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I haven’t made an appearance in this thread yet so...
LatinAlice selfie

Also—Abbie, your outfit is heckin’ cute big_smile


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Finally got around to watching this one, and goddamn. Tense as all hell, masterfully put together, and sentimental in a way that greatly appeals to me. It makes my top five of 1989. ('89 was a good year. Two of my all-time faves were released that year.)

I feel like it would make a great double feature with Close Encounters.

*adds to the infinite lineup for the weekly film night I swear I'll host one day when I have a space that accommodates it*


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Regan wrote:

New series idea: Boter sings something

Yes, Boter, we want that. Join us!

Also, may I propose another series idea? We all create a unique melody for waaaaiiiitttiiinnnggggg. I think the possibilities are endless!


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10/10 presentation, Hanks.
Thanks, Abbie, I needed that laugh tonight lol

Glad to see you're recovering well, Regan!


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Interesting theory, Teague! I'd never thought about that regarding table-top games, but it would, weirdly, explain the relief I felt at losing/dying midway through games as a kid. I'm a ghost; I'm free! I don't have to play anymore!

Teague wrote:

The pain of death is proportional to what's lost.

As I've gotten older, I've become fascinated by game creation & interactive storytelling, and I like some games, but I largely feel the same way about them as I do about driving; I would be having more fun in the passenger's seat. I like to watch more than I like to play.

Incidentally, Writhyn, I'm enjoying following this thread and seeing how the game is developing!

I have never been a person who likes party games and would usually rather read in the corner. I get the worn-out feeling.
However, my gang discovered that What Do You Meme is fun if you make your own memes. We've all known each other since high school (or before) and pulled out the absolute worst pictures we could find. Awkward school dance pictures and homemade Shrek costumes and webcam photobooth snapshots. It's become a fun way of relieving memories together.


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Production logo mashups—fun! The Marvel/Pixar one is cute, but I admit there is something uncanny about Amazon/Netflix. That one makes me feel like I've fallen into the wrong timeline.


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These are all wonderful and have a delicious groove. I dig it.


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This is a wow. Nyango Star goes hard. And now I am in the hole with you.


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Looks like 2019 is going to be a busy year!


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Ahh just saw a clip of this in my documentary cinema class and was blown away. Immediately sought out the whole film. Glad you’re digging it up—folks who haven’t seen it are in for a treat.

Abbie wrote:

Oh hey, I'm back, about streaming this time because Filmstruck is being shut down by Warner.

Really sad to hear this. It isn't even available in Canada but I've been following the Filmstruck Twitter just to hear about old classics and try to look some of them up in my university library.

As for Teague's thing, I've just rushed to listen to it since I'm on my way out the door to go to work but a) excellent point made in a rambling sort of way, dude b) we're definitely seeing this in other industries, like videogames as Boter said and c) BDA's thing about algorithms:

BigDamnArtist wrote:

it's also getting people to interact in comments, motivating people enough to actually subscribe, getting people to hit the bell so they can be notified when a video goes live because maybe sometimes it's hard to know if youtube is actually sending out the notifications to subscription boxes, and mostly producing enough content at a fast enough rate that the algorithm doesn't forget about them but still producing high enough quality that they don't lose the audience.

I am all for the death of the blockbuster - I think they've certainly worn out their welcome - but the optimization problem also exists because of the YouTube and Netflix's algorithms and like...what do you do as an artist?

Thought: we say this about people not wanting to change laws for billionaires because someday they want to be a billionaire, but for creators, do people still cling to old systems because they want to write the blockbuster and make a billion dollars? Or are we all getting on board with the patron system?


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Cool, I made it onto the server tongue And thank you, I am very proud of my wall.

Feel free to shoot me an email, I'd be happy to chat about music stuff. And I do very occasionally throw something up on SoundCloud if anyone's interested.


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That is 1000% more of a reaction than I expected, oh wow.

I can't really explain how or why Sad Max means so much to me, except that it hit me at exactly the right moment in my life, and I continue to refer back to it when I write songs and half-formed musicals (which I do often). It's got the sad and the funny and yes, I do have the poster in my room, still.

I am overjoyed that you liked it so much. Feel free to throw it up on YouTube - it is my gift to you, to do with what you will.

Oh and thanks, Jim, for that immense compliment. I should be so lucky.


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Betcha didn't expect this thread to get a bump.

I've always had this slower version of "A Level Incomplete" kicking around in my head. (It started because I never really liked how Teague sang "waitiiinnng." Sorry, Teague.) And, well, I've had a Sad Max poster in my room for 4 years and I figured that at some point I should make that cover happen. So.

A Level Incomplete (LatinAlice style)

(I'm a professional, but not at this.)


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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I really liked Jodie and the episode.
I got burned out on Who shortly after the regeneration into Capaldi (not his fault, I like his Doctor fine) but thought I'd drop back in to see Thirteen. She immediately felt like the Doctor to me. The storyline wasn't Earth-shattering, but it was fun, and I think it sets the tone for a season that has a beating heart at the centre of it.

Also, I like the Doctor's outfit. So there's that.

P.S. this fanvid got me all excited and made me remember why I love Doctor Who.


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Ooh this is fun. We get the old episodes back and some lost files? I dig it.

Played clarinet for 2 years in elementary school. Yikes.
I mess around on the guitar very occasionally.
Mostly, I play piano. My godmother is a piano teacher, so I took lessons from age 6-11. Did three Royal Conservatory exams. I still play, mostly to learn film suites or compose songs.
I also sing. (Though I would definitely never share my songs on the internet or anything.)
If I ever get back to making YouTube videos or writing interactive fiction, I'd like to compose some original music for those projects...


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Ahhh I am relieved.
I am usually a mere lurker on here (and still listen to WADYM episodes fairly regularly - my commute is long, and familiar voices are nice) but it was scary to think it had all just up and vanished.
Sorry to those who lost quality forum posts in the great GoDaddy explosion of '18. My sympathies.

I think it's supposed to run through July 15th, so nearly done.

That link should come with a warning: "Don't click if you have other shit to do this morning because hahahahahahaha that ain't gettin done"

I'm caught up through Chapter 18 and I love this. I'm obsessed. Half of me is wondering why I spend so much time on instagram when there are things like this on the internet, things that are cool and weird and tell a story in a way that is so internet. And of course the other half of me is wondering why we do anything at all...

Anyway, thanks for this, Darth.
(And oh my goodness I'm Ten. And Game 27 is trash. But all my friends are like Juice and that's why I love them.)


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The North Pole is obviously the top. It is the vantage point from which Santa looks down and judges us all. tongue

We pretty much consider the northernmost part of Canada - the bit within the Arctic Circle - the top. Go far enough north and then it's just a quick jaunt across the Bay to Greenland. It'd be a hop, skip, and a jump to Russia on the other side, too, if it weren't for that pesky Alaska.


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All I did was watch it and I'm going to hell.

Well done. And to everyone in America, vote well and good luck. (If you have any questions about moving to Canada, I'll do my best to help. But there's no room in my house. Sorry.)