Re: Your 5 favorite albums

I might have to actually listen to The Black Parade. My Chemical Romance was one of those bands that I randomly stumbled upon in the old days when I would go to music stores and buy these things called "CDs". I used to head into the pop/rock section, find three or four covers / names that looked interesting to me from bands I had never heard of before and buy them. I bought the first MCR album this way apparently right after it had come out and I liked it quite a lot. Got their second one and liked that. Didn't like the first couple tracks I heard off Black Parade and never bought it as a result.

Also, lots of good metal stuff goin on in here.

And, come on...  there's some good rap out there. You just gotta know where to look (and it helps if it's making fun of 'real' rap...)

Seriosly, tho...  I used to actually listen to some rap stuff I had found. It was a few dudes who actually rapped about things. They weren't just saying shit like "I'm the best" or "I like it when women touch my weewee" or "my life is way more violent and downtrodden than yours is". They were actually rapping about real actual things, not pretend macho bullshit things. I'll see if I can dig them up. They were mostly Bandcamp finds...

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

I'm duty-bound to represent on behalf of my boy Cage.

It's weird that I can say things like that in my life, but there it is.

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

Tomahawk wrote:

I take it you're in the 35+ group, Jimmy tongue

Off my lawn, both you kids.

Hmm, not a topic I've ever given much thought to.  Having now given it some thought, I come up with the following, in no particular order:

1.  Nine Tonight - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
A live-concert greatest hits album - and somewhat interchangeable with Live Bullet, their earlier live album.  One or the other might be my fave at any particular time.

2.  The Stranger - Billy Joel
The soundtrack of my summer between high school and college.   The number of car accidents I nearly got into while blaring Only The Good Die Young is near infinite.

3.  This Desert Life - Counting Crows
The soundtrack for one of the most simultaneously awesome and awful periods of my life.   Listened to it incessantly at the time, then couldn't listen to it for years.  Now we're okay again.

4.  New Miserable Experience - Gin Blossoms
To be honest, the only album on this list that I'll listen to without skipping any tracks whatsoever.

5.  Tommy Tutone - Tommy Tutone
Their second album made them famous for 867-5309 (Jenny) and is pretty good, too - but I prefer their first album.

Runner Up:  Twisted - Del Amitri

EDIT:  I just realized I omitted Bat Out Of Hell.   Well, see - I compiled the above list by going thru my iTunes catalog, and iTunes is the one medium that I haven't bought Bat Out Of Hell in yet.  I literally have bought it in every other form of recordable media that it was ever available in.   

Besides, Bat Out of Hell isn't really so much an album as a GODDAM RELIGION YOU HEATHEN BASTARDS.

/goes to buy Bat Out of Hell on iTunes right this instant

Re: Your 5 favorite albums

I just want to chime in that all the Pink Floyd love on here warms my heart, and is seconded.

Most of the ones I'd suggest have been thrown out already, and the rest are all soundtracks.
A lack of jazz goodness on here though, so I'll throw out Tower of Power.

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

It helps that Floyd wrote ALBUMS, not songs, so fits a topic like this smile The Roger Waters solo stuff is also great (and I literally yelled at my computer in despair when I read the second one, Radio KAOS, was to be a double album before the studio made him cut it down. That so needs the extra songs to flesh out the concept)

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

God, you guys are old. My dad could own half of these lists.

But seriously. I really do love a shitload of what I've seen in here, I'm just playing it off because, well, I'm 23 and it's my job to tell old people they're wrong. Now that I'm done being a troll... There's a handful of older albums that might edge some of the stuff I'm posting (some Rush, King Crimson, etc), I'm going to stick with the top 5 albums I would sit down in my car and listen to at any given time.

5. Dream Theater - Scenes From a Memory

I knew Saniss would beat me to this one, and I don't listen to as much DT as I used to, but I'll be goddamned if this album doesn't make every top 5 list I ever make. It's the album that got me into music, and a lot of bonding experiences happened trying to time out Dance of Eternity.

4. Muse - Absolution

WHY IS THERE NO MUSE IN THIS THREAD? Did I miss it? Absolution is one of the best rock albums that's not a rock album ever. Butterflies and Hurricanes is one of the most stimulating songs I've ever heard.

3. Company of Thieves - Running From a Gamble

This is actually a (semi-) local band that's starting to pick up some traction. They are one of the best, most energetic live bands I've ever heard (and I've been to a lot of concerts) and their second full-length album actually carries over a lot of that vibe. Their first one is kind of airy, but this one hit all of the right notes (ha).

2. My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

I hate you, Teague.

1. Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

Bet you didn't see that one coming. This is not your rap-rock, nu-metal bullshit anymore. This is brilliantly arranged music set on the premise of nuclear fallout. Whoever told Shinoda that he should start singing lead every now and then deserves a lot of money (it was Chester (he makes a lot of money)). This album hits pretty much every corner of the spectrum for me, and for a while it was all I listened to, just to see what kinds of things they slid into the mix. It's great. Make sure you listen to it end to end for full effect.

3/5 albums are concept albums. I guess that says something about me, huh?

And here's a Spotify link, just to be trendy.

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

I can't do top 5's, but I can do 9 that I like, which have made an impact (and that's culling the list a lot).

