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I've seen the first season of Broadchurch and loved it. There was only one season at the time.

I remember Jodie Whittaker (the 13th Doctor) in the show, but she was a distressed mother. Was hard to see the Doctor qualities in that kind of character but does not mean that she does not possess them.


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Finished room. Since then I've put a monitor in there. Then this week I'll be populating it with my stupid figurines and a couple of my better movie posters. I also need to get some sound treatment padding because it is echoey as crap in there.


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Cool, but I'd kill for a raccoon sidekick to keep me company while I work.

So, cost is pretty good. I got the shed as you see it in the first couple of pics for $2900. That includes delivery and installation. The electrical, drywall, painting, insulation, etc, all depends on how much you can do yourself. In my case I know a guy who graciously did the electrical for me, so all things considered I paid an extra $2k to get it renovated but it would have been considerably more expensive had I used contractors for everything.

But if you have resources to do it all yourself you can do it dirt cheap.

Hey guys. So like, I live in Oregon. Most of you live in SoCal so you know about expensive west coast living. Well, I'm on one income and support a family, but I managed to buy a modest house that's a thousand square feet, two bed, one bath. It's a great little house for the family. Only problem is that there's no place for me to have an office for my freelancing. So I decided to make one. We have a big yard/driveway, so there's a great space toward the front. Tuff Shed was running a deal so I bought an 8x10 lean-to, got an electrical permit and dug a trench from my house to the shed. My buddy did the electrical (that's what he does) and we've been putting in insulation, drywall, painting, and this week we're doing the flooring and finishing it up.

The shed in all its glory, the day it was delivered/built in my driveway. At this point it's not painted (adding paint was an extra cost).

This is a pano of the shed from inside when it was delivered.

The trench I dug from my main breaker box on the side of my house to the shed. It took forever. 70 feet in all, had to be 20 inches deep to pass inspection. If I never dig another trench as long as I live, I'd die happy.

My buddy setting up power from the main breaker.

I used a spade drill bit to make holds through the studs and run wiring to each outlet.

Where the light switch will be.

Wiring up the box on the shed side.

Sheetrock's half in, here.

From the outside, now there's an external outlet and a light socket where we'll hang an outside light.

Drywall is all hung! My son rockin' it inside. Still need to tape off the drywall and paint, then do the flooring. The gap in the drywall over the boxes is where the heating/cooling unit will go.

The exterior, which I managed to put some gray paint on during memorial day. I still need to paint the trim.

Newly gray wall and finished breaker box from my front yard.

Anyways, not quite done yet. This week we'll be laying the floors, finishing up the painting, installing the AC unit, outlets and light fixtures. Then I'll be putting my desk and chair in there, as well as all my figurines and I'll finally have a place to run my freelance business out of. Not that sitting at my kitchen table on a macbook to do all my creative work isn't a bucket of laughs.

Will post pics of the finished office.


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Say hello to Baby Driver.


Interesting! And thanks for the kind words.

I do have other vfx shots (more than just screen replacements) but was trying to keep all vfx somewhat related to mograph (which is my calling card). I may try putting them in and see how they fair.

Great feedback guys, all being taken into consideration.

Great feedback! Thanks!

EDIT: I'm sad to say because I like the energy in that song but I think I whole-heartedly agree. Not that I didn't before, but the more I listen back the more I hear what you're saying. I think the music is dominating the reel too much. Also because it's a well-known song, so the reel sort of becomes a music video. I've started searching for stock music that is a bit more out-of-the-way. Still upbeat, but no vocals and doesn't take over the edit. Sometimes, after staring at an edit 5,000 times, it can be hard to make objective decisions and I need outside feedback to give me a nudge.

Thanks again for your feedback, that's exactly the kind that I'm looking for. Better to hear that kind of stuff now than for an agency art director to think it, shut it off and never call me back. Also, I've been cautioned against using copyrighted music for my reel, so I've always been on the fence about using one.

Hi all,

I'm attempting to re enter the job market. I've created a new demo reel that's intended to reach creative agencies in the marketing circuit.

I really want to make sure it's as good as it can be from an editing standpoint. If you have a bit, go to www.evansprague.com and watch it on the front page. Give me your likes and dislikes. What do you like about it? Why? What do you think needs work? Why? Feel free to shred the content, but the content is what I've got.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi all,

I have this tendency to create characters or story ideas that I have no intention of doing anything with, but like to work on them just for fun.

