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Teague wrote:

Wanna trade the bike for some candy?

what type of candy??  I have other bikes of a similar vintage


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and the newest old addition, a 1949 matchless G80 500cc. Looks rough but rebuilt all of the mechanicals.


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Haven't been on here in ages.  Newest toy for the collection smile


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It's rare i back anything on kickstarter.  damn you Praxus, you had to include that amazon link too


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Eddie wrote:


Does anyone want Documentality to continue?  Because I'm thinking I can keep it going, provided there's enough interest on me doing so.

'ken oath mate, honestly they took a few eps to grow on me but they have reignited my love of documentaries which i used to watch a lot of.


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Teague wrote:

Thanks brudda. You have not managed to escape my notice over the years, at least, so you're not doin' a very good job of lurking.  tongue

cheers mate, guess I'm going to have to be more social now as i've apparently failed at the lurking thing. 

I should be over that way later in the year to visit a mate and plan a trip if anyone is up for a few, my shout.


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Its been a fantastic run guys, i don't post often but i've been listening since the beginning of DIF and you guys will be missed.

Hopefully the forum stays active as it will be good to stay in touch/up to date with what people are doing as i don't use social media much but i do stop by and check the forum.

Good luck and thanks everyone  smile


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been away from the board for a long time, just downloaded teagues podcast msg about Mike so I'm back. Hope everything pans out well, this is bloody devastating news sad


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was fun to be in the chat for (i even posted once or twice which is somewhat unusual for me).  sorry i had to bail at the start of deathly hallows though, works a bitch smile


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Always love Jokke Sommers videos.  weight training has made me too heavy to pilot a wingsuit though (that and turning into a fat bastard before getting back to training)


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Dave wrote:

that was horrifying...   

The kids getting a motorbike for his 1st birthday, old school 2 stroke smoker to save him from the evils of hybrids big_smile


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so happy to get cut  big_smile   im much happier behind the camera

had to post below Pavlich too as i know he loves my avatar pic...


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Seriously need to get a decent mic  sad


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cheers mate, I'll have a look around and see what I can dig up big_smile


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So what would be a suitable mic to use?  I might be able to help out with occa Aussie if needed as Dave seems to have gone awol from this thread...


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johnpavlich wrote:

(by the way, thanks to the Asshole on these forums who decided to use that monster's fucking face as their god damn avatar!). smile

You're welcome Pavlich smile


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Might have to head over for the premier thingy once we get the dates etc. should be a good excuse to make an arse of myself in yet another country big_smile


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i can't believe how much response this thread has gotten based on a conversation i was having with dave beforehand, any rage i had towards this film has died out and honestly cant say i've given it any more thought. a crap film about as entertaining as transformers and i wont be revisiting it

I strongly support a thread hijack in favour of predator  big_smile


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As a skydiver, yep the falling scene was fun to watch. not remotely feasable but well captured (good luck talking to anyone in freefall and i won't bother asking how the "i'll electrify your arm so you cant let go" bit worked).  again its the fact it has good moments that make me more dissapointed with the overall film.  i dont expect any type of reality from an iron man film but i do want some level of consistency with the two other films and the avengers since its mentioned constantly throuought IM3. we have had previously a fight between iron man and Thor which was hard fought though Thor clearly had the upper hand being a literal god and all. now we have Guy Pearce (go aussie) and his minions who can shred the iron man suit with no effort which is something the god of thunder wasn't able to do and why, because they are hot??. If it was a stand alone film no problem but it's not, it has 3 films worth of hstory behind it and contradicts a hell of a lot of what came before it.

Tony having the panic attacs because of the new york thing was a nice touch but nothing comes of it, it allows him to have a moment with an inconsequential character (the kid) who tells him to build something then he's fine the rest of the film. I dont care about the random kid he meets, he does nothing to progress the story, neither does ben kingsly but at least the argument there can be made that he's the macguffin of the film.


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+1 for Cloverfield and Let me in, both Matt Reeves films and he hasn't done much since.


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trying to write coherantly isn't my strong point, hence why i dont post much on here or any forum.  there is too much to list for me but i didnt get out of the cinema before it annoyed me. there are characters who are introduced to give a funny slap stick punch line and go nowhere, a kid missing his dad to give it some emotional grounding as there isnt any really in the main story who does nothing other thanhelp out by escaping from a situation that was only causedy him being there,, it feels like a contrivance as the whole plot serves no puropose oter than an excuse for a feel good clip in the afformentioned everything's fine montage at the end.
The main protagonist and his minions are able to tear dozens of iron man suits apart with their bare hands and survive explosions and occasionally being blown up and regrowing half their heads (depending on whats needed sometimes they survive a 3000 degree explosion and others dies when a sparky microwave ignites a bit of gas after walking through an inferno) not to mention suddenly Guy can breath fire for one scene that never comes back. All this and suddenly super fire ninja pepper kicks his ass and wins.

Im not great at articulating why i really, dislike this film, its disjointed, setups arent paid off some payoffs have no setup and never occur again, suddenly tony has an army of ai iron man suits that are all fully functioning when tony jumps into them and fully autonomus as well as seemingly made of aluminium foil (bad guys tear them apart with their bare hands cause they're hot i guess) and the kit even breaks off a finger from one of the suits...

rant over, there is plenty more that i dont like but as mentioned man times on theis site your milage may vary, did not work for me at all and the fact it had glimmers of great lines or the odd entertaining scene made the fact it was so bad much worse.  im done, bloody hate typing but have soo many more prblems with this film.....


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this film sends me into a near murderous rage. an awful way to cash grab at the series.  it'll probably appeal to the transformers fans though as it has lots of things blow up even if it's mindless and i dont care about any of the characters. as dave said, montage out and everythings fine...


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this is why i lurk rather than post, I'm keeping this for your next birthday party...

Dave wrote:

No, sitrap.

Teague be jammin' on the pink five visual effecting
Making hotties light it up, under Trey's directing
Kickstarter timetable doesn't want to wait.
With a 9 to 5, after effects is keeping him up late.

Road trip, car crash, premiere revolt
Make time for Cloe or get ready for assault
Road trip, in time, life gets in the way
Either way prepare for an Internet spray



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Teague wrote:

\ so we can all come together and laugh at Dave's acting.

His acting is fine.

I mean, we'll laugh, but.

that made my morning big_smile  fortunately i was brilliant despite what the camera may show on my takes


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trying a few setups on Wednesday and shooting on Saturday.