Going back to the youtube algorithm conversation for a sec. Achievement Hunter just did a 5-10 minute segment on their podcast going into why they're making the choices they're making to appease the algorithm and being WAY more open about the business of it than most creators ever would. So if that's something that interests you or you're curious to get a peak behind that particular curtain, it's worth a watch.

Starts around 58:40.

Writhyn wrote:

I like roundabouts...

Oh don't get me wrong /I/ like roundabouts (usually), but in a city of people used to straight lines, red light stop, green light go, and where turning an awkward 4 way intersection on a main thorough fair into a T intersection maintaining the continuity of the street and simplifying the intersection was cause for public outcry and years of bitching... I am utterly terrified for my life every time I have to use one, because no one on the road over 30 knows how the things are supposed to work.

And Teague, that's roooooough. That main intersection/overpass they have profiled on their website looks like a decorative shibari knot. I'm sure it works great once you know how to use it, but man, that's just asking for trouble.

Ugh. My hometown went from zero roundabouts to like, IDK even know, I think there's like 6 of the fuckers in town now, in like 3 years. For some reason the city planning office just got a massive hard-on for roundabouts a few years ago and there's been some massive construction work being done around the city for the past couple years, so they've just been shoving them everywhere they can. One of them (the largest, of course) is a 3 lane roundabout IMMEDIATELY after the off ramp from the highway, immediately turns off into another roundabout on one of the exits, and is a major thorough fair for 3 different industrial areas. And HOLY SHIT does everyone hate them.

It doesn't help that, as per standard Red Deer construction procedure, the intersections are done exactly enough to be functional and then basically abandoned. No signs, no crosswalk markings, no directions, nada. In a city that has had exactly one roundabout, in it's hundred and some year history, for all of like a decade or something. Oh yeah, it's going about as well as you'd imagine.

To be fair, it's only slightly worse than the little shitstain nothing of a town out in the middle of nowhere that decided to replace every single intersection on it's main drag with one lane roundabouts. Literally all they did is take their 4 way stops add a barely visible, barely raised, circle in the middle of it and called it a roundabout. So you have this 3 block long strip with 8 different roundabouts one after the other for absolutely no reason, it'd be hilarious if it wasn't so flipping annoying.


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LatinAlice wrote:

but for creators, do people still cling to old systems because they want to write the blockbuster and make a billion dollars? Or are we all getting on board with the patron system?

The billionaire/old system thing is still very much alive, I /still/ have filmmaker friends that desperately feel the need to move to LA to make it big as a director.... and I'm like, dude's no.... the opposite of that, other way guys. But eh, what are you gonna do.

I think there's still a pretty big divide between the "filmmakers" I know and the "content creators" I know, the filmmakers still think of everything in terms of government grants and corporate funding, where as that just /doesn't/ exist for online creators, even ones working in narrative formats, and the most filmmakers will stoop to like, Kickstarter in terms of public funding, but there's still this weird, uppityness about "Filmmakers vs Content Creators" from the "Filmmakers" I know that's just bullshit, and becoming more bullshit every year.

So anyways, a lot of online creators are adopting the Patron system because it's their only option right now. Youtube CLEARLY gives zero shits about creators so relying on them is tantamount to suicide, but the only other option, really, is do what Roosterteeth did and diversify your revenue streams 10 years ago so you have a solid base now, or Patreon.

It definitely works for some, but again, that just adds a whole other thing where now you have to convince people to give you money directly, and you have to have to good enough perk rewards to make it worth it for the 99% of people that aren't going to be convinced to give you money just out of their charitable willingness to support an artist. And Patreon is basically useless for finding new audience, so you're still relying on the algorithm to get new audience to hopefully funnel the 2% of them or whatever the latest stat is, to Patreon.

