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Teague - Avoiding social media is good. After Effects and I have a complicated relationship. It's like, I love you baby, but why can't you just keep your clothes picked up and stop leaving plates of half eaten food in the living room? It's like that, but with After Effects.

Boter - Good on your taking a risk! I too, would like to venture into full freelance. I have a good job right now, but doesn't challenge me. Hardest thing is hooking clients. But I do have a few that come to me pretty regularly, just not enough to be able to quit the ol' day job.

Drewjmore - I was hoping when you said "under a train" you meant you were hanging onto the bottom of one like a crazy hobo trying to catch a free ride to the next town. But your thing is cooler! And less sketchy. If it's any consolation, I too hail from cold, damp places and I moved to the southwest by myself in 2005. Hated it at first, now I don't see myself living anywhere else. But it took almost 10 years to get there. Ha.

Tomahawk - Dude, being in a band is awesome. I used to be one. It was awesome. Did I mention it was awesome? Glad life is going well, keep at it! And I hope that dealio with the lady friend is working out.


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Thank you, sirs!

So I ran through a quick Pluralsight tutorial on doing these types of concepts and the guy running the session could fart out paintings 10x better in about 20 minutes. These took me a few hours each. *Commences artistic self loathing*


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So one of my "things" is illustration. I mostly do cartoony, comic book style illustrations, but for a gig I have I needed to design characters for a science fiction themed escape room game, where the teams are different alien races. They wanted them in that more painterly concept art look, which I'd never done. So this is my first attempt at that. These are going to evolve/improve over time. Go me? Maybe?


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Hey guys,

I work a million hours now. I'm an artist/director at Intel (I know, weird right? But yes) plus I run a side business to earn some extra cash because I'm a husband and father and I'm the only breadwinner. That being said, my schedule is kind of nuts, so you don't see me on here as often as a result. Also my wife and I are selling our house in Oregon and preparing to relocate back to Arizona in a couple of months.

Usually the chat seems to be an ongoing "what's up" thread, but since I can't always follow the chat...

How's it going? What are y'all up to these days?


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I was bummed out that Logan didn't win for Best Adapted Screenplay. But I hadn't seen the other noms, so I'm sure the one that took home the Oscar (I think it was Call Me by my Name or whatever) won.

Beyond that, I didn't actually watch, or pay much attention to the Oscars. Not out of some defiant stand, I just don't have TV and there wasn't a convenient way to catch them otherwise. In the past I've watched movies that won Best Picture or were nominated because I figured "hey these must be good" and they turned out to be decent but not great. Take "Lincoln", for example.


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Hi all,

I've been largely absent lately, which is how I start most of my convos on here now. But that's mainly because I've been working insane hours. I took a trip to the redwoods this weekend and took my Canon 6D. I mostly took pictures but got a video, then had to add the audio from the opening scene of Spaceballs.




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Hard to say where CoCo ranks in my master list. Only because it's so new and hard to compare something new and fresh with movies I've seen a bajillion times.

I can say it ranks above all the Cars films, Wall-E, Good Dinosaur, Brave, and Monsters University for sure. Probably above the first Toy Story film too. After that you're in Finding Nemo/Dory territory and those films are very near and dear to my heart.


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My top five Pixar films is actually six. Incredibles and Monsters, Inc are in constant battle for the number one slot and I think I've decided I love them both equally for different reasons. Otherwise, Inside Out is my 2nd favorite. And it's an extremely close 2nd. Like "Olympic sprinter" close.


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CoCo was a beautiful movie and if you didn't cry like a bitch you have a no soul.


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I'm late to this conversation, and I don't have the time to go through everybody's responses. But I did notice, Teague, that you were talking about how you've put off learning to use NUKE. I'm kind of in the same boat. NUKE and I are that couple that's never an item, just hooks up when I'm in town and then doesn't talk until the next time.

I've "known how to use NUKE" for years. Since v05 I think. Or early 6. I took me a long time to get used to the node-based workflow, but once I did it clicked. The problem with NUKE is that, while it's more efficient for larger projects, it's also more complicated and needs to be diligently managed. There's a lot of knobs and levers, and since you're, quite literally, building a python script, everything is manual. And with so much going on in even a simple comp, I find that it only takes one node to be piped in a bit wrong for everything to go kaput, then you spend an hour or more just trying to figure out why your comp is broken.

There's a simple remedy for this issue. It's called "Use it all the damn time". But I never really have a justification to use NUKE all the damn time. So I'll pull it off the shelf for a project and dust it off every now and again, then curse wildly as I'm trying to remember where the premult is supposed to go in the pipeline. I'll get my project done, put it back on the shelf, and wonder why I didn't just use AE.

I'll admit that, once you learn the NUKE interface, things that you once needed to find a clever workaround for in AE due to its limited features now became very straightforward and easy. The NukeX cameratracker is great. Even their 2D tracker leaves AE's in the dust.

I never mastered chromakey in Nuke because there's about 50 different ways to do it, but I've gotten better results faster using the IBK keyer.

Bottom line, I have a lot of friends who struggled with NUKE, then got jobs at Encore VFX or someplace similar where they were forced to use it all day every day and became experts inside of a month.

Btw, despite being an excellent film, BR2049 was a massive financial failure, so we will likely not be seeing any more.

