Eh, I don't know, we released a second single.
Does anybody want a karaoke version?


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I went to a studio. Like a proper one, and recorded a new single.

I mean, I wasn't alone or anything, the band was there, but that happened, and was amazing.


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I'm absolutely down to do this, so long as my schedule works.

look at me, adulting the hell out of life. Schedule. 2 years ago, that was a lol-kind-of word, and now, it's an actual thing.

Anyway, hit me up.

Teauge, it's been 6 years now. Did you find him?


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Drew: I don't know the musical term for it per se, but Tool are masters of changing time signatures.
The song "Schism" does so 47 fucking times. FOURTY SEVEN. And it's beautiful.

Legendary for its odd timing and 47 time switches, Tool's "Schism" takes the crown this week. Here's a more detailed explanation from Wikipedia: "The song begins with two bars of 5/4, followed by one bar of 4/4, followed by bars of alternating 5/8 and 7/8, until the first interlude, which consists of alternating bars of 6/8 and 7/8.

"The following verse exhibits a similar pattern to the first, alternating bars of 5/8 and 7/8. The next section is bars of 6/4 followed by one bar of 11/8. This takes the song back into alternating 5/8 and 7/8. Another 6/8 and 7/8 section follows, and after this the song goes into repeating 7/8 bars.

"The middle section is subsequently introduced, consisting of three bars of 6/8, one bar of 3/8, and one bar of 3/4 repeating several times. At one point it interrupts with two bars of 6/8 followed by a bar of 4/8, twice. A bar of 5/8 is played before the meter switches back to 6/8 for two bars and 2/4 for one bar.

"This repeats, setting up another section: two bars of 9/8 followed by a bar of 10/8, that pattern again, and then a single bar of 9/8 followed by alternating bars of 6/8 and 7/8. The outro has alternating bars of 5/8 and 7/8, ending with alternating 6/8, 2/8 that one could interpret as pulsing with a 4/4 feel.

"The band has referred to the time signature as 6.5/8. Although many composers would use 13/16 instead, 6.5/8 is still a valid fractional time signature."


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I bought a new gaming PC.
I bought it a week ago.
I'm still waiting for it.

I hate waiting.

Will post pictures when it's all set up though!


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It's hard to say.

I started with 10.000 days, and I love the album. Then, slowly moved through the whole catalogue.

If you liked that song, I'd say Lateralus(album) and 10.000 days(album) would be a safe bet.

The song lateralus is actually built upon the fibonacci sequence as well. It's a mathematical song.

it's hard to even define this band, because, while, they do "classify" as prog metal, it's a whole lot more to it. The vocalist is also in "a perfect circle", and Tool is more of an ensemble band than anything else, but it's just very good music.

I mean, my favorite bands are Linkin Park, Fall out Boy, 30 seconds to Mars, Paramore and that sort of thing, but for some reason, Tool just stuck with me.

I remember hearing about them back in 2003, from a friend, who said I wouldn't like them, and 2003 me agrees with that statement. However, my first real expore to them was in Guitar Hero World Tour, where schism, parabola and vicarious were playable songs, and from there on out, I just knew this band "got me". You know, how emo's in the early 2000's would define a band as getting them, not the other way around. Tool has great music, excellent compositions, and lyrics that match to boot.

I've even done Schism in a karaoke bar. Sure, the crowd probably didn't like the music, but hell, I sang Tool live.

Tool is awesome.


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I just love Tool.
This song was the first single released from the 2019 album, 13 years after the last one, and it was absolutely bonkers!

The rest of the album, however, was ok+. Not great, not at all bad, but just not ace. Still, this song was great.


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I demand pictures of Gary the goldfish.


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We also have a Discord.

Which is like the chat, but better.

My band did a livestreamed concert on facebook. Does that count?


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I think it's an excellent tool. A gift and a curse.
While the technology allows us to revive actors and actresses visually, getting their voices right is something else, albeit, according to Adobe, totally possible too.

I like the idea of getting performances post mortem, especially if the person in question died before being able to complete their work, because as a person of the audience, it's great. Simultaneously, as an ethical human being, it's digital cloning in the ethical "should it be done" kinda way.

For instance. Ryan (Wieber)sort of pioneered cloning done at a home computer back in the day. Sure he wasn't the first to do it, but in our fairly closed community, he was the first to perfect it. At least for 2004(ish) standards.
However, Ryan did both performances and then seamlessly blended it together to make seem like there were indeed two of him (or more) in the shot. Great stuff.

The issue now is that even though someone actually kicked the bucket, we can bring them back no worries. All it takes is computational power, and time. And while I really enjoyed Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One(although not a deep fake), it also means that nobody really ever dies.
It's a great concept for the audience, but at the same time, we gotta take families and friends into consideration. Say I died. And people would watch me on screen for the next 25 years. They would have issues with it, for sure.

I mean, it's hard to explain, at least in a semi-drunk, semi-coma state, as I'm not feeling my best, but there's pros and cons to this technology, and while the pros may outweigh the cons from a viewer perspective, the ethic perspective is on the other side of the equation, and it's a hard balance to, well, balance. Similar to human cloning, except it's all virtual.