As for the actual question.... I think the online creator community in general is getting more on board with the Patron model, Youtube just launched a Twitch subscription like service so you can subscribe to channels you want to support for like 5 bucks a month. But even then the people relying on that are mid level creators, the guys that are already big have sponsorships out the wazoo and diversified income from merch and other platforms, so they're fine; and the really little guys don't have a big enough audience to actually make enough from Patrons to even remotely support themselves, so it's just the people that have a large enough audience to drive that 2% to Patreon and that's enough to make it a part-time or full-time job, what have you, and even then, by the time you reach that level, you've probably started off-setting that with sponsorships anyways.

AND, the really fun part is that a lot of these creators are solo creators still trying to do what they want to do and make what they want to make, while still balancing the algorithm and the perks and the and the and the and the.... so for the most part (Unless they're just the shitty money hungry fame whore creators*) it's still this crazy blend of independent actual artists visions caught up in this clusterfuck of trying to survive.

*I have a theory these people are still what the majority of people think of when they hear Youtuber. Which is a shame.


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theMaestro wrote:

Hell, even YouTube is not immune to this. The most successful YouTubers nowadays have gotten things down to a formula.

Youtubes actually a really bizarre example, because while the old school systems were just trying to optimize for what got people in the door, full stop. Youtubers have this whole other layer now, where they have to optimize for the algorithm. They're trying to figure out what is the best way to stay in the light of the algorithm, and sure part of that is just getting eyes on content, but it's also getting people to interact in comments, motivating people enough to actually subscribe, getting people to hit the bell so they can be notified when a video goes live because maybe sometimes it's hard to know if youtube is actually sending out the notifications to subscription boxes, and mostly producing enough content at a fast enough rate that the algorithm doesn't forget about them but still producing high enough quality that they don't lose the audience.

It's like the entire phenomenon of film and music Teague was talking about, condensed into this little hyperspeed simulation bubble. Either you figure out what works and keep riding that wave until you burn out, or you fall off your board and tread water with whatever audience you managed to build up, and that can all happen in like, a year. It's crazy.


And oh yeah... about the actual thing. I've had pretty much the same opinion that the studio-system-movie was a dying breed for a while now, at the rate budgets keep increasing and the increasing rise of streaming platforms and people looking elsewhere for content (Youtube), it's only a matter of time until it can't sustain itself, and either the system falls back to the more-lower-budget-projects or the entire thing collapses under it's own weight and Netflix swoops in to pick up the power vacuum.

I've pretty much just stopped caring about almost everything coming out of the big studios, partly cause I just don't have the time or the money to bother, and partly because there are so many more interesting things happening in smaller indie levels (Youtube, podcasts, web series stuff). And honestly, my life has gotten so much better since I did. Let them fall, there's more than enough other stuff out there, something else will fill the pop culture void, just like something else was there before, and just like something else will be there in 50 years.


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I think it got lost in the explosion, but someone posted that video a while back of new fluid sim techniques to try and understand tornadoes, and right now the general consensus is..... *non-committal confused shrug*.


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Shamelessly stealing from my front page of reddit, but damn this is cool.

There has only ever been one underwater submarine to underwater submarine battle ever. In 1945, between the German U-Boat U-864 and the British HMS Venturer just outside Bergen, Norway.

https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-b … ever-23253


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Tomahawk wrote:

I guess my initial response is why the hell did they make cars that obviously don't go under most overpasses?

Oh, it's not most. It's hilarious because this one overpass is like 100 years old and a lot lower than minimum guidelines would allow these days, but it's too expensive to change the road, so they just put the signs up and tell trucks not to go under it. But it's still tall enough that a lot of people ignore the signs and think they can make it through with their smaller trucks, or just ignore the signs and go through anyways.

There's a whole website about that one overpass: http://11foot8.com/faq/

EDIT: I think the standard height for modern overpass's is 17 feet according to the google machine.


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There is something so intensely satisfying about watching idiots peel the tops of their trucks open like tin cans over and over and over.


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Saniss wrote:

Still waiting for posts in that thread that go "You know what? This was simply great. Nothing to add here."

I'm fairly certain that's a this forum thing. I'm not saying we're all a bunch of cynical assholes (yes I am), but basically everyone else I know is fucking /LOVING/ the new Doctor.


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100% of Sanisses moms are a Large Sample.


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Added a master list of all the episodes to the first post since we lost all the updates in the great GoDaddy explosion of 2018.

And BOOM, new episode.


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MartyJ wrote:

Wasn't the Doctor actually called "the president of Earth" on occasion? smile


Well I'll be damned. Apparently a Capaldi era thing.


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Kind of? The problem is that the show doesn't really do either very well. Going back to what I said before this trailer is really really good at picking out all the bits and putting them in order that makes it seem like DW is this amazing superheroic figure travelling through space and time, saving lives. But in the moment it's all drowned out in the noise of all the bullshit, and different writers having different visions of what the Doctor should be, and having to stick inside the case of the week format without a lot of attention to the arc of the doctor and his companions over the course of the season(s), leaving this sort of muddy mess.

Also, the different Doctor's all definitely have their own vibe around them so it's hard to pin down the one thing "the Doctor" should be. Eccelston was the damaged war vet trying to put the pieces back together, Tennant was the childlike wonder seeing everything there is to see and sharing it with his friends that he absentmindedly puts in harms way along the way, and Smith is the fairy tale manic pixie dream boy that swoops in and saves you and shows you how amazing the universe is. I just have a personal affinity for the "mythical legend of the Doctor" version.

EDIT: I think the better word for what I'm thinking of would be the Gandalf Doctor. He shows up one day, can do all sorts of fantastic and amazing things, takes you on an adventure that changes your life forever or helps you save the world, and then he vanishes again leaving you and the world slightly better than it was before.


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Teague wrote:

Also, watching that fan vid, it just occurred to me that Doctor Who is a superhero.

Pretty much. Although my favorite treatment of the Doctor is as the lone mythic figure that just appears out of no where to save the day, occasionally fails and then disappears back into the fog. But then we get to see what happens outside of that, him coping with the failures and the people he's hurt along the way. Which is why I think Tennant's run works the best of all the New-Who's, they actually went to that well and treated it seriously (Well, as seriously as that era Who could I s'pose), so you get the character moments that really hit hard inside all the cooky crazy sci-fi action stuff.

And specifically one of the threads they never really pulled on that I wish they had is how much the Doctor needs other people around him, when he's alone for too long he starts going stir-crazy and letting the darkness that lurks in the corners of brain take over. There was like half a moment in Smiths run that touched on it iirc but it was quickly run over by whatever half assed monster of the week they were doing.


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LatinAlice wrote:

P.S. this fanvid got me all excited and made me remember why I love Doctor Who.

Holy shit that literally gave me chills.

And it saddens me that very very very little of the show has ever made me feel like that. And the times it has it's been buried as the shiny gem in what's otherwise not.

I stopped watching about an episode into Capaldi's run and haven't gone back yet. But I might have to if Jodie's keeps getting the  reviews I've been seeing.


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And the ugly truth of it is that a lot of the people who still support Trump don't support him in spite of everything we've talked about, they support him because of it.

"Those fucking immigrants. The fucking women. The fucking foreigners taking our jobs and our factories. We need to go back to the way things were in the good old days. America is for good clean American families." Trump promises all of that, despite it being fundamentally impossible because that's not how the world works anymore. I wish I could find it, but there was a great article breaking down the entire myth of "bringing back the jobs" to coal towns and industrial towns and how that plays into supporting Trump. The basic breakdown as I remember it is a lot of industry in America was the backbone of the community (Coal towns, steel towns, car manufacturing towns etc) and that's how you got rich, you became a manager and worked up the ladder. But as the world globalized and technologically advanced those jobs started disappearing overseas or to more efficient factory systems and these towns started getting poorer.

So now, you have all of these old, embittered people (Old white men) that see all the rich liberal pussies in the cities getting rich off the money that should have been theirs. So you have Trump wander in and go "You're right, all those people in the cities are getting rich off your money, we need to fix that, bring back the factories and mines, get your job back and make you rich." and they go fuck yeah. But it won't work because the world doesn't work that way any more and even if they do open the coal mines (As they are trying to do atm), so what? The demand isn't there any more the world has other sources, the world is moving away from coal, and so on and so on. So you have this entire subsection of the population that is willing to overlook the couple little things they don't like about Trump if there are any, because he's gonna make them rich again and bring back the jobs. Hope is dangerous drug, is how the line goes I think.