In alphabetical order.

Dizzee Rascal
Boy In Da Corner

Dizzee when fresh and pre-commercial, was fucking ground breaking. Boy in Da Corner, and his next 2 albums, largely defined Grime.

Imogen Heap

Self produced and perfectly formed, some of Imogen's best work.

Nine Inch Nails
Further Down the Spiral

This remix (although it's so much more than that) of Downward Spiral is quite simply one of the most important musical events that ever happened to me. This track, At the Heart of it All, should be listened to in the dark.

Patrick Wolf
The Bachelor

I'm not quite sure how I stumbled across Patrick Wolf, but I'm deeply pleased that I did.

Pop Will Eat Itself
Dos Dedos Mis Amigos

PWEI is critical to the early industrial scene, and this is probably their most commercially successful album. Progenitor to much of the music that shaped my troubled teenage years, I remember listening to their stuff in goth and industrial clubs when I was very underage.

This is Hardcore

Pulp. This is one of their best albums, although I don't think it's the most popular. Lyrics, stripped back arrangements, pure fucking gold.

Shiny Toy Guns
Season of Poison

STG's middle album, and really the only one that I enjoy. This was a period of transition for the band - they had changed their line up and went in a very different direction. The album didn't sell, and they've reverted to their more mainstream sound and original female vocalist. Season of Poison stands out in the iTunes library, and it's worth listening to.

These New Puritans
Beat Pyramid

I'm not sure how to sort These New Puritans, or why I like their work so much, but every single thing they do I can't get enough of.

Visual Audio Sensory Theatre

VAST is ... difficult, and tied up with an ex, and memory, and stuff.
This first album still stands out as a brilliant piece of work, and I can listen to it again without being reminded of the past.

Re: Your 5 favorite albums

Holden wrote:

5. Dream Theater - Scenes From a Memory

I knew Saniss would beat me to this one, and I don't listen to as much DT as I used to, but I'll be goddamned if this album doesn't make every top 5 list I ever make. It's the album that got me into music, and a lot of bonding experiences happened trying to time out Dance of Eternity.

Likey likey. We should try and cover one of these sometime.

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

Dave, I'm elated to hear someone else extol the virtues of Further Down the Spiral. I feel like that album just gets forgotten, and it's a damn shame, because it might actually be my favorite NIN record.

Teague Chrystie

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

I liked it, but it's not nearly my favorite of theirs. I love The Frail, and it upsets me that not many people consider that to be their best album (which it unarguably is as far as I'm concerned).

Since everyone else is doing more than 5, I'll list a few runners up:

Portishead - Dummy

A toss up between this album and their live album. Both are great. This one edges it out slightly for me.

The Provenance - Red Flags

To/Die/For - All Eternity

It isn't even really possible for me to have a favorite album from this band. They all merge in my brain. I could have stuck them on my first list, and probably should have.

3 - Wake Pig

another band where all of their stuff is great, so here's a good song from one of their middle albums. Interesting band in that they feature two drummers and the singer is hands down one of the top ten guitar players currently drawing breath on this planet. Seriously

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

1.)The Dark Side of the Moon
3.)Hurry Up We're Dreaming
4.)Wish You Were Here
5.)Drink the Sea

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

Dave, you beautiful man.

I LOVE Dizzee Rascall.  I saw him and The Streets play at the Wiltern back in '04, and him by himself at the Shortlist Awards.  Boy in Da Corner is a tremendous debut.  I was really vexed that I didn't put more hip hop, specifically UK Garage/Hip Hop.

Eddie Doty

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

Eddie - The Mitchell Brothers.
A Breath of Fresh Attire.

Might hear a little Mike Skinner on this one.

Re: Your 5 favorite albums

The White Stripes - Elephant

This is the album that got me into music in general. I really didn't listen to music until one day Seven Nation Army came on the radio and I instantly got it. I literally spent about a year where this album was the only music I listened to, and I listened to it a lot.

The Protomen - Act II: The Father of Death

This is a concept album/unproduced musical (the album's liner notes actually come with stage direction) that serves as a prequel to the Mega Man series of video games. And it's produced by Meat Loaf's producer. And you can tell.

Their original album is more modern rock, and it's also catchy as hell.

Titus Andronicus - The Monitor

Keeping the concept album train a-rolling, this is an art-punk mashup of growing up in New Jersey and the Civil War. Every song has multiple movements, loses itself, then ends back up where it started - usually in a presidential or Shakespearean quote.

of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

Still a bit of a concept album, but taking a step away from the bar band aesthetic. I think this is the most consistent and listenable album of Montreal has put out. Though I was really into Satanic Panic in the Attic and The Sunlandic Twins in high school, this is always the one I come back to. Most everything they've made that's newer or older than those three is too out there for me, though.

Andrew Jackson Jihad - People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World

This band is pretty much my soul. Thoroughly humanist folk-punk. Fantastic. This is probably their most representative album. They were "acoustic guitar recorded onto consumer tape recorder from 1988" lo-fi before it, and now they're full electric and sound nearly like normal punk.

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Re: Your 5 favorite albums

The Campfire Headphase by BOARDS OF CANADA


Screamadelica by PRIMAL SCREAM

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