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Oh hell yeah. I remember that shit.


Yeah, that too. Curtains, towels, bodies, whatever.

god damn it I want a thing like this

Super cool. YouTube has a jillion tutorials for DIY soundproofing.


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You know, I think I might wanna take another swing at making a DIY Saturn V. I made a giant one for the Holy Shit We Landed On The Fucking Moon party years ago, which still lives under my bed because it's so big it feels impossible to throw away, but it's nothin' fancy, and a really detailed four-foot Saturn V sounds awesome.

EDIT: Here's the one from the party. Considerably taller than the average guy, but not very detailed. There's also a small cocktail umbrella on the top tower, which is historically inaccurate.


Yesterday someone was the first ever to ever climb El Capitan with no safety equipment.


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Even as a Prometheus apologist, Alien: Covenant felt like a massive improvement.


Awesome post, thanks for sharing.


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Nifty! Congrats.

I'mma give this a little bump, 'cuz I stumbled across it the other day and realized I'm still pretty proud of it, plus it trailed off at around 5k views and we were kinda hoping more newbies would find it. If you can think of a way to subtly pimp this thing, we'd be much obliged for your subtle pimpin.'

*trying to wring blood out of stone*


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You just moved it from my "nah" to my "depending on my mood" list. Thanks.


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Riddled with Scotts, that bus station.


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I have ten bucks on "Tom doesn't like it."

Flat coloration is the right call, I think.


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Click to enlarge. Each quadrant is 1920x1080.

Here's the Missus. This model needs some revisions, design-wise — stuff where I misread (or mis-remembered) the sketch — and it hasn't really been textured or anything, but. Ship! Once I get the main adjustments built in, I'll make an .obj available for anyone to mess with / expand upon.

I'd argue it's the either the first or second most cohesive, story-wise. *shrug* Each his own.

*fist bump*

That said, re: 5, I have the opposite opinion. I think it's their strongest in some ways. Probably not the funniest, though, admittedly.

Even as someone who is deliberately decoupling himself from pop culture, I feel zero hesitation declaring that Auralnauts are geniuses who are putting the finishing touches on a form of art that will forevermore evolve from their template. Their Star Wars edits are like Citizen Kane.

Let it hang. Not even skurred.


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Status update: poking has not waned.

I kinda like creativity. It's possible there could be some other idea waiting in the wings, but as it is, it does seem to feel like things "bubbling up" and churnin' and new things being born around old things and whatnot, which is as good a metaphor as any. *shrug*


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I'm poking at it.


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And my Axe.



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Nice. This will be more'n enough to whip something up.


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I really love Chad's general exasperation at the whole "actors makin' a movie about actors!" genre.

You like Swingers, right? I mean, that's not too far off.