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Thirded for FX Console. Pretty much one of the most invaluable assets to my workflow these days.


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Boter wrote:

(I choose to believe it's about 5 ft in diameter.)

Um... yeah... *grabs script* *scribblescribblescribble* Yep, totally is.

Thanks guys big_smile I'm pretty dang happy with it. Hopefully it looks as cool once I build and comp it in.


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Concept piece for an eventual 3D model that will play a key role in one of the sequences in the short film I'm working on right now.


Been chipping away at it for the past couple weeks when I had some time between the chaos.


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I am fascinated by how often Audition is at the top of your preference lists. Whenever I get time to actually sit down and do this, it will without fail be near the bottom. Atrocious design, atrocious workflow, godawful navigation. I once lost an entire days worth of edits on files because it was working with temp files without telling me, and then promptly deleted them all after I closed. You can brute force it to do what you want, but I would never even dare put it higher than 3rd or 4th worst bit of software I use on a regular basis.


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We used it in film school, for compositing I'd switch back in a heartbeat. Never used it for motion graphics, but I imagine After Effects, for all Adobe's shittiness, is still the king there.

Problem is, hoooooooooooooooboyo that price tag if you want to /actually/ do anything with it.


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HEY! A VFX BOARD! I feel partly responsible for this!

Says the vfx artist turned filmmaker turned motion graphics artist turned visual effects artist, filmmaker and Motion Graphics artist.


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I guess it depends on which side of "found footage" line you want to fall on. Is it this a radio drama in the style of a found footage *wink-wink* piece, or are you trying to maintain that illusion as much as possible?

For my personal taste I would lean towards what Boter suggested, a very clinical, governmental recap of what you are about hear on this tape. Probably even going so far as to have that in a super crisp clean sound, and then some technical mumbo jumbo with some beeps and clicks then a beep...beep...BEEEEP. leader into the recording.

But if you're wanting to have intro music, I have a feeling you're going towards the more radio drama route.

Which having an in-universe intro thing could still work, it would just have to be separate from your "episode" intro.


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I honestly didn't think Carey was even acting any more. I wonder how much of what you're talking about has to do with Carey's whole "everyone is a character, and I'm no longer Jim Carey the character" self realization thing he's got going on these days.

Was. Then EA made it worse.

Much. Worse.


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I feel like this is worth a separate post, maybe just to me, but here we go!

Last year a friend of mine approached me with a script and was like "We should make this" and I was like OKAY! So we did. We shot May of 2016, wrapped September-ish, and for the last year and a bit has been doing the festival thing where we actually got a few awards and some nods which was cool. And we just released it online!

We're definitely pretty proud of it, all things considered. Zero budget, volunteer workforce through and through, I was DoP, Visual Effects artist/Motion Graphics and colourist...plus all the million other things you are on a project like this.

So enjoy!

There is also a little VFX breakdown if that happens to be your jam and you haven't seen it yet.


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Yeah Wintergarten's stuff is great. After finding that original one the other night I went on a bit of a tear through player instruments. I love things that are just built out of pure human ingenuity and will. Like...I want a thing that'll play 6 violins for me automatically, or an accordion or a frickin banjo or insert instrument here....

I love these things so hard.


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Just discovered that this instrument exists, and I am in love.


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Teague, I think it's the difference between picking up a book you think you might enjoy and getting halfway through and discovering you don't, and picking up a book you know you're going to have to work at to get through, but you're someone who enjoys that process of reading a really really hard book. Generally you can figure out whether you're reading Harry Potter or House of Leaves within the first page or two.

Same for games most of the time, some people just want to have that experience of playing the game with a bit of difficulty but mostly it's for the story and the experience of playing it. Other games like Dark Souls etc, are specifically designed to murder the fuck out of you, and be about being micro second accurate with your controls and combos and strategy. Some people like that sort of challenge, others don't. generally you can figure out what kind of game you're playing in the first couple minutes.


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If you're ever bored and looking to crash AFX about 50 million times, there's a really fun free plugin called AE Flame that does all sorts of wild fractal-y things. Pretty much the epitome of fiddle with knobs until you find something cool....and crash....repeatedly. (It's basically a half developed plug-in so crashy crashy).



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I've been using some slow time at work to go through and experiment with all the Red Giant Universe plugins and get familiar with them. So I wound up just doodling for most of today and made a thingy. Basically the result of throwing as many plugins in one comp as humanly possible before turning it all to shit.



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New VFX breakdown for the 1 minute silent short film I did last year, ELDER.

As I say in the video description, this was an EXTREMELY quick turnaround project, so it's almost entirely bodged together to make it work.


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Channel: Holy Fucking Science
tl;dr: Video podcast from the folks at Complexly (Sci-Show, Crash Course, etc etc) where friends get together and share cool science stories and facts in an effort to make the others exclaim "Holy Fucking Science". If you like watching these people do other stuff, you'll probably dig this too. Fun, smart people talking about cool sciencey stuff.

