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These are nice!

Witness me!

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Wowww, that last one is a really cool use of a lens ball.

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that last one is amazingly cool!
The other ones seem like standard instagram photos, but to be fair, most of the accounts I follow on instagram are photography accounts, so they're all good.


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Thank you everybody smile I know the crystal ball is a bit kitchy, but I still like it occasionally. I ended up bringing my camera and 200-500mm to the MLS All-Star Skills Competition on Tuesday, where Chris Mueller showed off a spectacular scissor-kick. I was hoping for a Rooney bicycle, too, but it wasn't to be. Mueller did a great job, though, and I'm thankful the referee wasn't in the way!

I'm going to arrange all those shots, plus one more, into one print, get two copies, and send them into Orlando City to see if Mueller will sign one for me. The other will be for Mueller himself.

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