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Episode 134 Blade Runner 2049


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I'm really enjoying ]Storybreak by Freddie Wong of that guy from youtube fame.

He, and a pair of writers sit down and break the story for a movie or TV show based on a famous IP. Sometimes this is a straight up attempt at the best way to adapt something, like Zelda into a new medium others they have more fun with it like Jar Jar: A Star Wars Story.

They even take films like Jumper and try and work out how it could be a better movie which reminded me a lot of another podcast I used to listen to...


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We did an Extended Edition episode on it and rather enjoyed it.

It's not in any way ground breaking but if you enjoy adventure films and want to watch a Pirates sequel you could do far worse.


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Post apocalyptic web series plz.


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Chris Marshall is exactly who I don't want to be cast. The person who is known as being a bit quirky, therefore "would be a good Dr Who"

To be fair, most people who I think would be good are also people I think are too good to be in Doctor Who. That being said, this show has a remarkable knack for taking relative unknowns and letting them shine. Sure Eccleston had done movies and Capaldi had done swearing.

I just hope they try something different.


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This week We Write Episode VIII


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We've taken a longer than intended break whilst we've been working on something a little special but we are now back on track for regular releases throughout the summer.

This week we're tackling the latest Pirates movie. Unpopular opinion, we didn't hate it!

Extended Edition - 131 Pirate Of the Caribbean 5


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The less said about that the better.


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I once walked past Ridley Scott by Exeter bus station.


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Extended Edition - 130 'Doctor Who Series 10'

This time we talk about the return of Doctor Who, the rumoured casting choice and the direction the show is taking.


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The new episode was actually pretty good. I'm not sure how to process that.


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Queefward wrote:

Pssst...it's next week.

So is Easter, it turns out!


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I'd be quite happy with Eddie Redmayne playing the Doctor, they could even get that platypus back to be his companion.

I've been down on the series the last couple of years whilst I found both Smith and Capaldi were both great in the role the scripts have the most part left much to be desired.

Recently gone back and have been watching series two which is the first time I've watched Tennant since his regeneration. One thing the show has really lost is the sense of fun that the Doctor has on his adventures.

At the time I found Rose quite annoying because she was a bit of a chav but looking back I find her a much stronger character than many recent companions. Her council estate life is actually much more grounded than Amy Ponds perfect English village which fits in much better to The Famous Five than Doctor Who or Clara who went from working as an au pair to a  fully qualified teacher without any extra training.

This is even got me a little bit excited for the new episode this evening will see how it holds up.


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Probably for the best!


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Doesn't the Simpsons Movie actually show Bart naked for a few frames?


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Wait, there were no cool trailers for two years?!

Teague wrote:

I always wondered why you guys talk about Mars Bars all the time and they're an essentially-forgotten candy over here.

What you call Mars Bars are not what we call Mars Bars.


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Extended Edition - 129 'Capaldi Leaves and Rebel rebels'


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I've finally read enough classic Sci-Fi that when I watch a new movie I can be the guy who goes "Oh they're doing X"


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Teague wrote:

Hail, Caesar!

Me and Mrs Faldor loved it, no one else mind.


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Bryan Fuller leaving is a concern but I'm just happy to have new Star Trek again.


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Meh, they've got the right silhouette.

There's a newspaper article doing the rounds interviewing fans who are skeptical about the new series. It's about TNG


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Well that's very nice of you to say Boter. I was quite chuffed to see that whilst I'd left this doing it's thing it somehow clocked over 1,000 views.


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Regan wrote:

Susan Calman thrown her hat in the ring many RHLSTP's ago,

RHLSTP /Audience

Teague wrote:

Moderate to Wank will be my seventh album.

Thank you for confirming a second album is imminent!