Since I'm a relatively new convert to DiF I'm looking at this thread as more educational than me having much to share.

Though I should say that I was never going to watch Twilight and wanted to keep it that way, but...

I really enjoyed the SW/ESB/ROTJ commentaries and would recommend them to anyone. I even enjoyed the prequels which threw in a lot of "these could be much better if" along with the required "this is awful" comments.

Close Encounters was the first one I watched live with everyone and found that great fun too.

I have some catching up to do.


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Cool - I think tomorrow will be the first time I will get to join you guys live. Have the 30th Blu-ray already and all ready to go.


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I guess it was pulled? Because I don't see it. *kicks at dirt*


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Awesome. Thanks Teague for the idea of the banners - I've used them to check out other stuff too and spend more time in the creations forum (Like watching ARK which has also seems to re-emerged on the forum and is amaze-balls, Trey). I still get startled when I come to the site and see me up there with the facehugger on.

FYI - I just started something I am calling "A Dalek Year" where I am going to chronicle, day by day, building a full-size Dalek in my basement. There is some info out on my tumblr ( and the first 2 days if anyone is interested. I'm feeling a little anxious about this one.


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Snail, I didn't tell you about my DeLorean? Well you see...

The Tee of Life

A father/son golf outing goes horribly wrong when they find there are dinosaurs in the rough.

(It seems like dinosaur/golf movies are really hot right now, though this one is more arthouse)

Raking Bad

Walter (Bryan Cranston) learns that no matter how hard he tries, the leaves always win out in the end.

(I guess I was inspired by your avatar)


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Great job on this one.
Plus I finally watched all of Pink Five - awesome stuff Trey (but you already know that).

I finally found my copy of Fantastic Films that I took to grade school (I was 10) with photographic proof that Han Solo was alive. I ran around the school cafeteria yelling "Han was saved from the carbonite!" flashing this picture around. Plus as a bonus, it has "Revenge of the Jedi" all over it. So much of my childhood revolved around these 3 films.


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Geeeez. you finally get me hooked on DiF and now you go and change it on me!

Only joking - I like the new path you guys are taking - I have a HUGE backlog of commentaries that will take me 2012 to catch up on anyway. Did my voting for the 6 movies and can't wait to hear the new stuff.


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1. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
2. Batman Returns
3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
4. The Dark Knight
5. Lethal Weapon
6. Citizen Kane


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I just finished the original trilogy with DiF and it was great fun and very interesting. Loved it. Now I am starting with the prequels today. I find that I don't hate them as much as many - but realize that they could have been sooooooo much better.

I agree the waiting for the original trilogy built my childhood. I remember that the Ewoks were such a secret that the backs of the action figure cards that released early had the Ewok figures blacked out so you didn't know what they looked like.

I don't have kids, but I would probably do what Eddie said and give some time between each.

Oh well... off to watch The Phantom Menace and dig in to some exciting trade issues!


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With the wings extended it takes up some room. It's fun to build too since they use a lot of Technic pieces to keep the wings strong and the gearing to open and close them. Now I have the Shuttle (which happens to be my favorite SW ship) in tiny, small, regular and HUGE! Have fun with it!


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You hit the nail on the head Saniss. At my wife's work her co-workers asked her what she got me for X-mas this year and she had to explain the Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Expert Edition to them. Hate sports.. love SW Lego.

What movie are you actually embarrassed to have in your DVD Collection (or even worse, re-bought on Blu-ray) because you secretly love it.


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Not as strange as pooping Darth, but the Dec 24th selection in the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar is this Santa Yoda (with Clone Wars head - which makes him look like a Mogwai fed after midnight).


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I was excited to the see the Space Jockey head/helmet from the original Alien make an appearance in the Prometheus trailer along with what looks like it's chair rising from the floor.


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I'm going to go back to when I was a kid (and be a little shallow here) and say it was the G.I. Joe 8-foot-long U.S.S. Flagg Aircraft Carrier. When my father pushed that box though the door, I had an idea what it was, but didn't believe it. When I ripped a bit of the paper off and saw that it was, I went crazy. It was the home base for all G.I. Joes and Autobots from then on. I still have it in the attic... I didn't sell it with the rest of my 80's childhood on eBay since I didn't feel like finding a box to pack it off in.

What was the first CD you purchased to replace a cassette or vinyl album (and this may be more interesting to the older amongst us that were alive and cognizant during the CD switch over and actually had "The Joshua Tree" on vinyl).


