Topic: How much would you pay to live in space?

Having a bit of a crisis year, and have spent at least the last 4 or 5 years gollum-treasuring a great idea for fear the zeitgeist will steal it and leave me out.

But before I get all wild-eyed about it, I want to survey you'uns:
How much would you pay to live in space?

My idea involves bootstrapping the Star Trek future with today's technology.
The buy-in (how much the average somebody'd be willing to pay) is critical to getting the thing started, for obvious reasons (seed capital). Basically I'm selling tickets to a thing that will only exist if a huge number of people believe enough in it to pledge a good portion of their personal net-worth to it.

For purposes of discussion:
"Live in space" means at least, but not limited to, an Earth orbit station with centrifugal gravity a la '2001: A Space Odyssey.'
"Pay" buys you a 2 way ticket with an unlimited stay, or limited only by the resources brought up with you (food, water, air, etc.)
"How much would you" means what price do you think the market would bear, in terms of a fraction of a 1st-world median annual salary?

We'll get to the technical details as I imagine them, for now let's just talk money, please.

<edit> Polls don't work again, eh?

1. Less than 2 months salary
2. 2 to 6 months
3. 6-12 months
4. 1-2 years
5. Way more?

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