I kinda like creativity. It's possible there could be some other idea waiting in the wings, but as it is, it does seem to feel like things "bubbling up" and churnin' and new things being born around old things and whatnot, which is as good a metaphor as any. *shrug*


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I'm poking at it.


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And my Axe.



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Nice. This will be more'n enough to whip something up.


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I really love Chad's general exasperation at the whole "actors makin' a movie about actors!" genre.

You like Swingers, right? I mean, that's not too far off.

Tomahawk wrote:

Adobe has an app called Adobe Capture. If you're subscribed to CC, you can take a picture of those shapes, for instance, and have it instantly vectorized. I'm sure it'll help with doing the icons smile


Tom has blown my wee little mind.

I like the color associations.

Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time. Had no idea he was still around and still Star Warsing. I knew him a bit a decade and a half ago on TFN, was even on one of his radio shows early on, IIRC.

Time is weird.


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Everyone's onboard! Let's Kickstart a sequel.

2 Hunt 2 Mice


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It was probably me who mentioned it, I recall Mouse Hunt fondly. If I'm not mistaken, directed by Gore Verbinski.


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(re: AO pass) What's with the guy-on-the-right's nose?

The music wasn't an issue for me. I think this is a fairly awesome reel, to be honest. Editorially solid, slick. I feel like it might benefit from one or two more VFX shots to break up the (borderline repetitive) mograph stuff, but that's more to do with what kind of work you're looking for, I guess.

S'coo as hell.


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Holy shit, this is still happening? I worked on one of these a million years ago, had no idea they just kept goin' with it. Nice group of folks.


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Did you expound on your Grizzlies elsewhere that I missed? If not, care to share?


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Your mom's next week.


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I share Prax's opinion of Grizzly Man, fwiw.


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I liked Invader Zim.

That's about as far as I get with it at this point.


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Nice color choices on the glow.


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I felt the same way, Fire.

Mmm. Weird nickname.


Mmm. Not better.



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Say what? Yeah, literally never heard of this. Wow.

I take it back. It's Regan's fault.

Yeah, sorry folks, this one's dead. 100% my fault. I'm truly sorry for the waste of time and good will.


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I, for one, remember Dan Sturm.

*sits back down like Atticus Finch*