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I'm really liking the vibe so far. In fact, between the Mandalorian and this show, I am really enjoying the more limited stakes in these stories. Although I'm sure it will ramp up to something more galaxy-wide eventually, it's precisely the small scale that has been so fun.

And while of course a large part of Fett's coolness was his lack of backstory, I certainly don't mind this show exploring the interim years. Him having the opportunity to learn and grow as a character both post-sarlacc and as a (somewhat inept) crime-boss is a great framing. And it's neat that some of the Tusken lore from Knights of the Old Republic is being explored.

Also, his personal gaffi stick is BADASS. I hope he starts carrying it again. In fact, it's a theory of mine that he's going to have to re-embrace his Tusken trappings and meld them with his reclaimed armor/identity to forge his new life. I think they fore-shadowed that with his statement that the tuskens shouldn't have to hide in the (horrifying) lizard trip scene. They're gonna join him in Jabba's palace and be more established.

On that note, "I thought that was part of the dream." was a golden line big_smile

and also that wookie was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Not so good:
From the first notes of The Mandalorian music, it was iconic. Perfect for the character and story. So far, absolutely nothing about Fett's soundtrack is catching me. Which is fine, I guess. Music doesn't have to call attention to itself. But so far it feels really generic.

And Mos Espa is way too clean. Very little about the town sections of the show feel like they've got that Tattooine grittiness.

I'm also not quite buying Fett's sudden concern for the downtrodden moisture farmers he exhibits in a few scenes. His relationship with the tuskens I get, and maybe his near-death experience shifted his thinking, but I really want to see him just SHOOT someone who looks at him wrong. Maybe even someone who doesn't QUITE deserve it lol.

So whatcha think?

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I'm wondering why he's got a bug up his ass about settling down as a crime lord. My suspicion is that he wants to use the position to enforce Tusken sovereignty, but we'll see.

Mandalorian's theme didn't hit me as iconic until I'd listened to it on its own a few times, after watching the series. I'll give Boba's theme the same opportunity to grow on me. It's good to vibe to. Dunno if it's bounce around my head for days yet.

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Episode 4

Damn was that satisfying when Fett's ship loomed up behind the bikers and incinerated them.

And when Shand killed the sarlacc with the sonic charge.

Overall really good episode that dug into why Fett's doing what he is doing now.

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