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So I don't pop in here as much as I used to, and almost never post.

But I wanted to spread some great news, and this seemed like a good place, that would appreciate it.

I am now an uncle!! I got the call that my sister went in to labor early this morning, 2 weeks early, and had a lovely baby boy.

Mason Crosby Rose - Born at 4:29am on October 12, weighing 5 lb 13 oz


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https://www.facebook.com/events/1420514 … p;source=1

So just got made aware of this...

For those in the LA area, bit short notice but ...

Screening of the often talked about Indiana Jones remake by kids that is such an impressive thing.

I haven't ever seen it, so unless work gets extra nuts, this is on my calendar.


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Good god, how long did we talk?

I'm amazed that we are still not done with this yet, when you space it out it really makes you realize how long 24 hours of talking can be.


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I ... haven't started a listen of any of these yet, but ... I still can't actually recall anything that I said for any of these.

To my knowledge, it's Thursday evening. But that's of the top of my head.

As they are coming up this week, thought I would throw out a call to fellow LA folks to see who was planning on attending this year.
Barring any excessive OT, I plan on being there. Look forward to seeing what they chose this year to highlight.


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Just to throw my hat into the ring of ... things that might have been spotted, or that we're not concerned with.

The Android app, not only is still [Redacted] but in the process of all the other fixes, it will not access any of the episodes on the feed.

I happen to check it out each time I reformat or get a new phone.


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I get that.
And I really enjoyed Leverage while it was running. However it really pushed the bounds of a traditional grifting/heist crew story and evolved into more extravagent type of capers. And while I love the Eliot stuff, I have to say, the ability to run a con with out the actual need for violence seemed much more ... in the vein of the Sting.


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Right, needed to point out a few things for those who loved this film, and wanted more.

For a comedic take on this I can't recommend enough "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" Steve Martin in the Redford role & Michael Cane in the Newman role.

For a series that took this idea and ran with it, the BBC series "Hustle", 8 Seasons running with a good cast that does cons in the great style of the Sting.


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Amusingly, if that image is relatively new, it's a good chance that anecdote takes place in my old home town.


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Ahh, amusing listening to this.
Got a laugh at the 30 minute mark when the discussion veered over to the Jet Li iteration, as I actually worked on that one.


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Can I just say, as I listen to this, that even as a friend of everyone, and someone who's been on a few times it is still an odd feeling to realize I just got name-checked on a podcast that gets disseminated to the entire internet.

Not to cause trouble, but is it a header at the front, or a replace the actual name drop at the front of existing, because I remembered yesterday as I was re-listening to Abyss, that there is all that nice URL & other info at the tail end of each ep.
Whether that just means a bit of a tweak to front load the new site info in the new addition or ... yeah got nothing.

Got audition, but no time currently, possibly in a week or so it will slow down a little.

I'm always up to help out, but my time is kind of spoken for for the immediate future.

Let me know though.


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What about bringing back the sub-line that was tossed around now and again, and got its own shirt "Professionals, But Not at This"


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Don't have a good suggestion off the top of my head, just wanted to say, snagged a few more shirts and a new sweatshirt, before they have to vanish,


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This dad just wins


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I've really only made it halfway down the list, so not really making any new suggestions, honestly I think most that I might throw out there without some serious thought are already there.

Just throwing out there that if needed as an extra voice with hands on experience on The Muppets or Black Swan I'd be available. Figured it might be assumed, but just to clarify.

So after the interesting day that was the visual effects demonstration, and subsequent Oscar party at Mike's house, I got home unable to sleep but wanting to do something.

To that end, I figured I would take the opportunity to update my reel, for no coherent reason, as I am not really looking to need it for the foreseeable future, but I figure it just makes sense to keep things like it and my resume updated and current, as you never know when you might need something.

I put together a version, and sent it out to folks whose opinions I could count on, and after a few revisions, I am now happy with my current cut. I'm not really throwing it out for mass consumption, no point in that if I don't need to. but it is out there, so figured I would share with the community at large.

The main points to this revision, outside of updating with some newer elements, were taking the notes that ILM gave me after my round of interviews to heart. To that end, shorter, lead with the Muppets, they loved that. and showing off some more complex shots. So I restructured, keeping the Black Swan, as it still gets a reaction that I can even hear on the phone from people, and reactions are good, with some additions on that end to tie it together. Luckily my current work has availed myself more complex shots utilizing 3d, that shows off well, so I was able to tick off that box. And while adding in some more breakdowns, I have parred it down a full minute in length. Leaving me with what I think moves at a much tighter pace, and shows off some shots, without giving the viewer the chance to feel bored.


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Right, addressing the Tiwan issue, and understand that this is third hand info but ... from what I have heard from folks at R&H, the Tiwan studio has been a thing that has been in the works for a year or so, the construction finals shortly, but the staff has all be trained at some of their other indan facilities, and such.

So this isn't as much news, as getting info out as "were not as bad off as people thought" to make investors more likely to put money into the studio.

And a more direct reply, specifically to R&H, from when I was there, and all that I have heard since, has always been good to its people, to a level that I haven't seen ANYWHERE else in the industry, so take that for what you will, people in Management can be decent.


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So this one I do feel bad that I missed the opportunity to chime in on live, but ... I was at work ... so ...

Only a bit into the ep so far, back in at work, but wanted to address this point as I heard it.

One thing at a time, as a Full Sail vfx grad, yes it could be a diploma mill, but Teague's differentiators for how many grads are working, seemed to me to come off as a Dave does it this way which means that more polished people get out here to actually work, and coming right after the Full Sail discussion seemed to be a counterpoint.  Now not to be contrary, or even to defend Full Sail, with I will stand right up there with others as being more about marketing their seats to fill than possibly is good for it, and definitely the industry, but I also graduated with about 25 people, and that was across folks focusing on modeling, texturing, animating, and I think I was the only compositor in my graduating class, and I can name ... 4-5 that have managed to be "sucessfull" in making their way into the industry in a meaningful way. Some went off to military sims, or graphic design, or back to fullsail to be lab instructors (something that ... just perpetuates a slighly downward spiral of the old idum "those that do do, those that can't teach" not to say that I didn't have knowledgeable and experience teachers, though both of my compositing teachers are now contemporaries out here in LA, that I cross paths with as equals.

So long story short, yes Full Sail can be held up as one of the "let's churn out artist's to dilute the work pool, and drive the rates down" mills, but it does, like Dave, put out some good artists that do a credit to the industry (self justification complete)


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My video from before now with a much more correct viewing method.


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https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8E71a8 … BOZ0U/edit

When I get home tonight, I figure I'll load this up on YouTube properly, but ... for now it's viewable on my Drive account, and folks can enjoy my first Visual Effects work.

Put together one saturday in Middle-School, with a friend his bulky vhs camcorder wired into an AV Mac, and some random fun.


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Actually a thought that I had last night as I was turning in, definitely something I'm going to start tinkering with this weekend and possibly this week.
Who knows I might be able to put something cool together.