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Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the time you've put into the podcast over the years.  I'm glad to know that you plan to keep to back catalog and the forum available.  In the 3+ years since I found your podcast it's been great hearing you all and getting to know you in this vague way that is created by the internet.  I hope if I ever find myself in LA I might have the privilege of buying any one or all of you a drink.  You really have become the friends in my head, and I suspect your back catalog and the forum will keep you there for a long time.


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Having heard a lot of doctor speak the change from "If" to "When" is some of the best news ever.  Doctors tend to be pessimistic as a group, particularly the kinds of surgeons you've likely been dealing with. 
Glad to wake up to this news this morning, hopefully things will continue to improve today.  Keeping everyone out there in my thoughts.


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Thoughts going out for Mike, his family, and everyone out there.  Hopefully we'll hear positive news soon.


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And then came the teen years -
Independence Day (1996)
Goldfinger (1964)
The 13th Warrior (1999)


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Ok, I'll bite.....
Return of the Jedi (1984) - like many others I'll say this is no longer my favorite star wars film
Beauty and the Beast (1991)
South Pacific (1958)


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Living outside a major city I love the idea of adults only screenings.  Most of the time I don't go see movies because i don't want to deal with the unsupervised teenagers and irresponsible parents.  It used to be I could go to a later showing and it was ok, but less and less is that the case.  My fear is if this phone usage/ 2nd screen thing happens it will just be the thing which will make me even less likely to go to the theater.  Here we're dealing with an effective monopoly of the theaters by Carmike (they bought the other local chain recently) so there aren't really any options.

I was thinking CD Baby or pledge music or any of the other distribution sites.  Nothing crazy just a place for those of us who aren't apple product users to buy from  Just as a thought

Really excited for this, hoping it's not just an ITunes thing, but really really excited even if it is.

applause - while grinning madly


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This one is one of my favorites and one of the only movie posters I've ever purchased.  I like the simplicity of it, along with the fact it still conveys one of the biggest through lines of the trilogy.

Joining in the chorus of really looking forward to this, count me in for a copy when you get to that point. 

It's great to have such a wonderful, supportive crowd of friends.


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I think it keeps coming back to weapons because in both cases its the most obvious of the differences between the two heroines and the typical Disney princess.  Unfortunately all they did was mold Merida into the typical Disney princess style, so even if they do re-do the online presence the physical presence in terms of toys and in the parks will remain the same so she fits with the style and marketing.   Wish I could say I was surprised.


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I was leery of this film from the outset, being only not totally put out by the first of the Abrams' trek.  I moved into the point of not caring when I got the first of the "spoilers" early on without it even really being "spoiled"  I'm thinking this is one of those movies which is going to wait til I can watch it for $3 from the comfort of my living room, possibly while listening to the WAYDM fix-it show. 
Spoiler -

I realized the Khan twist early on, mostly because Abrams doth protest too much 

I'd like to help where I can, have limited photoshop experience and almost no audio experience but happy to help.


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Great episode, I finally had a long enough period of computer work to sit down and listen to the whole thing, absolutely amazing, looking forward to another along these lines at some point in the future.


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Awesome work everyone, I really hope you guys are able to expand on this at some point in the future.

Happy Christmas to you guys smile This was a great time while making breakfast.

I'm in for the 2D 24p version presuming the local theaters are actually gonna show it in 2D.  Mostly because 3D has a tendency to give me a killer headache and I want to watch the Hobbit and not have to walk out because of it.  Though I'm interested to hear what people have to say about 48p I'm wondering if it would resolve the headache issue.

Alright, the Two Spider-man movies as promised.
Spider-man     DIF 3:04 Movie 00:21
Spider-man 2  DIF 7:55 Movie 00:21

Thanks Teague for keeping the intros on these 2 short smile

I think that now exhausts the DIF movies I own on DVD that haven't been done already.

