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Extended Edition - 129 'Capaldi Leaves and Rebel rebels'


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I've finally read enough classic Sci-Fi that when I watch a new movie I can be the guy who goes "Oh they're doing X"


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Teague wrote:

Hail, Caesar!

Me and Mrs Faldor loved it, no one else mind.


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Bryan Fuller leaving is a concern but I'm just happy to have new Star Trek again.


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Meh, they've got the right silhouette.

There's a newspaper article doing the rounds interviewing fans who are skeptical about the new series. It's about TNG


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Well that's very nice of you to say Boter. I was quite chuffed to see that whilst I'd left this doing it's thing it somehow clocked over 1,000 views.


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Regan wrote:

Susan Calman thrown her hat in the ring many RHLSTP's ago,

RHLSTP /Audience

Teague wrote:

Moderate to Wank will be my seventh album.

Thank you for confirming a second album is imminent!


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I love that Susan Calman put herself forward. It would be great for Doctor Who, less so for Calman seeing as the show is has been stuck at moderate to wank for the last several years.


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Extended Edition - 128 'Rogue One Reactions


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BigDamnArtist wrote:

This is a 100% scratch built holographic monitor for a short film.

The weird thing, I just did a screen replacement on a car radio for a client. It didn't look much different.


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I caught one of the shuttles landing on a 24 hour news channel many years ago, fascinating to watch, and I'll give this a go!

Do they not mean Leia??

Saturday works for me.

Tomahawk wrote:

Lucas doesn't deserve an apology. He directed ONE good film,

The film after American Graffiti was pretty cool too!

ShadowDuelist wrote:

I was more distracted by the fact that Vader had quips. That's just not his style.

Apologie accepted... Captain Needa.


It was a bit slow to start with but by the end, it really gets there. It felt like watching one of the novels, one of the better ones, not Crystal Star.

Mads Mikkelsen was good as Qwi Xux


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Class isn't Class

http://www.extendededition.net/127-doct … off-class/


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Has anyone been watching the National Geographic Mars series?


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Welcome back Mike, you've been missed!


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Hey, Whatcha playin' ?



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Nope,  it I did wonder why it was blue...


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This week we talk all over Civil War with Zarban!

http://www.extendededition.net/125-capt … ommentary/


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Recently it was my mothers 70th Birthday and so me and my sister chipped in to pay for her to have a hot air balloon ride, Now she's not always great at getting presents for me and not wanting to go alone, got me a ticket as well!

So I of course took along my GoPro and grabbed some pretty cool shots and edited them down a couple of minutes.



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TechNoir wrote:

I've enjoyed Paul Feig before, I really liked "Spy" and was laughing like hell throughout that one. Why he even bothered with this one I'll never know.

See, I turned Spy off about an hour in. wink

You are right, it does feel like a sitcom, which is not helped by the fact that all the cast are from one sitcom or SNL and usually turn up in the same handful of mainstream comedies.

I did think it odd that nothing in the first hour happened at night and the subway sequence did seem rather off.