hello gang, your resident short fiction correspondent returns with a speculative fiction piece. not sure how many folks here are into interactive fiction but the games of the 2020 IF Comp are open for judging and this entry is one of my favourites so far.

"These are all the weekends that will have passed when you read this."

Passages by Jared W Cooper (13 min)

Thanks, Drew! This song always gets me emotional; I hope I have done it justice.

And it's worth it, it's divine
I have this some of the time...

A play would be a manageable length. What we pick would depend on who & how many of us are participating.

There is one public domain play I would love to do—Edmond Rostand's The Romancers (which became the basis for the musical The Fantasticks.

I just want to say—

self-awareness is hard.

self-reflection is vulnerable.

growth is good. is painful. is the point.

thank you for sharing this.

Obviously, I'm in.

As for what to read, I will keep pondering, but initial thoughts:

  • maybe one of the Oz sequels? could be fun

  • one of charles mee's plays? hotel cassiopeia is the first that comes to mind for me, and I think you could narrate the few stage directions. may be too poetic for y'alls taste, idk

  • Cory Doctorow has a bunch of stuff available under the CC Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license, so we could do Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom or another of his books


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damn. that's gorgeous. oof.

*puts on the shelf next to Dave Malloy's Octet.*

I recently rediscovered one of my favourite childhood books, and it's been a while since we had a fairytale so...

Salt - a Russian Folktale

150+ days of this. gosh. sometimes I long to be in some other time. but no, I am in my bedroom in the here and now...


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God, I'm a sucker for a supermoon. Gorgeous.

ooookay. this week has been a lot. had to sing through some feels.

please enjoy this four-song special (time stamps in the YT description, if you wanna skip around).

Regan wrote:

If you are not a singer by trade, you should be. You’d make a killing. Shut up and take my money.  Release the ‘Latin-Album’ already!

communications specialist by day, amateur singer/musical enthusiast by night. nice to know the LatinAlbum would sell at least one copy wink wanna produce it for me?

my human ear holes are diggin' that beat.

anyone remember that time sondheim wrote a tv musical, based on a john collier story, that starred norman bates and liesl von trapp and was basically an episode of the twilight zone? it's called evening primrose, and it's good. and this is my favourite song from it.

(I am neither metal nor festive; apologies.)

metal yet festive!

*applauds all the musical chaos and joy above me*

*deposits below earnestness*


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I'm catching up with this year's Pulitzer Prize winners & nominees, which led me to Alex Weiser's and all the days were purple. I am...enraptured. the album is contemporary classical and sets Yiddish and English poems to music. the first song "my joy" is aptly titled. give it 20 seconds.

hello I'm back, karaoke makes me feel better in bad times.

honestly didn't have the energy to belt. but whatever, still fun! anyway no one can come near ellen greene on this one.

Suddenly Seymour

today I learned that "Sucker" would be a good song for me to practice. it's in my range. it could sound good if I worked on it. (it sounds okay now, even!)

Sucker - Jonas Brothers

Also, I forgot to mention: Abbie, I greatly enjoyed your triptych of triptychs! I am already a fan of both Rilo Kiley and Anaïs Mitchell, so you'd hooked me from the first.

*heart eyes*

Absolutely beautiful.


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fiona apple listening party. 3pm ET.

Two things:

1) I love seeing poetry in this thread. Haven't finished listening to Four Quartets but thank you Abbie for reading "Instructions"—I love that poem. I'm not even mad you beat me to it.

2) Katelynne, you have an excellent reading voice, and also excellent taste in poems big_smile


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This is a very practical tool to have in my toolkit, and I thank you for it.


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Abbie wrote:

A great becoming. Community born from the ashes of life under capitalism, masquerading as romance born from the ashes of our former selves. As meticulously constructed as Primer, but abandoning that film's cold cerebralism for an elliptical sea of pure emotion and association. A masterpiece now more than ever, and definitive pandemic cinema.

Definitely time for me to give Upstream Color a rewatch, because my reaction at the time was visceral dislike and yet I'm inclined to think it's my kind of film. So. Hoping my present self is at a better place to receive this one.

another in the series of "songs I sing in my kitchen."

I've now seen all four versions of A Star is Born, but there's only one version I've watched four times. cue the judy garland cover:

Someone had to. Thanks for being the one!

What a heckin' banger!!