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Whyzzat? (Hasn't listened to enough Gorillaz to know what people are expecting).

That one isn't something I'd usually listen to, but it's weird and alright I guess.


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Apparently there's a new Gorillaz album... I know because it got mentioned every 15 minutes today at work.


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Thanks dude big_smile

Here's the timelapse:


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Had a bit of a stream playing with the new tablet, shook the rust off some skills, turned out pretty nice I think.



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Stream is tonight. I'll throw a thing in the chat too.


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DarthPraxus wrote:

(he's stopped using all caps, don't worry)



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You'll have to excuse Faldor, he's getting up there in years, the eyes don't work so well you see.

He said West WORLD Faldor, West WORLD.


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I was with it until they started showing the thing in broad damn daylight...then it was just low groaning noise and then I sorta blacked out.

Looked like it had some potential but it's just another cg action shoot em up fest. Blech.


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avatar wrote:

Does anyone give a flying fuck?


This has been the sum total of what I have to add to this thread. Good day sirs.


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MartyJ wrote:

I don't wanna sound like a furry or nothin', but she's one hot bunny big_smile



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"...he was dark and sleek, like a manicured shadow and taller than any man I'd ever seen, with eyes like lightbulbs. He starred at me and he said: Embrace the fear Kassandra, fear is love.... fear is love."


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Boter asked me to make a thing. I made a thing. WEEEEEE!


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I haven't seen They Live, but In The Mouth Of Maddness is really fun. Not spectacular by any means, but c'mon Sam Neill going crazy in a Lovecraftian horror is ALWAYS fun.

In *why the fuck did it take me this long to get around to this one* news....... John Wick. Hoooooooooooooooooooooly yesness. I knew I'd like it, but damn, was not expecting that. Ridiculously psyched for the sequel (And possibly TV show?!).


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Did a bit of an updatey thing of all the things I'm working on for my website and rendered out this guy to give a sneak peek at some stuff. This is a 100% scratch built holographic monitor for a short film. One of....many...many...oh so many.... monitors for this thing.

A random little doodad for the random doodad thread.


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Just realized I never posted this. The Dirk Gently soundtrack is frickin bonkers and I love it to death. Whenever the full score releases I am getting it immediately and listening to it on repeat til I lapse into a coma of awesome.

https://soundcloud.com/cristobal-tapia- … re-sampler


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This is the best thing. Like of all the things, this is the best. I want them to do a collab with these guys just for the hell of it, cause it's not insane enough already:

fireproof78 wrote:

I'm not sure I agree about the Star Wars not being special anymore. I think it will hit that point, but right now, having these little (I know I say little) side stories about things that we don't "need" but are still interesting additions to the world.

I have a pet theory that as these sorts of mainstream franchises become more and more popular (Marvel/DC/Star Wars) we'll start seeing a cultural shift away from isolated self contained stories and towards expansive universes where various stories can occur. Basically what happened with the EU but through film. And obviously that's what Disney is pushing for with Star Wars, fleshing out the universe and building themselves a sandbox to play in.

My hope is that as they work through the sort of "cultural main-stay concepts", (young Han Solo, Rogue One, Boba Fett, etc) they'll start getting the ability to branch out and experiment with the universe more, without the audience raging because "THIS ISN'T THE STAR WARS WE KNOW WTF BOYCOTT"; and dipping into and playing with some of the more random bits of the universe that have nothing to do with the Skywalker storyline.


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Ill be there.


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Really random, but I'm working on the VFX for a short I shot like 3 years ago. Needed something to throw on a bunch of inactive monitors, sooooo this happened.

Basically a Vault Boy version of one of the characters.


Not as far as I can tell. One person was specifically referring to the Vader fight, and another to some groundbreaking VFX things at the end of the movie. Unfortunately I couldn't get anything more specific than that. But I doubt it was Leia, cause...well Tarkin.

Also...randomly...I keep seeing people talk about some crazy innovative visual effects thing at the end, and trying to figure out how they did the Vader scene. Am I missing something? It was intense as hell, but there wasn't anything particularly crazy, technical wise that I could see.

Saw it again yesterday. In 2D this time. Still loved it.

Vader's mask still bugged me, still feels like a not quite there cosplay of Vader instead of OHSHITTHATSFUCKINGDARTHFUCKINGVADER. So eh, that end scene was still super badass.

As for Tarkin, there was two-ish shots that NAILED it, that I looked at and went I literally can't tell that's not a real human being. That said, those two shots were ones where he's reacting to something else or only has a word or two to say. Any time he starts speaking the uncanny valley kicks RIGHT in hardcore.

Leia, the effect is good, but more than anything the performance is just really awkward which doesn't help anything. She has the really bizarre turn and stare for a second or two before saying anything. That more than the effect killed it for me. And yeah, there's just something off about the face model, her face seems far too round... like, Carrie Fisher had a bit of baby face going on in ANH, but not THAT much.