. Leia now remembers her mother because she's brought up by her uncle, who has always talked of her, and shown her pictures or something. Luke, however, is thrown to Tattooine, and after awhile forgets it all, as very well could happen.
-I'm using Maul and asajj, because I like them both. It could be anyone.
-I'm exluding the separatists, as they're not needed in this storyline.
-Order 66 isn't a thing, but the order is there, and referred to in Rebels, with clones having a sort of restraining bolt, neglecting the ability to withstand the order.

There are several more plot points that I've since forget, but let me know what you think, and they'll probably come back to me smile

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