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Fighting depression, working, working some more, gaming, and trying to find a girlfriend.

Yeah, apart from the job thing, I'm pretty much 13.


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You know, I think you're coming at it from the wrong angle.

First off, you come across as someone who absolutely didn't want it. Me too, honestly, I didn't like the concept at all.
But then you fire off all your cylinders as someone who hates this with a passion, almost as if you went into the cinema with a desire to shit so hard on this film, it was bantha poodoo before it was even able to convey one frame of information.

Was it the best? No, not by far. But was it up to Star Wars par? absolutely. People of your kind tend to praise the OT like it was the best thing to happen to cinema ever, but also tend to forget that the PT is by all accounts, also Canon. As is all the new moview happening right now, and, judging by all now 10 movies, this felt a lot more like "Star Wars" then the PT ever did, regardless of what 2 movies you'd prefer over Solo.

I won't go into too much detail, because I'm not putting spoiler tags into it, but as far as character development and writing, this one does a helluva better job than the stale performances and lines of the OT, and while the story isn't at all neccessary, it sure as hell delivers a much more solid story and plot than AOTC/TPM/ROTS ever did.

What I'm saying is direction and script is key, and simply because Lucas didn't write or direct Solo, or R1, for that matter, should automatically make it better, but, just so turns out to; it does.

Now, I'm not getting into a debate whether or not your personal opinion is sound here, I just think from a cinematic/screenwriter/director point of view; you're wrong.


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In short; I surprisingly enough, enjoyed it.

More detail to come in the next EE podcast!


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rewatched; re:loved.


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I'm on anti-depressants, and feeling good.
Got a good job, may have a girlfriend, got a good pay, great friends, am in a band.

Life's pretty good right now.


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Darkest Hour was fuckin' brilliant, I'll give them that.


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In all honesty I couldn't care less who won an Oscar anymore.
After Suicide Squad won for best makeup, over Star Trek Beyond.

...it's just... beyond me.


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It appears we're growing a cult following.

Nice job there, ray-gun!


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Raygun, you're included too. I just listed the people I could remember off-hand have alraedy been in big_smile


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We are hanging the lantern.
We're in the final season of the podcast, with 11 more episodes to go, and then we're calling it quits!

No particular reason, we're just unable to to do it weekly, biweekly, or even monthly at times, due to time not adding up for doing a couple of hours together.

But, is anyone else willing to partake in some episodes for this final series?
We'll be doing some epic episodes down the line, and we'd love to have some of you guys in them!
Jimmy, Rob, Paul, Teague, Redxavier, writhyn, boter, BDA; the lot of you are more than welcome to join in, so long as we can schedule it!


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Oh cool!


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I'm loving this.

I'd hop on for an episode but;
a) you and I don't get along that great
b) I can't think of a show I've watched the unaired pilot to tongue

Great podcast though!


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If it weren't for the fact I knew it was fake, I probably wouldn't spot it.
I was looking for it to happen the entire scene, and when it did, I already knew it was fake.

I'd probably have it in a few more shots, as the one time it did appear, it was more or less a close-up of the previous shot, that made it feel a tad forced. I'd have a subtle version on there in some of the wider shots to help establish it.


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Altered Carbon.

It's a cyberpunk sort of detective show, about the future(obviously). People have disc sort of things embedded in their spines at 1 years old, which records their consciousness, and upon death, they're able to put it all into a new body, or sleeve, as they call it. It enables immortality, basically.

The premise of the show is a hitman of old being dead for 250 years, being resurrected to investigate the murder of a multi-billionare, and a few episodes in, I'm loving it. It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn good, and I love me some cyberpunk.

Available on Netflix.


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Teague wrote:
Teague wrote:
Saniss wrote:

I'd write/record a quick overview of it for the forum but I won't be home for a month.

dooo eeeet

doooooooo eeeeeeeeeet

deeeeeeeeeeewww eeeeeeaaaaat



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What was your most-retrospectively-embarrassing prolonged fashion choice?

I rocked a chinstrap-beard for 7 or so months, and nobody told me I looked 80 years old, because I look young in general, so it basically looked like an 80 year old toddler.
I have no idea why I thought it was an appealing look.

What commonly-held belief about the future do you disagree with, and why?

Has anyone ever saved your life?

You're afraid of something unusual; what is it, and how did you find out you were afraid of it?

Who somehow reminds you of a song? What [different] song somehow reminds you of a person?

If you somehow managed to win $100M, what would be your way of using it?

We should try one of these again.


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A cool feature would be at the very bottom adding a formula to show how many minutes you've watched, too.

As in total.


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Yeah, someone fucked it up whilst I was adding y's to myself. Order got completely out of ... well, order. I tried restoring the order and now, it's apparently fucked up.

At least the order of movies is correct.


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Yeah, Teague just showed us why he IS a VFX artist. It's the insane attention to detail, and experience that tells him how the shot should look like.
I wasn't planning on watching the walkthrough all the way through, but I did, and I'm glad I did. Kinda makes me want to go back into VFX, because it's calming and fun to change a shot so dramatically, without anyone ever noticing you did.

Hat's off.


BDA, I'll say this much. I didn't notice anything off about the plate, apart from the colouring and the things Teague pointed out, but at no point did I think it was tampered with at all, so good job.


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And stay out.


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your video is unavailable, so I'll just put me singing instead.

It's not a great performance. But it was our first, and it was hella fun.

Here's to hoping 2018 provides only about 50% of the shit that hit me in 2016 and 2017, because I'm not sure I can take another one of those right now.


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you use archlinux?

You're crazy.


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Cars 3 wasn't bad.