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Listened through once, MP3s played over my car's audio. My biggest gripe is that the cacophony of tones and alarms overpowers the voices pretty regularly. A bit of compression might have saved this for me, but it also seems odd from a cockpit-voice-recorder standpoint. It's like you've had it both ways: found footage and immersive audio.

Teague's performance rocked my world, further galvanizing my fandom. The Grim-Dreadnaught scene had me going misty, as well as Blue's big monologue. Banter and world building: all high marks; references and callbacks: ditto. One exception there: did "high-explosive solutions" get a rule of three? I only noticed it twice. Sobered by the Invid ref <hat tip>.

Tense scenes: I feel like the performances could have been more nuanced. Line readings are mostly good, but they show evidence of being, "readings," as opposed to delivery of memorized (or putatively extemporaneous) material. Again with the beeps and sweeps: there's a baseline of noises when the tension is off so I mostly tune them out to hear the words, so I didn't feel the pressure being applied by the sfx as acutely as you'd like.


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I keep relearning that my CS6 Encore will crash if I zoom the timeline in juuuust past the point of each frame being 10 pixels across on the time ruler. What a minefield if you want to be precise about editing a chapter point.


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http://www.geekexchange.com/news/the-fl … howrunner/

See what happens when you bump threads?

FotN is a largely forgotten cash-in after the ET craze in the mid-80's, I admit to having enjoyable memories of seeing this in theaters when I was 12-ish.

Would pair well with Explorers.


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Yiddish for the win.

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMjAyNjkyOTgzNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTk0MDc2MzE@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/6/6b/WildCard.2015.png/220px-WildCard.2015.png


Wild Card is a 2015 American action thriller film directed by Simon West, and starring Jason Statham, Michael Angarano, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Milo Ventimiglia, Hope Davis, and Stanley Tucci. The film is based on the 1985 novel Heat by William Goldman, and is a remake of the 1986 adaptation that starred Burt Reynolds.[4] The film was released in the United States on January 30, 2015 in a limited release and through video on demand.
Wild Card was a "box office bomb", making only $6.7 million internationally against a $30 million budget.

I was originally just browsing in search of a film to help me develop my hooligan British accent, and would've passed on this if not for the spiritual 5th FIYH Goldman's name on it. This is apparently the second failed attempt at bringing this to the screen, both times as vanity projects produced by the lead actor. Burt Reynolds was the first to give it a go in "Heat"

Neither this nor the 1986 version focused (until the end) on the weak rich guy wanting to learn to be tough which was probably the nugget that Goldman was half-heartedly polishing in the novel.

The big sequence of Nick Wild's improbable run of luck at Blackjack, is followed predictably followed by the self-destructive total loss on the last hand. It's been done better in other films.

The fisticuffs are on-par, except so many frames are brutally excised from the film during the moments of contact that there must've been blood all over the editing suite.

Disappointingly, Tucci's blood pressure never rises above, "golfing for 9 holes," in any of his 3 short scenes.

On the upside, I've ceased to pronounce my 'atches, so mission accomplished.


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Good stuff. I continue to watch this thread... ;-)

<sniffs, tastes>
That's a fucking "Milky Way."
Ya' limey fruits got your planets and galaxies all inside-out.



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Hello Michael, we look forward to your contributions.  wink

What kind of compositing are you into these days?


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Dorkman, Fuck Yeah!


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Yep, you're one of my favorite, "I know a guy who..." stories for that one! ;-)


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I remember doing the prison-establishing shots for that.
Where the hell's my money?


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Solid work.

Hey Teague, is the Radiopunk address accessible to members only?
Mind if I link Dale Daugherty to it?


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Tomahawk wrote:

I may or may not have misread a single word in there. Move along, or I'll kiss your asses too.

The reply is acceptable; the tale told worthy indeed. ;-)


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First, I must acknowledge the appearance of Dave! Surviving fatherhood alright?

First night out with friends that made you feel older than you were.

Not sure that I will personally ever feel old, but then I've always been mature for my age.

I got married not long after college, none of my friends at that time were even seriously dating anyone. I tried to hang on to the old social connections, but it quickly devolved into having no value for me. At a certain level, and this is probably sexist at the core, a major purpose of the college social life is to hook up and move on. Getting married is one way to shift phases.

Keeping the story short: my college crew were getting back together to hit a club in the city, and all that that implies. My wife was at a weekend continuing education class someplace, leaving me a born again bachelor for the evening. Watching the veritable "Night at the Roxbury" that ensued made me pity my boys, and appreciate my wedded bliss all the more.

Q: Describe the most superlative moment of ass-kissing you've experienced, perpetrated or witnessed.

This is the best thing I will consume this week.

Writhyn wrote:

The Force Awakened and moved him to compassion

Believe it or not, I like this one ^ the best.

@Squig & DarthP, I guess from an in-film perspective it is handled just fine. We see him struggle in the village, we get that he's about to get busted by Phasma, he quits. However, and this was my thought on the first-watch, how does this guy ever get into a squad? If the FO is really as ruthless as we are led to believe, Finn should have been executed in the field for cowardice.

Anyhoo, in the spirit of curiosity and fair-shake giving, I bought Greg Rucka's "Before the Awakening." The Finn backstory in there tells us that he is a highly successful (the best in his class, even) cadet, but his 'flaw' is that he cares about his fellow cadets, and presumably people in general. He gets reprimanded //by Phasma// repeatedly for not being ruthless enough, for helping his fellow cadets when they are weak. What is never addressed is how someone raised from infancy in that culture can't deal with it, and rebels against it...or why he was still allowed to be a part of it.

Does this foreshadow some great expository flashback or fireside confession in upcoming episodes? What is in his past that made him want to be 'good'? Why was he not happy like the other stormtroopers? That is what I'm dying to know. A writer someplace spitballed the character: a stormtrooper who changes sides. I want to know how they justified the backstory that leads to that, such that it's more than that superficial whim.

Got a heavily spoken-over re-watch this past weekend courtesty of Amazon streaming. The friends on my couch discussed and opined over the whole running time, but we never were able to nail down (or ret-con) how a stormtrooper could suddenly decide to, "do the right thing." What have you guys got for that?

<--- Really digs Teague's writing style and sense of humor.

Bra fucking vo, sir.
I've been silently watching your progress on this lil' fellah in the chat.

I'm on the board of our local Makerspace(tm), (and setting up a Maker Faire in late August [/implied rejectionphobic invitation]). Once the electronics website guys are done with this, I bet we could get you into MAKE magazine.

That fight immediately had me planning an extravagant scene where saplings are being sliced with every swing. Then they started doing that on screen.

Good stuff up there Owen, thanks!

How many callbacks to the other movies can we list?

Fin has a brief moment with the ANH training drone while trying to fix the Falcon.
Han quips to Fin (the former Starkiller Station janitor) about trash compactors.
Kylo Ren was originally named "Ben," presumably after Kenobi (pretty sure this was an EU fact as well, and callback might not be the right term...)
Maz' <fixed> bungalow looks like Jabba's Palace and the Cantina begat a Disney-themed love-child.

I know I'm forgetting a bunch.