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I mostly copied this setup (what's the trick to embedded videos? EDIT: aha, thanks Owen!):

But again, so many things are out of stock right now so I had to search around and try things out.

I'm using this for the LED array, and the arm that holds the tripod head just happened to use a 3/8-16 screw. So no need to drill anything.


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Owen_Ward wrote:

Elgato actually make a dedicated device for cameras, which I've heard good things about.

Elgato Cam Link 4K

^ Yep, that's the one I wanted to get. But I couldn't find it in stock. And the one I ended up getting is now out of stock.


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I'm not a YouTuber or a podcaster. I don't create professional audiovisual content in any capacity. But I'm stuck in this box for a while, so I decided to go waaay overboard and make myself as pretty as possible for my work video calls.


I've ordered an arm so I can mount the mic closer to me. That's a few weeks away.

The coolest thing to me is that all this stuff (two 4k-ish monitors, HDMI camera capture device, mic, and speakers) is connected to that clamshelled MacBook Pro via a single Thunderbolt port, which also charges the thing. This is the I/O dream.

It would be so much more practical to just stick a Logitech webcam on top of the main monitor and call it a day. But this is way more fun smile



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Hah. I'll have to make an addition to my next curbside grocery order.


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Hi my name is Sam and I'm a lurker. I'm logged in but I hardly ever think to peek at the chat.

Things is good. I listened to some of the Moulin Rouge! commentary last night. Great stuff! It's a movie that I've always been curious about but I've never checked it out. If only I had some spare time at home...

big_smile I hope you're all staying healthy and sane!

I'm starting a new job (remotely) on Monday at a major grocery store chain in TX (oh yeah, I moved from MD to Austin last year smile). I'll be working on their mobile app for curbside pickup and delivery. Hot business these days! And the job I just left was in healthcare, heh.


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Great explanation, thanks for that! Although IMO to say R1 is "two hours of awesome things happening" is a massive stretch, even if fan service and OT worship is something you're into wink


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Abbie wrote:

In terms of how it grapples with ideas and characters it's basically the anti-TLJ

Interesting, would you mind expounding that? I loved TLJ mainly for the themes explored and the story decisions made, and I wasn't a fan of Rogue One for, err, lots of reasons. But I have friends with flipped opinions and I never really considered that the two films could be antitheses of sorts.


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I'm not much of a gamer. Every once in a while I come across a mobile game that occupies a chunk of my free time for a month or two. These days, that game is Cribbage With Grandpas.

My grandfather loved cribbage. He died when I was just 7, but I ended up playing a lot with my grandmother over the years. This game is cute, simple, and well done. I like how it makes you count your own points, and it doesn't warn you if you missed something (well, they might on the easier settings, I haven't tried). And all the crappy hands I get frustrate me to no end  tongue

"Fifteen two, and the rest won't do."
"Fifteen four, and the rest don't score."
"Fifteen six, and the rest don't mix."

Details like that bring me back. I had no idea that this was mainstream cribbage lingo, haha.


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Channel: The Great War
tl;dr: 100 years ago, WWI was in progress. Every week, this channel posts a video about what was going on in the war that week, 100 years ago. Great host, solid production value. This is what the History Channel should be like.


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I've ordered one. Maxed out 15". I don't actually have a functioning personal computer right now, so I needed to do something about that. I've been waiting for this revamp for a couple years now. It's disappointing how Apple has left us hanging for so long. People are complaining about a lot of little things, but I can really only go off of the things that will affect me personally. So, my personal pros, cons, and whatevers:

Yes please:
It runs macOS. This is the single biggest factor for me. Yes, there are many other finely crafted machines out there, but they don't run macOS. I need it for my work, yes, but I also just love the OS, and I'm happily ingrained in the Apple ecosystem. I can't see myself switching to Windows any time soon, no matter how awesome PC specs may be. Not trying to start a discussion on this, it's just my preference.
The Touch Bar. It does look pretty cool, and really useful for a lot of apps. I'm thinking about making a simple brick breaker game for it just for fun.
Gigantic Trackpad. SO MUCH SPACE.
Touch ID. No more typing my password to unlock my computer. It's a little thing, but when you do it 20 times a day, it's a pretty big deal. Also, less filling out credit card forms on the internet.
Wide color gamut display. For my viewing pleasure.
2TB SSD. Yeah, it's expensive, but it's worth it to me.
It's thin and light. People complain about Apple's obsession with thin and light, and I often agree with that, but I'm excited about the portability of this laptop.
Skylake processors. I know, of course they're using the latest available processors. But it's a big reason for me not to buy the cheaper previous gen MBP instead. I don't want to miss out on any future macOS features that are only supported by this new generation of architecture. I've been there before. It's not a fun place to be.

I dunno, man:
The keyboard. This is my biggest worry. I've tried out the keyboard on the little MacBook and it's terrible. This one is supposed to be better. We'll see.
16GB RAM max. I really wish there were a 32GB option. I use around 13-14GB on a regular basis, so there will be times when I'll have to be conscientious of the apps I have running.
No MagSafe. I can recall a few times when MagSafe saved my computer from 3-4 foot drops, so having to use Thunderbolt makes me nervous. I know Griffin makes their own little dongle for it, but I don't want that sticking out of my computer at all times.

