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This is one of the most singularly engaging things I've seen all year.


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holy shit


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NGL I literally /just/ remembered Villeneuve also directed 2049 when you said that. I knew I stopped more or less caring about about directors at some point, but damn. Apparently he and I are just right on the same wavelength.

And aw, that's a shame, the monochromatic look is one of my favorite things about the trailer, absolutely pitch perfect for the movie it looks like they're making (again, not a damn solitary clue about Dune beyond this trailer.)


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With the understanding that I know effectively nothing about Dune: I think it looks fucking incredible so far, and unlike almost anything we've had in the genre in a long damn time (BR2049 is about the only thing I can think of offhand that's come close recently). An epic sweeping space opera about family and giant desert worms, what more could I possibly ask for.


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Helen Arney, Matt Parker and Steve Mould, otherwise known as Festival Of The Spoken Nerd (Highly recommend their lives shows and individual youtubes btw, links for anyone that might not already know about them later), also used to (pre-covid) run a small live show called An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail where they would do little mini talks and invite other nerd-y people in to talk about some random bit of fun nerdery they're passionate about in a slightly unnecessary amount of detail. Well, now they've decided to take that concept and turn it into a podcast. And if you're already a fan of Matt, Steve or Helen, it'll fit right in, if you're not, you will be.

There's 4 episodes so far, with more to come for the first season.

Also, Matt has /another/ podcast, with comedian Bec Hill where they try to answer random nerdy questions, I've only had the chance to listen to one episode so far, but I mean, it's Matt and Bec, it's gonna be great.

Festival Of The Spoken Nerd: https://festivalofthespokennerd.com/watch/
Steve: https://www.youtube.com/user/steventhebrave
Matt: https://www.youtube.com/user/standupmaths
Helen: https://www.youtube.com/user/HelenArney


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Today in visions from another reality:

What a trip.


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Solely because until about 4 minutes ago I'm pretty sure I'd never even thought about what Hanson is up to these days... but it's cool to see they seem to have pretty much completely avoided both the child-pop stars and boy band curses.


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Cave Puppet Films (Rob Jacobsen's production company; Rob and I made Skinner and a few other projects over the years, for reference) just publicly released their latest short film Tessellate (after doing the festival rounds) that I did a few bits and bobs of VFX on. Primarily the handheld tablet UI.


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I know this made a pretty big splash a while back when it all went online, but I completely missed it and just discovered it a few days ago...

Taskmaster. Greg Davies and Alex Horne challenge a group of 5 comedians to a series of bizarre tasks, and judge them. Harshly.

I found this on friday afternoon, and by the end of the weekend I had blown through 2.5 seasons. It's so freaking hilarious and fun, and it's all online, for free, officially. Craziness.

This was where I started, and I still think it's one of the best groups.

Each of the first 5 seasons is 8 episodes, and season 6 is 10 episodes; and I'm pretty sure S7, which is releasing right now, is going to be 10 as well.


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Saniss wrote:

That FUCKING voice, holy shit.

RIGHT?! Of all the things I was expecting to happen once he started, it wasn't that. It's incredible.

If I'm reading the bio on their website right, they're a group of Danish travelling musicians living/working in New York.


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This may just be one of the most utterly fascinating things I've ever seen. The longer you look and listen the more absolutely unfathomable questions begin to emerge, it's beautiful.


I went down a bizarre Street Performer youtube rabbit hole. I make no apologies.


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How To be A Megastar Live has the distinction of being one of the few albums I actually really like the live version of and will actively seek out to listen to, there's just something about the energy of the crowd that works so well with BMG (and vice versa) in a way I just find exceptionally annoying with other bands.


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Most of the music theory stuff went over my head (Although not as much as I was expecting, so hey, maybe I'm picking something up watching all these vids) but even just the history aspect of it is fascinating.


