Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Its been a fantastic run guys, i don't post often but i've been listening since the beginning of DIF and you guys will be missed.

Hopefully the forum stays active as it will be good to stay in touch/up to date with what people are doing as i don't use social media much but i do stop by and check the forum.

Good luck and thanks everyone  smile

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!


Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Thank you!

While I regret my lack of involvement in the forum in the 3ish years that I've been listening, I couldn't let this opportunity to thank you slip by.

In that weird way that the Internet can allow (if you're lucky), you guys truly have been friends in my head. Even if I haven't taken an active role in the conversation, for hundreds and hundreds of hours, you've kept me company in both tough times and great times. 

There are many things I want to express about all of you and the amazing podcast you've produced, but I'll err on the side of brevity and instead just say it again: thank you.

I will greatly miss regular episodes, but will look forward to the rare occasions when you have to fire the mics up again *cough*Star Wars*cough*.


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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

I'm not listening, lalalalala.


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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Well I guess I'm going to have to indefinitely suspend my research on lupus then... such a horrible disease really... all those poor people...  and puppies...  did I mention that puppies get lupus too ...

(Are they buying the whole guilt trip thing?  No?  God damn it!)

Thanks for the 1,000 hours.  I loved this podcast more than life itself.

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Well, it's been fun guys.

I really wish I had discovered this site sooner, to share in more fun times with you all. I can honestly say that I have learned more about films, and how to respect other people's opinions regarding different points of view than in many other interactions.

I am extremely grateful to the connections that have been formed here. I have listened to TPM and AtoC commentaries more than is probably healthy due finding it so enjoyable and funny. But, having this community has been far more enjoyable than any of the commentaries and it is frustrating to not be able to take it everywhere like I do the podcasts wink

I wish you all well in your future projects, and offer an open invite to my friends here to feel free to let me know when you are in the Seattle area (since I doubt you'll make it to Northern Idaho wink) to make arrangements to meet up, and partake in a beverage of your choice, on me.

Teague, Brian, Mike, Trey, Eddie, Paulu, Alex, Zoe, Anthony, and all the rest, thank you. Thank you ever so much for allowing me to be a part of your lives. It means more than I could ever say.

And Teague, better keep us up to date, man. Because, you guys do good work.

Also, just because I like this meme so much:


God loves you!

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

I've long marveled at the panel's dedication to putting out quality content on a regular basis. It's been the source of many, many hour of entertainment to me. And I greatly value the fantastic experiences I've had on this forum.

All things end. Thank you for all you've given us.

Warning: I'm probably rewriting this post as you read it.

Zarban's House of Commentaries

Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Been a fan of you guys for forever, pretty much the only podcast I've ever really kept up with. Thanks for all the great stuff, Gonna be re-listening to the stuff for years to come (It's pretty much the only thing I can listen to when I go to sleep)

Can't complain either, the last few commentaries are definitely ya'll going out on a high note.

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Zarban wrote:

And I greatly value the fantastic experiences I've had on this forum.

Zarbaggins alone is basically worth all 1,000 hours of recording.


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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

This is sad.  I will miss this podcast. It has been an immense resource for increasing my understanding of movies and how they are made.  Thanks for the hours and hours of entertainment.

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

You can't stop the signal.

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

And just like that...

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

The last 5 seconds == Tears


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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

What can I say that hasn't already been said? I'll give it a go anyway....

Realised that I feel terrible that I didn't involve myself in the forums more (medical school is where free time goes to die), but if its going this way, I'll get on board.
First of all, I love you guys. What you guys have done is pretty monumental and you should feel proud. It sucks we won't hear any more commentaries (still waiting on DKR and ASM damn it!), but I appreciate everything. I encountered this show completely by chance and it has had such a big impact on my life. I can't imagine how many times I've listened to the prequel commentaries. It's amazing how had not clicked some retweet years ago, how different everything could be.
I will really miss it and I hope its actually just a hiatus.
Thank you Mike, Trey, Brian, Eddie, Ryan, Anthony and every one else.
But most important, thank you Teague, none of it would be possible without you.

Also, when I'm next in LA, let me buy you guys a beer.

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!


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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

In may of 2009, some asshole called Teague posted a link to his dumb movie commentary podcast on the TFN forums. A couple of days later an idiot 16 year old going by maul2 saw it and decided to give it a listen. 6 years later I'm still here, and this place is my home. This forum, the friends I've made here, and this ridiculous podcast have gotten me through the worst times in my life, the best ones, and has always been there for every step of the way as I went from idiot high schooler to a working independent filmmaker.