I really like Pepperjack cheese. It's my favorite of all the cheeses in all the land. So in my head I created this character named Pepperjack.

Her name is Jacklyn Peppermire. She's a professional assassin known as Pepperjack. That would also be the name of the movie/graphic novel if one ever existed. If it were a movie it would have punk rock undertones, probably be hard R rating, and would be an action comedy.

"So wait... just Deadpool with a girl?"

A little bit. But not that off the wall. I think she'd have a similar "devil may care" attitude, but her personality would be more reigned in. She's a pro, she's not on a revenge kick, so she's more selective about who she kills and why she kills them.

Thing is, I also like collaborating. Again, not making a movie. This is just for fun. It likely won't ever leave this forum.

But if you want to pitch in and come up with cool movie synopses, that's what this thread is meant for.

Action/Comedy - Pepperjack is sent to a small town just north of the Mexican border. When she finds out her target is actually an entire family, her employer sends another guy to sort the issue out. The man tries to kill the family (including the kids) himself, she kills the guy and ends up  bringing the whole crime organization down on that town. At first she decides to put the town in her rearview mirror, but changes her mind and chooses to stay and fight.

That's just spitballing. Come up with your own synopsis for Pepperjack. Doesn't have to be comedy if you think something else would be better. Her backstory can be whatever. She doesn't have to be anything like Deadpool. She could be warm and happy and sincere. She could be on a revenge kick too if you wanted. Up to you. Whatever you want.

aaaaaaand go. If you want. Or whatever.


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MartyJ wrote:

Logan is very unusual for an X-Men movie, maybe even more so than Deadpool. It manages to weave elements of a western, a road movie and a character drama quite skillfully (to use a cliché, it transcends the comic book movie genre). Some even call it Marvel's Dark Knight.

Easily the most mature film of the series, a huge improvement over the fairly formulaic X-Men: Apocalypse. Definitely worth seeing.

I agree. Saw it opening weekend, absolutely loved it. Great way for Jackman and Stewart to say farewell to their respective roles. I wouldn't say all comic book movies should share this tone or be this intense. I think I like having the fun Marvel movies we're used to. But movies like this certainly are a wonderful break from the monotony of action-driven blockbusters. It's icing on a cake.

I really think Logan could be compared to a game called the Last of Us. This movie technically doesn't take place in a post-apocalyptic world (well, ok, in a way it does HUEHUEHUE), but it does for mutants. It's a story of a small handful of mutants just trying to hang on to their lives and humanity by a thread.

I highly recommend to anyone who was on the fence. While, on the whole, I don't think the X-Men movies are as good as the MCU films, I give them credit for taking more risks, whereas MCU movies tend to stick with a formula.


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It was certainly a trailer for a movie. That's a fact.

What I know about this movie from the trailer:

1.) It'll be a movie
2.) It'll likely be longer than the trailer
3.) It'll probably be 24fps
4.) It'll star J.K. Simmons
5.) Cyborg has AT LEAST one line of dialogue
6.) Warner Brothers successfully hired an editor capable of matching gunfire in the movie up with music.


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Teague wrote:

I, for one, remember Dan Sturm.

*sits back down like Atticus Finch*


Ok, forget everything I've said up until now. You want to know me? Watch this video I made out of boredom last year.



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I worked at Intel with a dude who listened to it religiously and I think knows a couple of the guys, but I don't know (his name was Dan Sturm if anyone is familier). Now he works in VFX somewhere. I don't really keep tabs.

I didn't really become an avid listener until close to when they were done. Mainly because I didn't really ever have a chance to sit and listen to podcasts. So I'd listen every now and again but not all the time. Now I've got a long drive to work, so I listen then (just to put into perspective why the hell it took me seven years to get on the forums).

@Saniss - It's ok. Even the lead singer of the Proclaimers only walked 1000 miles. And that was for love.