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I have exactly zero technical knowledge to add to this, but I can recommend a few channels for techniques/inspiration:

The Broken Nerd, he has a channel with a few full 3D printed builds and walkthroughs of the process of taking printed parts and cleaning them up/finishing them.

Right now he's building this ridiculous thing:


And obviously, for the more finishing and working with 3D prints to make a finished thing side of things, Adam's One Day Builds are always a go-to recommendation:

Punished Props: Bill is known for making props and cosplay out of foam, but every once in a while he'll dip into working with 3D prints, and probably of specific interest to you, he has a series making a whole Tank Trooper helmet on a small cheap printer:

Full tank trooper playlist incl building the printer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6lCvy9 … xAjlJqXlhK

Lightning Cosplay is another great channel I came across not too long ago, she does a lot of armour and cosplay using some 3D printed pieces (And a lot of sculpting/mold making, so ymmv) and walks through the process of preparing and using them.

Not really much in the way of instruction, I just think it's neat, Sophy Wong has been experimenting with 3D printing textile-like materials to make a 3D printed dress (Along with a bunch of other projects), and it's just rad: https://www.instagram.com/sophywongmakes/


Also not really instructional, but cool as hell: Lumecluster:

Her stuff just blows my mind:



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Every time Mezerg releases a new video it's a rollercoaster of amazement, fascination and sick sick grooves. My gods it's glorious.


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(*Finding a way to do the soil was a bastard and a half, I'll tell ya what.)
(**Final product will only ever be seen at maaaaybe 1/3rd this size at the most, so hence some of the sloppiness this close up)


(***Yes the whole thing is completely rigged, and I am extremely excited to finally get to animate it this weekend)


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Holy crap dude, you made TROS look like a Star Wars movie. O_O

(<Still hasn't bothered actually watching the thing, but holy fuck that is some ugly af grading)


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...gotta say dude, I usually don't have a clue what you're on about, but I REALLY don't a have a clue what you're on about this time.

Babish was nothing but complimentary in his half a sentence mention of Townsend.


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Babish mentioned this channel in yesterday's episode and so naturally I decided to check it out and wound up binging 15 episodes in a row. #DammitBabishDotGif

The short pitch: That one actually cool and engaging interpreter at the historical museum on that horrible class field trip you had to go on in 7th grade, who teaches you about cooking and living in the 18th century and somehow actually makes it interesting. This guy just radiates 'best teacher I had in high school' energy, it's great, I love it.


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@Trey: Oooo, I really like the built in porch and overhead design. Very spiffy.


(was there something about a lens?... I feel like there was something about a lKIIIITTTY!!!)


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Thanks dude, it's gotten a lot easier/smoother/better since I decided to steer into the skid and embrace the glow-y painterly look, there was a long while there where I just really hated the look of some of the stuff I was putting out, but over the past 6 months or so I've really found the groove and started bringing everything to a place I really like.

And I've been avoiding making claims like that cause the universe has invariably come along and gone "HAH, fuck you" and thrown a meteor at me that pushes it back another 6 months, but considering it's 2020 and like, that's basically been this entire year.... if I can actually work on it consistently, about another month/month and a half on visuals, and then a couple months for sound design depending how quickly I pick up on Reaper's shenanigans.


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Feels a hell of a lot longer than 2 weeks since I posted the growing flower wow, but digging back into Innervate with one of the shots that growing flower is for:


(Probably hovering around a 50/50 mix of practical/CG vegetation here.)


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Today was Convocation Day for the college I work at, and due to all the *makes world exploding gesture*, you know, the College decided to go with a virtual convocation. So that's been my life at work for the past month and a bit.

I have no expectations of anyone to watch these, but I figured I might as post em in case someone's reeeeaaaaaaaallllllyyy bored. But there's a few nice bits of mograph I'm proud of, including the end title animation which has been an ongoing process since I started last year.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P … ENM6FIq5xg


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Cue BDA grinning like a mad fool for 3 minutes and 2 seconds: