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tl;dr I produce a podcast called Good For All. It's about disability, community, and inclusion. I'd love it if you would listen to the first episode. I would doubly love it if you would subscribe, review, share the show.

Hey gang, 'tis I, your friendly neighbourhood communications specialist! So as some of y'all know, I work in comms for a non-profit that supports folks with developmental disabilities. And just under a year ago, they made me the lead on a certain project...

Yes, I produce a podcast—as part of my actual job, can you believe it?—called Good For All. It's a show about disability, community, and inclusion and the work toward achieving our vision of "good and full lives for all."

What does all that mean? We unpack a lot of those ideas in our first episode, An Innovation Mindset. I talked to Gord Tulloch, who is one of the warmest, most thoughtful humans I have ever met and who also happens to be our Director of Innovation.

Why does a disability non-profit have a Director of Innovation? Well, because the social service sector is stuck. Focusing on people's safety and security might mean they're housed and fed, but are we supporting people  to have new experiences? To build meaningful relationships? To fully participate in community?

We've also been grappling with a key question: Is social isolation more than just a disability issue? (Hint: Yes.)

My organization's never produced a podcast before, and neither have I. In fact, I'm new to the community living/disability sector. But in the past year, I've met some really incredible people and I'm so excited to share their experiences. Our second episode features a trip to a studio supporting artists with disabilities. Our upcoming two-parter on transitioning to adulthood features interviews with a parent and a Navigator who have some great advice about goal-setting and planning for the future.

As an avid podcast listener, I'm a huge fan of shows like 99% Invisible or The Cut. I know that Good For All isn't going to have that kind of broad appeal. But I also know that I didn't want it to be a show where we just talked about our services or interviewed experts. I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to reach people like me, who never really thought about disability issues before, and invite them into the world of community living.

So now, I'm inviting you. If you listen, I would love to hear your feedback. If you have questions about the show, hit me up!

(and also many thanks to Teague, for being a good friend and a good listener. just...thanks.)

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Thanks so much for posting this!! I will definitely be listening—super-excited to hear your voice on this topic

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