BigDamnArtist wrote:
Darth Praxus wrote:

Considering all the other enemies that were decimated by it, Chewie probably assumed Kylo was dead. Plus if he hadn't immediately dealt with the other troopers he and the others would probably have been shot to pieces.

Also, I mean, Wookie psychology is probably not horribly well established, but I imagine he went into shock for a few seconds there having just watched his best friend and partner slaughtered in front of him.

"Let him have it. It's not wise to upset a Wookiee."
"But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a droid."
"That's 'cause droids don't pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose. Wookiees are known to do that."

I expected Chewbacca to go mental and kill everyone.

The trailer was enough for me to nope out of this one. Looks like I've made the right call.


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Give this a try:

Writhyn wrote:

I like your spirit, and I'm basically doing just that with my music endeavors, but with computer stuff I personally need general knowledge first.

Did you start your music adventure by learning music theory? wink

1. Come up with a small project just for yourself
2. Build it
3. Analyze it
4. Realize it's crap and you could do better
5. Go back to no. 2

Seriously. Forget courses, forget all those 'learn to make an app in 30 steps' sites. Just pick a project, start coding and google everything until you run out of internet.


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This is so cool. Also proves how great the original choreography is.


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Zarban wrote:

Fabulous to see him up and about. But we're gonna need to have him attacked by a wampa at the beginning of the next RVD to explain the scars.

If Episode III taught us anything it's that scars don't have to be explained.


Zarban wrote:

It's sort of comical to try to explain WordPress and Flickr and the concept of blogging and a pipeline and everything else to people who just know Facebook. I kind of ended up going "It can kind of do anything you want, really."

You say comical, I say hell on Earth...


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Are they Gypsy Fish?


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That was fucking awesome. DBZ at 02:35 tongue


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Dave wrote:

1. I don't live in space, although it would be neat.

Neither do jumping spiders. Which makes space better than Australia tongue

Dave wrote:

3. Holy shit, moderators?!

Be nice wink


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Dave you live in a place designed to kill humans so you don't get to complain.


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31C in the office today. Fun smile

I'd be happy to jump in and help with stuff once we're settled on the voting/picking system.

Trey wrote:

but at this point I doubt that Ark will ever get resurrected.

Does that mean we can get all the spoilers now? tongue

So what's the status of Ark these days anyway?


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You're gonna love egoraptor...


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Looks decent.


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bullet, shadow, you guys are no fun. From what I understand this is exactly what the 17,713 kickstarter backers signed up and paid for. Too much "See what we did there?" jokes is exactly the point. I think it's safe to say that you're simply not the target audience for this.

Tomahawk wrote:

Apart from that, everything from the film itself, to Hoff's music video is just plain awesome.

Hoff's version is pretty cool but for me this one takes the cake:


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I'm bringing the thread back because I found some interesting things. the original animatic of the Malibu mansion attack. Some interesting ideas there and imho the whole sequence feels more energetic with higher stakes compared to the film. Also it makes a bit more sense. a different take on the ending battle taken from the 'art of iron man 3 book'. This explains why there were so many suits in the movie and to be honest I'm a bit bummed that we didn't get to see at leas a couple of these concepts on the big screen.


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Do some ctrl+F5 or cache clearing magic and let me know how it goes wink


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It should be fixed now.


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Teague wrote:

Caaaaaaaaan the buttons have a sans-serif font on 'em? Tahoma, mayhaps?

Hmmm, it should be Helvetica all the way. Can you take a screenshot so I can see what's broken? What browser are you using?