Have you tried hunter2? It's usually hunter2.


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But, see, if they actually covered the ground you were hoping they'd cover they'd have nothing to do in the sequel!

He has mommy issues that cause him to want to whip brown haired girls. He eventually gets over his mommy issues. She doesn't change at all.

I recently read this really good article about what was going on at HBO between then (when this Intermission was made) and HBO Now: http://www.fastcompany.com/3044284/bring-it-on

Apparently I find watching workflow videos calming. And educational.

I'm about 50 minutes into this one and FYI, you can use whatever audio you want from my stuff, but the audio on my video files was from the itty bitty camera mic and the audio takes (pre-'stemmed') from my actual microphone are uploaded separately: http://www.phispace.net/lj/dif/StillAlive%20-%20Phi.zip

I decided to leave the joy of ma(tc/s)hing them together to you. smile

Maybe you realize this later in the video...

Yay, it's happening! Don't you.....forget about me!


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Finally listened to this one even though I've never seen Good Will Hunting. I got a name drop, whee!

Concatenate: to stick together, to append, to prefix/suffix.

The sum of seven and eight is fifteen; the concatenation of 'seven' and 'eight' is 'seveneight'. It's more commonly a programming thing for characters than a math thing for numbers.

If I upload four 1.5 gb video clips to an undisclosed location is that workable? They're right off the camera. Or should I shrink them first?

If shrink them is the way to go, what settings are good these days? I'm feeling strong TF.n deja-vu asking that question...


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My favourite will always be Teague and the Adobe Video Collection. Those packing peanuts...


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I will be only mildly disappointed if there are not actual babies and werewolves in it.

I have plans within plans...


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I still haven't seen Noah the movie, but I finally listened to this one anyway.

Has anyone else read Not Wanted on the Voyage? It has Yaweh deciding to kill himself along with mankind, Lucy(fer) on the ark as one of the wives, and a truly truly messed up reason for unicorns not being around anymore... Compared to that, from what I can tell, this version is downright traditional.


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I haven't seen Jupiter Ascending, but I've definitely been in the Wachowski Defense Squad since loving the heck out of Speed Racer.

Didn't see this the first time around and listened today. I think I vaguely knew you had a post on the SLJ reads a thing thread but I had no idea there was a huge back story. Fascinating.


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I get what did happen, I just thought it was nuke-the-fridge level unbelievable. Everything up until the last reset was fine since the Tom Cruise character would have as many tries as needed and the Emily Blunt character apparently could learn fast (plus she had lots of past experience). But for the last run into the Omega they got one shot, and we're to believe that they both survive being dragged through walls and falling down multiple floors of parking garage before getting to the Omega.

If the Emily Bunt character distracts the Alpha at the end and then manages to get the Alpha-blood magic bean again, then she'd be reliving the day again instead of Tom Cruise. Obviously that didn't happen and it would be thematically awkward, but I really thought that's where it was going.


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Saw it over the holidays and enjoyed it quite a bit, though I was definitely expecting the very end to involve Emily Blunt getting Alpha-blooded again because there is no way they survived that sequence at the Louvre as first-time mortals.

But whatever.

The fact that my brother-in-law thought he'd already seen the recent movie where Tom Cruise saves the world from aliens  (he'd seen the other one) might also be indicative of why it didn't do well.


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Y'all are philistines. 5/4 or nothing.

And if nothing, it better be 4 minutes and 33 seconds worth


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Ooh, also relevant is Marian Call's recently released song Christmas in L.A. (Yippee Ki Yay)


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I want to see! But they're not showing up.


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I'm pretty sure it was more of a fight when linear working space wasn't an option without installing something like eLin. Aww look, it's MasterZap laying down the math nearly ten years ago.


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Oh god...the endless battles that were fought over add vs screen.

/team linear dodge


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Well, I was a bit bigger than 12 inches, but Fievel Goes West: An American Tale.

Possibly because it was the only VHS we had in the house...


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Actually I think it would be weird and obvious if I did the imperial probe droid since it's right between the other two lines.

In the movies they don't speak intelligibly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGYYIwOVAIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxG5BgkfvP8


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Ooh, pick me pick me!

And do you have the Imperial droid voice yet? I only did the ship computer, not the droid reporting in. Also I used draft 3 of the script...which I assume was the newest?


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But do you have an Intelevator?

*even less relevant*


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My two-year-old daughter has watched most of the Iron Giant. She lost interest during many of the actionier parts, but liked most of the scenes where the 'big robot' was playing with Hogarth.

Also, Spiff wanted to name our son Hogarth. I vetoed that one.