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Tomahawk wrote:

Also, bodies are easier if they're dead.



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Teague wrote:

Yeah, that too. Curtains, towels, bodies, whatever.

IDK wouldnt recommend. Every time I try that its really hard to hear my work over all the screaming.


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Hrm. Ill have to rewatch it I guess.

Admittedly Ive only watched it the once but I remember the distinct feeling that it was REAAAALLLY leaning on the non-sequiter humour and scenes to get through it. It felt like the least cohesive story episode of them.

Im right there with you.

Even considering thier Episode 5 was a bit weak.

Or in the case of Auralnauts. Just take the actual movies and change a few things.


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*wild flailing*


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It's been a while since I've seen it, but I would probably definitely agree.


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Oh man, I looooooooooooooooooove Mousehunt. One of those movies that popped up in my childhood and was just sorta perfect. Haven't watched it in years though. Think I may have to change that after watching that clip, gettin me all nostalgic up in here.


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This thread is such a glorious clusterfuck.


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Squiggly_P wrote:

There are other X-Wing dudes. They could all just slam into pylons and die for all I care. I don't know these nameless twats, and the movie can just have another dozen of them show up without it feeling weird at all, so who gives a shit that they did that little stunt?

I have no interest in continuing this fight cause clearly there's nothing we can say that will change your mind. But this is hilarious. The fact that they pulled unused X-Wing pilot's from A new Hope for the fight and incorporated them is a delightful irony in how A New Hope is structured almost exactly the same way and they get exactly as much introduction. The only difference is ANH has 40 years of EU telling us exactly who every single one of the bastards is.


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Oh hey, thread!


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You mean Bodhi? The guy whos name they ask and he says "Bodhi"?

That imperial pilot guy?


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Whyzzat? (Hasn't listened to enough Gorillaz to know what people are expecting).

That one isn't something I'd usually listen to, but it's weird and alright I guess.


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Apparently there's a new Gorillaz album... I know because it got mentioned every 15 minutes today at work.


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Thanks dude big_smile

Here's the timelapse:


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Had a bit of a stream playing with the new tablet, shook the rust off some skills, turned out pretty nice I think.



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Stream is tonight. I'll throw a thing in the chat too.


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DarthPraxus wrote:

(he's stopped using all caps, don't worry)



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You'll have to excuse Faldor, he's getting up there in years, the eyes don't work so well you see.

He said West WORLD Faldor, West WORLD.


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I was with it until they started showing the thing in broad damn daylight...then it was just low groaning noise and then I sorta blacked out.

Looked like it had some potential but it's just another cg action shoot em up fest. Blech.


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avatar wrote:

Does anyone give a flying fuck?


This has been the sum total of what I have to add to this thread. Good day sirs.