It's not an exaggeration to say I wouldn't be who I am today without this place. It has shaped my views on film making, storytelling, art in general, and a lot of what it means to be a decent human being. I know a lot of the people on this forum better than I do my irl friends and I've known a lot of you longer than I've known just about anyone, short of my family. And that fact always blows my mind. This place, and this podcast has been the single largest constant in my life for the past 6 years, and for that I will always be eternally grateful.

So thank you Teague for starting this mad project 6 years ago and letting some idiot kid tag along all this while. And thank you to everyone else who joined in and made this place a truly singular island of amazing-ness. There is no way I can ever express how much that means to me.

Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Dude, you were maul2? I never made that connection.

Granted, I haven't been on tfn in forever but still, I feel rather dumb.

And yeah, I found this via tfn too and called Teague "Fig" for a while.

God loves you!

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the time you've put into the podcast over the years.  I'm glad to know that you plan to keep to back catalog and the forum available.  In the 3+ years since I found your podcast it's been great hearing you all and getting to know you in this vague way that is created by the internet.  I hope if I ever find myself in LA I might have the privilege of buying any one or all of you a drink.  You really have become the friends in my head, and I suspect your back catalog and the forum will keep you there for a long time.

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

I found DIF (back then) through IMDB-messageboard (ironically) from Sucker Punch - comment section back in 2010 (probably). Somebody recommended it there.
Ether Sucker Punch of Phantom Menace was my first podcast from you. I listened for it and was hooked up instantly.
Over the years I shared some links back on IMDB-boards (on Blob for exemple) for other people to find this podcast.
I listened all of podcasts and some of them for several times. I really liked LOTR-marathon, it felt so awesome, I felt like I am in the same room with all you guys.
Sometimes, when falling asleep, I would listen for DIF/FIYH and saw dreams where we all hang out together and you guys keep talking as I never had a time to say much. smile

Can´t even tell you how many of your insights/ideas/stories I passed to my friends from you guys.
Sorry, this text is rather mixed up, I am not following any story-structure here you guys are always talking about. smile
Also, thank you all forum-guys for helping me with your birthday-congartulation-videos for my friend, that was a blast!
Ah, great times. I will continue to listen for those podcasts for a long time.
Ok, see ya guys aroud and thank you for a great ride.
Cheerz and let´s keep in touch!

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

fireproof78 wrote:

Dude, you were maul2? I never made that connection.

Granted, I haven't been on tfn in forever but still, I feel rather dumb.

Haha, yep, that was me waaaay back in the day. I used maul2 back in the TFN days, and for the first couple years on here.

Although I haven't been on TFN in probably a good 4-5 years at least.

Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Even when you guys say goodbye, you keep it inspirational.

Thanks for the podcast.

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Hey, sorry this is kind of long and covers a lot of what others have said. Amazing that so many people have had the same experience with the podcast. The headline here is really just: Thank you for everything you've done, it's meant more to me than I could possibly express. In some strange way, I love you guys like my closest friends and family.

You probably don’t remember me. I never posted much and it’s been years since I’ve been around, but I never stopped listening to DiF (and it’ll always be Down in Front to me, not that it matters now I suppose). I lurk every once in a while, though not as much as I should given how great the community here is. I guess now’s the time to speak up if it’s ever going to be.

This was the first podcast I ever regularly listened to, starting me on the path to a damned podcast addiction. I have about 50 in regular rotation at this point, though I don’t listen to every episode of every one. DiF has been my favorite ever since I was introduced to it on the /tv/ board of 4chan (which is an astonishingly terrible place, even by 4chan standards).  This podcast almost singlehandedly made the hours of my life I wasted on that message board worth it.

When the OSU film program proved to be incredibly scattered, DiF became my source for the kind of smart film-related conversation I’d hoped to have more often with classmates. When I had trouble with insomnia, I'd fall asleep to it. When my dog died last year, the FIYH archives were what I used to distract myself.

There never was a movie podcast quite like this. Critical ones weren’t as funny, funny ones never had any substance to them, and podcasts by people working in the film industry usually seemed boring, promotional, or guarded. The best a listener could usually hope for was a single knowledgeable and funny host, let alone the six or seven regular contributors DiF had all getting together in the same place at the same time. You guys managed to have the energy and chemistry of a fancast, while maintaining the knowledge of a critical/industry podcast. Not that there weren’t other commentary podcasts, but none hit that balance like DiF. It was truly unique and fantastic, and that was 100% due to the people doing the talking.