There's a reason Trump's primary support base is almost entirely rural middle America.

And yes, media plays a big part in it. An entire generation grew up with their news source (Fox, or related, usually from what I've read) and that was the news you didn't watch anything else, that's the direct line to the truth. The Republicans and by extension Trump effectively have completely control of what comes out of there so yeah, it's literally a propaganda machine pointed directly at the people that support the current administration to keep them angry and scared and supporting the plans of the people in power.

Those are just the couple things I can think off the top of my head, and I'm sick of typing. But hopefully that helps a bit. The thing to remember is that Trump is a force of charisma to the base he targets, he's incredibly skilled at lying and manipulating and telling those people what they want to hear. Facts have, as we know, played effectively no part in his entire campaign and administration.


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I'm not where exactly it sits on the list, but the Trump administration's hatred of immigrants and the gleeful willingness at which they are willingly to treat them as subhuman is pretty far up there.


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There's a great bit of NPC dialogue in Mass Effect 2 that's a commander talking to a bunch of random soldiers about kinetic bombardment on one of the space stations, and how important it is to aim REALLY REALLY REALLY carefully before you even think about firing cause if you miss that thing is just gonna keep going until it hits whatever poor planet happens to be in the way a thousand light years in that direction and completely obliterates an entire civilization out of nowhere cause some jagoff a thousand years ago couldn't hit the broad side of a planet.


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avatar wrote:

You're right... Trump COULD start a war and pile up his own mountain of bodies comparable to Cheney...

For the record, in absolutely no way was I referring to Trump starting a war. That, honestly, doesn't even factor into the situation at the moment for me, sure he could, but that's very clearly not the gameplan right now.

I'm talking about the fact that Trump and the republicans just ramrodded a clearly unfit, possibly to illegal and almost certainly immoral levels, Supreme Court judge through the process, despite massive outcry from the public and official institutions, and with active effort to cover up anything that might be there to be found, because they wanted HIM.

Kavanaugh is a firm believer that the President should be exempt from the law for the simple reason that he is President, he also believes that any sort of federal pardon should also pardon that person at a state level. And the US currently has a sitting president that also believes those things because he is a man overburdened with shady criminal activities and connections, surrounded by people with the same. And I have no doubt the thought that he could pardon himself and his entire corrupt little family and they could all get away scott free gives him waves of orgasmic pleasure unparalleled in modern history. And I'm sure there's more than a few Republicans that wouldn't mind having someone with that power in their back power, owing them a favour for giving them that power.

How long until those bills start hitting the floor do you reckon? A month? Maybe two? Hell, they might try to push it through before novembers vote while they still definitely have the numbers for all I know. But what happens if they go through? We have a sitting president with the power to pardon himself and anyone around him.

That sure as hell sounds like a solid first step to proper dictatorial take over to me.

And if the blue wave doesn't happen? What then? They've got another 2 years to kill off programs, plant their puppets in more sectors of the government, push through more bills to funnel money to themselves and corporations, and who knows what else. Are we so sure a democracy would still come out the other end of it?

Maybe this seems a little doomsday crier or what have you, and maybe it is, maybe they'll be satisfied with just taking over the government and shaping it to their whims as is and then give it up in 2 or 6 years like the good little proud Americans they all are. But the fact that we're even having a discussion where it's even a possibility let alone one that seems to be pretty likely is more than enough cause to say something is wrong and that maybe the people in power, shouldn't be.


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I'm probably the last person to know this exists but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this is dark.


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I don't know dude, this is still pretty amped up. Although I was specifically referring to the crowd being SO HYPED ALL THE TIME FOR DARTS.

Hopefully the embed keeps the timecode, just jump to 6:27 if not for the first random instance I happened upon.