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I've heard the singles, and probably part of a Sound Opinions episode (I hate the hosts, thus I can never get through a whole one), now I intend to inject (ed.: correct spelling was injeSt, but the slip withstands the editing process) the rest.


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I'm the 5 year old in that photo. Or maybe she's my spirit animal, or something.

... and the urge to make an off-color pussy-cat comment has been resisted. ;-)


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That is a terrific expression Alice, sweet tending toward mischievous.
Cons: too much headspace. ;-)

From my fancy new smugmug account:


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I got this as soon as it came out on VHS to study the CGI, at the time I imagined myself pursuing a career in VFX.
That's why I love to live retro-vicariously through Trey.


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The doggo we deserve...


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As a connoisseur of babies, I must say that yours looks delicious.


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Indeed, it seems I am 4 years remiss in my pupper update duties.
Perny fresh out of the grooming salon:

I assume you're already a steroids pro, but you just made me remember how much unalloyed rage I experienced while on Prednisone after a minor automobile wreck. How I never went sore-loser-wookiee on anybody is beyond me.


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<crooked eye> Not sure that was apologetic enough.


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<---Prefers Mezcal, with or without the worm.

Nominated to the chat archive due to brevity and wit spawned therefrom:
Teague: axe-throwing sounds fun.
BigDamnArtist: It is actually. It's kinda like bowling, but with a higher chance of serious injury.

That's it!!
Reverse psychology!


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One of those things that lives in my brain and has chosen now to leap out:
We need a detailed history of the Borg. How they were once just like us, how they became what they are. Jerry Ryan must star, obviously. Maybe she teaches at the academy, sometimes presenting uploaded collective memories she once held as part of their cloud. A whole 'nother take on Locutus. Probably a limited number of episodes to be had there, but with new ST coming I'm putting my marker down.

I agree with Fireproof's middle paragraph.

Notably, many nurses will tell you that they decided to get into nursing after seeing how a dedicated nurse was integral to the recovery of a loved one of theirs. (re-reads sentence, lets it stand but continues)
You can see a lot of the best kind of pay-it-forward among medical professionals.

Some people see no problem with tossing their used packages on the street. My house is bordered by such a street, which is a no-mans land on an ambiguous municipal boundary. It's thickly bushed which makes sprucing it up a physical pain. There are several regular litterers, I find the same products disposed of in roughly the same location weekly if not daily. Drink cans, glass pint liquor bottles, whole fast-food meals worth of trash wrapped up in the main paper bag.
How do you motivate people to knock that shit off?


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I re-watched ST over the weekend, with this commentary. Who actually does that?

Anyway, I deduce that Trey's team was unaware of the intended tone while working on it; I mean, they all just treated it like bugs killing dude and vice-versa, right? At what level would you say anyone else on the project was aware of the intent? Was the irony all manufactured in the edit, or were (any of) the cast and crew consciously overkilling it?


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I recall seeing that one on TV, musta been mid-80's.
The most inappropriate and captivating thing these eyes had yet seen.


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I Netflixed 2008's Get Smart last night between bouts of my eldest's Algebra homework (zeros of higher order 2-dimensional polynomials, as one does).
I've never cared for Steve Carell as an "actor" performing "characters." I couldn't stand The Office (U.S.), and Mel Brooks is overrated.
...and Dwayne "The Rock" supports

as a double-agent/villain who get his just deserts.
If you harbor anything like the same awful jealousy as I do for this man (Johnson is just a little too effing good at being famous and charismatic, am I right?) it's fun to see him
taking his lumps.

BUT, I love me some Anne Hathaway, and this movie features her gloriously.

Ms. Hathaway brings the objectification to be sure, but her real job is to grow agent 99's relationship with 86 from contempt to "it's complicated," and she nails that more convincingly than Barbara Feldon ever did on the original TV series.
An example of the writing that I liked:
Carell's Maxwell Smart has recently lost a huge amount of body weight that had restricted him to being an office-bound "analyst," while he dreamed of becoming a field agent for the american CONTROL spy outfit in the battle against KAOS. Finally fit, and subsequently passing his agent's exam, he's finds himself on a mission partnered with the femme fatale agent 99. In a bid to make her jealous during a formal dance party in the home of their russian adversary, Smart selects the adorable plus-sized Lindsay Hollister as his dance partner and proceeds to earn everyone's respect, and thus pays off the wieght-loss plotline.

6.5 IMDB stars is about right overall.


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I have it on good authority that the head and the womb may both benefit from being connected.
The putative double entendre will be allowed to stand.


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<hurries off to make a Chomper account>

A wide spectrum of problematic images has washed over me.