Thank you guys for all the work you clearly put into making this happen. You had to show up every week for years, buy tons of microphones and mixing boards, and edit the episodes. As if that wasn’t enough, you really went above and beyond with the site design, intro video, multiple iTunes streams, live YouTube streams of nearly every episode complete with graphics and a chat stream, all the way down to the way you interact with your fan community. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a more professional-feeling whole… I don’t know if there’s a word for it. The whole package. Everything. It all worked, it was all great, and I know that can’t have come easy. Or cheap. (Managed to work in a Jurassic Park quote, yeah!)

But seriously, trying to come up with something to say that everyone else hasn't already said: the technical quality with which you've executed basically every aspect of putting out a podcast or other piece of online content is unparalleled by basically anything short of multi-million dollar franchises like Nerdist. I've always thought that if I were going to start a podcast or something I'd take my cues from what you guys have done.

While I’d always love to have more content from the FIYH network, I’d never want you guys to have to go through all that work if your hearts weren’t in it. So thanks for all the hours of entertainment on my commutes, thanks for teaching me more about screenwriting than actual screenwriting classes, and thanks for all the laughs. I’ve been listening to this podcast since 20-freakin’-10, watched nearly all of the LOTR and Malariathon broadcasts live, participated in Project Halp and the road trip, and I have to say that you guys honestly do feel like friends in my head (a sentence that would probably sound incredibly creepy were it not the actual name of the network).

So, sorry again for the rambling.

Whatever it is you guys have planned next, I hope it's something you enjoy. I’m sure it will be amazing.

And to everyone else, I guess I'll hear from you over at the Extended Edition!

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

And just like that...

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Good lord. I don't know what I expected, but this has certainly been more moving than I was prepared for.

I'm just gonna go through all the thread responses individually.


Thanks. Thank you sir. As to the second paragraph, about the forum and the tradition being carried on since TFN and all that, I'm just glad you feel that way and it all works out like that. TFN (and the Digital Llama Radio podcast with it) meant a lot to me, and my connection with those things is what guided huge swaths of my intentions with DIF and the forums here. I consider it a huge success that it actually manages to feel a bit like that community used to, and to hear someone else says it is a great big relief. And, yeah, you're definitely part of the tribe.


I lolled.


Yeah, right?

Actually, I'm going to embarrass Holden real quick. In the internal email to the rest of the creative hive-mind of FIYH, I wrote some things that I'd like to make public here:

Teague's Email wrote:

Every individual reading this deserves long and specific and public thanks from me and all of us for what they've done, and it's not fair to single out anybody if I'm not going to single out everybody, but... sorry. It's not like anybody here deserves to be omitted from praise, but when it comes to goddamned above-and-beyond shit, Holden Hill is a saint. For the past six years, the amount of thankless brainpower and effort Holden has put in to every aspect of this project has been our most crucial blessing. He has done a   1. unbelievable fuckload of   2. sterling work   3. consistently   4. quickly   5. while having to deal with my ass    6. and not gotten paid for it    7. despite the fact that it's also his day job. I shudder to think of the actual amount of money we owe Holden in honest-to-god, not-metaphorical, indebted American dollars for services rendered. All of that, and he's never once been an ass about it, or ever made this huge time-sink of a side-project out to be anything less than the most important thing he had goin' on at that moment. From building websites, to managing iTunes RSS shit, to putting up with my insanity and redesigns, to coding up pages every time we wanted to have an Oscar poll or release a trailer for a fictional 1970's TV show, to fixing everything when I broke the website with some idiotic mistake while uploading an episode, Holden has been the one making the "online bullshit" part of our online bullshit possible.

Thanks Holden. Everyone hire Holden.


Heh. I like that of all the random movies that fell through the cracks, you go with Ghost Rider.


You called this the best film community on the internet. I agree. You called it the best film podcast. Modesty forbids me from — well, actually, I don't listen to any other film podcasts, so modesty and ignorance forbids me — well, whatever. Thanks.  smile

And, as for your second paragraph... aw, man. You're welcome. And thanks for saying so, and I'm very glad to hear it.

Marty J:

lol, with the Tennant. Knock it off. Like I said earlier, I wasn't expecting the sentimental outpouring, the mood in my head yesterday — at least until you guys got me all worked up — was actually fun and dancy. Specifically, I'd had this one song stuck in my head ever since doing the lettering for the poster.

