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Thinking on it overnight, I'm wondering if I might be getting thrown sideways because it's the defender pulling the cards, so attacking feels like a very passive action. There's no strategy or intention behind the attack, it's just pull the trigger and hope, and then the defender gets to ultimately decide what happens.

You mentioned having special damage effects on some of the cards as an extra "bonus" bit of damage, but I wonder if that might be better served by pulling it out into a separate mechanic that the attacker is in control of. Just thinking as I type, so this may or may not work... but something along the lines of, each player is dealt two special effect cards that they can play with an attack, so say...

I move to attack Boter's ship, I have 2 guns, and I really want to blow out his propulsion system so he's a sitting duck. I play my special ability card at the beginning of the attack that says if Boter pulls a propulsion system damage card it auto crits. And just extend that to whatever other effects you can think of: If the defender takes  damage to it's weapon systems from the attack, one gun is out of commission for a round. Player then draws back up to 2 cards, and can burn resources to scrap their current hand and redraw.

At that point, it's still effectively up to whatever the defender pulls, but as the attacker I can control a small amount of the strategy of the fight with what I'm (effectively) targeting that could have larger repercussions down the line, ie. I manage to crit Boter's propulsion, he's a sitting duck for a round, allowing me to move a second ship into firing range, but then Boter manages to get a shot into my weapons systems meaning I don't have the firepower to blow him out of the sky while he repairs his engines.


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Just from a player playing to have fun standpoint (I'll leave the numbers to Shadow, cause that's just better for everyone in involved)... I don't really see how this works as much more than a random chance battle sim.

The only actual active input the player seems to have is how many guns to build (And why wouldn't you build as many as possible? It /only/ increases your chances of scoring a crit), the rest is just up to the fates of whatever you pull from the deck.

If this is going to be the primary fighting method, it would be nice to have some amount of strategy or interactivity at play. Maybe the players have a deck of cards they can use to attack or defend with, that take ship resources to activate, or there are drawbacks to having to many guns for your ship size, or something like that.

I get the feeling right now that I'd play one round of this, get slaughtered and feel like shit because I was just entirely at the mercy of the RNG gods.

But that said, this is literally the only thing I have heard or know about your game, for I know right now this could be an insignificant little side mechanic of the game. So TIFWIW.

EDIT: To clarify. I don't see how this system executes the in-universe idea of "I am an intelligent ship captain trying to be better than another intelligent ship captain that I am currently fighting."


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MartyJ wrote:

Narnia is a world where Santa Claus gives deadly weapons to children.

Philip Seymour Hoffman wrote:

Excuse me, what the fuck?

Except Santa Claus is also /literally/ god.


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Narnia... is... odd.

Reading it as an adult you don't have the luxury of childlike wonder and ignorance glossing over the incredibly heavy handed christian metaphors and themeing that goes into EVERYTHING in those books. Which in and of itself isn't the worst thing in the world, but as the series goes on it just becomes increasingly more and more like a weird trip until you hit The Last Battle where you just spend the entire thing going "What the /actual/ fuck am I reading right now?".

They're probably worth one read through as an adult, but there's a reason they only ever tried to adapt 3 of them to film, cause, hooboy.


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Mongolian metal. Fk yeah.


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Abbie wrote:

@BDA, if you dig that you might like this track by Emilie Autumn; not necessarily a fan of hers in general but this particular song is black-comic period perfection.

It's funny, I got SUPER into Emilie Autumn for like a week after the first time I watched Devil's Carnival (So, like, 2013 maybe?), and then just stopped, it had ran it's course and I don't think I've actually listened to any of her stuff since.

But indeed, this one is pretty fantastic.


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BDA putting the Dubious in 'Dubious musical taste'...

(language warning nsfw)

Someone sent me this guy a few days ago, and his entire album is equally delightful.

https://open.spotify.com/album/0sPURcvc … Z-NRmnS_Og


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Moving into the home stretch now.


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My favorite bit is when one of the guys goes "Just look how small he is!" "Yeah he's just a little guy."

*BDA looks at the moose.... looks at the guy.... looks at the Moose again*



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Speaking of the most Canadian thing you've ever seen...


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See, I wouldn't even know that as a reference to anything, I recognize it because one of the streamers I watch mindlessly started riffing a "Dust in the wind" parody as a "Turd in the wind" as he was killing grunts in Halo.

Modern life is weird y'all.


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Owen_Ward wrote:

Yup. I too have been underestimating our moose overlords...

