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Hey FIYH crew...

http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/a … story.html

Cantina in Florida.

Amazing. I still think my favorite from this season is Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters (just bought it on iTunes, so worth it) but those season finales always rock. Love this ERB.


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I managed to get my hands on one :-O


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Phi wrote:

My two-year-old daughter has watched most of the Iron Giant. She lost interest during many of the actionier parts, but liked most of the scenes where the 'big robot' was playing with Hogarth.

Also, Spiff wanted to name our son Hogarth. I vetoed that one.


I read that and thought you meant the new OS X operating system.

</IT guy></send sake>


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Well then, lots of time since my last post. Been doing a lot of photography, but not posting shots as often as I used to. I've been concerned about the quality of my shots much more than the quantity.

That being said, here are some of my recent favorites. I've been getting into star trails photography recently. Long, frustrating in post, but so worth it. Questions? Ask 'em! Comments are welcome. EXIF data is located on the Flickr page, links are below the shot. So are higher resolutions.

https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2899/13981907957_4aa96b8fd1_b.jpgHaunted Mansion Star Trails by wdwben, on Flickr

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3881/14811450248_be7690651c_b.jpgFireworks Friday: Nature&#x27;s IllumiNations by wdwben, on Flickr

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3864/14821704928_837cd5834a_b.jpgSunset Saturdays: Coronado Color by wdwben, on Flickr

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3931/15492145795_146199ce4b_b.jpgFireworks Friday: HalloWishes by wdwben, on Flickr

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7512/15112007703_d9a236b823_b.jpgFireworks Friday: Wishes by wdwben, on Flickr

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5611/15553919677_6834b2d9a3_b.jpgSavannah Star Trails by wdwben, on Flickr

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5605/15764640955_2b4d78ee27_b.jpgLights on I-95 by wdwben, on Flickr

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5606/15771187006_91e243ab13_b.jpgJapanese Star Trails by wdwben, on Flickr

I'll also have these up on SmugMug, hopefully later this evening. I also have some shots from Universal Studio's Diagon Alley, if we have any Harry Potter fans following this!


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drewjmore wrote:

First time I ever cried watching a movie. Popped my cherry; now all it takes is, like, a kid hugging a puppy with a few notes of a string cue and I'm a leaky bucket of sponges.

Yup. The end of Wishes (the fireworks show) gets me every time, now. This didn't happen before! CURSE YOU MOVIES.


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Listening to the commentary for The Iron Giant again reminded me that, in the chat, I brought up the fact that Disney has been producing new Mickey Mouse short animated films and posting them to YouTube. This was in response to Trey saying that kids no longer knew Mickey Mouse from his short films. While I concede the point that a generation certainly does not know, it looks like kids growing up today won't have to worry about that.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P … hErx3D7qt8

I highly recommend starting at the beginning, and enjoying the heck out of the new shorts. It's a slightly new style, and it's nice to see that Disney isn't treating it's icon like a porcelain doll; there are times Mickey gets well and truly beat and bent out of shape in these shorts! It's also really nice that when doing a short in/for another country (France, Japan, et cetera) the entire short is recorded natively in that language. However, you don't even need to understand the words to understand the short. It transcends language barriers.


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If anybody can find a good, clear cut of Baymax's fist-bump noise, I need it.

I need a new text tone to replace the trombones when you lose on The Price Is Right.


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Holy crap, what an awesome movie. The reviews are 100% correct, I think it was better than both Frozen and Wreck It Ralph. FAR better than Frozen, and just edging out WiR (mostly due to fantastic nostalgia value there). It's a classic hero's journey, and it's not a movie where the hero has to save the whole world. The stakes never feel like they're limited to one kid in one city, but in scope, they are. Great animation, really fantastic running gags, and some throwaway ones that are perfect too.

It's almost as if the directors listen to What Are You Doing, Movie? for hints!


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Well, I'm gonna need help from doggins, then, if he's still in CT.


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Home town? Or where we live? I still think of where I grew up on CT as my hometown, even though I live in FL.


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Morgan and I would sign it. I've already written a letter, but I can sign something big as well smile


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Mazel tov! That's the second baby named Mason that someone let me know about in about a month. Must be a popular name.

/Not FreeMason


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Kyle wrote:

This is actually tremendously funny.  Can we turn this thread into "advertise things the way this guy would?"

Oh wait, I can do that quite easily. I think we should just Mad Lib it up. Here's what I've got so far:

[Activity] [hobby] is the [hobby] of exercises identifying with [activity]s. It includes photos of the couple before marriage. Words usually can't do a picture justice yet I think [activity] photographs are more than that, it comprises of affection, guarantee, memory, enthusiasm, and delight. A standout amongst the most accommodating tips I've been given about [activity] [hobby] is to stretch the couple to ponder the [small object] that they'd like you to catch on the day and assemble a rundown so you can confirm them. This is especially useful in the family [small object]. There's nothing more awful than recovering the photographs and acknowledging you didn't photo the joyful couple with grandmother!
Visit the areas of the better places that you'll be shooting before the enormous day. While I'm certain most Masters don't do this – I discover it truly accommodating to know where we're going, have a thought of a couple of positions for [small object] and to know how the light may become an integral factor. On one or two [activity]s I even went by areas with the couples and took a couple of test [small object].


