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Eddie wrote:

... Editors are the coolest of them all.

Agreed. All the rest is wasting time on performance art unless an editor wraps it up.


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Are those clips from the entire season's run? Does he save the president in one of the earlier episodes? When are you guys doing a flashback clips episode?


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Could the whole thing be a fever dream brought on by the presence of a parasitic alien incubating in her chest? In which scene would she wake up?


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I wonder if this would fair better as a foreign language version with rewritten subtitles? Could you improve the script but leave the action?


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But it's not Groundhog Day...


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Agree with Dr Sub, I gathered that these would most likely be multiple timelines that Bill restarts at the common point.

I wonder about the day after stories for each version? Are there multiple Bill Murrays that continue into each of the 10,000year threads? Feel sad for the douchey ones living on with the consequences of the reset Bill's actions.


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Got me thinking that the expedition vessel's name Odyssey, was the same as Apollo 13's CSM because they were both failed missions that returned (most of) their crew.


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Yeah so awesome to hear Ian introduced... and the again at the end. Like a celebrity appearance on Happy Days. Never heard him so quiet.

So Ozception... could it be that Dorothy awakes in a second dream? Who is the architect and what song is the kicker?


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Continuing the meta them from he commentary. It strikes me that we may all be in Arnold's movie. As you guys summarized he had a completely impossible, perhaps heroic rise to the top. Where nothing could touch him. And we are not aware of it. Could the meaning of life the universe and everything, just be because McT god is making us as a Swarzneggar(?) vehicle? We wouldn't notice....


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How about "the surrogates",  or has someone already done that?

Meta suggestion.


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Well, keep it up anyway...
...it's just a "Coffee and Bagels" job I guess.

Actually I really liked the Surrogates idea too.

Hey is there a pejorative attached to producer's  notes?

"Final Notes: again."


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When do we get another episode? Like an unplugged version of DIF, that is with the DVD player unplugged...


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It's not like there is any money in the business or anything.... oh well no trade org. no employment.


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Also there is an interview at TheQandA podcast. Pretty much the same territory covered as the IO9 dialogue from yesterday.
Seems he did think about most of this stuff, my favourite idea from IO9 thread was (SPOILER) Kid Blue was Abe's younger self.

Also I was STUNNED how good that 5year old kid was!

And on a VFX side, those keyed shots in the paddock at the end were amazing, so clean and detailed.

Down side, the hover bikes sucked bad. It's sucha  shame, whenever they appeared the physical and digital effects were just so naff. Oh well.


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What? Now the Speed thread has been derailed too, damn it... I should have expected that I guess


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Tears, tears of joy. Forum makes me cry more than the podcast. Thankyou DIF and all who sail in her!

Prometheus, is that a pejorative term?

On topic, I don't work in Hollywood but do edit TV. The days of 20hr shifts are behind me, good riddance. Has anyone heard the fxguide's VFXshow podcast on KingKong? An honest appraisal of FX piece work.


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I dont mean to sound crass, but I haven't seen the movie yet. Are there TDKR spoilers in this ep.?


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3pointedit is the name 3 point editing is the game, unless a fit fill is required then 4 points are necessary but I prefer avoiding digital trickery and go with the story cut where possible.

Another thing I like alot has been DIF, when all other podcasts have shrunk to a mere shadow, Down In Front commenataries power on for hours at a time. I can spend whole commute days with one inteligent team, instead of a rambling montage of dissasociated skeptical and humorous podcasts. Truly DIF is a power house of a podcast that knows no equal, illuminating Hollywood's darkest secrets. Walking into the steaming, dangerous alleyways of film making so that we don't have to.

Thank you DIF avengers, thank you.

Enough of platitudes.

I have been absorbing podcasts for almost a decade on my way to work as a TV editor, desperately trying to find that story telling edge (or get juicy Star Wars dirt), and make myself look smart in front of my colleagues. It started out with ripping DVD's directors commentaries. Then I was listening to Filmspotting but couldn't take it any longer, I had to have something harder. I found some Geekza, but it was wrapped. Bummer. I needed something that would make the cravings go away.

I went back to 3D animation and VFX, the stuff I couldn't afford to do when I was a kid. Model bashing is great but shooting it is costly. Along came affordable PCs, even more affordable memory and a way to get it out to screen. I went all home brew with Blender 3D. And thought how hard is movie making really? Then I went back to podcasts and found DIF.

What a revelation, really. I have never listened in sync with a DVD but the story deconstruction rarely requires it, and the insight is fantastic. It all seems so obvious but the question that hangs over most episodes, is this. How on Earth do studios still fuck it up?! I mean don't they want to make more money?

Why not give Trey $30mil, just enough to keep him hungry and not waste it above the line. I would go see that a bunch of times.

P.S. I have Trey withdrawals when he doesn't show. Can't we have some canned "Trey wit" for those occasions?


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I wonder if you will feel the same way after Cars 2?


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For more signal less noise check out GavRovs blog. He not happy with Ridley, as designer of Moon should know something. http://www.gavinrothery.com/my-blog/


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Non spoilery observation (in wrong thread but I'm cool so here goes), The ships hologram floating monitors (that are NOT CRTs) seem to be flat in wide shots but 3D in close ups? It really got on my nerves after a few shots. And why did the science crew bring their own projector when the ship just finished playing the completely redundant Weyland's room scene in glorious Hologram 3D? Couldn't they just plug in a zip drive or wifi it over to the ship projector?
I know I seem nit picky but really these things aren't the future, they are the stupid things we do right now. 3d TVs stay stereo regardless of how far away I walk, and I don't take my own screen or projector to the meeting with me.

And those away suits sucked balls. Surely a hazardous environment of world suit would be fire resistant, you know if someone accidently hosed you with a flame thrower...
And have you read that story breakdown posted with references to religious world stories? http://cavalorn.livejournal.com/584135.html
Sadly on topic I think, Ridley done gone jumped the shark with Engineer Jesus.


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What was spoilery in my post? But I agree


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The motivations didnt make much sense and the stereotypes were pretty obvious.

Hey look at this.

Ridley Scott, same as George Lucas.

Killed a perfectly good (2 ep.) franchise with poor prequel.


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Took my kids to Mirror Mirror and the story was a re-imagining, like a dumbed down Princess Bride (wash my mouth out). Very self aware, and used real short people, to great effect actually.

Seems like I made the right choice of Snow White knock offs this year!