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All great suggestions guys.

A little more clarity on what I'm doing. I'm currently an executive producer with the horror audio YouTube channel Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. We produce high quality adaptations of horror stories (with author permission) and give them a cinematic sound.

We caught the attention of PodcastOne, one of the biggest podcasting networks around. They optioned a podcast version of what we're doing on YouTube, which will include a host who will introduce the stories, banter, interview guests etc.

My role will be as producer, as in post-producer. All the recording of the host will be handled by the host himself, who is a voiceover professional and runs his own home studio. He'll be sending me his completed audio every week and my job will be to edit the episode by placing his dialogue in front, in between and after stories. I'll also be handling some background music responsibilities and creating the website for the show.

So this isn't quite your typical podcast in the sense that it's all done in post, really. Nonetheless, I'm still curious about podcasting best practices and any tips I can glean, so I appreciate the feedback!


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Thanks Zarban! All very good points and ones I'll take into careful consideration.

I'll be creating the logo and the website that will compliment the podcast. The format will be heavily scripted and only feature the host, who will do an opener, in-between-story-dialogue, and the outro. We will eventually have interviews, so your points about who to include and not stepping over each other are great.

We will be leaving space for ads, since we'll be hosted on a podcast network that does advertising.

Appreciate the feedback smile


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Hey guys,

So I'm going to be acting as producer on an upcoming podcast in 2016. As you probably know, I do audio production work all the time. I've never done a podcast, however.

It's a storytelling podcast, akin to the NoSleep Podcast (if you're familiar) or Welcome to Night Vale. The show will largely be recorded piecemeal in separate locations and my job will be to edit it all together with a host providing the throughline for each episode.

Does anyone have any tips or gotchas or anything like that when it comes to releasing a podcast you think might be useful? I'm going to be responsible for making sure it's produced on time every week.



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Hey guys!

So the YouTube channel I work with, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, wrapped production on our old timey radio adaptation of "The War of the Worlds". I did the audio editing, sound mix, sound design and played the character Carl Philips.

Since it's October 30 (the same day as the original 1938 broadcast) here's a free copy of the production in MP3 format: http://bit.ly/1P2PXE0

You can also hear the production starting at 8:19:40 during our 10 HOUR classic horror megamix:

Enjoy and Happy Hallowe'en!


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Did the production, score, intro and thumbnail art for a short horror story featuring Daniel Radcliffe. That was pretty neat smile


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Teague wrote:

That was absolutely stunning.

The only thing that caught my attention as being something that could use more work was the horn blaring. If that's meant to be the bus horn, I feel like it should be dripped with some "distance" effects that diminish as the bus gets closer. Right now the FX on it seem pretty dry and immediate, which would indicate that it's close, but it's fairly quiet, which indicates that it's not close, and it kinda stands out. Maybe do some lowpass fuckwithery as the horn gets closer, hair of reverb toward the beginning, and it gets louder as it approaches?

Like I said, that is the only thing that I can imagine working on any more. This is really impressive.

I agree completely. Luckily it's not a finished mix quite yet. I actually did affect the horn with a low pass and I pan and increase the volume as it gets louder, but haven't yet gone deep enough to "peel back" the low pass. The final mix will have a wet/dry envelope that does just that. Good ear, Teague! And thanks smile


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https://soundcloud.com/auralstimulation … und-design

This is a sound design I made that will be featured in an upcoming audio production I'm working on.

A car accelerates through an intersection. An oncoming bus t-bones the car, which spins the car around, causing it to roll over several times until skidding to a stop across the pavement on its roof. The car settles and the driver suffers tinnitus.

16 layers (tracks)
34 individual sounds
3 hours of mixing, effects and mastering


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Oh you know I love the fuck outta this.

I'm not one for live performance due to a lack of hardwired performance talent and because I get way too cerebral about the whole thing instead of staying loose. So it's always inspiring to see you do your magic, Teague.

What's your DAW?


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No. Nope. Uh, uh. Not gonna say farewell and thanks for everything. That would imply there's a farewell.

Well, I'm not leaving.

You're gonna have to drag me outta here kicking and screaming. And I WILL BITE YOU!

I started my time here with a long love letter to the show and everyone on it, so I'm gonna keep this brief.

I will say that ending the show with Mike's "mischief fucking managed", followed with "Goodnight, goodnight." broke me. Teague, you magnificent bastard. It was so perfect I immediately started blubbering.

