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Oh, man. Top 20 for me. It's somewhere between Shawshank and Seven.


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Drew, considering we only had time for 1 or 2 takes on some shots, you did a really amazing job shooting. For real, man. Well done.


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26th confirmed. I'LL BE THERE TO HELP YOU.


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I'm 95% sure I can help the 26th. The 5% uncertainty is because I erroneously told my gf this was going down on the 25th. Barring any plans with her on Saturday, I'm there. Hell, maybe she'll join us.


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I can help film, man. Shoot me an email. I have a busy couple of weeks, but after that I have an open schedule.


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Inman is just another dude looking for money. Musk is use to this shit and, at least in this case, a relevant person to ask. Like Paul pointed out, it's of public value too. Most of the people who hit him up for cash can't say either of those things. Also, the Oatmeal article about the Model S has been some of the best online advertising that company has had.

Musk could be miffed (I would be, slightly) but it's ultimately not worth shit list designation. Especially since Inman put Tesla Motors on a million FB feeds for free.


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In rare circumstances I listen with the movie; usually on a Saturday night after I've been drinking and I'm alone. My lowest points, basically.


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In my case, I bought the lamp and now the internet wants me to buy it again.

Why sci-fi keeps imagining the enslavement of white people:

http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainme … le/361173/


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Zarban wrote:

I'm the only one old enough to remember this show from its original run, so I'll list some favorite moments:

  • Tokes resigning in disgust and Stokes immediately arresting him for possession.

  • The time they nailed that alderman for illegally keeping giraffes, and Tokes rode around on a giraffe.

  • When Stokes was dating Nurse Wendy and she gave him crabs, but they were tiny puppet crabs she got from Tokes.

  • Every single time Tokes accidentally shot himself. ROFL.

  • That sad episode when Captain McPkank died.

You guys must have some some eps on TV Land. What are some of your faves?

There are times when I'm convinced you wrote for SNL.


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Zarban wrote:

Imagine a mini-series about a "basketball killer" that ends up only including a few seconds of basketball on tape and a climax in an empty basketball court.

That show exists - it's called Derrick Rose's Career. Sucks.

I know only 3 people will get that joke. To those people: you're welcome.


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Zarban speaks for me. TD is incredible, but the number of questions it left unanswered is frustrating. I came (and stayed) for the mystery. The light vs dark stuff was a fine garnishment but, ultimately, it's silly and not applicable to my (and I hope no one else's) life. More puzzle pieces and case files, pls.


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I was drunk. I blame Teague. Let's forget this ever happened.


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Eh. I'll add time codes and paste tomorrow but I wasn't very good at this.

In 5 minutes I'm going to start live tweeting Godzilla '98. Once it's over I'mma cut and paste the results here. Feel free to join in - @ijim84

I'm not sure that this is a worthwhile idea, but what the hell, right?

EDIT: Youtube link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zfc0SZBtlO8


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I predicted 6 Fast 6 Furious to win in every category. Zarban only out-predicted me by 3.

EDIT: 3.


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Lower right is coming back with a vengeance on Sunday. It has to - can't be a coincidence that Marty's daughter recreated what we saw on the VHS tape.


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I am unreasonably sad.


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Yeah, nothing spectacular about the episode - table-setting (stealing that, Bullet). But I expect 120 minutes of chasing to the climax.


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My theories were way off.


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Redo Ghostbusters. Redo Ghostbusters. Jim sad about Ramis. Or one about celebrity death. Or redo Ghostbusters.


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Pfft. You don't know me.


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paulou wrote:
Doctor Submarine wrote:

I was pretty sure that the show literally said that.

The madam at the ranch had a line to the effect of, "Freaks men like you out when a woman does what she wants with her body because it means you don't own it like you thought you used to did."

That line annoyed me because it didn't address his point about her being underage. At all. It was a weird reply.


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Teague wrote:

Plus, my theory of "NIN music in the trailer means hit" has usually worked.


Terminator Salvation.