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Teague wrote:

Man, going back and re-reading this thread is a trip.

Dayum, Invid (almost) nailing TLJ back in 2014.


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Slowly but surely (mostly slowly) the march of progress moves forward.


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OPnly started following this one about a month or so ago, but it's definitely worth a mention. Alec is a UK based blacksmith, he does daily vlogs wherein he experiments with forging, machining and casting. He's crazy energetic so if that's not your thing, maybe a pass, but he always approaches his project from the pov of "what can I learn from how I just fucked that up"? Which is an awesome way for a creator like this to be, since his whole thing his learning new skills and techniques.


Certainly one of those creators I'd throw in the "fuck yeah, make stuff" category.


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Thanks guys big_smile I was actually really not sure it was gonna sell, so thats really good to hear.


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I know you don't believe us when we say this, but I'm gonna say it again, I learn more from an hour of you rambling at a mic than I did in the entirety most of classes in film school.

Also, for shits and/or giggles, cause you were talking about our shooting location... this is the raw plate.


So I'm gonna call it a win that nothing about the painting itself was odd enough to at least verbally call out.


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Well that definitely looks a fuck of a lot better, considering the version I posted. I'll check it out. Thanks dude.

I think I might keep psyching myself you with trying to blend the post-apoc everything is running down listless sort of unclear vibe in my brain with the reality of things. Also working with log, and not doing final colour at the same time it's just a whole lot of new shit all at once.

Edit: Yeah, I deleted it, just not in a great headspace atm. I've been fighting this shot for over a month now between /everything/ else, and just wasn't exactly responding well to the whole..."Just fix this." "Teague, you just pointed to everything."...thing.


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Hmm, my issue is the alley one just completely obliterated all of the detail in the foreground fog, so it's just this giant ugly block of pixels that blends right up into the gate area.

And what is it about the Last Light sign that isn't working for you?


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So yeah, okay, these are probably definitely not where this is supposed to be used, but here's what happened, original frame on top, Invert/Soft Light on the bottom. (These are both super WIP shots, so ignore the overall horribleness of a lot of it.... apparently when you don't do any real VFX for 4 years, you forget a lot of shit)


The cellphone one definitely feels more natural but it also sucked most of the saturation out of it so...... *shrug*.


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I'll give it a shot, the one shot I'm working on is mostly a matte painting so I'm not sure what if any effect it would have on it, the other one is more of a holographic display burn in, so it might be more noticeable there. Give me a bit.


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That sounds familiar, how do you make that one work? Cause I just tried it on this one comp I'm working on, and everything's just washed out now.


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Okay Teague, question. You mentioned a trick off hand in the chat like 3 years ago, and I'll remember that I wanted to ask you what it was every 8 months or so... so now's the time.

It was something in the same vein as the Luminance/Lightness trick to try and get a comp that isn't quite working to work. It was something along the lines of inverting or messing with the channels of your comp, and then blending it back on top. That ring any bells?


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ShadowDuelist wrote:

Also, I have this amusing re-cut in my head where after the scene of the alien complaining about their illegal beach parking it just hard cuts to Finn and Rose in jail, and it's up to us to assume what happened in between. But given how mad some people are that we didn't learn every little detail about Snoke, I don't think that'd go over well.

This wouldn't have fixed all of the issues I have with Canto, primarily Conveniently Placed Saviour™ Del Toro. But it definitely would have improved it.


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Bit of a long watch but worth it, Colville lays out some really great dissection of the OT and how that is both affected by and affecting the Disney Star Wars'. I also agree with pretty much everything he says in this fwiw.


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I'll add Wolfenstein 2 to that list. Utter fucking insanity it is, but great utter fucking insanity.


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One of the LPer's I watch (KurtJMac) broke his lifelong solemn vow to never ever do cosplay because of that game.

It's definitely one I'm gonna have to check out.


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I shall direct you to the social thread, for what has been said about Nuke already:

http://friendsinyourhead.com/forum/view … hp?id=2098

As you were.


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Alex wrote:

But like I said, that's not just Star Wars -- that's nearly every movie I see now, and it drives me up the fucking wall. Same with the forced/terrible attempts at humor that rely mostly on the fact that the we know that the movie is trying to be funny so the movie kind of talks at us about it, like, 'how weird is this that we're being funny right now, right?,' rather than making any actual sort of joke. That shit is an epidemic in the current era of movies, and I find it as grating as I do baffling.

Yeah, this. It was about the time the movie interrupted what was otherwise a really cool interesting character scene with a joke about shirtless Kylo Ren that I was pretty much just done with the attempts at comedy.


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ShadowDuelist wrote:

TFA has really fucked up pacing in its own, different way. While I do agree TLJ's pacing better, I wouldn't call it way better.

That's fair, I was just thinking in terms of actually letting the movie sit for a second to breathe and let us actually feel something.

ShadowDuelist wrote:

I figured she didn't actually have a plan yet the first time he confronted her, and when when they did have a plan they wanted to keep it under wraps for as long as possible because they don't know if there's a spy on board (which is a reasonable suspicion given that they were just tracked through hyperspace). The second time Poe makes a scene and accuses her of treason before she can say much of anything. It's a weak point, but I don't think it's a full on plot hole.

