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How do people feel about this Saturday, 2pm CST?


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Yeah, we should do another one of these soon. Should we aim for a weekday or weekend this time?


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I've never actually played Among Us, but from what I've seen of it played, a proximity voice chat mod really improves things.


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I'm down for this Sunday at 2 pm CST. I'd be happy to host Jackbox again (and have even picked up the pack I didn't have last time, as it was on sale recently) if that's what we want to do. Otherwise I've heard Gartic Phone is fun and I believe last time someone suggested Among Us. No More Jockeys seems interesting but I think I'd be really bad at it.


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On the topic of self identity:

When I was a kid, I didn't really have any friends, and I though this was because nobody liked me. (Turns out people did like me and the real problem was a mountain of social anxiety, but getting over that is a different, though perhaps still relevant, story.) I decided I didn't care what they thought, I would be who I wanted to be anyway. I figured out who I was, who I wanted to be, and the path I would take, and built myself an Identity out of concrete and rebar, impregnable and immutable. I was immune to teasing and bullying, but also incapable of accepting input and feedback and was stubborn as hell, master of my own destiny. And then I went to university.

I began my studies into the career I had carefully selected and carved into the stone of my soul, and very quickly realized I absolutely detested it. But this was who I was, and the only option was to press forward. And thus began the two most miserable years of my life. In the end I broke, I couldn't do it, and in that moment it all came crumbling down. For a while I stopped being a person and fell into a hole I nearly didn't climb back out of. I wasn't merely a failure, I was a Nothing, and I felt I might as well get it all over with. Thankfully my family and friends (I did eventually make some friends) staged an intervention and got me back on my feet.

I no longer knew who I was, but all these people around me seemed have all these ideas to that regard, and it became easy to just let them project that onto my now blank canvas. My self went from almost completely internalized to almost completely externalized. It was so easy, just going with the flow, purely reactive to what those around me expected. But I eventually realized it wasn't satisfying, none of my goals and asperations were actually mine, none of my achievements felt like they were my achievements, I was just doing as expected and getting empty feeling good boy pats. I was just a strange mirror fake, or a marionette dancing on strings. The real me was still somewhere down in that hole, and if I was going to get them out I was going to have to build something structural.

But this time I was building a framework, not a fortress. I need solid foundations, but not everything needs to be sacrosanct. For example, I suspect I'm non-binary, but more accurately I just don't really care, so hanging a big sheet for society to project a gender onto works well enough for me. Maybe I'll build something in that space later, but it's not a priority. But on the other hand I'm not going to let some corporate media empire convince me that letting lots of people die is ok as long as we're making enough money. It's like a pillar or something. This framework metaphor kinda breaks down the more I think about it, analyzing is a lot harder without the power of hindsight. Maybe it's more like a house with furniture I can move around and the walls take a more serious remodeling project? I'm still working on it (both the metaphor and the Identity.) Regardless, despite a GLOBAL PANDEMIC happening, this version of me is by far the overall happiest version yet, though the pandemic did really put all that work I did to the test. I guess third time's the charm, eh?

Also I vote Comedy Smallmoose as new forum mascot.


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I own party packs 1-6, which should give us plenty of options. Eddie, hopefully we do this more than once and you can join us next time. (Also, what's this new show?)


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Darn time zones, spreading time across so many zones! *Shakes fist*

Boter's proposal works for me, consider me signed up.


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I am super down for Jackbox and/or other gaming. I'm free most Saturdays and can typically make weeknights work with some forewarning.


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It's shedding


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I am so incredibly jealous of your shed

I PMed you my email, command me captain

I'm down to join in on this, but don't feel like you need to expand things to accommodate me


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I recall thinking the movie was kinda blue, but I didn't realize just how bad it was. Holy shit.


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Thanks, I hate it.


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If Regan can't do it, I'd be happy to step in. I also still want to face off against Teague eventually too.


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That eyeball is cool as hell.


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I'm super down for some kind of round robin, if Owen wants to put in that kind of work. I'll also throw my hat into the ring for Star Wars Legacy EU. Most of the time I got odd looks when I ramble at length about Clat the Shamer, but perhaps I can use this knowledge to win something this time.

I'm also down for video game trivia, LotR trivia, Magic the Gathering trivia, and probably many other things I haven't thought of.


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I'm down to face off against Boter. I'm a bit of an impostor though, because despite hanging out here forever, I'm not actually much of a movie guy. I was playing along with this quiz, and had like 1 point going into the final question. I got less podracers then I thought I would (only 7), but when I was really into LotR I memorized the whole hobbit party, so I dominated that question. More questions like that and I've got this in the bag.


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And we love you all the same smile


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He is, in fact, the one who created it.


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Discord is great, and has become one of my primary ways of keeping in contact with people. It has basically everything I want out of social media without intruding with lots of stuff I don't. It's also probably the best way to get ahold of me without literally having my phone number. So, if y'all want to hang out on Discord, I'm already there.


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We actually already have a Discord, though it's not really ever been used.


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Someone being turned back to the Light side by the power of love is such a Star Wars trope that Kylo's redemption didn't bother me, but some of my friends did question it. I feel like if we're going to say he didn't earn it, then we have to be honest with ourselves and go back and admit that Vader didn't really earn his redemption either. I'm with you on the kiss though.


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I liked it, and I suspect it'll be my favorite of the sequels. There was definitely some stuff I didn't like (stupid dagger mcguffin) but it was generally separated by a bunch of stuff I did. It is basically the plot of Dark Empire adapted to their characters and cranked to 11 though.


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I just want to echo what Boter said. Thanks for putting in all that work, I love that we have this. Hopefully, someday, we can play another campaign together.