Herc: Ha. Yeah, I figured at this point we'd finally managed to record enough bullshit that even someone with an excellent memory couldn't possibly remember everything we've said, so they can constantly live in a state of surprise as they go back through old episodes. That way, it's like we're always around! :-P

You're welcome. And, thanks for makin' yourself known, you're a credit to the forum.

Nathan M: I thought we would always be in your head!



Man, it's so wonderful — I mean, let's all pretend I maintained a perfect veneer of "I knew it all along," okay? — it's so wonderful to hear how many folks really loved this show, and have done for a long time. It's not that we didn't feel it, it's just that... you know, we all come to expect the routine of it from each other, and we just put out another episode and someone comments on it and we all just keep doin' our things, and it's easy [for me, at least] to forget where it all fits together into people's lives. Especially when, you know, we're not a big-ass podcast. We're not all the time running into people who know our show... but the people who know the show seem to really love it. Being told, in explicit terms, that folks were diggin' it... well, thanks for saying so, man, and thanks for stickin' around.

Ugh. Me.

Jimmy B: Aye! Heh.


Thanks brother. Happy to provide a service — "friends in your head!" — and, even though it's a dopey fuckin' name for a podcast community, it's literally exactly what I hoped for these things to be, so I get a huge charge out of hearing that it worked out like that for folks. You've been a great addition to the forum and the chats and all that, not to mention our real-world lives for a minute there, and I'm glad you managed to stumble into our neck of the woods in the first place.

Also, thanks for calling out the HTML stuff. Holden is definitely not getting enough props in this thread so far, and it's his forum system.


This goes for all of you, by the way, but — Jdubs, if you get a podcast off the ground (and don't mind call-in guests), I'd love to make an appearance on that shit. Lemme know.

Darth Praxus:

Man, you are describing my exact relationship with DLR back in the day, so this is just surreal and wonderful. Ugh. I'm so glad and proud and pleased and humbled and fifth-thing. Thanks for calling out Cloe — and thanks for callin' us role models, that's just fucking weird and awesome to hear.

Thanks for everything you've said, and your continued enthusiasm for whatever comes next. You're a good man, Prax.


Heh. The BTTF2 2015 thing has not been lost on us.


Mmmmf. Thanks man.

I love this Norweigian.


We'll always have Paris, man. And like... fuckin,' hundreds of archived episodes. And also the future. It'll be okay. tongue

But, thanks. You're ever so welcome. You're actually thanked more than you're welcome.



Dude, I just got into Blade Runner, don't pull that shit on me yet, I'm going to freak out.  hmm


Doc Sub:

Man. That DLR shit again. I know exactly what you mean.

Dude, that's all just amazing and touching and I'm fuckin' psyched about it for myself and for you. That's just so cool. And congratulations, and thanks, and all that.

Ugh. God damn it.


Thanks for the general thing, sir, and thanks for the specifically-me thing also.

"Thanks" starts to sound kind of slapdash after you type it so many times, but that's the only word we have for this sort of thing, and it's all I got at the moment. Thanks.


Not creepy at all — again, I know exactly how that community-lurker-to-whom-it-matters shit goes. tongue

I'm glad you found us, man, and I'm glad for whatever help the show was. I'm also glad you seem to be using the past-tense when you talk about the dark times. You can always get in touch if you find yourself in some friendless shit in the future, too. Where you end up just being a brain attached to a computer for weeks on end. I know I speak for plenty of us on the show and on the forum when I say that we know how that shit goes also, and that's what we're here for.  tongue


Pft. This guy. Funny guy. This guy!

Fuckin' Stokes, ladies and gentlemen. A privilege indeed. Not to mention, for a fairly recent formal addition to the FIYH family, you've made big-ass waves in it. Thanks duder. We shall continue to do things.

Invid: That's funny, because we weren't doing it consciously. tongue I do agree, though, in retrospect. It's weird, if you look at the episodes visible on the front page, it's all shit with these variously-conclusive-or-otherwise-end-ish titles. (And American Graffiti, which... not really.)

You mention renting equipment, and that's a good idea. Incidentally, Anthony Alba is coming over tomorrow to borrow some mics for some podcast sumthin'-or-other he's recording, so maybe that process can get started right away.

Thanks man.


Thanks brudda. You have not managed to escape my notice over the years, at least, so you're not doin' a very good job of lurking.  tongue


Man. This guy. I love this guy.

Thanks for everything, dude.


No time like the present. tongue Thanks for jumpin' in!