I'll need to see it again to double check the timing of things. But I still don't buy her with holding info from Poe because there might be a spy on board (Which is a fantastic idea they decided not to do anything with), her first real interaction with Poe is to basically go "Hah, you're an idiot and I hate you, didn't Leia demote you? She hated you to." and then every move from there is just purposefully not telling Poe anything, which okay...Poe has been one of Leia's most trusted pilots, missteps in judgement aside, far as I know there is zero reason for her to be paranoid of him being a spy. Which hell, if they went that route that would have been something at least. Holdo takes over, is super paranoid about a spy on board and refuses to tell the crew anything, so Poe steps up and launches a mutiny and his plan. But instead it's "I'm not going to tell you anything." *Poe goes and gets most of the rebels blown up* "You know, I like that boy." I- guh- wha?! ....Holdo needs her pills back guys.


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I'm still sort of trying to piece together how I feel, but in general, I left the theatre with an overwhelming sense of meh, and it hasn't really gotten better since then.

Chaotic in all the wrong ways, there weren't really "scenes" so much as characters exchanging 1-3 lines that didn't really do or say much, before cutting away to something else. The unfortunate "every character is a comedic releif" thing of the Disney Star Wars' worsens, BB-8 exists solely to a derp whenever ever at all possible, Finn is just...Fucking Finn.... "Okay, we're on a secret mission to recruit the ONE GUY in the galaxy who can help us, and he's a suave high society mother fucker in a central planet casino, what should we do?" *WILD FUCKING FLAILING AND SCREAMING THROUGH THE HALLS.*

There was the opportunity for a REALLY REALLY fucking cool James Bond-y sequence in this cool new central planet location we haven't seen in the new Star Wars yet (Outside the 5 seconds we saw before the rebulic gone gone the fuck up), but instead it was just wild flailing, and going out of their way to be idiots (Seriously, Rose is supposed to be VERY familiar with this sort of place, and maybe, just maybe not illegally parking their ship on a public beach 5 meters away from the casino was too strange a concept?)

But yeah, mostly I just keep coming back to how chaotic this movie is, and granted this is a problem of most blockbusters these days, but it's utterly TERRIFIED of any sort of real intimate moments. The closest it gets it with Luke and Leia at the end, but even that's 3 lines and the movie just peels out going "NOPE NOPE NOT COMFORTABLE GOTTA BLOW SOMETHING UP." I'm very seriously considering going through and breaking down Force Awakens or TLJ and one of the OT just to see how massively different the pacing and gag placement is.

(I do agree Force Awakens is WAY better pacing wise, even though it still had... a lot... a LOT of other issues.)

Also last thing for right now, FUCK HOLDO. Seriously fuck this woman. "So you're plan is to purposefully withhold information from the pilot you know is twitchy and prone to rash moves on the basis of....what? Teaching him a lesson?... It's my ship so you'll do what I say because I say it?....well congrats, you didn't tell him the plan (Whish she definitely already told the entire bridge crew because they were already enacting it), he did exactly what you knew he would, knowing it might fail, and got the majority of the LAST REBELS IN THE GALAXY wiped out of the sky. Good fucking job woman, no I'm not going to feel sorry for you sacrificing yourself, if that's your idea of leadership the rebels are better off without you. Seriously Poe waking up and Leia being there to go "Here's the plan" "OH SHIT THAT'S GENIUS, THIS'LL TOTALLY WORK." was just the ultimate insult.


Anyways, good things. I do like the concept of the direction they went with Luke. A man so completely broken by his own failure and dark impulses that he just shut down is fantastic. The finer points of all that got lost in the chaos unfortunately.

The whole Rey/Kylo force linked scenes were a really really damn cool concept, I was not expecting that in any way. Killed me just a little bit inside that it was Snoke doing it and not the force itself, there was a really really cool concept to play with there for a minute.

The new dark side cave was cool as hell. The Porgs were very cute until they just became more slap stick fodder overused and placed in all the wrong moments. (Seriously you guys, these movies are just tension killing machines... ooooh a little too many emotions there gotta throw a Porg at the window*)

That shot of the Cruiser going to lightspeed through the First Order fleet was stunning beyond anything I thought these movies were capable of. Bra-godsdamned-oh to the team behind that one, dropping out all of sound was just brilliant.

I'm sure there's other stuff I liked but it's all just clouded in the noise right now... but yeah, fuck Holdo**, Finn is an idiot, and these movies really need to figure out their emotional issues.

*I would like to formally request adding Throwing A Porg At The Window to be entered into the Difctionary

**Laura Dern is amazing, and I love the concept of the character, but the fact she was used purely to make the idiotic choice that would give them the initial domino falling to start the chain reaction of the rest of the movie and a reason to kill off most of the rebel force is just aggravating.

EDIT: These movies also need to get better at naming thier characters...does ANYONE actually know what Benicio Del Toro's character is called? Or is he just "Random Convenient Plot Movement Device #68™"?


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Steve Mould doesn't put out a ton of videos, but they're always interesting and sciencey.

He's also occasionally does stuff with Festival of The Spoken Nerd (If you have some spare cash to throw around, their live shows are hilarious and great fun), and with Matt Parker (standupmaths) on his channel.


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I think I saw the trailer running on a TV at a restaurant and went "Well that that looks like a lame "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" meets a feelsy book-your-mom-would-read adaptation clusterfuck. That's 100% something I will never be seeing."

Apparently I'm gonna have to check it out now. DammitTrey.gif


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The DM for the D&D group I'm playing with right now created custom narrated prologues for each of our characters before the campaign started, and as character stuff is revealed we're releasing them publicly, I'm creating some subtle video backgrounds for them. We just released the one for my character (Sah'Shad) today.