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Yep. Your soul definitely looks gooder in the second one.


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Abbie wrote:

It's also victim of the new directive where apparently every poster has to be a gradient from blue to red.


You know Drew Struzan?

You know cargo cults?


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I'm looking at the poster for the movie you're talking about, and...

...I don't know what movie you're talking about, but the poster is awful.

[old guy, old guy, old guy, mark hamill]

Wow, we're finally here, huh? Seems like just yesterday I was hearing about this for the first time.


Then again, longer and longer periods are beginning to seem like just yesterday, so... nevermind.

Yeah, it's not nothing, but it's an 'either you know how to do it or not' thing, and a couple of folks around here do.

Unfortunately, I'm not set-up [or, honestly, knowledgeable enough] to handle it myself, at the moment, and it looks like the other contenders in DIFworld have their hands full, too.

(That said, Boter, all is not lost: if y'all are capable of paying someone for the gig, I can still ask around a bit and see if any of the 'pros' I know would be willing to knock 'em out for ya. These shots can definitely be done, in any case; it's just a matter of finding the lowest bidder. 'Free' is preferable to 'not,' of course, but... y'know. Options.)


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This is funny to me without even knowing anything.

Comedy is all about frameworks, I guess.


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1) Thanks for mentioning it.

2) I'm an idiot.

3) The link has been pointing to [whatever].mp3. The file on the server has been named [whatever].mp3.mp3.

4) Fixed.


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I'd be down, but I haven't watched GoT. big_smile


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"Hey Google, how old is Patrick Stewart?"

"Patrick Stewart is 78 years old."


This could be an interesting show.

Abbie wrote:

The "Prince Ali" Scene Show

Also, I just watched this single minute of content for the first time, and now I have like twenty minutes of rant.

Local trends don't always provide meaningful indications of global ones.

(Something-something climate change.)

bgii2000 wrote:

Twitter continues to publish his unhinged, unfiltered, often violent musings because... reasons?

I'm pretty sure Trump's the best thing Twitter has going for it, at this point. He's Twitter's MCU. He's the show.

General question:

Out of curiosity, what did you know about Donald Trump prior to 2015? What was your impression of him?

(For what it's worth, I actually wrote a really long reply to avatar's post within 12 hours, but then I couldn't decide whether or not to post it, temporarily rejected it, and then forgot for a while. Later today, I'll pull it out of storage, dust it off, and see if I feel any better about posting it now. Sorry, av.)

I love this board.

I am not deeply, non-fatalistically worn out about this board.


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The discerning gentleman collects guinea pigs, I see; perhaps sir would countenance an exotic specimen for his study? If the elusive Southern Californian Impossibly-Easy-To-Confuseii, of legend — famously the dumbest of all guinea pigs — would be of interest to sir, please be it known that I know just the rodent.

If this solicitation be too bold, sir, or not of interest — I beg of your pardon: pay it no heed.

(EDIT: Sorry. I've been reading lots of 'old-timey-scientist' correspondence lately. It's like watching Deadwood.)


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Honestly, it was better than I was expecting. I think they did a hard job about as well as it could have been done.

(This also cuts against my predictions from years ago about non-Joss-Whedons making 'good' Avengers movies.)

I have plenty of critiques in the mix, too, of course — some are so massive as to destabilize my ability to enjoy the movie in the first place, so I'm just deciding not to focus on them — but, I think it'd be ideologically dishonest for me to hammer on my complaints as if the larger context of this movie was "failure" rather than "success." Good movies, even within genres that I don't particularly care for myself, are impossibly difficult to make, and this was a good movie. That's the context.

Big spoiler. Show


Unless I'm forgetting something which mitigates this, Superman showing up at the last minute and destroying Thanos' ship is the most blatant deus ex machina I recall seeing in a superhero movie, off the top of my head.

For what it's worth, this was just a DIF-level nitpick chosen at random; my 'big' issues aren't characteristics of plot points, but characteristics of the whole plot style of the MCU — and like I said, they're totally-destabilizing issues. It's like a 'magic bean' thing, where I'm inclined to just reject the magic bean. My actual opinion is...

this magic bean is unspeakably stupid and the world is an obvious cheap invention with almost no bearing on the actual lives of the actual audience in the actual world, so how much farther do you want movies to drift into pure thematic contrast, and how much more extreme do you think the stakes-polarization can go, because just this week we killed and unkilled our entire planet, just for funsies — all without really challenging the audience in any way, because this isn't meant to be serious — but, thankfully, the combined cinematic efforts of the entire universe [of virtually-immortal characters] was able to win by the skin of their virtually-immortal teeth, which simultaneously makes this random latest movie literally the most and literally the least most-imporant story about life ever... so, tune in next week, to learn what else can just happen!

...but, of course, the point of a magic bean — and, to be clear, I'm saying it's like I'm rejecting a magic bean, not exactly that I'm doing that — is to just accept the damn thing where it's at; not quibble with its validity. It's not meaningful for me to engage in this movie by saying "first, the very idea of it is vaguely abhorrent to me," so... obviously, I have to set that stuff aside; to do otherwise is what would be ideologically dishonest.

(there are roughly two million fascinating stories about what life would be like if any of this actually happened)

But, yeah: accepting the movie on its own terms — and, first, stipulating that the movie has bizarrely-good plotting (and theming) riddled throughout — it still walks face-first into a wall of ass-ness sometimes; possibly because, at the end of the day, their chosen universe is actually just unmanagable if they like their leads to be non-gods and their supporting characters to be otherwise. The fact of the matter is, they've been chasing the dragon of 'stakes' for so long that at this point they're now dragging the stakes of their movies out of the realm of their characters' efficacy — even when they 'team up'! — which requires 'side' characters [with god-powers — with actual god-powers; sorry Thor] to show up and resolve problems for the rest of the characters.

It was clunky.

(But she did say they wouldn't see her again until the end of the movie, so, nevermind. Screenwriting is easy.)

This was impressive, and — as little affection as I have for the MCU, at this point in my life — in terms of cultural history, I'm glad I randomly ended up watching this one. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but this one turns out to have been a cultural moment, and if nothing else, I value new notches on my cultural timeline.

In any case, yeah:


That is America's ass.


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Oh yes.

Confusion is predicted.


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To nobody's surprise more than my own, I'm actually seeing this tomorrow night.

To nobody's surprise whatsoever, I haven't seen trailers. (...or the previousquel.)

I'll report back, natch.

I'm loving this 'lil reunion right now.


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1) Wow.

2) Maybe?

3) Could he mean "head" as in "thoughts?"

4) *squint*




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Me neither.