I have never been so consistently entertained by and found so much enjoyment in one thing but this podcast. You all are legends in my eyes (and ears, and.. goddammit.. heart) and you'll forever be friends in my head.

Let's keep this wunnerful forum going, share our creations and laugh about things. This fucking amazing community can be the legacy of Down In Front.


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I covered Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode


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Vampires, love and loss in the desert. I think this is some of my best work, personally.


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Covered "How Soon Is Now?" by The Smiths. Hopefully I didn't completely butcher it.

Teague, I wish nothing but awesomeness like this for you all the time everyday.


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Thanks Phi!


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I covered Gary Jules' cover of "Mad World" by Tears For Fears. Wait, is that confusing?


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Herc wrote:

It's also worth noting that the trailer makes it look really po-faced. The film itself made me laugh out loud quite a lot. This isn't one of those "people like it 'cause it's a bit better than the usual mediocrity", this is a film that is legit a good movie.
Also, I would recommend seeing it while it's still at the cinema, it's a fun one to watch with an audience.

Yeah, hearty chuckles from everyone. It made me so happy to have fun in a movie. Last time I did, it was Cabin in the Woods.


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Haven't seen Spider-Man 2 but I can tell just from the trailer I'd hate it.

Elysium I enjoyed from an art direction standpoint. It's a bit of a mess though.

Edge of Tomorrow hit me on all the right levels. It's an action-thriller, it has a lead that isn't a dark brooding badass, it has a strong female co-lead, the art direction and action scenes are well envisioned, it's exciting, it's well edited, it's got neat tech, interesting (if a bit archetypal) characters and it's clever.

Does it crib on some old tropes and derive ideas from other sci-fi stories? Yep. But it does so with purpose and with an eye on how those elements can work in service of this particular story, rather than going though some kind of checklist. And it pulls it off, in my opinion.

It's dramatic when it needs to be, action-packed when it needs to be, scary when it needs to be. And most of all, it's FUN. Remember FUN in movies? This is no dour film. Sure, it gets serious towards the third act, but not until it's had a shit ton of fun playing with its premise. I don't want to oversell it, but I can't remember the last time I smiled and laughed during an action film. A lot of that has to do with the screenplay, but Tom Cruise's performance really makes it come alive.


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Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Is it the most original movie ever? God, no. But I so don't fucking care.


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I really enjoyed Doomsday. I was expecting B-movie schlock and was pleasantly surprised as soon as I learned the director was Neil Marshall.

Marshall's so good at skirting the edge of B-movie exploitation, while at the same time managing to pull off some truly epic level shit. What's more impressive is he manages to do so while working with very tight budgets, generally speaking.

I don't think I've disliked any of his movies so far. There's a special place in my heart for Dog Soldiers.


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Because why the hell not.


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I think it was also a metaphor. For Tyrion and his place in the world, for people and their place in this society. The boy could represent King's Landing, the world of men, Westeros, the Gods and the beetles are the people that those things crush. You can try to reason with it, you can try to understand it, but in the end there is no answer. Only "gonk gonk gonk".


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Well everyone made that moment out to be the worst thing they'd ever seen. I had horrific images floating from my mind all day.

While I'm certainly not disappointed, I'm glad it wasn't what I had imagined. It's gruesome and gory, for sure, but I'm not suffering PTSD, so I'm happy.

But who cares about that? That Tyrion monologue was everything. Sansa's was great, too. But goddammit the beetle speech.


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Thanks guys. Still waiting on Tomahawk's resend and Eddie's brawler. I'll give you another few days, guys, onaccounta I like you and all.

Austin - Tomahawk [Please resend audio]
Feng - Teague [Have audio]
Charli - BDA [Have audio]
Gustav - drewjmore [Have audio]
Boy - Rob [Have audio]
Antoinette - Alicia Pavlis [Waiting on audio]
Amaya - Alicia Pavlis [Waiting on audio]
Jimmy - C-Spin [Have audio]
Caucasian brawler - Eddie [Waiting on audio]
Sailor - Rob [Have audio]
Xiao Pei - Aural Stimulation [Waiting on audio]

I'm gonna do Xiao Pei myself.


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Fun fact:

Silent Hill was filmed in the town of Brantford, Ontario. 20 mins from my house. Let's just say at the time they didn't have to do much artistically to make it look like a sad, depressed run down portal to hell.

Brantford's doing much better these days.