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BigDamnArtist wrote:

I'm not a big podcast guy...

Oh how the times do change, don't they.

Bumping this thread because the resident frenchman was bemoaning the lack of things to listen to in chat.

My current roster of pods (RPG heavy up front, other stuff later):

One Shot Network - A Chicago based podcast network with a ton of great shows on a whole bunch of different RPG centric and adjacent topics. The central show is just called One Shot, and it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like, an anthology of one shots in a variety (like, a V A R I E T Y) of different RPG's. Usually 2-5 episodes per one shot at an hour to 2 hours a piece depending. It's nice because you don't need to commit to a massive story arc, you can just find a game that interests you and listen in. The performers are all incredibly talented improv performers and RPG nerds, so there's always a ton of great character and story work at play.


My personal recommendation for a series to start with (because it's my favorite): http://oneshotpodcast.com/one-shot/142- … the-beast/

Campaign - One of the other flagship shows for One Shot. Their long form campaign(s). The first campaign was set in the Star Wars universe, and the new campaign is set in an original universe based on the music of the Decemberists, (Basically Airship pirates with magic and zombies), also incorporates the Illimat board game in a really really freaking cool way.


System Mastery - 2 nerds sit around reviewing old, terrible RPG's. It's pretty dang fun. They also do a show called Expounded Universe where they read old Expanded universe Star Wars novels and review them (Review usually synonymous with "make fun of", but you know, potato potato), and they also do a movie review show reviewing new movies in theaters, and terrible old movies suggested by listeners.

Considering this forum, start here, Jef and Jon read Shadows Of The Empire: https://systemmasterypodcast.com/2017/0 … he-empire/

Neoscum - Shadowrun Actual Play podcast.


Hey Riddle Riddle - 3 improvisers who hate riddles sit around and try to solve riddles. Things get out of hand VERY quickly, it's great.


Improvised Star Trek - A 100% improvised new episode of a fictional Star Trek show every week, aboard the USS Sisyphus. (EDITORS NOTE: This is one of those shows that I reference CONSTANTLY when I talk to people about the power of long form improv formats).

First Ep: https://www.theimprovisedstartrek.com/episode/0001

Our Fair City - More of a radio drama than a podcast persay, but it just wrapped up it's 8th and final season, so it's got more than enough content to last you a while. Set in the post-apocalyptic insurance-company-turned-"benevolent"-overlords and last underground refuge of humanity, Hartlife. Featuring mole people, zombies, and the ever present eye of Hartlife. (Again, one of those shows I point people at for the power of the medium) I'm only on season 4, but it's absolutely fantastic.


Ologies - A new one for me so I haven't listened to a lot of episodes yet, but the ones I have are fantastic. Basically, Alie Ward interviews scientists and experts in a variety of obscure, strange and downright weird fields about the things they study. Part comedy, part science, part oh-gods-I-did-not-want-to-know-that-why-would-you-tell-me-that?!.


Lore - I think everyone knows about this one by now. Aaron Mahnke tells you spooky stories from history.


Welcome To Nightvale - Another one I'd be surprised if you haven't heard of, but just in case. Twilight Zone meets Douglas Adams in the small desert town of Nightvale where the local community radio host Cecil Palmer relays the news of the day.


This Podcast Will Kill You - Truth be told, I haven't listened to this much yet, but a friend highly recommended it to me so I'll pass it along. The 2 Erin's PhD, (disease ecologist and epidemiologist's) take you through the breadth and width of things that can kill you in all sorts of strange and horrifying ways; influenza, plague, HIV, Ebola, prions- you get the idea.


327 Pages We'll Never Get Back - Conor Lastowka and Michael J. Nelson (Of MST3K fame) read terrible books and talk about them. The titular 327 pages in reference to their first book, Ready Player One, oh yeah, strap the fuck in.

http://372pages.com/episode-0-a-book-we … ng-to-hate

Hello From The Magic Tavern - Another improvised podcast (Can you tell I've got a theme going on here?). A few years ago Arnie fell through a magic portal behind a burger king and wound up in the magical land of Foon. Still getting a weak wi-fi signal through the portal he decided to make a podcast interviewing all of the strange magical creatures and characters of Foon.

http://hellofromthemagictavern.com/2015 … ic-tavern/

No Such Thing As A Fish - The QI elves gather around a microphone to bring each other their favorite fact that they discovered that week. Basically a better version of QI where instead of cringy comedians trying to be funny it's intelligent and funny researchers sharing interesting things with no pretense.