Also, BR2049 could totally be the SN of a replicant.

The Tears will Rain.

The Replicants Will Rise.

I'm 31 too! High five! Or whatever.

Yeah, I always kind of just feel like Harrison Ford just plays Harrison Ford. Not in a bad way. I love good ol' Uncle Harry. But you see him try to take on a role that's outside the gamut of his normal routine and it's a bit painful (See "42", the Jackie Robinson biopic from a few years ago).

I do feel like the original Deckard was quieter. Definitely not the same. Not as goofy. Old Deckard didn't directly crack jokes, but there was a sliver of TFA goofiness to his character. Almost actions that demanded a half-laugh and a smirk. Not even a half laugh. Just a nod and an expulsion of air from the nostrils.

Here's one that might get me into some trouble since I'm a creative, posting on a board of creatives and work in an industry of creatives.

I'm sick of a lack of genuineness in the creative industry. As in, everyone I know who works in the city and works at a creative agency has to wear the same designer clothing/shoes/sunglasses/hats. They all look like they stepped out of an instagram picture about millennials. You can't tell me that's not reactionary. Or maybe it's not. I don't know. It doesn't feel genuine, anyways. It feels like they got out into the world and realized "nobody will see me as a creative if I don't dress the part". So it's a bunch of people not being themselves trying to impress a bunch of OTHER people who ALSO aren't being themselves. Meanwhile good work is good work and shit work is shit work and good design sense and composition doesn't give a shit if your sunglasses are from the Kanye West line or if you got them off the clearance rack at Walmart.

Alright, I'm going to get into trouble for this one.

Superhero movies. Like, all of them. Except Logan.

Yeah I realized Scott didn't direct after I wrote this. My buddy had told me he did. He was Ex Pro though, so I would think he had a lot of influence on how the movie played out.

I just saw it. Fuck, man. What a rush. Seeing good storytelling like that is like snorting a line of cocaine. Or several. Or whatever.

Blade Runner 2049 is a testament to Ridley Scott's ability to use light and composition to tell a story. The long, slow-burn of the pacing felt just like the original. Almost every frame could have been printed out and hung in a photography exhibit. Just beautiful work.

And while all that was super great, that's not what I loved about this movie. As far as visuals go, I really think that's the easy part. They've used the original as a template, and while this one was still brilliantly shot, it's imitative by nature.

To me, the performances were what won the day. I think anyone would have been able to just shoot visually "Blade Runner-esque" picture, throw in some Vangelis and call it a day. It was the subtle emotions of the characters, especially Ryan Gosling's K, that made this stand out as great.


To be specific, I spent a large chunk of the movie going "please don't let him be Deckard's son. Please don't let him be Deckard's son". And he wasn't, and I was glad. What really got me was how K went from discovering he may have a family to having it all torn away from him. Instead that pain and sense of loss destroying him, he used it to give his life to get Deckard back to his daghter. And really, that's what the movie turned out to boil down to. In the end, we don't really know much about K. All we know is that he found his humanity and gave up everything to do the decent thing.

I was at the edge of my seat for pretty much the whole thing. My hat is off the Ridley. He's still got it.

Now he needs to put that much effort into making a decent Alien sequel.


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Thank you, sir! I too, am terrified of swimming in the deep. I'm fascinated by marine biology, to the point where I wanted to major in it at one point. I aspire to own a huge reef tank one day. I love going out on boats. But when asked why I haven't gotten my SCUBA cert yet? Because fuck that, that's why.


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Thanks for the kind words, guys.

@Tomahawk - How dare you give me honest feedback on a discipline I aspire to be better at yet possess limited knowledge and experience in.

No but seriously, I'm not sure how I missed the stitch points because you're right, they are very obvious. Might be because I'm working on a laptop or MAYBE I'M JUST A TERRIBLE ARTIST AND WORTHLESS HUMAN BEING AND SHOULD JUST QUIT OH GOD. No idea. But good catch. I'll probably just take the image off altogether. There's not a lot of compositional value in it I don't think, stitch-points aside.

@Teague - Thanks much! I shoot on a Canon 6D, primarily with an EF 24-105mm f4 lens. I also occasionally use a DJI Osmo Pro, but not all the time. But there are a couple of shots in there that I used the Osmo for. I took the fish shot at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, so fortunately I didn't actually have to dive under the ocean to get that picture (though I think that would be freakin' sweet). I was able to stand in a glass tunnel.

Also, as far as getting the composition on that shot it was 1/4 design sense, 1/4 patience, 1/2 just snapping shots left and right until I had a decent one.


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Hi all,

I like taking pictures and my name is Evan. So I created a new website called evantakespictures.com.

I posted some of my photography a little while back, but that was on my main website and I was finding that it wasn't a great fit, so I split it off. The work is ok, but it's a place to put images as I learn and grow.

Check it out. Or don't. But please do.



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I've seen the first season of Broadchurch and loved it. There was only one season at the time.

I remember Jodie Whittaker (the 13th Doctor) in the show, but she was a distressed mother. Was hard to see the Doctor qualities in that kind of character but does not mean that she does not possess them.


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Finished room. Since then I've put a monitor in there. Then this week I'll be populating it with my stupid figurines and a couple of my better movie posters. I also need to get some sound treatment padding because it is echoey as crap in there.