And, man. Just, you're so welcome, and so thanked. This is getting tiresome, huh?

Thanks Blake.  big_smile


Aw, Drew. You can't escape things by simply pretending that they're not happening!

*glances at Zarban thread*

*adjusts neck-tie*

Anyway. Your contributions to this community have been fuckin' substantial. You are a man of significant goddamned merit. Thanks for all of it.


You know, you joke, but your Lupus thing has been an active source of amusement for all of us on the show since you first mentioned it. Like, pride and enthusiasm and appreciation and impression, obviously, but also our go-to joke for this shit having meaning. So, thanks for mentioning it in the first place, thanks for bringing it up again, and... uh, not for nuthin,' but thanks for trying to cure Lupus and all that, too.

And, you're welcome, of course, but also thanks.  smile


Thanks bud. It feels like you've been here since the beginning, at least for me, so we'll call that first year you spent living under a rock a wash.  big_smile

I like that meme, too. I'm very glad I didn't have Holden killed for making it. You know? That would have been overly brash, I think.

Lookin' forward to that drink. Cheers.


Zarban, you are a fascinating and talented individual. Thanks for your hours of dedication to this community and the podcast community in general. I'm very glad to have stumbled into a field with a farmer such as you.

In case anyone hasn't done it and still wants to ring more goop out of this announcement rag, you can go over to and pull up his select qutoes from a gajillion episodes of DIF and WAYDM.

For example:

Trey: They offered the role of Superman, like you do, to every star they could.

Mike: My favorite … was Schwarzenegger. … ‘Cause here’s the thing: … I see that as Superman, but come for Superman; stay for his attempt at Clark Kent.

Jacob H:

Wow — with regards to the last few commentaries, thanks for saying so, man! I like 'em myself.

I'm glad to hear that you intend to continue coming back to this stuff. It's not that I expect everyone else won't, it's just nice to hear.

Heh. Thanks.


Man. Thanks, sir. I'm glad to hear it. You're very welcome.


*crouches next to server, fist wrapped around power cord*




Heh. Yeah. Yessir.

Thanks for everything, Zap. From years of service in the forum community to The Dark Crystal commentary to walking my drunk ass to the car at Comic-Con.



You may absolutely buy us many beers.

You're welcome, sir. I'm trying not to think too hard about the various "man, there but for the grace of God go I" alternate histories we've all just barely missed, but, yeah. The significance is not lost on me. I'm glad you found us.  tongue

Thanks man.



You're a production baby.


It is only because this is being done in text form that I didn't just go off on a three minute riff about that.

Anyway. Dude, you know. You know I know how it goes. I know all those exact feelings. "You're welcome" feels weird and "thank you" feels weird, so... suffice it to say, *double chest thump.* You're doin' good.


Man, we are getting bought so many drinks. This is awesome!

Thanks Jen. I'm glad to know that you're keepin' us around. smile


We are forever connected by Sucker Punch. That makes us special.

So special.

Anyway. I've had dreams like that, too. (I've also had dreams that take place entirely in After Effects. Like, the content of the dream is just "working, focusing on computer monitor." And because it's a fucking dream, of course the thing is always like I'm moving a mask around without keyframes turned on or something and no work ever manages to get done, and I can't figure out what's happening or how to stop this crazy cycle of interminable rotoscoping, but... whatever, why are we talking about dreams, anyway.)

High five. Thanks. And yes, in touch we shall definitely keep. There's always more stuff to make.  big_smile


Ha. Y'ohl smoothie. Or however you would best phoneticize that thing Han says to Lando.

Anyway, yeah. Guilty as charged. I like little manifestos. smile


Dude, headline — fuckin,' right here, you got me right here. I know that feels. *hug*

Also — uh, yeah. I definitely remember you; you wouldn't come with us on the road trip 'cuz I was driving the car. I mean... yes, I might have written that you should say that. But this is not the point. You asshole.

[reads whole post]



*rubs face*

Thanks man. I'm going to be coming back to that and re-reading it for years and years. That might be the nicest and most uniformly rewarding series of compliments I've ever seen, and to be the beneficiary of some of it is pretty intense.

Jesus. Thanks, dude.

Yeah, what you were talkin' about — that was all a lot of work. And... thanks. Ugh.

...alright, shit, I need to stop this.

Teague Chrystie

I have a tendency to fix your typos.

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Re: Announcement: Goodnight, Goodnight!

Is it just me that has a 'last day at school' feeling? I'm now imagining a version of American Graffiti starring every one of you here.

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