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Tomatoes have about 7000 more genes than your average human being.

Christopher Plummer was born in the same year as Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank.

The ludicrously long name for someone for reads in bed is "librocubicularist."

Children of identical twins may be cousins but genetically they are actually half-siblings. 

If you Google search the word "Askew", the result page will be titled to the right. 

Mr. Potato Head was the very first toy to be advertised on TV, in 1952.


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I love new prints like this, I'd have this on my wall-



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It's a festive holiday season miracle! smile


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Damn, this thread, man.


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MadBadCoyote wrote:

Channel: Captain Disillusion

Good shout! I watched a load of his videos years ago and he hadn't posted anything in a while so I am glad he is back. I binged a load last night after seeing your post, which reminded me of his existence  smile


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Anyone who has seen Attack The Block has seen Jodie Whittaker as she was the woman the kids mug.


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Faldor wrote:

I was quite surprised to find I rather enjoyed the first episode of the new series

Well, I'm going to have to be the Faldor this time then because I thought the new episode wasn't all that great. The Doctor thinks he is going to die. Again. Missy and Clara died. Again. We're doing the whole 'would you kill Hitler' plot. Again. If it wasn't for Capaldi being a badass with a guitar, some smart lines and the hand mines, I'd have hated it. And, I know I'll be alone here but Missy annoys me but I like Clara, so what do I know? Also, Missy seems more....Scottish, this series. I found it distracting for some reason.

And I would like to see an episode where Clara and Jane Austen make out. For research.


(I feel so unclean)

I forgot I started this thread  hmm


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This sounds like a great idea! count me in.........oh, wait....awwww.....


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You fellas had a good run. Good luck in all future endeavours  smile

*crawls back into cave*


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Pfffft, that's not Birdman....


Sorry, any excuse smile


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When I was growing up in the '80s, one of my favourite weekly UK comics was one called Buster. In this comic was a shark called Gums who wore false teeth so people would still be scared of him. The strip started off in another comic called Monster Fun in 1976, before that publication merged with Buster.




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BBQ wrote:
Jimmy B wrote:

Also I found the suggestion that you should give someone with mental health issues medication, quite insulting.

Uh, I mean...I don't think they handled the idea that the girl was traumatized all that well, but I'm not sure how the idea of the girl receiving medication for a trauma in of by itself is offensive. Medication for mental illness, both short and long term, is a totally legitimate option if the situation calls for it.

I meant 'should not give', I wasn't paying attention and missed a word. hmm

As someone who is currently seeking treatment for mental health problems, I took offence to The Doctor saying the kid doesn't need her medication, they should just listen to her. I understand what they were going for but I don't think it's a great message to give kids about mental health issues because, as you said, medication is a totally legitimate option if the situation calls for it.


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I liked the last few episodes but this week was shite. Boring and yet another 'threat that's not really a threat' that we've seen too many times. Also I found the suggestion that you should not give someone with mental health issues medication, quite insulting.


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I think Clara looked pretty darn cute in tonight's episode. Just sayin'.

I don't hate Clara, in fact, I actually like her this series. Didn't, so much, in the last one. I don't blame her for reacting the way she has been lately, this Doctor is a bit of a bastard. I love him. Also, Capaldi sneaked a wee Tom Baker impression in during an early scene of The Doctor talking to himself. Despite my non-hating of Clara, I am glad this episode was more Doctor/Capaldi heavy.


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What the Frenchman said.


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This is horrible news. I don't really know what to say except I hope he is on the road to recovery very soon.

Hugs to all.


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Awww, I was going to make a Stonecutters gag but that article beat me to it.


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Oddly a clip of A British show is not available to watch in the UK big_smile

Spaced is awesome.


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Byshop wrote:

The other co-star of that series, Bill Bailey, wasn't in this movie but he was in Hot Fuzz and he also played Simon Pegg's boss at the comic book store in Spaced.

John Pavlich and I recorded a commentary for Hot Fuzz a couple of weeks ago and I excitedly shout 'Bill Bailey' every time he appears. No doubt to the annoyance of John and to listeners.

It had to be done, though. It had to.


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Of the original Evil Dead films, Army of Darkness is the one I re-watch the least.  And it was the only one I saw at the cinema.

Fun fact from Jimmy B.


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fireproof78 wrote:

Also, Scott Johnson is an extremely busy dude, at least on the internet. Frogpants Studios has something like 6 podcasts, I think, and Johnson is a part of at least 3, if not more of them.

It certainly is more, Scott does 12 podcasts (although a couple are done in 'seasons' and one is occasional) and usually guests on others. Frogpants is also home to more than another dozen hosted by his friends and many have their own sites (Sword & Laser and Coverville for example). He really is a busy guy and he has a nice family too, it's quite sickening big_smile


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Jp12x wrote:

Off my podcast app:
Extended Edition - Um, is Jimmy reading this?


fireproof78 wrote:

I recently discovered "Film Sack"

Yeah, I've been a fan of podcasts from Frogpants Studios for a while now, Scott Johnson is a really nice dude.


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I agree with people's complaints about Deep Breath but I liked Clara in it. That scene with the lead robot dude was great for both actress and character. I wasn't a huge fan of Clara before but that scene gives me hope for her which will no doubt be dashed soon.