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I cut a line from the final edit where I ponder what the creators were smoking but I really don't think it had to be said. The pilot truly was a bizarre decision and I actually wish it was picked up just to see where it would have gone.  smile


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New episode. Tysto and I chat about the rather bloody odd pilot from 1990, Where's Rodney? It tells the story of a young Rodney Dangerfield fan who discovers he can magically summon his hero at any time. The real dangerfield, by the way, from anywhere he may be...

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … -1990.html



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New episode! Owen Ward joins me to talk about Battletoads (1992) an animated pilot based on a video game. It is unsurprisingly awful but has some strange animation choices, phallic shaped towers, skimpy outfits on the lead female that shows sideboob and S & M type outfits on the bad guys. You know, for kids!

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/2 … -1992.html


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And we're back. with a new episode. Tysto and I talk about the oldest pilot the podcast has covered yet and the first to be in black and white. Collector's Item (1958) stars Vincent Price and Peter Lorre as an antiques expert and and a forger, respectively, who... do something. We're not entirely sure how this could have been a series, so maybe it was for the best it wasn't picked up. Still a cool curio of 1950s TV, though.

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … -1958.html



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New episode. Martin (Faldor to some) joins me to talk Heat Vision and Jack, one of the most famous unaired pilots of all time. It stars Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Ron Silver and was directed by Ben Stiller. Martin continues to try to piss me off. He sometimes succeeds. Enjoy!

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … -1999.html



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New episode. Jen from the Pilot Inspectors podcast joins me to talk about Clarissa Now. The 1995 sequel to the Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains It All, this was supposed to air on CBS... but got dumped on Nickelodeon during their annual Big Help charity drive with little fanfare. In a first for this podcast, my co-host actually saw the pilot in question when it aired on TV.  Enjoy!

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … -1995.html


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Episode 20 concludes the discussion on Baffled! Will Tysto finally work out just what is happening? Maybe. Listen to find out!

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … t-two.html



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Episode 19 is live. Tysto... sorry, Zarban... is back to discuss the marvellously odd 1973 pilot, Baffled! It stars Leonard Nimoy as a New York based race car driver who somehow gets psychic powers and travels to Devon, UK to solve a mystery that he saw in visions. It is a bit nuts and Tysto gets a tad confused as to just what the heck is going on. Part one of two as this ran a bit long because the pilot is feature length...

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … t-one.html



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Went to my sister's wedding at the weekend at Loch Lomond and it was a great day, the weather was gorgeous for the outside ceremony. Still unemployed but I'm not worried, I'll find something. Also, still plugging away at my podcast and having fun with it.

Sup with you, Teague?


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Episode 18 is a thing- Extended Edition's very own Martin/Faldor and I have a wee natter about Star Patrol from 2000. It's a Star Trek parody directed by Jonathan Frakes, maybe you've heard of him? He directed Clockstoppers. As usual, a link to view the pilot is on the blog-

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … -2000.html


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Episode 17 is up: Writer David Misch returns to talk Muppets. He wrote Inner Tube (1987), directed by Jim Henson but also contributed to The Muppets Take Manhattan and Frank Oz's Little Shop of Horrors, so it's a fun chat. Hope you enjoy.

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … -1987.html



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Yeah, they should have used Shine by Take That instead, far superior song.



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BigDamnArtist wrote:

I've seen the Road Trip you can't fool me, I know those are all different people.

That's what I've been saying!  big_smile


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Ha, I call him Derek at one point just to confuse matters more. I edited that out, though, I just didn't want to risk it.


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New episode- Zarban (as Tysto, the man has issues) joins me to talk about Bunco (1977) starring Robert Urich and Tom Selleck. But not Tom Selleck's moustache, he wasn't famous enough yet. They play two cops who just sit around for the majority of the pilot and let a female cop do all the work. Any way I write this synopsis makes it seem like a comedy or a satire. It is not.

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … -1977.html

Available on SoundCloud (link on the blog), Stitcher, iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes, Player FM etc.


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Zarban wrote:

I'm still doing commentaries on and off (and Jimmy's Drop the Pilot podcast)

Wait... that's YOU?


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Teague wrote:

Oh no!

I wonder what Derek's been getting up to lately. (BTW, sir, if you ever see this: I'd love a copy of your backup, if you have one — y'know, second location and all. This is too much good work to be lost forever. Please email me.)

He's doing good, I still record with him on a regular basis and chat to him outisde that too. I have let him know about this thread.  smile


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Just in general. I had just re-read this thread and thought I'd be funny.


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New episode, The Owl, 1991, John Pavlich, whatever-

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … -1991.html

The links to the Youtube videos of BOTH version of the pilot are on my blog.  smile


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So...that Joss Whedon is a bit of a dick, eh?


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New episode. This week, I am joined by Jen from the Pilot Inspectors podcast to discuss the 2007 spoof Not Another High School Show. The pilot parodies teen shows such as Dawson's Creek and Buffy, which I watched. Sadly, it mostly spoofs The O.C., which I haven't but thankfully Jen has, so she helps fill in some of the gaps for me. On iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, TuneIn and-

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/20 … -show.html

Link to the pilot (featuring Alison Brie as Muffy the Vampire Slayer) is on my site or can be searched for on Youtube.


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New episode. Last week's was about the pilot Callahan. This week, I interview David Misch, the co-writer and producer of said pilot. It's a fun discussion with a writer who knows his pilot didn't work and he has theories as to why that is. David has also written for Mork & Mindy, Police Squad and Duckman. He was also credited as "Special Consultant" for his script doctoring on The Muppets Take Manhattan. On Stitcher, iTunes, SoundCloud and-

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.co.uk/ … er-of.html


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New Episode: Tysto from Tysto Commentaries joins me to talk about Callahan, a comedy pilot from 1982 starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Ellis from Die Hard before he was known as Ellis from Die Hard. One of us really doesn't like this pilot. Enjoy!

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.co.uk/ … -1982.html

Link to the pilot on Youtube is on the site.


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New episode: John Pavlich returns to chat about the actually not bad 1989 comedy pilot B-Men. It was written by Dave Thomas, directed by Steve Miner and tells the tale of two high school students who become bounty hunters. Available ob iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and here- https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.co.uk/ … -1989.html

The pilot is on Youtube and is linked to on my site.


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New episode: Owen Ward joins me to talk about the terrible sit-com pilot version of Clerks (1995). Kevin Smith had nothing to it so we talk about that, the cast and just how unfunny it is. I say "dick" a lot, so if that offends you, enjoy!

https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.co.uk … -1995.html

The link to the pilot is on my site.