Just wait till Sonic hits the theaters.

Hey, both our countries are falling apart, at least let me have my cheap wordplay!

(for what it's worth, it wasn't meant to be snarky. Sorry if it ended up looking that way.)

fireproof78 wrote:

How is your May?

Don't ask the British.

That is all.


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I love you so much, Trey.

Get some metal plates in there and go full Deus Ex, man!

Teague wrote:

I had another kidney stone a couple weeks ago, so I went to the ER. They gave me a CT scan — "yep: I see a dot; he's not lying" — pushed two doses of some opioid into my IV, and gave me five hydrocodones for home.

After insurance, my bill was $4,000 — or £3,063.

How has your country not simply collapsed yet?

That sounded pedantic. I'm just... appalled by this. Can't wrap my head around it.

Owen_Ward wrote:

The only way is up from here!

That's what his doctor said.



Hang in there bud. You'll be done with this whole thing soon.


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Hurlement (Howling)

Throwback to a night out in the wild during a stay in Savoie in 2016, and a powerful sunset on the mountains looming over us. It took us a while to realize the biggest one in the distance (not pictured here) was Mont Blanc. We didn't recognize it from that unusual angle.

I actually processed that picture back in '16 but never published it. I gave it a finishing touch two days ago and sit for a while in front of it, trying to put into words how the scene made me feel. I was recalled of that feeling that the mountains were angry and spitting a fire before going to sleep. A "deafening silence" as I call it, followed by a quiet emptiness. It certainly was a memorable bivouac for us.


Get well, lad.

Regan wrote:

CT scan dye makes your nuts fizz. That is all.

Teague, put it somewhere in your safe locker for the best sentences this forum has spawned. I know you have one.


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Black Ice #1

Black Ice #2

Black Ice #3

A sort of three-part texture study on the icy-rock mountains I keep bumping into in Northern Norway. Very ghostly, very Skyrim-like.

I keep reading FUCK ONE.

I'm sorry.

Move along.


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Trey's life is beyond anything a human mind can imagine.

I'm so glad to be your pimp.

[not actually his pimp]


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Hiding In Plain Sight


(that title made me think of Eddie; suddendoty.jpg)

There's a recurring theme in what I search for in photography, what we can't reach. This is a feeling I often get while contemplating high mountains. They always seem to me to be a universe of their own, hiding in their huge scale. It's very similar when I look at galaxies : they're finite objects we can more or less absorb with a single glimpse of the eye, but they hold billions of elements, maybe life, way beyond our grasp. Our imagination has the ability to make them infinite.

(this after-the-fact comment is actually the closest I've yet come to explaining such a feeling. I'm self-stealing it for my Facebook page.)


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Not publicly, but I can shoot you one for personal use. We can talk about it on Messenger smile


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Some new pics for the folks who don't do social timewasters:

Living Ice


The Wave [yeah. I changed it.]


Finally gave my Iceland folder a proper look. There's a couple other pics that express stuff I like, so there may be more comin'.

Great news, man. Glad to hear you guys are okay. All the best to your recovering badass gal.


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You know, I always wonder what it looks like from the Moon. Must be some kind of burning ring in the sky, incredible.


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It can take a little while getting used to that guy's voice, though he's softened it a bit over the years. He's been compared a lot to Bob Dylan (though Dylan was never Swedish, as far as I know!).

Love Is All is his one song I always come back to. It's sad and very powerful.

(it's also a great guitar exercise tongue )


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The Russian town of Oymyakon is one of the coldest inhabited places on Earth with winter temperatures often going as low as -65°C (-85°F) ; in fact, it gets so cold there that recent studies show temperatures tend to increase with altitude.


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But seriously... wow dude. Congratulations to the both of you.

Isn't this the first current-FIYH-community baby? There will be t-shirts.


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There are many causes for the French Revolution; one of them may be… a volcano in Iceland.

On June 8, 1783, The Laki volcano in Iceland cracked open and erupted for eight months, spewing an estimated 120,000,000 tons of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. In addition to wiping out 80% of the country's sheep and around 20% of the Icelandic population through famine and poisoning, it resulted in a huge haze that spread over western Europe for months. This disrupted weather cycles; there were droughts, floods, and the following winters were particularly harsh. All this led to terrible famines, including in France where it helped worsen the situation of the population in the years preceding the 1789 uprising.