My contribution (it's a doozy):

Ok, I think Christopher Reeve is an awesome Superman (that's not the controversial opinion). But here's the thing: I don't care for the Donner Superman movies. Like, any of them. Old guys, don't tell me I just don't understand because I wasn't alive yet (well, for the first one). Overall, they're fairly goofy movies. Margo Kidder is insane. Gene Hackman plays a goofy, dopey, comic-relief Lex Luthor. Lex is a character who, in the comics, is one of the smartest and most calculating people on the planet. He's also all kinds of evil, and he's more than just a mustache twirling Snidely Whiplash wannabe. Do I think Superman is fine? Sure. Do I respect it as a benchmark of its time? Of course. Same with Superman II. I think the groundwork is there. That's not what bothers me about these movies. What bothers me is that, whenever a new Superman movie comes out, everyone loses their damn minds if it's not like the Christopher Reeve films.

Let's get one thing straight. Superman (as a character) is much, much older than the Richard Donner films, and the majority of his adventures have been on a comic book page, not on screen. The Donner movies are not the be-all end-all baseline of how a Superman movie absolutely HAS to be.

Does that mean I think Man of Steel was good? No. Man of Steel was pretty much shit. At best it was mediocre. But that was for its own reasons. Not because it wasn't like Reeve's Superman. In fact, if anything, the fact that it tried to borrow Superman II's plotline worked against it.

Bryan Singer's Superman Returns suffers from an even worse problem, which is that it couldn't decide if it was a reboot, remake, or a sequel. Chronologically it took place after the events of the last Reeve film. But the crisis point and several dialogue lines were stolen from the first Donner film.

It's like filmmakers keep forgetting that Superman was (and is) a comic book character first and a movie character second.

To quote Forest Gump, "That's all I got to say about that right now."

Please.... be gentle.

I have not seen this one, so ultimately I cannot comment on it in the grand scheme. I have, however, seen the original numerous times and absolutely love it. It was one of my favorite disney movies growing up, and still continues to be. My wife recently saw the new one and thought it was fine, but didn't love it.

I can say I agree that musicals in general are no different from any story. Whatever is happening on screen has to be for some sort of reason. If they're singing a song, why are they singing a song now instead of earlier? Typical musical format would say you put the important character-building or plot-furthering points in musical numbers. The music are the dots, the non-music is connecting the dots. I think that works.

My issue with this movie (and again, I have no seen it so I cannot say for sure) is the same issue that I have with the Broadway version: Not all the songs are from the original. That part is fine. But it's clear which are Menken and which were tacked on to make it different/longer.

Other feedback I've heard about the movie: Emma Watson is fine, but her singing voice isn't up to par with the rest of the cast and sticks out (especially next to Dan Stevens).

Regan wrote:

Oh lord

Yeah, probably a bit of a long-winded outlandish post over a movie that isn't really trying to being something that deserves that kind of outcry. I'm...passionate? About random stuff.

ShadowDuelist wrote:

While I absolutely agree with all those points (hell, I couldn't even remember the villains name when talking about it immediately after exiting the theater), I enjoyed the fuck out of that movie. Because the movie isn't taking it's self too seriously I'm more willing to let those things slide. It's kinda like watching a Jackie Chan flick. I don't know why he's in a pot and ladder factory, but it's fun watching it. Scenes like where they're fighting through reversing time or where they're trying to deal with the mirror dimensions bullshit have a similar vibe to me.

I think that was the thing for me and I agree with you that a lot of Hong Kong films don't work story-wise, but their exciting choreography makes it a non-issue. And maybe it lost something not being viewed on the full screen. I think a defining aspect of Marvel movies is more the experience and less the integrity of the story. Pretty much all the others I got to see in the theater at one point or another. In fact, I don't think there was a single MCU film until this one that I had to miss. So the lack of that theatrical experience could be largely what marred the film for me.

In the end I'll digress. I'm definitely in the minority on how I feel about this film. I guess in the end, the larger, more broad point I was trying to make is that I'm starting to get bored of the MCU films. I think their tendency to follow a formula had a lot of strengths in the beginning, but after 2018 I think they'll be up to almost 20 films.

I apologize if someone's already done a broad Doctor Strange post. I'm sure they have. Mods, delete this if you feel it's redundant or cluttering the boards.

I don't need to make this post super long other than to say "what the fuck, Rotten Tomatoes?".

I didn't get to see Doctor Strange in the theaters. Something something, toddlers. I impulse bought Doctor Strange on bluray because the reviews were stellar. Honestly, I didn't think it was a whole lot better than Thor.

