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New bushes, cause the old ones suuuuuuuucked. And some friends.



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Thanks duuuuudes big_smile




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Thanks man, really appreciate that smile

More vegetation!



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I figured I might as well make a dedicated thread for this.

For those of you that don't know by now, Innervate is a cyberpunk post apocalyptic short film I shot last year and am currently working on the VFX for. And because I am one of those people that loves to share WIP stuff, here we go.



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Oh you know, the usual: unemployed, job hunting, visual effects taking longer to finish than I want, stressed, depression, the general inability to even.


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DarthPraxus wrote:

Would just like to say that I had no idea that hand-powered electronics chargers existed and that I am now buying one. You're a dangerous man, Teague Chrystie.

Seriously put one of those things in your car asap. They WILL save your ass one day. Also if you have an older car a cigarette lighter to power socket/usb inverter, or larger inverter/battery backup if you've got some cash to spend. Being able to jump your own car is a massive life saver. (Says the guy that nearly got stranded in the middle of no where last week cause he didn't have one).


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Gods bless Ashens and his ineffable ability to tell a fascinating story about a horrible video game.


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I've seen the Road Trip you can't fool me, I know those are all different people.


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Writhyn wrote:

Whatever, I'm sure they were fairly paid and compensated, and were able to get reasonable amounts of rest, right?

... Right?


Actually thinking on it a bit more (And partly cause of that Solo thread), the biggest change to my relationship with movies is that I've just stopped caring about the rumours, and the fan theories, and the hype and all of that bullshit that happens in the lead-up. It just doesn't matter anymore, that incessant back and forth between being pissed off or excited about some random bit of something was just exhausting or infuriating and gained me absolutely nothing. So that's just started phasing out of my thought process. Obviously I still get hyped and excited for movies, but not the specific theories or rumors or little details of the lead up of the internet hype/anger machine. Side along with this I've also pretty much stopped watching trailers, I'll watch the first one if it's something I'm interested in, but after that I just don't care.

That was a big shift for me in my relationship to the new Star Wars especially. There is literally nothing I can possibly do to influence or change the decisions being put into those movies. LITERALLY /NOTHING/. So I've pretty much just stopped caring, and I'll go into the movie and see what they decided to do with it. If it works cool I have a new movie I like, if not, then I can dissect it and learn from it, but anything before that point is just unnecessary emotional wear and tear.

I think this is also just part of a general trend I've noticed in myself of trying to cut out the unnecessary cynicism and negativity. I'd infinitely rather be super excited and jazzed for things I like, than shitting on and bitching about things I didn't. It's just way more fun.

Yes and no. I can't say my ||movie|| habits have done anything surprising. I still like broadly the same sort of thing as usual, maybe I've become a bit more specific in my exact brand of weird and what I want to see, and I'm still woefully behind on everything I want to watch, but that can be summed up by living an hour from the nearest theatre worth a damn, and the next point:

On the OTHER hand, there have definitely been some changes to my ||media|| consumption habits. Movies have begun to take up a significantly smaller chunk of of my brain and time (Both as a viewer and a maker), between podcasts, short form documentary (a lot of what we classically think of as "youtube content"), podcasts, long running short form content (webseries, stuff like Lizzie Bennett Diaries), podcasts and podcasts; the concept of movies is just another one on the pile, and one I'm growing increasingly less concerned with. There are so many cool and interesting things happening in all these other avenues, that I've been spending a lot more of my time over there.


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I looked it up cause I was curious, and Maul was a reoccurring character through the last 3-4 seasons of Clone Wars, and has been in a couple of Rebels episodes as well. And with Disney repeated assurances that Clone Wars and Rebels are part of new canon, it was probably really only a matter of time until he made the transition back to the big screen. I'm just kinda curious why they chose Solo of all things.

But yeah, true to their word, Disney is going off the beaten trail for the SW Stories, so good on them I guess. Definitely would not have called it, but I'm down for it.

