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Teague wrote:
Teague wrote:
Saniss wrote:

I'd write/record a quick overview of it for the forum but I won't be home for a month.

dooo eeeet

doooooooo eeeeeeeeeet

deeeeeeeeeeewww eeeeeeaaaaat



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What was your most-retrospectively-embarrassing prolonged fashion choice?

I rocked a chinstrap-beard for 7 or so months, and nobody told me I looked 80 years old, because I look young in general, so it basically looked like an 80 year old toddler.
I have no idea why I thought it was an appealing look.

What commonly-held belief about the future do you disagree with, and why?

Has anyone ever saved your life?

You're afraid of something unusual; what is it, and how did you find out you were afraid of it?

Who somehow reminds you of a song? What [different] song somehow reminds you of a person?

If you somehow managed to win $100M, what would be your way of using it?

We should try one of these again.


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A cool feature would be at the very bottom adding a formula to show how many minutes you've watched, too.

As in total.


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Yeah, someone fucked it up whilst I was adding y's to myself. Order got completely out of ... well, order. I tried restoring the order and now, it's apparently fucked up.

At least the order of movies is correct.


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Yeah, Teague just showed us why he IS a VFX artist. It's the insane attention to detail, and experience that tells him how the shot should look like.
I wasn't planning on watching the walkthrough all the way through, but I did, and I'm glad I did. Kinda makes me want to go back into VFX, because it's calming and fun to change a shot so dramatically, without anyone ever noticing you did.

Hat's off.


BDA, I'll say this much. I didn't notice anything off about the plate, apart from the colouring and the things Teague pointed out, but at no point did I think it was tampered with at all, so good job.


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And stay out.


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your video is unavailable, so I'll just put me singing instead.

It's not a great performance. But it was our first, and it was hella fun.

Here's to hoping 2018 provides only about 50% of the shit that hit me in 2016 and 2017, because I'm not sure I can take another one of those right now.


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you use archlinux?

You're crazy.


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Cars 3 wasn't bad.


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Having now completed 'Hellblade', my review stands firm.

Fuck me that's the game of the year.

And I absolutely loved 'Horizon'.


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Persona 5:
Haven't played it. But it's a JRPG, so for the aqcuired taste. Thus far, only Final Fantasy has piqued that interest.

Shadow of War: Definitely on my list, I just have to complete the backlog, and Shadow of Mordor first.

NieR: Automata:
Absolutely not my cup of tea.

Friday the 13th:
Absolutely great fun for multiplayer sessions. One player takes on the role of Jason, whilst 6 others will do their best to kill him, or escape. Escpecially fun if you're on voice chat with everyone except Jason. Creeps up on you.

Super Mario Oddysey:
Doesn't look fun, but has gotten excellent reviews. The last Nintendo console I owned was a Gamecube, purchased only because of Wind Waker.

PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds:
It's a buggy-as-fuck kind of battle royale game that's been in early access since February or so. It's a round-based 100pvp game that drops you in the middle of nowhere, where you need to get weapons, armor and other items in order to survive, as the play-area is rapidly shrinking, while there's only one person/team left standing for that winner-winner chicken-dinner.
While it can be fun, it's a competitive FPS, that goes against most things I don't like. I play it from time to time because I own it, and friends want me to partake because I'm not half-bad at it, but I've yet to play it alone, and I doubt I ever will.

Has a very mind-fuckery type of intro, but ultimately falls flat as yet another FPS with jump-scares. I played the demo, it didn't leave much to be desired.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy:
Is a title I've yet to play. I've loved all the other titles in the series, but am feeling a bit fatigued after last year's Uncharted 4, which was absolutely brilliant, but also too close to the release of the more-or-less standalone expansion that is The Lost Legacy. I'm sure it'll be awesome, I've just yet to get around to it.

Looks like an absolute thrill, lending it's animation style from the 1930's cartoons, but is also infamous for being over-the-top hard, and I'm waiting for the right moment, and another player to play co-op, as I don't particularly like games that challenge me too much.

Destiny 2:
Is basically just another Competivite round-based FPS with some RPG elements. Didn't like the first one, won't play the second one.

Resident Evil 7:
For once, it's not a Zombie-survival game, and for that, I salute it. However, it's now an FPS horror Survival, which I've played demos for, and didn't care for it. At first glance, it's just borrowing the name of the franchise, and has nothing to with the 6+ games that pre-date it.
That being said, there was a VR demo of it, that was fucking horrifying. It's on Steam and PS4, called "Kitchen", and if you've a VR headset, I'd recommend it, if only to colour your trousers brown.

Assassin's Creed Origins:
This was a much needed breath of fresh air to a franchise that's been overexposed the latter 6 or so years. The first title came out in 2007, followed by a sequel in 2009, and then every subsequent year until 2016, which was the first time they didn't make a game. It was too much, too little news, and a few game-breaking bugs in the cycle. The team took a year extra to develop an origin story set in Egypt, a few years before Christ, and it's really refreshing. It's a stealthy-third person game with action RPG elements to it, and a story that's engaging, as well as the fact that you are free to explore a giant world, with tombs, pyramids, pharaos, crocodiles, and.. even, a TARDIS. Granted, the latter is an easter egg hidden on the bottom of the Nile, but still cool. I'd recommend it if you're tired of the series, but I should also note that after the main quest was completed, and a few side quests here and there, I still felt I was done. Instead of going for a platinum Trophy, I put it back on the shelf, and will probably come back to it at a later date.

Horizon: Zero Dawn:
This one took me by surprise. It's an open world RPG made by the folks that made the Killzone series. Killzone is a pretty good FPS series, but it's very linear, and has a fairly predictable story, albeit with cool twists, great graphics(for its time) and good gameplay.
They then decided to make an open world RPG, and damn if they didn't make a good one. I thought it looked rather dull in the trailers and gameplay-videos released by Guerilla Games, but after lending a copy, I quickly realised I was wrong.
It takes place in a more or less post-post apocalyptic world, where nature has reclaimed the surroundings, and machines based upon dinosaurs and current wildlife rule the planet.
I won't go into detail on the plot, as basically anything I would say would be major spoilers, but it's a definitive recommendation. I played about 60 hours before calling quits.

The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild:
Is supposed to be great, but look at the first paragraph; I don't own a Nintendo console.

Star Wars: Battlefront II
Now, taking away the fact that EA fucked themselves hard by a very harsh Pay2Win model, the story is actually pretty good. It takes place right at the end of Return of the Jedi, and picks up where it left, to tell a pretty compelling story, told from the perspective of the Empire's inferno squad. There are some pretty good plot points in there, some hinting at spoilers for TLJ and TFA, but I won't go into much detail.
The multiplayer section is more or less the same as the previous Battlefront, but refined and elaborated on. More units, more features, more heroes, and more modes. What the "original" should've been.
The single-player story mode thing is available on YouTube if you just want new-canon story to fill your day with. The cutscenes are about 100 minutes, so do what you want.

BDA: I don't enjoy FPS games, which is why I try to leave them off my list. But for what it's worth, I've only heard great things about Wolfenstein, and would love to watch someone else play it at some point in time.


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I'll let be said that there are quite a few great games this year.
Persona 5,
Middle-Earth. Shadow of War
NieR: Automata
Friday the 13th
Super Mario Oddysey
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Uncharted: The lost Legacy
Destiny 2
Resident Evil 7
Assassin's Creed Origins
Horizon: Zero Dawn
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

..And while I've only played a handful of these, including Horizon, which had me captivated for 60 hours, Hellblade beats them all. Hands down.

...And I'm not even done yet!


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Or, "slow descent into madness" as I'd like to call it.

Now this shit deserves every praise given.

Essentially, Hellblade is a vengeance story. Senua, the main protagonist, has lost her husband to death. She will travel literally through hell to get him back.
It's a psychological thriller that anyone can get through. It's a puzzle game that'll take you a while to understand, but when you do, will make you want to solve every puzzle without a walkthrough.

It's set in a sort of Viking-age, leaning heavily towards Norse mythology, and the visual design is stunning. The graphics are excellent, as is the combat. The latter being minimal, and only serving as an element to drive the story forward.

But where it really shines, is in the audio. It's recommended to play with headphones, and I seriously can't stress that enough; I don't get how some people are able to play it on speakers. We're talking binaural audio here, and in a descent into madness, this game has given me the creeps more than Silent Hill ever could. Silent Hill being my all time favorite horror genre, as they're the only games to have scared me to this date.

Until now. There are times, in the middle of a complex puzzle or story-heavy section I've simply put the headphones down to, you know, do something else for 10 minutes. To get out of that state of mind for a little while, because damn this is a creepy game. It plays on fear unlike any other game I've ever experienced, by having multiple voices in your head, either telling you to look out during combat, or literally sending you into certain death. The voices are to be trusted, and not to be trusted. It's more or less like having anxiety or depression, but in the game, they "voices" are literally voices. Laughing when you die, screaming for help when you're about to die. It's just insane how good the audio is.

And of course, running Unreal Engine 4, it's a quite the looker as welll. It plays well with portals and mind-bending visuals that will have you question how the fuck they did that, considering it's more or less 100% in real-time rendering.

And my god, what a fucking thrill ride.

Will recommend to anyone, including people who aren't core gamers. People who play the casual game every now and then, to the hardcore MMO gamers, because THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is a fuckin' experience unlike any other.



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It's not the first time, either;
We forced him to do it in 2014 as well!


