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Binged Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah's Stretch Music and Centennial Trilogy today after meaning to listen to them for ages. Immediately regretted not doing it sooner. Absolutely gorgeous jazz fusion soundscapes. Adjuah himself is a beast, but his flautist, Elena Pinderhughes, is arguably even better.


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Maybe the best series of impressions I've ever seen.


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One tiny bright side of covid is I'll be able to see this on VOD next month rather than waiting the whole summer for a theater near me to play it.


(What? Me, bitter?)


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Not an asshole at all!

Generally Naughty Dog has separated out their cinematic trailers (exclusively cutscenes) and their gameplay trailers. The one below is the gameplay trailer, which fucking RULES—starts out in a cutscene and then transitions into the actual game about four minutes in.


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Forty-four days, babyyyyy

Goes without saying but the level of technical advancement in this thing is insane. Closest a game has ever gotten to photoreal people.

I too would like to see an update. Possibly subscribe to your newsletter


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"This trend of slow, melancholy covers of upbeat hits really needs to die."

*stumbles upon this Phoebe Bridgers video*

" . . . some points were made."


Thank you UNDYINGLY for doing this with our work you crazy bastard


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Stunningly lovely animation and music elevate what's already an extremely solid period melodrama/ode to the working class. I wanted to live in every single frame of this movie—the things it does with light and color made me vocally go "This is so fucking pretty" under my breath over and over for a good chunk of the ninety-minute runtime. I don't like much anime, but when I do I like it a lot.

Streaming on Netflix! It's technically a feature-length spinoff of a show, but I watched it sans any context and followed along just fine.


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New Fiona Apple record is a banger.

I continue to get an (probably narcissistic) absolute kick out of you reading this. big_smile


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I say this having watched Threads four days ago: this is the bleakest shit I've seen in my life. Wild how you could be forgiven for assuming the events depicted are a Kafkaesque parable for existence under capitalism only to learn NOPE TOTALLY A THING THAT HAPPENED.

Fonda's incredible—heading right from this into Klute is a hell of a streak.


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Most welcome! Whole record is definitely worth checkin' out—if you like Frisell's vibe, his fellow ECM guitarists Pat Metheny and John Abercrombie are also very much worth listening to.


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Perfect sleepy music.


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Jesus fucking Christ. Fucking . . . Jesus fucking Christ.

The whimper after the bang. ABSOLUTELY the wrong quarantine viewing, which of course means it's the perfect quarantine viewing. Two hours of complete and utter hell on earth.

And then you read the Wiki article and discover that Ronald Reagan watched it and realize that art is pointless, we're never going to get rid of nuclear weapons and the atrocities depicted here could still happen at any time. Wheeeeeeeee

This is available on Mubi for the next four days. Sign up for a free trial and watch it.


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Hoping so as well!!


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Also TPM was shot on 35mm, so that one comes by it honestly.

Fuck it, have some Bible! (This is from Robert Alter's superlative translation of the Hebrew Bible, specifically.)

Genesis 1–3


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A great becoming. Community born from the ashes of life under capitalism, masquerading as romance born from the ashes of our former selves. As meticulously constructed as Primer, but abandoning that film's cold cerebralism for an elliptical sea of pure emotion and association. A masterpiece now more than ever, and definitive pandemic cinema.

(Give Shane Carruth money you fucking fucks.)


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Well this is sweet.


On my end, a triptych of triptychs for y'all tonight:

Rilo Kiley (Pictures of Success, Glendora, The Good That Won't Come Out)
Anaïs Mitchell (Out of Pawn, Cosmic American, Wedding Song)
Gillian Welch (Elvis Presley Blues, Caleb Meyer, One More Dollar)

Got two pieces of short fiction for you tonight—both post/apocalyptic bedtime stories.

"Packing," T. Kingfisher (short short story - 5 mins.)
"The Future Is Blue," Catherynne M. Valente (long short story - 42 mins.)

Ladies, gentlemen, and other beings, may I present a Moulin Rouge! commentary! Your hosts are myself, Teague, Alice, and BDA.


And bringing the cycle to a close: "Four Quartets: Little Gidding," T. S. Eliot