EDIT: Also apparently they also killed off Maul in Rebels, he and old man Obi Wan fight it out. So I guess that explains why they're cool bringing him back for this period of the timeline, not really spoiling much if you've already shown his death.


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2: I haven't been watching Clone Wars or Rebels so I don't know exactly what they've been doing with Maul in there, but I'm just kinda impressed that Disney would be bringing him in this far into the timeline as canon, it's been what? At least 20 years since he got the big slice? Ain't no body can put down Maul apparently.



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Add to that the massive shitstain that is James Franco, and my interest went from "Oh, that might be interesting" to literally zero desire to ever bother.


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Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury.

Fucking. Slaying. It.



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Saniss wrote:
Teague wrote:

You know, now that Saniss is the reason you have a job and gets to take credit for that shit all the time, I think we should take a moment to recognize the role the FIYH podcasts played in bringing you together, which is another way of saying I and we are also the reason you have a job, and we don't seem to talk about that enough.

Ultimately, since I discovered FIYH through Ryan, and Ryan is the reason I even started having an interest in VFX in the first place, we can safely say Ryan is the reason Martin has a job.

Which of course means we can trace the fact that Martin has a job, to Ryan's mom.

You should really send her a box of chocolates or something.


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Fully aware that he is the only person here that cares even remotely about Minecraft stuff...



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DarthPraxus wrote:

Stalin was so furious at the losses that the military just all agreed to lie to him and tell him they lost all their tanks in a pitched battle with the Nazis, who suffered staggering losses. There's still a monument at Kursk claiming dozens of Nazi tanks were destroyed in that exchange. Three were in actuality.

And so remains the greatest "So we're agreed, nobody tells dad right?" in all of history.


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Teague wrote:

I want to give Blindsight a fair shake, because in my life I've experienced at least one other similar reaction to a complex work of art — that is, being actively blown away by creative synthesis far in excess of what I can imagine coming from myself, even as I'm being actively frustrated into screaming discomprehension by executive 'mistakes' in the same piece of art that are so disruptive to my experience that even as I'm drawn in by greatness, I'm pushed away by frustration — and in my previous experience, despite myself, I just fought through my initial reaction (plus a few follow-up reactions) and got over it. My old brain wanted to reject the new work of art that didn't fit, but the art seemed unassailably worthwhile in other ways, so I updated my brain to fit the art. The unexpected pay-off is having a piece of work in my life which I now appreciate more than any other unified work of art I've yet encountered on Earth, and one which I've long-since memorized every word of; this piece is called Hamilton.


HAH. This has LITERALLY been my life over the past week. I tried desperately to get through it for MONTHS and just /couldn't/. Finally just pushed through Act 1, and then watching some interviews with LMM about the theme and what it's /actually/ about, and then listened through act 2 the next and fell HEAD OVER FUCKING HEELS in love. Listened through the whole thing at least 5-6 times in the last 4 days. Brains are weird y'all.


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Sweet, sent you a pm.


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Classic story, 100% missed the reflection on set, and I, being a sane human being, don't want to have to deal with it tongue

So thought I'd just throw it up here if anyone wants to help out or is looking for a shot to practice doing some reflection removal on. I can't pay anything, but you'd definitely get a credit.


(Removing our DoP, camera and boom arm along the right side of the knob)

Length- 192 frames
Raw footage - 4096x2160
Raw Colourspace- Sony Slog3 S-Gamut3.Cine
Delivery size- 1920x1080
Delivery colour space- Sony Slog3 S-Gamut3.Cine

Let me know if you're interested and I can send over the files and more details. No hard deadline, I'm aiming to have the whole short finished by mid-summer so there's plenty of time.


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If anyone's curious, this is where the shot eventually wound up. Not the final grading, but roughly what it'll be.

There's still a million details I'd love to add, but I have the rest of the short to make so y'know, gotta move on.



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Teague wrote:

Man, going back and re-reading this thread is a trip.

Dayum, Invid (almost) nailing TLJ back in 2014.


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