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Jdubs wrote:

The empire should really get in the habit of parking closer to the people it wants to murder or kidnap.

Not to worry, they had a battering ram cannon handy, for just this sort of thing tongue


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Joke made me chuckle.


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Installed. Opened. Couldn't import video. Closed it.

It's been 4 years.


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Actually, if you set it in your google calendar, you probably will still have it.


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His name, in french, literally translates to Martin the Young.

Hold it against him in 10 years or so.


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I kinda have to watch downsizing. It was shot HERE.


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well, pulling Snoke into the equation, always brings me back to Davy Jones, or even Yoda. Yoda, in particular, pretty much had to be CG in the shots, due to his radical movement. They had to do that in CG, unfortunately. Same with Davy Jones. He had some elements that had to be CG in order to be believeable. I'm actually keen to go back now, 11 years later, and see if he holds up or not.

Also, Snoke had to be CG. If we base the consensus of his appearance from TFA, then he had to be CG. He's more or less human, but his face is askew and he's not entirely human. If they wanted to go with the TFA look verbatin, he had to be at least partially CG.

The thing with CG characters such as Jar-Jar, Davy Jones, Yoda, Chappie and so forth, is that they had to be CG. Stop motion or puppets couldn't do them justice. And we all know they're CG, because A) our trained eyes can spot it and B) they had to be.

When it comes to Rachael, Flynn, Tarkin, Benjamin Button and Leia, the only way they could do it justice, as in make them look "exactly" like they used to, they had to be CG: All of the above had stand-ins on set to pull reference from, but while all actors looked more or less the part, they had to be enhanced or replaced by CG.
The thing with Davy Jones and Yoda are that both of them are creatures we haven't seen in real life, and cut them both some slack, whereas de-aging actors put them right in the uncanny valley.

When it comes to the infamous valley, Tarkin wins for me. Neo and Smith looked pretty damn good in 2003, and Brad Pitt looked more or less good in 2009, but I've seen Rogue One about 5 times now, and while Tarkin is obviously CG to the trained eye, I tend to rate them all on the buddy scale. If my non-filmmaker buddies can't tell something is off, it's good enough for me. I had to show a friend of mine proof that Tarkin was CG, which wins in my book.

Now obviously, most of my friends didn't even watch Blade Runner 2049, as most people don't like the original, as it's too slow etc, so I can't do much about that one, and although all my friends know that Davy Jones is CG, it comes back to the fact that he has to be.

Whether or not a character looks CG is actually up to the eye of the beholder, and most of us in here are trained to look out for it. Obviously I can usually tell if a character is CG, but I'm caught by surprise now and then. Tarkin wins on my end. I knew it was CG the whole time, and could spot it, but initially, I just thought they'd show his reflection until he turned around. When he did I knew it was CG, because I knew Peter Cushing was dead, and the actor in episode 3 didn't look THAT much like him. I knew it was CG going in, but it still looked hella good.

Is it flawed? of course it is. We watch human beings every day, and we mostly know when something doesn't add up. It could be the fact that Jeff Bridges acting out his younger self in Tron Legacy doesn't work because(it doesn't work because it's very obviously CG) Jeff Bridges is old, and his facial movememnt isn't as articulated as younger pepole, or that Brad Pitt's younger self doesn't add up to the older Benjamin Button because his face is too articulated to work on an old man's face.

Although to be fair, we would never know how a 10 year old stuck in a 90 year old's body would articulate. I enjoy the film just fine.

Oh, hey look; oscars. Move along.


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No, can't be.


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DarthPraxus wrote:

Blade Runner 2049
Not a lot new was done here, but it's very pretty work, which always counts with the Academy, and like Star Wars it was very well-received by critics. And as much as I'm not a fan of this particular effect's presence,

digital Rachel
was light-years better than similar work in
Rogue One
just last year. Nothing here is groundbreaking in the way of its predecessor, but it's tasteful and well-executed, which goes a long way.

I guess most of us have already seen both films, but as you put them in spoiler tags, I'll do it too.


I saw both, and I strongly disagree. Blade runner had much worse digital representation than Rogue One. Tarkin was more fleshed out and paid attention to, whereas Rachael was in it for like a minute or so, and felt seriously rushed. I still loved the sequence, but unlike Tarkin, most of my friends noticed that something was off far quicker than Rogue One, where most of them actually didn't even notice until Leia.

As for VFX in general this year; yeah, Apes deserves it. While the movie wasn't that great, in my opinion, the visual effects were pretty much flawless.
Dunkirk will also probably get a lock, but there are mostly invisible VFX, which I seldom like in an oscar nomination. It's not that it's bad; it's incredibly good, but without breakdowns, the general public won't even understand why it potentially won.

Spider-Man had solid VFX, but if we're talking Marvel, my money's on Thor: Ragnarok.

Covenant had solid vfx, as had the rest of them.