The Technical Difficulties: Reverse Trivia - The precursor to Tom Scott and Co.'s fabulously popular youtube series, Citation Needed. Tom Scott reads the answers from a classic set of trivia question cards, and by classic I mean they're from 1984, to the panel, and they have to guess the question. If you like Tom Scott and any of the other stuff The Technical Difficulties have done, you should absolutely listen to this show if you haven't already.



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This one was really cute.



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I saw the couple photos that Mark Hamill threw on twitter today, and, like, I was already excited, but holy crap it looks SO. GOOD.

Links for the nonsocial media-ers: https://twitter.com/HamillHimself/statu … 8664023040
https://twitter.com/HamillHimself/statu … 6360767491


And if everything works out by the time I can actually afford to go, all the crowds will have died off and I will be able to actually enjoy it.


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Chad Peter wrote:

(to be fair, her slightly older brother helps produce/write the songs, but even he's only 21(!)).

This /really/ undersells just what he's managed to pull off. He's producing at a high professional level, with their stuff actually going to radio and beyond, from his wood paneled bedroom in their parents house, with Billie recording vocals sitting on his bed, and mastering on his desktop computer.

This is absolutely the future I was promised, these two managed to prove that you could bypass the entire old-guard system as an independent artist working out of your room. I'm still waiting for the day when all of the insanely talented artists I follow on youtube doing this exact sort of thing will be able to get the same sort of recognition. But the tides are changing, a couple years ago you never even would have considered that an artist like them would get radio play outside indie spotlights or some such.

These 2 are going to do some crazy cool shit as they get older, and I am HYPED.


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Writhyn wrote:

Also @Boter and @BDA:
You guys were willing to test the prototype, so I wanted to make this clear: To Smithereens is (at least right now) a 2-player game, so not really geared for fun game nights with many friends tongue. Not sure I made that clear before. Still interested?

Just saw this, I am definitely still down to wrangle some people up to try it out 1v1.

Abbie wrote:

To use one example, the big AMC near me as recently as 2013 would carry a shit ton of indie dramas on its fourteen screens..

And I'm in the same boat as Boter here. In my experience, the fact that that ever existed in the first place is an aberration.

The theatre here has 11 screens and only recently has it started branching out from what we'd consider mainstream movies, if you ever wanted to see indie flicks you had to go to Vancouver or Toronto and find one of the little indie theatres that survived by the skin of it's teeth, or find a film festival. (Lately the theater here has been starting to bring in some special event showings like streaming Operas and theatre events, they're starting to experiment with hosting pro gaming tournament streams, and for the past couple summers they've been hosting classic movie nights. Basically just trying to get more people through the doors, because, shockingly, theaters are having a hard time surviving in 2019 even when they can keep seats filled for Avengers for weeks on end, which is another problem in and of itself.)

Oh jeez, it'll be chaos, literally 1's of showings.

Where is your bar set that only having 5 or 6 different non-MCU movies playing at once is a drastic slight against the system? Even before the MCU blew up most of the theatres around here had maaaaybe 6 or 7 movies playing at once.

And even still unless its like AAA blockbuster extraordinaire, most movies will get the week of release with a ton of screenings and then drop down to 3 maybe 4 a day if theyre lucky. Especially during the summer when theres a new major release every week. Like Endgame has had all the fancy showings for 2 weeks now, but Cap Marvel has maybe 2-3 showings a day, and I garuntee Endgame is going to get knocked out of most of those the second Pikachu gets released.


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bgii2000 wrote:

LOL.  Unintentional but true.  Nah, I mean, they sell Censorship as a Service, they're in bankruptcy proceedings, and they have endorsements from a bunch of people I don't trust.

Eesh. Reading through their Wikipedia article is like a who's who of scummy business practices.

