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Model glue showed up at my door unexpectedly. Thank you smile

I have a question for the group. Does anyone need a subject to practice animation and/or character design? Making all this anime appleTV compatible has reminded me that while my stories will never be adapted to another medium, it would be fun to have opening credits for some of them. Say, a 30-90 second cel animated opening to Bells Across the Universe, with space ships, four eyed monkey girls, assorted aliens, and giant squirrels. Or for The Saga of Nowy Poland, with Winged Hussar's charging across the battlefield,elves, giant Frog creatures, and women in realistic armor. Need music, too  big_smile

(I had almost forgotten how great the opening of Souther Cross, the middle part of Robotech, was)


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I remember recommending the movie to my parents based on the video. They hated it smile


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I had to show the trailer to my older cousin (he's around 56) just for the line "No woman can truly love a man who listens to Phil Colins." To be fair, Genesis did some bad albums around that time (as well as some great ones ^_^)


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An author must be his own fan, first and foremost.


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So so. On the good side, I finally have both foodstamps (called SNAP) and a monthly grant from the state/county  that is less than my rent so all goes directly to my landlord. This is a big help, so my sister only has to chip in a few hundred a month to help with other bills and expenses.

On the health side, things are mixed. I'm with a new neurologist (the first is more stroke focused), and we're trying to get my steroids down. The first two attempts left me worse than when I came out of the hospital, but the high dosage side effects are kicking in. I'm at 45mg a day, and a good "maintenance" dose is 2 mg every other day. This is going to be fun. I see the doc again on the 16th. All therapy has ended, after 40 Physical Therapy visits. I'm waiting to get on extended home care, which may provide some (I do get free transport to the Doctor)

I'm keeping busy. I'm ripping my DVDs still, have games I haven't played yet. I can write, so with the view zoomed in I'm doing a long serial ('Have Cane, Will Travel') and trying to revise another story. Still no glue for the models, but that will come. Went to Thursday's Rifftrax, and my sister is providing transport for us and my niece to go to the Buffalo Bandits playoff game in a couple weeks. There's also a trip up to Toronto in July.

I use a walker to walk. The weather is nice now, so going out alone is an option. =


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Because I can.


Painting by my niece.


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Tomahawk wrote:

What's the worst situation you've ever found yourself in, accidentally or intentionally?

Easy. On the floor of my house, the whole world spinning, knowing I have to get to the door to unlock it for help to get to me but not knowing if I'll live that long.

Name the childhood fantasy you held onto the longest.


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"Edward 'the Ned' Doty". Sounds professional to me (but then, the whole brain attack thing)


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I trust someone will catch it.


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Whatever his voices told him


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My niece goes outside to check the mail today, and what does she find? An unexpected package of goodies. Thanks, Writhyn. Between this and finally getting to see Deadpool (at an AMC with reclining comfy chairs and everything), my day was complete smile

As for other stuff, the drugs are helping. I can write a bit, and while I tire easily I can move more. I also don't have to watch my carbs as much, although I do watch them. I'm ripping movies to turn one hard drive into a movie server for my AppleTV.


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An update.

The last couple weeks have been bad, my condition regressing. The physical therapist would show up and say, "No, you're in no shape to do actual work". Saw the neurologist for the first time since the hospital, and immediately put me on 80 mg of steroids a day for two weeks, which will then taper down. I suspect I'll be on them for life. I'm also now on optional insulin.

On the good side, after three days of steroids, I was actually able to write 600 words or so. Science!


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Writhyn wrote:

Looks like you put that together with a Mac, cause I'm getting a pages file that I can't do much with. If you can convert and send me a .doc file I can help, otherwise does someone else have an Apple computer who can help him?

Oh, in my fog I forgot about this. Apple imports and exports to most formats, but does MS do the same? Nope. Anyway, There's now a Word version there, along with the original cover. It's free for anyone to read. I like it smile

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n6msujdvbvh1 … u0P2a?dl=0


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Writhyn wrote:

Also I'm perfectly happy to help with printtopress, but what would that entail? Just filling out forms and stuff? Proof-copying? Or is it more just a cost thing?

It's an editing thing.

I currently have the sixty thousand word story "The Spirit of Poland" as a Pages file. It is an unformatted document, apart from chapters and paragraphs. I need it to come out the other side of this as a print ready PDF, with title page, page numbers, etc. Up on Dropbox I've put the final version of A Leader Born in PDF, the .odt version I made the pdf version from, and my first attempt at a cover. It looks like I'm going to have to get a fresh copy of the scan, without the text.

Anyways, Spirit has to fit the formatting of the first book, have page breaks put in between chapters, an intro inserted (and written), and other minor stuff. I think it takes me an hour to bumble through it. It's my sister's birthday the 19th, and it would be fun to hand this to her and my niece them.

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n6msujdvbvh1 … u0P2a?dl=0


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I'm too lazy to look for something that lists the exact condition I have, but Neurosarcoidosis seems to sound close enough. They biopsies two blobs in my chest to confirm the diagnosis ("It's minor. We're going to collapse your lung..."). Treatment was mostly massive steroids, which I'm off of. I suspect I'll be going back on, as I'm relapsing.I'm seeing the neurologist Friday for the scheduled followup.

