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1000% percent better, my issues are resolved, mazel tov, sorry to be a pain.



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Organs come pretty close, too. Jump to 00:20. (Right-arrow four times.)


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Copy that. As I just said in an email to you a second ago, I'll get to it as soon as I can.


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This is such a cool project. Fabulous work puttin' it together; when this thing works, it really works.

I think there's a lot more whipping-into-shape that could be done here, and I think it'd pay off hugely. That said, I'd completely understand if you didn't want to hear those kinds of notes at this point, and I'm not sure I shouldn't just keep my mouth shut instead, so for now I'll just share the jist:

This becomes fun to listen to by the time we get to the ensemble scenes, and starts to really cook soon after that, but I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell I'd make it that far ar a listener; the opening scene is killing me, and the scene after the opening scene is killing me. Unfortuntely, I think the adjustments I'd make to move that needle involve a rewrite and re-edit of at least first third or so, including reshoots, and either 1) recasting some people or 2) going back to get a different performance out of 'em.

I know feedback like this isn't what one hopes to hear after hitting the 'oh-thank-heavens-progress-is-finally-happening' stage on a project; this is why I wasn't even sure if I should speak up, because I know how much it sucks to assemble raw material into a finished product only to be advised to disassemble it.

For all we know, I could be off the deep end.

Please retroactively fill in all the cracks here with fandom, admiration and enthuasiasm.


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I love the pull-y 'oooooowweeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!' cartoon sound thing.

Kibouchi wrote:

I'm sick of a lack of genuineness in the creative industry. As in, everyone I know who works in the city and works at a creative agency has to wear the same designer clothing/shoes/sunglasses/hats.

Is thing; does happen.

I am very intrigued by Fireproof's thing, because he has detected a trend in the world that I have not, and I love it when that happens.


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Hey, it's Garrison Keillor!


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She reminds me of Grace Slick at a couple points, actually.

She decidedly does not remind me of Grace Slick the rest of the time.

Stumbling into one language from another is pretty much how I learned every language I know, except for HTML. I sat down with an HTML book and Notepad in 1997 or so, started fuckin' with it; this lead to comort with 'forum code' type A and 'forum code' types B-through-J, comfort fiddling with CSS, comfort fiddling with PHP, comfort diving into Arduino [Javascript, basically], which lead to comfort diving into AE expressions [Javascript, basically] and also Google Sheets programming.

Amusingly, it's also how I discovered I could 'read music' from chord sheets. One day I simply noticed the "D" over a certain bar in my sister's sheet music book, and then there was an "A," and then I realized those were chords, and then I realized I knew how to play them, and then... *plays D, plays A* ...holy shit I'm following musical instructions in real-time.

...still haven't learned sheet music, of course, despite being fairly deep into 'music theory' territory by now. Can't bring myself to trust that system for some reason. Seems shifty. HTML, on the other hand...


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Cool Runnings is another one I have etched into my brain.

...hey Sanka – ya dead?


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...and of course, I grew up with it. (Cloe too, I think.)


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Why do I...

What did I...

When will I...



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Yeesh. Not a one of those was color-corrected well.


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Distracted thought: "there must be better A/B demonstrations of crappy grading."

I thought you were talking about Loot Crate, too. (I never subscribed, myself; I only know 'em 'cuz I did FX on a handful of their early advertising videos – there was some pretty fun stuff. They sent me a free box the first time around; they offered subsequently, I politely declined. Cloe still wears the orange pixelated sunglsses from that first box, though. This post has mostly happened within parenthesis.)


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1) I can't believe anybody did this.

2) Thank you for doing this.

3) I'm so sorry you did this.

What are you just worn out about? Add your own complaint, or discuss someone else's.

No limit. I'll start with an easy one. (Discussion-wise.)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Maybe it's different for folks who grew up reading Marvel comics, but god damn, could I give less of a shit about this. Every time I talk about being sick of the Marvel universe, I get this: "yeah, it's terrible, but I thought [insert movie] was fun." I feel like I'm talking to people about candy sometimes. Of course they're 'fun'; that's the only bar they're trying to clear. That's like ranking food by sweetness.

Let's just keep an eye on how low the bar gets, is all I'm saying. We already eat like children.


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I'm telling you, it kinda worked!

Can one of y'all still-drinkers ( neutral ) do me a solid and just try a shot-glass sized pickle martini? Chilled vodka, splash of pickle juice? Can a brother get some backup?


That's fair.

Space Cases came to mind for me, but that lasted longer and had more than three people.

(Baby Kaylee was on that show, if I'm not mistaken.)


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hashtag realtalk.

I think I may have mentioned this on the Extended Edition SW7 commentary, but I went through a sudden realignment/rejection of Star Wars fandom recently which could not have been predicted; for twenty-two years I lived and breathed Star Wars, and in six months it evaporated from my consciousness entirely. Just the whole damn thing. Affection, interest, participation; it just blew away.

I'm mostly sad that I'm not sad.

The footprint is still there. I still have the whole damn Phantom Menace memorized. I appreciate the fuck out of the art Auralnauts and Bad Lip Reading have been making out of Star Wars movies. (Context remixes are the contribution of our generation, y'all, they're the hip-hop of our moment in film history, get onboard.) I still know what Yoda's walking stick is made of, for fuck's sake. All this stuff is still in me. It's also, simultaneously, disconnected. It's disconnected from me, and I've disconnected myself from it. I'm out. (Same with Marvel movies, but dropping those was uncomplicated.)

Pop culture just died in me, all at once — and it had been most of my personality up until recently, so, it's been whiplash-inducing. I didn't swear off the world or anything; I'm still into movies that are well-crafted little inventions. But when I look at movies in general these days, I only see our inevitable march to automated blockbuster production and schedules that require John Williams to write shapeless 'suites' as modular editorial assets in advance instead of writing sculptures to picture that intertwine-with and compliment motivations in the scene because we have to keep the edit unlocked until four weeks before release because we know in advance we'll be integrating last-minute pick-ups into the edit because we know in advance that a focus group of reasonable people will describe our picture-locked plot as 'images; inordinant.' These patterns are all I see at the theater, and always while seeing the global pattern they're a microcosm of, and the whole damn Marvel shit looks like the fuckin' downfall some days, I swear to god.

You know, my Star Wars thing may not be particularly similar to your Star Wars thing, actually.

I feel I've made this weird.


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Kibouchi wrote:

1/4 design sense, 1/4 patience, 1/2 snapping shots left and right until I had a decent one.

People should quote you on shirts.


Not tryin' to get weird here, but that was fairly moving to read. I'm still chewin' on the 'arc' of DIF myself; it's gratifying to know someone else is too.

(Of course, I've also just realized that it probably looks like I bumped this thread to get someone to say nice things about the show, and now I feel like a doofus for not predicting this predicament.)

Anyway. Thanks for the analysis, P. Nice to see those years through someone else's eyes.


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"Weirdest booze?"

Back in my drinkin' days, Thanksgiving at Cloe's grandma's house, the morning after, the only remaining booze is freezer vodka and there's not a mixer to be found, not even soda. There's just a fridge and fridge-things.

Pickle juice martini.

It was fucking delicious.

Worst work related incident?
Most ironic thing that's ever happened to you?
What is something you did that you once deeply regretted, but now are glad you did?
Moment from your life you've revisited a million times, and why.


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True fact: this is the first feedback I've ever heard about the game itself. Glad it's not a piece of shit!