Alright in no particular order other than how I grabbed them off the rack

V for Vendetta    DIF 13:57      Movie 00:14
X-Men    DIF 12:30     Movie 00:25
Matrix     DIF 6:47         Movie 00:16
Matrix: Reloaded     DIF 5:27      Movie 00:17
Matrix: Revolutions     DIF 6:20        Movie 00:16
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl     DIF 9:03        Movie 00:14
Indiana Jones -
      Raiders of the Lost Ark    DIF 7:03     Movie ~00:11
      Temple of Doom   DIF 8:14     Movie ~00:09 (not real confident on that one)
      Last Crusade   DIF 7:50    Movie ~00:13
      Crystal Skull   DIF 7:36      Movie 00:09
Independence Day   DIF 6:45      Movie ~00:22

I have the first 2 Spidermans, but my DVD player revolted, so I'll get them if no one else does, but not tonight smile


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Lamer wrote:

Questions about what? You're short, that's normal.

As adults we realize its normal, but kids don't necessarily.  Adults as a rule are bigger than they are, in several cases I've had parents trying to control their squirming kid who's asking "why is she driving, why can't I drive", or "Why is she allowed to shop by herself?", and my favorite "why doesn't she have to hold her mom's hand?"

Lamer wrote:

Why did it bother you in the first place?

I think because its an extrapolation of dwarf, midget, troll, shrimp, etc. and was used as a pejorative like those.


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This may have been asked somewhere in the hoopla that was the last 11 pages, and I may have missed it but is there a e-mail list or something where we can find out when/if this is going to be playing at a film festival near us?  I'm sorry I missed this in Atlanta as that's probably the closest you'll get to me, but I would like to see it.


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redxavier wrote:

Anyhow, more on topic, how do people feel about George Lucas? I felt that Leia was a pretty good female character, and she's possibly one of the first actiony females in Western cinema (just pre-dating Ripley by a couple of years). She rather intelligent hides the plans in R2, talks back to Vader, insults Tarkin, and even treats her captors with exasperation and aids in her own rescue. But then Padme came long, who I think is possibly one of the worst female characters ever written - essentially a walking and talking baby-maker.

I brought up George Lucas and the portrayal of Leia earlier... I think that she is one of the stronger female characters in Science Fiction/Fantasy movies to date.  I wonder how much we might have Marcia Lucas to thank for that portrayal.  Padme is just horribly written on so many levels, I recently re-watched the prequels and was stunned again by just how horribly her character is written.

More broadly, I think it will be interesting to see where this discussion goes in 20 years, much intolerance is taught/learned, as is stated in a great, often eliminated, song from South Pacific (I won't get into that discussion here).   I think we're already seeing a country which in general is becoming more tolerant, but in many ways and as Eddie pointed out these things start at home.  People who move into/out of their home areas eventually realize things which are offensive and possibly change, however a large portion of America will continue living in the same rural area their entire life so that is where the portrayals in media can make a significant difference. 

I think another important thing is for parents to help their kids learn that some people are going to look different than them.  I'm short (4'8"), I encourage parents to let their kids, who by the 4th grade are normally taller than I am, ask me questions rather than trying to hide the fact their kid is pointing and staring, let the kid ask the question, its part of the learning process.  We also have to accept that not everyone is going to understand, or share opinions for various reasons.  I've realized recently that I don't mind being called "little" anymore, that many people don't mean anything negative by it, and I think that's something which applies to things like being called "sweetie" or "darling" when living in the south... its just the learned behavior not a negative necessarily.

I've rambled enough here, but I think a large part of the discussion we're having here is part of the learning process, and I think its great we can have a discussion like this here.


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Zarban wrote:

You know who's really good at writing for women? Women.

  I think this is why The Hunger Games works.  As Suzanne Collins was not only the original author but also a major part of the screenwriting process from what I can tell. 

  I hope we're going to see more female writers break into true science fiction, hopefully in part spurred by the availability of digital publishing which allows authors who aren't normally picked up by the big presses to get their work out on Kindle and Nook and the like.


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Tomorrow Never Dies is by far my favorite Bond followed closely by Goldfinger and Dr. No. 

Tomorrow Never Dies I enjoy because many of the reasons already listed.  Not to mention its one of the first times I ever looked at a Bond movie and said I wanted to grow up to be a Bond Girl... I wish Bond would go in this direction a little more. 

Goldfinger and Dr. No are favorites because they're classics, and ones I grew up watching with my Dad on weekends, so they have that childhood do no wrong factor going for them.