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Edinburgh, Scotland was the first city in the world to have its very own Fire Brigade.
Every fire service beforehand was provided by insurance companies or volunteers. Edinburgh's Brigade was formed after a massive fire ravaged the city in 1824.

In 2017, Dame Vera Lynne became the oldest living artist to have a number 1 album in the UK at the age of 100.
It was a compilation album using original vocal recordings but re-orchestrated music. Paul Simon is the oldest artist to have an album of all new material hit the top spot in the UK in 2016, when he was 74.

Clocking in with 158 verses, Greece has the longest national anthem in the world.
Japan has the shortest as theirs is only four lines long.

The bees used in Candyman (1992) were bred specifically for the movie.
The filmmakers had to ensure the bees couldn't inflict any real damage to Tony Todd so they were basically newborns. They used bees that were around 12 hours old so they looked grown but their stingers weren't fully formed yet.

When she was a child, Jodie Foster was a voice actor for Hanna-Barbera.
The actress provided voices for child characters in shows such as Charlie Chan and the Amazing Chan Clan (1972) and The Addams Family (1973) where she played Pugsley Addams.


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Why would anyone want to follow you, Martin?

*sees that he follows Martin*



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I love Letterboxd, I have followed you. smile


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Oh yeah, sorry mate, thanks- https://dropthepilotpod.blogspot.com/


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Hey, Teague, can I please have my podcast logo on a banner? It's quite alright if you don't feel itis cool enough.



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Today, at the cinema, I watched both Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Aquaman. One was delightful, funny, moving and exciting, the other was Aquaman.


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Shit, I can't find a "Owen replied to me with a gif of a sketch about Liverpudlians so I replied to him with one of a Scottish sit-com for a laugh" gif anywhere!


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Personally, I thought Ant-Man and the Wasp was a lot of fun and had a great chase scene towards the end. It was lighter after the finale of Infinity War, which was needed. I think Infinity War is the superior film, though.


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Ha.Although, I'd share the wealth. I'm just amused that the Scouser is trying to paint someone else as the criminal, to be honest.


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I do raid quite a few places, mostly get stuff imported so I'm not doing all the dirty work myself.


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Faldor wrote:

I only went to the cinema a handful of times this year and twice of those were for Marvel. I get everyones points about Marvel not really having consequences but then Benedict Wong says something about Doctor Stranges favourite take away and I realise I'm really enjoying myself.

Yeah, I love the Marvel movies for the most part because I have fun with them. I like other films too, of course (M:I-Fallout is probably my favourite flick of 2018) but I'm thoroughly enjoying the MCU output.


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Owen, your August prediction is fine because a month after, I get to make my own pilot anyway, so I only get locked up for about a fortnight. Result.

Also, how fucking awesome would it be if I did find all those lost pilots and scripts, holy shit.


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September sounds about right.


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Tomatoes have about 7000 more genes than your average human being.

Christopher Plummer was born in the same year as Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank.

The ludicrously long name for someone for reads in bed is "librocubicularist."

Children of identical twins may be cousins but genetically they are actually half-siblings. 

If you Google search the word "Askew", the result page will be titled to the right. 

Mr. Potato Head was the very first toy to be advertised on TV, in 1952.


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I love new prints like this, I'd have this on my wall-



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It's a festive holiday season miracle! smile


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Damn, this thread, man.


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MadBadCoyote wrote:

Channel: Captain Disillusion

Good shout! I watched a load of his videos years ago and he hadn't posted anything in a while so I am glad he is back. I binged a load last night after seeing your post, which reminded me of his existence  smile


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Anyone who has seen Attack The Block has seen Jodie Whittaker as she was the woman the kids mug.


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Faldor wrote:

I was quite surprised to find I rather enjoyed the first episode of the new series

Well, I'm going to have to be the Faldor this time then because I thought the new episode wasn't all that great. The Doctor thinks he is going to die. Again. Missy and Clara died. Again. We're doing the whole 'would you kill Hitler' plot. Again. If it wasn't for Capaldi being a badass with a guitar, some smart lines and the hand mines, I'd have hated it. And, I know I'll be alone here but Missy annoys me but I like Clara, so what do I know? Also, Missy seems more....Scottish, this series. I found it distracting for some reason.

And I would like to see an episode where Clara and Jane Austen make out. For research.


(I feel so unclean)

I forgot I started this thread  hmm


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This sounds like a great idea! count me in.........oh, wait....awwww.....