As for dead cats, if you send some good recipes, I'd be down for that. I have a patreon account if anyone want to throw money at it. Two chapters of my new book a month pays for my internet, which let me tell you is a godsend (no idea which god). Change tossed into an iTunes or Rifftrax gift card would also be appreciated. If you live near good hobby stores, I would love models to waste my time with. Fighter planes, and anime models based on original Macross and Gundam. I can't see well, so easy ones smile

What I want most I'm not even thinking of asking for. I've only seen the new Star Wars once, and Deadpool not at all. The whole not driving thing. I can wait.

Actually... I know what I need. Before this hit, I was going to set up a print version of one of my books to send to printtopress.com. I dread playing with that now. The cover was painted my my niece, and I owe her a copy. Anyone want to help?

Chris Mack
21 Sunnyside St. Lower Apartment
Lockport, NY 14094


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Few have probably noticed a lack of posts from me. I was never too active. Still, I have been silent, and figured an update was in order.

I'm sick.

The attack at the start of December was caused by some sort of coating on my brain, particularly the stem. The world spun, vision went double. I literally had to crawl across my bed to reach the phone. Two weeks in the emergency room, followed by four weeks of in-hospital rehab, sent me home unable to work or drive. I've downsized my life, tossing most of what I owned to fit into a one bedroom apartment. I'm just starting to get financial aid, but will still be a drain on my sister for awhile. My eyes have a hard time reading text, so needless to say writing is a chore. I'm not a happy camper.

Still, I'm alive. Whee.


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I haven't seen any of the new doctor's episodes, and have no opinion of the new guy. But, please, for the love of all that is both holy and profane, let the new producer do an episode with Susan while the original actress is still around. It's my only real "wish" for the show.


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3-Headed Shark Attack

My sister picked this on Netflix. An Asylum film, as you might expect. What you might not expect is it's rather fun. Stupid? Yes. But, it's the entertaining kind. A three headed shark attacks a research station that is in a building with three underwater levels despite being located on a shallow reef island. Action quickly moves to a boat, where the shark attacks any three people standing in a row. Lots of girls in bikini's, some nudity, and shots of sharks eating limbs galore. Play "Who dies next?" with your friends. I especially liked their almost successful attempt to make it look like Danny Trejo spent more than a day on set and had interaction with the main cast.

Over all, it's the only Asylum film I've enjoyed without a commentary or Rifftrax.


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MadBadCoyote wrote:

CairoSmith on the Avatar Subreddit is attempting to edit the series into 2 hour movies (2 per season) while removing some of the childish humor and repeated exposition of the early episodes. Thought it was interesting.

Interesting. And, I have to admit, very anime. Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers) didn't become a hit until they edited 26 episodes into two hours. It even beat Star Wars at the box office. Giving the show this much movie time is cheating, though. You have two and a half hours to cover the entire season. Go.

It's Jesus. He can do anything.



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Trey wrote:

When Joel created the show, Mike Nelson was still a waiter at TGI Fridays.  Mike is a talented fella, but he wasn't always the head writer - he started as the writing room assistant.   
It's fine to prefer the direction the show took when Mike did become the head writer.  But to say the reboot is at a disadvantage if Mike isn't writing... sheesh, it's Joel's freakin' show.  Everything MST3K is came out of Joel's brain originally.   I'd only be worried if someone ELSE was running the reboot. 
But of course, I'm a Joel guy.  If you're a Mike person your life must be very difficult already, so I will leave you in your freakish misery.

Nobody said anything anti-Joel. From what I've heard regarding the fate of Cinema Titanic his choices weren't too great there business wise, but this is something different. I only referenced Mike with regard to the start of Rifftrax. With luck, the new show will start with a good writing team.


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He was working with a studio with no animation experience which wanted to get some of that Disney business, so threw money at him. For contrast, listen to the commentary on the film Titan A.E.. Bluth is rather open on the why's of that film's problems.

Favorite exchange:
"This makes no sense! Why didn't we do a scene to correct this?"
"We ran out of money."
"Ah. Right."


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You animate it because you're an animator. This is a Don Bluth film, and he was hired by Fox to animate something they had the rights to. A live action version already existed. Animation does have the advantage (or did, pre CG) of costing the same whether the characters are walking down a hallway or down the streets of some exotic, no longer existing cityscape.

Now, a film you can ask "why?" about is the animated King and I.


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Mary Jo Pehl  is now with Rifftrax, doing a series of shorts with Bridget Nelson.

I'm wary for a couple reasons. First, it's the writing team that will matter. Who they get behind the camera. Rifftrax had the advantage when they started that Mike was the head MST3K writer. No matter who they get to host, it'll take a bit for the chemistry to build.

Second... let's face it, this is a Veronica Mars situation. The rights are now owned by Shout Factory, the company releasing the DVDs. They COULD pay for this, but would rather have us foot the production costs. You don't get much in return, apart from the show existing. This actually is a donation. Compare this to the Rifftrax Kickstarters, which shove enough digital goodies at you that you get your money's worth (they use your cash to pay the upfront costs for the live shows).