Channel: Draw With Jazza
tl;dr: Admitedly one of my online role models atm, dude is a crazy talented illustrator and animator, he does a lot of really bizarre live chat inspired drawing challenges that end up with things like... "Sexy Post-Apocalyptic Ghost who wields the weapon of love." and other such delightful insanity. Jazza has a HUGE love for VR art and recently as part of his CRAZy successful kickstarter to build a new studio space has a full immersive VR setup. So he's doing some really cool stuff.

Channel: Andrew Huang
tl;dr: After starting to blow up after his song "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows" went viral, he's made a name for himself as "that guy that makes songs out of everyday objects" but he also does a lot of really cool other song stuff, and does a fair bit talking music theory stuff that goes way over my head but is still entertaining.

Channel: Auralnauts
tl;dr: It's Auralnauts...I mean...if you don't know these guys yet WHAT ON EARTH are you doing with your life. Start here and just go:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSCm8yAxBr8

Channel: Barnaby Dixon
tl;dr: You might have seen the gif of the dancing finger puppet guy that went around a while back. Yeah that was this guy,
his primary character is called Dabchick... he's a bird finger puppet that vlogs. It's adorable and hilarious, and cool puppet stuff all at the same time.

Channel: Clickspring
tl;dr: Pure. Machining. Porn. He has a completed series making a brass mechanical clock from scratch, but his current project is making a full working version of the Antikythera machine, reconstructing it from 3D scans and best guess understanding of tools and techniques of the time. I love this channel so much.

Channel: Drew Lynch
tl;dr: If you're not a fan of the vlogger thing probably not for you, but Drew Lynch is stand-up comedian with a stutter and an adorable dog who makes vlogs about random things.

Channel: Malinda Kathleen Reese
tl;dr: On top of being an AMAZING singer, she has an on-going series titled "Google Translate Sings..." and it's pretty much what you'd guess, take a song, run it through a couple dozen layers of google translate, sing what comes out the other end.
Hilarious, bizarre, random and ingenious, one of those channels that really still feels like old school youtube.

Channel: Rob Scallon
tl;dr: One of the old school music guys on youtube still making fantastic stuff. This guy Djents.

Channel: Jonathan Young
tl;dr: Pop/Punk/Rock/Metal covers of a variety of music, but A LOT of Disney and Dreamworks. And it's all amazing.

Channel: Tested
tl;dr: This one's tricky, they put out a lot of stuff but thier primary host these days, Norm, is just..nooooot gooood, meaning most of the interviews and content they put is awkward to the point of cringey most of the time (YMMV, if you're interested in the specific content, and can manage to get through it, there is some really interesting stuff), HOWEVER, this channel is co-run by Adam Savage, yes, THAT Adam Savage. And he posts semi regular one day builds and projects and his Comic Con ingontio's, and watching that man at work is a thing of inexplicable majesty.

Channel: Caleb Hyles
tl;dr: Another music cover guy, does a lot of collabs with Jonathan and Malinda.

Channel: SORTEDFood
tl;dr: Easily in my top two cooking channels with Binging With Babish right now. 4 British idiots make amazing food, this is probably the closest I've ever seen to a properly executed "Cooking Show But For The Internet". On top of in studio recipes they also do trips to go find amazing food, they just finished a short series exploring Kansas City and Chicago for amazing food and last year they had a MASSIVE Lost and Hungry tour across the US exploring restaurants and food experiences.

Channel: Numberphile
tl;dr: Are you like me and get a kick out of watching crazy smart people talking about the crazy smart stuff they do, while understanding maybe 1% of it, and maybe increasing your knowledge of a thing by a small fraction of a percent by the end of the video? Then HOOOBOY is Numberphile for you. Mathematicians talking about super nerdy and interesting math stuff that nobody ever bothered to tell you in high school cause that would have made math actually interesting to learn about.

Teague stole a lot of my educational ones, but I'll double down on Binging With Babish, Crash Course/Sci Show, StandUpMaths, MinutePhysics, PBS Eons, Primitive Technology, and Tom Scott. (Also doubling down on getting squicked out by "The King of Random - Grant Thompson"...but that's beside the point.)


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Hah, thanks guys. One day I'll get to do a proper post apoc series here. There's some dang spooky awesome locations around this province.


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This past sunday me and a friend did a little roadtrip down into the Badlands area of Alberta to bum around some ghost towns and take some pictures. Still going through them, but here's a few I really like. Borrowed the A7s Mark 2 from work to test out it's photo capabilities. It's not the fastest thing in world, but it is very pretty. These were all shot with a Canon 70-200 f2.8.



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The Official Lyric Video for Jamie Woodfin's newest single You Were That Night!