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Finished syncing this up to the SE (again, only original I have is on VHS and no working VCR) and besides Wampa, the emperor, Boba Fett's voice, and an enhanced Bespin, not many changes. And of course I agree that this is the best film of the series. There are so many great lines and scenes. I really love this movie.

On an aside, I sill-ily thought that Michael Bay was going to learn a few things from this... (I know - that's stupid). I thought Transformers 2 was going to go with this same tone - the 2nd movie in the trilogy - Optimus would be defeated and the movie would end with Megatron a temporary victor. Instead I got what I call a "Super-Happy-Fun Ending" with Optimus and Sam on an aircraft carrier and no reason to even have a 3rd movie.


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I was just thinking... In ESB SE Lucas replaces Boba Fett's voice to match Jango Fett for some RetCon. In SW SE he leaves the stormtroopers voices (there's one. Set for stun.) alone. I know in your commentary you said that you felt that ST were a blend of clones and enlisted men. Do you think Lucas is confirming this, or was this change not on his radar? Personally, I don't think he thought that deeply about it.


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Just finished syncing this up to my "Special Edition" Star Wars copy (the only original version I have is on VHS and I currently do not have a functioning VCR). Actually it worked pretty well because you guys did mention a lot about the SE changes. No matter how many times I see the SE version, the original is still what I see in my head.

I grew up on Star Wars and saw this first movie in the theater with my grandmother when I was 4 years old and I still remember going, but don't remember anything about being there. Empire and Return I remember much better - I still have the Emperor's Elite Guard figure and hang card that I bought coming out of RotJ with my dad since they were my favorite new character design from the movie (and the Imperial Shuttle is still my favorite ship).

In 4th or 5th grade my friend's father was the first person I knew with a VCR and he had purchased Star Wars (for what I think was over $100 back in the early eighties) and we watched it all the time.

Great job on the commentary - A lot of fun discussion and it was the first time I heard of RetCon - but I'm well aware of the concept, especially in the Star Wars universe.

One note from the SE- R5-D4 (the red robot in the Uncle Owen/Jawa scene) is still shown parked next to Artoo in the one shot even though he had moved forward to be purchased. I remember picking this oversight out when I was a kid - I guess Lucas was too busy with chicken-footed dewbacks and getting Han to step on Jabba's tail to fix this one.

Really enjoying watching these movies again with you guys in my ears.


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Awesome! I had an original ANH R2-D2 still on the card from when I was younger, and I sold it for a decent bit on Ebay years ago when I liquidated all my Star Wars, Transformers, and GI Joe toys in my parent's attic.

I still splurge and buy myself Star Wars Lego kits (I had my wife get me the collector's Imperial Shuttle for X-Mas this year and I am working through the SW Lego Advent Calendar). These are some of my professional kits that keep me company in my home-office:*UD26Qk*gfGjNCpsqNAzZTvg/SW_legos.jpg


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Thanks Snail. Thankfully since I tend to hoard anything that I may be able to use in a Halloween prop build, the Artoo unit cost me about $10-$15 - It's a lot more time and creativity involved than cash. If you had to go out and buy everything for it from scratch, it probably be $75 or so. There are some "making of" pics on my Flickr account. I started with a TV box and some foam. There are some things I would do differently a second time around (using a different strategy for the head is one).

Teague, the dinosaur DNA shot tower and amber Jello shots were genius! Love it.


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I must subconsciously like WWW because I sat though it on TNT or AMC with a commercial every 10 minutes, so I would be on your side Teague...

This TRON: Legacy DiF episode was the first I listened to, and I really enjoyed it - great job. You jump-started my imagination about what it could have been. I also like having perspectives from the FX eyes.. some things I don't notice and appreciate (like the lighting when they are "Deadly - Disc-ing" upside down). It enhanced my second viewing immensely.

I've been wanting to sit and watch the original Star Wars Trilogy again for the umpteenth time and I think I'll download your commentary for it.

I'm not quite ready to sit through "Crystal Skull" just yet.  tongue


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This is another of my low-budget Halloween creations - R2-D2 made from cardboard and foam. My wife wanted to be ANH Leia last year, so I gave her an Artoo.

More pics on Flickr: … 326569242/


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I'm watching this now... I last week I sat and rewatched Wild Wild West (even with commercials) and asked myself why wasn't this great? The ideas and visuals where there, but it missed. Same with this. It's beautiful (i found myself standing close to my tv just staring at the BluRay version) but... There is a great movie here I agree, but for some reason i'm not watching it.


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Thanks for the kind words everyone - thanks Teague.