"The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October 2017 as a legal strategy to protect the company against the ongoing lawsuit" followed by like 6 paragraphs of lawsuits from studios for illegally ripping movies to their streaming service.


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Also... fun fact: The first feature directorial outing for old-school-Youtube's own MysteryGuitarMan.

(I haven't seen it yet, but you follow enough youtubers and eventually someone retweets something from a youtuber you haven't seen in more than 6 years.)


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Oh, just realized I never actually posted in here. Sign me up for a test version when it's ready. It'll give me a good excuse to harang my friends into a game night.

More miniatures.

https://beforesandafters.com/2019/03/28 … ter-scene/

Amazed we don't have a central repository for these things yet...

I haven't seen The Hudsucker Proxy, but just look at these flipping miniatures and sets.

https://beforesandafters.com/2019/03/26 … ker-proxy/

This one is one of the coolest BTS photos I've ever seen:



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Thinking on it overnight, I'm wondering if I might be getting thrown sideways because it's the defender pulling the cards, so attacking feels like a very passive action. There's no strategy or intention behind the attack, it's just pull the trigger and hope, and then the defender gets to ultimately decide what happens.

You mentioned having special damage effects on some of the cards as an extra "bonus" bit of damage, but I wonder if that might be better served by pulling it out into a separate mechanic that the attacker is in control of. Just thinking as I type, so this may or may not work... but something along the lines of, each player is dealt two special effect cards that they can play with an attack, so say...

I move to attack Boter's ship, I have 2 guns, and I really want to blow out his propulsion system so he's a sitting duck. I play my special ability card at the beginning of the attack that says if Boter pulls a propulsion system damage card it auto crits. And just extend that to whatever other effects you can think of: If the defender takes  damage to it's weapon systems from the attack, one gun is out of commission for a round. Player then draws back up to 2 cards, and can burn resources to scrap their current hand and redraw.

At that point, it's still effectively up to whatever the defender pulls, but as the attacker I can control a small amount of the strategy of the fight with what I'm (effectively) targeting that could have larger repercussions down the line, ie. I manage to crit Boter's propulsion, he's a sitting duck for a round, allowing me to move a second ship into firing range, but then Boter manages to get a shot into my weapons systems meaning I don't have the firepower to blow him out of the sky while he repairs his engines.


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Just from a player playing to have fun standpoint (I'll leave the numbers to Shadow, cause that's just better for everyone in involved)... I don't really see how this works as much more than a random chance battle sim.

The only actual active input the player seems to have is how many guns to build (And why wouldn't you build as many as possible? It /only/ increases your chances of scoring a crit), the rest is just up to the fates of whatever you pull from the deck.

If this is going to be the primary fighting method, it would be nice to have some amount of strategy or interactivity at play. Maybe the players have a deck of cards they can use to attack or defend with, that take ship resources to activate, or there are drawbacks to having to many guns for your ship size, or something like that.

I get the feeling right now that I'd play one round of this, get slaughtered and feel like shit because I was just entirely at the mercy of the RNG gods.

But that said, this is literally the only thing I have heard or know about your game, for I know right now this could be an insignificant little side mechanic of the game. So TIFWIW.

EDIT: To clarify. I don't see how this system executes the in-universe idea of "I am an intelligent ship captain trying to be better than another intelligent ship captain that I am currently fighting."


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MartyJ wrote:

Narnia is a world where Santa Claus gives deadly weapons to children.

Philip Seymour Hoffman wrote:

Excuse me, what the fuck?

Except Santa Claus is also /literally/ god.


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Narnia... is... odd.

Reading it as an adult you don't have the luxury of childlike wonder and ignorance glossing over the incredibly heavy handed christian metaphors and themeing that goes into EVERYTHING in those books. Which in and of itself isn't the worst thing in the world, but as the series goes on it just becomes increasingly more and more like a weird trip until you hit The Last Battle where you just spend the entire thing going "What the /actual/ fuck am I reading right now?".

They're probably worth one read through as an adult, but there's a reason they only ever tried to adapt 3 of them to film, cause, hooboy.


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Mongolian metal. Fk yeah.