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I don't know why I didn't post this yet, it's been out for a year now.
Sure, it was posted in the cool vids thread, but that's boring.

In any case, here's my 'fanfilm' revolving the DW universe, a short that really only started as a vfx test, but escalated too much for its own good, and that won't be getting a sequel. It was all made up on the spot, and I can't write a dw script that makes sense anyway.

Here you go.

It's available in glorious 720p, too.

Wait, what did you say? You liked that? You're asking me for a tutorial, are you? I wasn't aware this was TF.n, but okay, then, here you are:


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Re: Doctor Who Fanfilm

vidina wrote:

...and I can't write a dw script that makes sense anyway.

Neither can the actual guys behind DW. I mean, it's DW.

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Re: Doctor Who Fanfilm

Even the best scripts have had a plot hole or two, although to be fair often it was for practical reasons.

I write stories! With words!

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Re: Doctor Who Fanfilm

For some strange reason, the ending of this says "To be continued". Why on earth does it do that, when it's obviously not being continued?

Well, one reason would be that we did shoot a good 3 more minutes that takes place right after the ending that didn't make it into the cut.

It could also be that said 3 minutes weren't up to par.

It could also be the fact that I lost all the files in a hard drive crash.

But mostly, it could just be because we hoped it'd take off a bit more, and spark some actual interest for a sequel.

Obviously, it's not a short film in need of a sequel, though. But we have been discussing going back to the idea of a series of shorts both leading up to this, and showing an aftermath. Will it be done? Perhaps. Retconning isn't our strong suite, and I personally don't know if I even want to. We had fun, and it would be equally so, but the ultimate point of the short was just the regeneration vfx test anyway.

Although, if any of you creative minds in here have any ideas that could be pulled off using a cast/crew consisting of up to 8 people, let me know, and we could have some fun together. Maybe even a collaborative process altogether.

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