Some key criticisms (spoilers):
- Completely forgettable villain (as per usual with MCU films). Marvel has 13 or 14 films tucked under its belt and has yet to produce an epically memorable 3-dimensional villain. And I gotta say, they certainly don't start here. I'm glad Le Chiffre was able to take a break from trying to beat James Bond in a poker game to put some charcoal on his eyes and glare menacingly at Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton for two hours. He was so forgettable, I don't even remember the character's name. Cialis? Let's just say Cialis.

- To write Stephen Strange, they carefully extracted Tony Stark's character arc, surgically removed all that pesky charisma and character-building backstory, took away the iron suit and replaced it with a cape and tunic. This movie spends very little time really getting to know Strange and why he is the way he is.

- Mordo. I like the actor. And let me preface by saying I know nothing about the Doctor Strange comic books. But in this film, Mordo's inevitable turn to evil is toooooootally not earned. Not only that, but he's 100% right. His concerns about how we can't break the rules whenever we damnwell please because there will be consequences is not unfounded. And he's pretty calm and peaceful about that stance. He warns them sternly, but civilly, about this practice. In the end, nobody fucking cares and it never becomes an issue. Ever. Stephen wins the day by doing exactly what he shouldn't do and it never comes back to bite him. That being said, for Mordo to leave and have a falling out over this is completely understandable. For him to go evil and start attacking other sorcerers is not believable. There's no tipping point or direct connection. I'd have liked to see the stakes raised, and for him to lose someone he loved, either directly, or maybe even just as a result of Strange having to mess with time. But in reality, he was telling Strange not to play with matches. Strange played with matches, successfully lit nothing on fire with them, which prompted Mordo to embark on a quest to destroy everyone who has a pack of matches in their house.

- Finally, the score, man. I know, it's freaking MICHAEL GIACCHINO, he's the modern John Williams, right? Well really he is. His music is generally great. And I suppose if the main theme of Doctor Strange wasn't basically a copy of the main theme from the Abrams Star Trek it might be awesome. To Giacchino's credit, this very well may not have been his fault. This may have been Scott Derekson putting Star Trek's theme in the edit as placeholder music and ordering Giacchino to copy his own work. If that's the case, then Derekson's the asshole I guess.

Ok so, bottom line, it's an MCU film. Those are known for being fun, but not amazing movies with the exception of a couple. To the film's credit, it had beautiful visuals. Really that's about it.

So why am I getting so riled about this movie?

Because shit man, that bluray was like, 20 bucks.


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Hi all! I just joined. Where do I start? Well, my action movie is Die Hard, my favorite rom com is That Thing You Do, my favorite Pixar film is a tie between Inside Out, Incredibles, and Monsters Inc. My favorite film of ALL TIME though is probably Raiders of the Lost Ark. Favorite TV shows: Doctor Who, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Daredevil, Stargate SG1, Firefly. Also really big into Harry Potter, but I don't say "favorite movies" because, movie-wise, they're not (though I do enjoy them). I don't say "favorite books" because, to book readers, I might as well say my favorite books are Twilight. So, it's one of my favorite STORIES. How's that?

Ok, so those are my favorites. There are many. I'll spare you the rest.

About  me: My name is Evan, I was born and raised in NH, went to college in Arizona where I met my wife, bought a house, bought a dog, established my now 11 year career as a motion designer/storyboard artist and then, oh, hey, I don't know, became a dad too. Lived in Arizona for a number of years when my job said "move to Oregon or move on to another company". Having no other company, I moved to Oregon. So I'm now living in a small town in the Portland area called Newberg. I own a freelancing LLC where I do storyboarding, editing, motion design, and comp for marketing. But my day job is to work in prototyping at Intel where I develop Unity applications for VR and demo purposes. I get to conceptualize and build the scenes, and I've even learned to code in C# a bit. But ultimately I'm a designer in a team of engineers.

I can be a bit socially awkward (rule number one of being socially awkward: Talk about your social awkwardness), but I'm a nice guy and my wife and I are always looking for new friends who share our love of all things nerd and film-related (No, I mean, like, we've GOT FRIENDS, we just like having MORE friends). So if you're in the Portland area and staying inside to deal with the rain, but don't have anyone to hang out with, PM me. You can totally come hang out. Just don't be a crack addict or a murderer.