Not really pissed about this:
All the dongles. I've owned two laptops in my life, and the SD card slots in both of them wore down and became just about unusable. So I figure I'll end up using a dongle either way. And for display output, dongles are all I've ever known.
The price. Lot's of people are shocked by the price tag on this thing. I understand if people are angry over it, but they shouldn't be surprised. This is standard for a revamp of this line. The 2012 Retina MacBook Pros were the same price as these. So, any less would have been a bonus to me.


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I was 85% sure.


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Spoiler Show
I could be wrong, but I think she said that she deleted the files straight from the thumb drive, then turned off the computer. Even if she was somehow able to completely wipe the thumb drive of the data, how could she just assume the files hadn't been copied over to the internal drive, or ANY OTHER DRIVE before that point?

"Nope, they're deleted. Definitely not backed up anywhere else. Trust me. I'm a hacker or something."

And the worst part was that she was right. This huge threat that could have been a major source of tension throughout the rest of the film was squashed in a nonsensical and unsatisfying way. After that all we had to hope for was Tommy Lee Jones being ousted/killed, because who really cared about "The Asset" anyway? That guy was so tacked on.


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TechNoir wrote:

There is sooo much technobabble and l33t hacking, and while it's almost never well done, in this one it felt _really_ dumbed down, which was a shame since it was such a big part of the plot.

The part that induced an audible "pfft" from me was...

Spoiler Show
... when the CEO of the big tech company (who was very well cast, I thought) got on stage and told everyone "No one is watching you," and the crowd erupted in applause. Not even Apple could get away with that. Maybe if he explained to them how that was the case, I would have been okay with it. Like Apple explaining the security of Touch ID. But then that was the whole thing, they actually were watching them. Just a silly scene.


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I saw Jason Bourne over the weekend. Pretty meh. It felt like a 15-year-old wrote it. Just a stale, by-the-book spy movie. Nothing new or compelling to offer. It makes me question why they wanted to revamp the franchise.


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Teague, how did you determine that? According to this: https://github.com/rburkey2005/virtuala … /README.md

Each shuttle had 2 AGCs, each with:
3840 bytes of RAM
69,120 bytes of read-only memory

So, between the two AGCs, 145,920 bytes of memory (~146k).

Am I missing something?


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Very cool! Any reports of increased motion sickness with the headset on? I feel like my head would be spinning after that.

avatar wrote:

Football, Baseball, and Basketball movies.

Almost the entire Kevin Costner oeuvre.

Almost the entire supernatural haunted house horror genre.

Clint Eastwood war movies.

'Good' movies that hold no interest: Ali, Philadelphia, Sound of Music, Pretty Woman, Crash.

I'm in the same boat as all of these, except for baseball movies. I love baseball and grew up on baseball movies. The Sandlot, The Natural, Field of Dreams, 61*; even the more schlocky, kiddie ones like Angels in the Outfield, Rookie of the Year and Little Big League. In Moneyball, Brad Pitt says, "It's hard not to be romantic about baseball." That's certainly true for me. We haven't had a decent "romantic" baseball movie in a good long while. I can't even imagine what a modern one would look like.

Lots of great baseball movie soundtracks too. One hidden gem that I love is from The Rookie.

I don't think we should be so concerned about shots looking "good," or pleasing to the eye. Most of the time, real life doesn't look pretty. I'll take a shot that looks real over "stunning" any day.

This is not to say that stunning and gorgeous shots don't have their place (they have lots of places), but I think it's safe to say that things have gotten out of hand lately.

This is probably my biggest issue with the Hobbit movies, and one of the key indicators of the flawed vision/philosophy behind which they were made.


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Sing Street

My favorite movie of 2016 so far. It's a pretty formulaic coming of age tale, but it still felt fresh to me. It's a ton of fun, with great performances across the board. The aspect that grabbed me the hardest was the relationship between the main character, Connor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), and his older brother, Brendan (Jack Reynor). Really great, heartwarming stuff. If you like John Hughes movies (i.e. you are a living, breathing, human person) I think you'll like this movie.


What an inspiring write-up for such an inspiring endeavor. The motorized time lapse slider I've been tinkering on for over a year now is starting to take form, and this is thread is a bunsen burner under my chair. Thank you for this.

Just got the blu-ray, watching it now. Something I never noticed before:

Rey: Where do you come from?
BB-8: Bleep bloop bleep.
Rey: Classified? Me too. Big secret.


Teague, this write-up is fantastic!

Teague wrote:

This game of iterative clarity can seem pedantic, even strangely autistic; it also comes with a certain amount of comfort in knowing that at least something is taking you seriously.

I love that, never thought of it that way. Though in some instances I've found it feels like the computer couldn't care less what I think.

I don't know if you're at all interested in expanding this project, but I wrote a connect four AI in school a couple years ago. If you're interested in implementing a single-player option, I'd be happy to help with it.

Cool idea!

Seems like coding the functionality this app wouldn't be overly complicated. But an app that leans on creativity like this would definitely warrant some heavy design. If you don't have design experience, it could be something the ever-talented FIYH community might like to get in on.

It might be cool to have an interactive widget (Today View in iOS, home screen in Android) to quickly feed the "pets", further eliminating life intrusion. And of course, optional notifications for when your "pets" get hungry.