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Hey all.
As you may or may not know, I made a short thing called "Whoish! Part one" some years ago.
I then went on to take that idea, and shape it into a web series of sorts, but then after all failed and fucked up, we released what would have been "The Traveler - Episode 1" as "Whoish! Part 2" instead.

However. I've rebranded it as "The Traveler", and we shot episode 2 this summer. It'll be out on November 8, but in the mean time, here's a brand spanking new teaser!

Please help us by liking, sharing and commenting on that video, and let's try together and make it as big as we possibly can!

Also, there will be 6 parts in total, so any support you can give is great!

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From The Facebook group. I'd appreciate it if you could help me out. I don't know of many other ways to get noticed, or to get the word out smile

Thank you in advance for helping with get the word out. This is the result of a small dedicated team putting in a lot of hard work to make a rather cool episode.
Several people have asked what the most effective way to do this is so I've put together this list to coordinate everyone's efforts.
The following tasks are in order of importance so you start at the top and work your way down.
Youtube recognises how popular a video is by what it considers interactions and their frequency. Therefore we need to get as many comments and likes in the first hour online to be noticed.
Youtube > Link goes here
1) Leave a comment on the youtube video. This is the most effective way to spread the word as anyone who sees it will notice how many other people are engaged by it. Say which scene you liked or if you thought the effects worked.
2) like on youtube. - This helps us with youtubes ranking.
3) Share the youtube link on facebook. We will also have a header image if you want to help spread the word
4) Share the link on twitter
5) Post on the Reddit thread and say what you enjoyed about it - link
6) Post on Gallifrey Base thread and say what you enjoyed about it.
7) Email Doctor Who blogs to tell them about the video
Again, thanks. The most important way of getting the word out, is sharing. Sharing is caring, and only takes you seconds to do.

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And it's got french subtitles, if you need them!

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I have to say given all the limitations this came out really well

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This badboy passed 1000 views a couple of weeks ago. If you want to spread the word more and make it double that, it'd be awesome!