Moose are one of the few animals I've ever been in the presence of that legitimately feel prehistoric; in that everything back then was just a little bit too big and a little too strong and was just that much deadlier than their descendants. Moose are just pure muscle and fuck-you-up-itude.

I love them so much.

From a very very safe distance.


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Boter wrote:

I have, I believe, never seen a moose in person.


Well, I am 6' 4", and I have to look up to look a moose in the eyes... so you know, adjust accordingly and you'll have an idea.


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Oh yeah, the video was just so this technically qualified to post in the Cool Videos thread since I couldn't be bothered to find the photos thread tongue

The snow plow one is my go-to for anyone that's like "A moose is just like a big deer right? Big woop."

But watching a Moose just run through a couple feet of water like it's nothing is also a new solid contender.


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I just love watching Moose being unstoppable forces of pure muscle.

EDIT: Apparently neither [ img ] or [ video ] works with mp4 gifs... soooo link... https://i.imgur.com/KBc4l7A.mp4


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TIL Jimmy is basically the man in Panama Hat.



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Frankly I'm just fascinated why Firefly S2 wound up in the BBC archives.

Owen_Ward wrote:


The UK leaves the EU with no deal. This opens the doors to better relations with Canada, enabling free movement between the two nations. To take advantage of this, BDA brings over all the British forumers and sets them to work as roto monkeys. BDA finally completes Innervate.

Honestly, this is probably way too accurate.


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I doubt it, they've got a lot of early concept stuff in here that's like ISS 2.0 in style, and then slowly they added in more and more of the skyscraper look. So I reckon it's probably just a side effect of them wanting to keep the skyscraper feel, but also incorporate the random module's sprouting off the sides ala the ISS, but then also keep it symmetrical. (Also, in universe Talos I started as an ISS-esque station that was then built on and added to by it's various owners over time).

But yeah, now that you mention it, there is a distinct Serenity-ness to the silhouette. Missing the engines tho.

Pretty much par for the course for Serenity then.


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Teague wrote:

I'm unfamiliar with Prey...

Prey is like... 98% of the best game I've ever played, and 2% an incredibly disappointing ending.

It's basically haunted house on a space station, but that haunted house is an alternate history timeline where JFK was never assassinated and the space race kept going from the 60's so everything has that sort of neo-art deco mixed with lived-in-sci-fi aesthetic.

This is the full space station that page was talking about for example:


Basically everything about this game's aesthetic is like candy to me. (Also the actual like, game part of the game, is really great too... minus the whole... ending... bit.)


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I have a huge love for "Art of..." books, but A) They're bloody expensive and B) I've been crazy fucking broke so I haven't been able to indulge. (I think the last one I got was the art of Weta Workshop for a birthday or Christmas like 3 years ago... (Which, it's a nice double book set, but it's almost all finished coostume and prop pieces, which sort of defeats the purpose for me.)

So anyways, got a bunch of Chapters gift cards this year and said fuck it I'm gettin me some Art books. The 2nd one was only available online so I have to wait a couple weeks for it to be delivered but in the meantime I managed to pick up...


This book is STUNNING. Not just in terms of the actual art and the printing, but in terms of being as much a 'making of...' as it is an art book without getting in the way of the art is FANTASTIC. Pretty much every page has a one or two sentence blurb talking about the thought process behind the development of this set or prop or character, what inspiration they were pulling from, why they designed it the way they did from a game mechanic pov, what emotions they wanted to invoke in the player, or how they approached the development of the universe, that are all deeply informative and transparent in a way you rarely see. And then on top of it all every page is filled with just, goddamn, gorgeous concept art and development pieces; I don't think I've seen a single still from the actual game in here at all; and they do a lot of progress comparisons showing the iterations and how things changed over time as they found the tone of the universe that are always interesting.

I mean, I was probably going to love this book regardless, what with my well known love of Art Deco and Sci-Fi, and specifically slamming Deco and Sci-Fi together in a particle accelerator and rolling around in what comes out the other end, BUT, this book is thus far surpassing all my expectations. The universe as seen in the game is fascinating and the universe as presented in the book with all the stuff we didn't get to see is even moreso, and the sheer amount of absolutely stunning design work that went into every single aspect of what did and didn't get put into the game blows my mind. 10/10 Would recommend.

Now the long laborious wait for the other book to come in, which is one I've been wanting for a very very long time now. UUUGGGGHHH.

EDIT: One of my favorite pages I've found so far. Just such an amazing little nugget of design theory, with references and everything.



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Trey wrote:

Froot Loops come in many colors but they all taste the same.

Fun fact: So do humans.



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Nothing like firing two fire extinguishers directly into your audience in the name of science.