On a side-note, there was a video going fairly viral a little while ago, where a mother was able to meet her deceased child in a VR fashion. It was heart-breaking to watch, and while that was an interactive experience, and an experiment, it almost falls in the same category, ethically. I forget where I saw it, but a quick google search brought this up:

What happened to your hair, Teague!?

I actually did try to record something at home, but... I got a band, so here's a cover.

Stupid BBCode doesn't accept links to specific times in youtube so clikc me.


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Because of what Ben said, I'm pretty sure.
Discord is great, for chat, and for various topics.
The issue is that it's much harder to keep track of threads, as it's really just a server with multiple chatrooms.


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The real Tom stands up. Starts a band. Releases a single.

I have spoken.


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Beeg wrote:

Had a very good laugh, zero stars would not recommend, but go see it.

Yeah, I don't think I will.


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My point being it's no wonder it makes a lot of money. Kids will see it over and over again.


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You realize Frozen is made for children, and children don't really care about story, as they do "IT'S ELSA AND OLAF! AND ANNA!!!"

Freddie Prince Jr posted a video on FB today-ish, that summarizes my view of the new trilogy fairly on point, Apart from Gray Jedi, but hell, the man has a few points..

most "film buffs" I talk to tend to take the piss out of it, and I just don't see why. I found it freakin' stellar. So much fan service in there that fans "didn't know they wanted". My best friend hates TLJ, and thinks TROS was an apology for it, but that guy also likes Transformers, so he's a lost cause really.

The thing about TLJ is that is split the fanbase almost right down the middle. It's almost a perfect 50/50 for the love/hate relationship about it. I get the hate, but at the same time, what the fuck did you want, really? You want ANH/ESB/ROTJ again? Just go watch those.

Although, it should be mentioned that said best friend thinks that ROTS is the best in the series, so his opinion is pretty much invalid.

Disclaimer: I like ROTS just fine. It's arguably the strongest of its trilogy. But I have a weak spot for TPM( I watched it in the theaters at 13, and I still like it), so it's hard to admit ROTS being better.
AOTC is pretty bad though.

But at the end of the day, I guess I just appreciate all of them. For what they are. "kids" movies. TLJ was trying damn hard NOT to be that, and I think it succeeded, but some of my friends just wants that infamou "Star Wars" back, and are not able to comprehend that the series didn't grow with us, they were made for 3 different generations, and I think they all managed to do that just fine.

I find TROS to be a good ending to the saga. Sure, it could've been better, but it could've been so, so much worse. At the end of a 42 year run, you want to close it as safe as possible, trying to please the new and old fans, and I think JJ did a damn good job out of it. There are so many options he could've used, so many plot lines, so many chances, but in the end, he did what he did with TFA; played it safe, with a few twists. He did good. He didn't do excellent, but he did good.

Abbie wrote:

This is a movie composed entirely of gesture and reference and shades of iconography without any deeper sense of what these building blocks mean or why they matter. It's a desperate plea for these things to be loved because you loved them once upon a time, not because of what they represent or what resonance new context could give them. And even that kind of feeble parody is beyond its grasp--the imagery is slathered so thick it becones ridiculous and ugly, the score strains to thrill but is only a tired ghost of what it was, the plotlines that reach into the past take all the things about this trilogy that were genuinely new and vital and stamp them into the ground. Its appeal to past joys is so overwhelming that it kills anything that made us love these new characters--there is no interiority here, no inner lives or motivations, just puppets hurtling from beat to beat to serve a pyramid of retcons and reversals because "it's what the fans want."

"You may find," says a certain alien in a certain other space franchise, "that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting." And after all their entitled, witless, screaming wanting, this--this clumsy, cowardly, shambling reanimated corpse--is all the fans will have.

Not too far from what I would say about for instance, Return of the Jedi, which takes elements from ANH and re-hashes them.

Also very opposite of TLJ, which I assume you also didn't enjoy. I assume this based on generalization, as most "film-people" tend to not like it, not because it's you.

I enjoyed TROS. Was it the best film ever? Of course not. It made me somehow like TLJ even more, as it took some of the story started in it, and didn't completely tr to ignore, like some people would have me believe. Yes, the fact that Kylo rebuilds his mask seems like it's JJ just liking the prop, but also Luke was "redeemed" towards the end of TLJ, and I think it was respectfully handled in this one as well.

There was a ton of fan service. And guess what? I'm a fan. I feel serviced.


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thanks guys!
You can now find us on all your music providers.
Fold Decay - Flesh/wound should now be your favorite tune big_smile


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it's offical. My band "Fold Decay" will be online on all the streaming sites and purchasable within a week.

The final mix is done, and was not made by me, because I suck.

The final song is avaible for all who wants to hear it at … 0delay.wav

I'm not even gonna make a linkable link, because that's tacky, and I'd like y'all to just copy-paste that instead.

I'm also not sure who dropped the mic.

Be certain, links will be dropped once it's online proper. If even ONE person purchases it on iTtunes, we'll be profressionals, and it's all I'll take!


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It's actually blues-ish.