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To say I'm haven't been overworked these past few weeks would be a euphemism, so I'm using the time I have to work for myself. Catching up on photography, that kind of stuff.

One thing I've been meaning to spend time on was matte painting. It's one of these fields I haven't really worked in since VFX school and I wanted to reconnect with it. Recently I've felt this could be a form of expression that could complement my photography, and I've been particularly inspired by some artists I follow on Instagram. Also at some point I stumbled upon the Diablo IV announcement cinematic trailer and it drove me absolutely crazy.

I think I just want to explore my creativity and expand its boundaries, really.

Anyway, after a quick exercise using only stock images I could find on the server at work, I tried my hand at something more developed. The end result really is somewhere between matte painting and artwork but that's where I want to be.

I'm not happy with everything (certainly not the stones on the ground) but it allowed me to spend time dealing with clouds and create an atmosphere. My main reference was the landing scene in Prometheus and it shows.

While I feel I'm getting closer to a form of expression, I only take this as an exercise, so I'm happy with it and what it's taught me.

Of course this thread is open for anyone who wishes to share their artwork shenanigans. Fuck yeah, make stuff!

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Re: Artwork

Saniss wrote:

Anyway, after a quick exercise using only stock images I could find on the server at work

This is not the limitation you are implying it is big_smile

Looking great. I love a good matte painting, I used to have a brilliant 9 hour tutorial by Dylan Cole that talked about starting with a sketch, adding photo elements, and digitally painting to merge it all. Wish I still had it.

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Re: Artwork

That's very cool! I'm reminded of something that Teague did aeons ago, making a matte painting from stuff he found on Google Images.

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