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Trey wrote:

It occurs to me that we have a rare opportunity here.  What scenario should we have ready for when Mike wakes up?

I'm trying to decide between 28 Days Later and Planet of the Apes, but leaning toward the latter because getting ape masks probably will be easier than convincing the Cedars-Sinai staff to temporarily abandon the entire floor of the hospital.

I'm gonna take the fact that people "in the know" are making this joke as a good sign for Mike's recovery. I don't think this post would have happened if there wasn't a good chance of a full recovery.


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As is becoming my routine, woke up, checked my e-mail on my phone for any work emergencies, then come and check Mike's status. It's great to see that he's doing so much better.

By the way, I don't have any inside information, lest people think that based on my last post. I'm just remaining positive. You go through a house fire where you lose everything, I assure you, you have ways of remaining positive.

Not a doctor, but "when" instead of "if" sounds fantastic to me. They're gonna have to introduce all this support to him slowly... it's gonna be a real shock for him to find out just how many people are rallying behind him.


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Kyle wrote:

I'd be totally down for a bro-tat, Neddard, but frankly if I had a couple hundred bucks to spare on that sort of thing I wouldn't be comfortable spending it on my body instead of Mike's.  He needs it more.

The best news is that there will be plenty of time for solidarity after Mike pulls through all this. Plenty of time to recoup the money needed.


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Morgan and I are thinking of him. It's a horrible thing to happen. Really affecting me at work today.

What's keeping me going is watching the funding for his bills go up. It's incredible see the leaps and bounds happening in the total raised happened in the minutes between refreshes. Keep it up, donators. You guys are really incredible.


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Hi Morgan!

Though I did a cappella, I wasn't a singer. I'll keep a watchful eye on this, however!


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Beyond thrilled how this came out. A lot of hard work went into this one shot:

https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2899/13981907957_01a75642f1_o.jpgHaunted Mansion Star Trails by wdwben, on Flickr


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Busy time down here at the Mouse. Obviously, we have a new parade (as I posted earlier) that I think is best watched from the Train Station in Town Square.

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7266/13403230564_c0355a4d46_o.jpgBurnanating by wdwben, on Flickr

I've also been working on a technique known as a rear curtain synced flash. It means that the flash fires as the shutter is closing, rather than in the middle of the exposure. I allows for some cool artistic effects, such as having a long exposure picture where a spinning subject is actually semi-frozen, like Miss Piggy here. Also, this is one for you Muppet fans out there.

https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2919/13994891045_498159acaf_o.jpgMuppets by wdwben, on Flickr

I've been on an MGM/Hollywood Studios kick recently, so here's a shot I took over by Star Tours the other night with EPIC skies. Wish I had an ultra-wide angle lens (soooooooooon) so the clouds looked even cooler, but I'm making do with the kit I have.

https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2911/14029424023_4abd9f53f5_o.jpgLooming Walker by wdwben, on Flickr

Back to the Magic Kingdom for a new attraction we just found out is opening May 28th! It's the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a family-friendly coaster-and-dark-ride hybrid. Coaster elements out in the forest, and dark ride slowness inside where you see the Dwarves working their hardest collecting gems. This is the big final drop during golden hour; taken the second day of real cars-on-track testing.

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5001/14019127745_1051cdbd1c_o.jpgRunaway Train Never Comin&#x27; Back by wdwben, on Flickr

And finally, Thursday was a big day on WDW property. Hollywood Studios, formerly known as Disney's MGM Studios, celebrated its 25th anniversary of its opening date. They celebrated with special merch, of course, and retro maps, but also a magnificent fireworks show set to Toy Story, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Twilight Zone music and more! Here's a capture of the finale! This one needed about 3 to 5 stops of ND filter and was still blown to high heaven! Thank goodness for the power of a 14-bit RAW image!

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7384/14085584091_8604e20c30_o.jpgFireworks Friday: Hollywood Studios&#x27; Fantastic Finale by wdwben, on Flickr

Here's a video for those interesting in watching the show. It was MUCH wider than they recorded, though, as evidenced by my picture (and why shooting that close to the stage is always a terrible idea)


EDIT: Rewatching that video makes me so happy I'm a photographer and not a videographer. It's a lot easy to control that smoke in a single long-exposure shot! Couldn't imagine having to deal with that in a video after the fact!


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What about Emperor's New Groove? It's popped up in other commentaries enough times already tongue

Also, I stand by my picketing for Dazed and Confused and Top Gun.


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MLB 14: The Show is constantly in my PS3 right now. I had given up on the MLB series because I was tired of starting from scratch every time a new game came out (in regard to my Road to the Show player) and because I hated the goals system (what do you mean I'm being benched because I didn't walk 8 times in 3 weeks?! I hit 15 home runs and drove in 40 RBI!).

Both were resolved this year, with players that can be imported into future game versions and a new goal-less system for getting promoted to the Majors.