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Today, at the cinema, I watched both Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Aquaman. One was delightful, funny, moving and exciting, the other was Aquaman.

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Re: Last movie you watched

Abbie wrote:

A—a contemporary blockbuster reference? From Teague Chrystie, on this forum, from that movie, localized entirely within this subthread?!


Right? I'm almost proud of myself.

(Somebody on YouTube kept playing that clip over and over in their analysis of something else, and it eventually buried deeply into my psyche as a platonic ideal of terrible writing. I get distracted by it appropos of nothing.)

Teague Chrystie

I have a tendency to fix your typos.

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Re: Last movie you watched

See, I wouldn't even know that as a reference to anything, I recognize it because one of the streamers I watch mindlessly started riffing a "Dust in the wind" parody as a "Turd in the wind" as he was killing grunts in Halo.

Modern life is weird y'all.



Re: Last movie you watched


The 70s really were just the goddamn best, weren't they?

Also, me when this movie has better, more empathetic representation of

a trans woman
than any Hollywood production some four decades later:


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