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re: Prax, Drew — I  feel like a dork saying "aw shucks," but "aw shucks" anyway. Thanks for saying nice things.


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Also — hey look it's Jdubs!


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I just cannot believe how great that whole answer was.

I also can't believe how great the new prompt is.


This is all so much for me. I'll be back; honestly, right now I kinda want to take a swing at answering the another-country-and-decade prompt myself, because you made it look very fun, but the new one is great too.

No dibs.


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Writhyn wrote:

I'm afraid it may be lack of experience that keeps me from seeing where you're coming from on...

fwiw, this just became a phrase I'll use for the rest of my life. In the category of 'things to say during a total-opinion-disconnect,' that's far and away the most useful piece of language technology I've ever seen.

Everyone memorize that shit like it's a script and break it out on a daily basis.


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Well, I've already got Hamilton memorized, so bottom's up.  tongue

Later: Wellllllllllllll that was honestly fairly disappointing, sorry to say. Listened to the whole thing; had its moments; I liked Rock Star. Glad I'm aware of it now, in any case. Thanks for bringin' it up.


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Andrew Jackson and emo rock?

Hold my beer.


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You know what's fun about crazy presidents? The scale goes so high.

Nixon was seriously a fucking schmuck, from jump. Same patterns go all the way back.

Andrew Jackson was a flaming candy bar, too.


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Completely honest reaction: that trailer moved the needle not-one-iota on making me want to watch that movie, and I know that movie is good.


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*clap clap clap*

Good story, and perfect use of 'yoink.'


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Wowwwwww. Thanks for the review and the heads-up; had no idea this existed, and I've been reading a big three-part Nixon biography lately, so this is perfect timing.


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*reads comment while nodding, has no response, posts in third person*


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The amount of times a day I get asked if I want to save a webpage is becoming annoying - *sigh*.

Oh man, this is heartbreaking. Look what they've done to you.


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The all-over-the-placeness made this a very fun post for me to read, for what it's worth. The way I talk makes people's replies to me sound like me. Fun.


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well yeah but its such a similar flower it wasn't crazy to think it might yeah okay


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Here's 45 minutes worth of about 15 hacks and some theory stuff.

I was kind of in a hurry, so hopefully you'll forgive me rushing in a few places.


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That's a really adorable fire animation. Cool style.


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1) I love this thread.

2) Oh man. I might have to do a seven-hour video series.

3) I love this thread.


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Saniss wrote:

What everyone said previously. But I'll give an Academy Award to Boter for that ".... Yeeaahh??" in Episode 1 when asked if the scanning can be finished in less than an hour. The delivery is absolutely hilarious.

Damn it, forgot to mention this, but yeah — same.


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Shadow, have you somehow made this flower your avatar already?

This is fantastic and I can't wait to play.


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I've been more shitty at Adobe about software versions than I currently am about AE and Premiere, but I've also certainly been less shitty about them. The way tabs work in AE at the moment drives me insane.

And, yeah — I keep a copy of Photoshop 7 around, 'cuz nothing I do in Photoshop benefits from the newer builds.

I still use CC most of the time, it should be said.


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/tarantino remake


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Boter wrote:

(Teague, After Effects scored higher than 500 for you, when there's a 500 point max on this. Carry an extra 1?)


Good catch; fixed.

I haven't used Encore in a million years — I'd forgotten about it, actually — but now I seem to recall having an okay grasp of the program and being able to get the results I wanted from it. Man. I'm gonna go see what Encore's been up to lately.