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The Courage of Others, although a difficult production because it would be the last one before Tim Smith departed the band, is also a very good listen. All albums are on Spotify.


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I knew Midlake through their album Antiphon, which I though was rather nice and had kind of a solemn feel. Nothing fancy.

But then I found out about an older album of theirs, The Trials of Van Occupanther. It has nothing to do with Antiphon. It's 52 minutes of incredibly soft, vibrant, nostalgic music and I just can't stop listening to it. The explanation for such a difference is that Midlake used to have a guy named Tim Smith as their all-around mastermind, a sensitive man strongly tied to how he expresses himself in his music (who left the band after the next album, then divorced with his wife, then moved back in his parents' home with his gear and dog, focusing on making an album that's still unfinished after six years. I dont envy him.). He reminds me a lot of Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold whom I've talked about in this same thread.

The Trials of Van Occupanther is built around a concept, though I'm not sure exactly what it is yet. But songs like Roscoe and Bandits put images in my head of a simpler life, closer to nature. Nostalgia for something I've never lived. I relate to it even when I have next to no idea what it's talking about. I think that's one of the most powerful aspects of music.


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I'm so sorry Kibs.

Our cat is kinda the same symbolically. Suzie and I moved in together at the beginning of last october, and we've both always lived with cats but thought getting one together shouldn't be rushed. Two weeks laters, while I'm visiting Suzie doing a quick mission at the astronomy center we worked and met at, cat walks in with a bloody and suppurating paw. We take care of it, he goes to the vet, and well, we got ourselves a cat. 9 months later, he's still a gimp, but is a happy, incredibly cuddly furball who follows us everywhere, talks, and wanders in the forest outside.

This cat comes from the same place where I met Suzie and all my closest friends, I learned to communicate, teach, live with the stars and pass on my deep passion for them. He arrived in the first home we got together while things were not even unpacked. He's the living metaphor for our couple.

So yeah. I value every day we have with him, and each new one finds him more incredible. He might be gone any day and I don't look forward to the day he's become a fond memory and our first cat. Right now he's the one.

I hope you guys are okay. Don't blame yourselves for not having quite the time you once had with her, it's natural and your love was still the same. Do allow yourselves to let a new one become the spirit of the house. It won't be betrayal but a passing of the torch.


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Writhyn wrote:

(master's? master? masters'?)


Writhyn wrote:


Amen brother. I need to abide by that rule more.


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Heh. I'd like to emphasize the fact that I have zero grey-area on this but it's on me, and I just wanted to make sure some people don't end up learning something they wouldn't want to. I don't feel entitled, and I have no grudge against Prax for not spoiler-tagging it before. If anything, I feel like a party-blower for being so extreme about it.

But yeah. The less I know about a movie beforehand, the better I feel. I'm mathematically the exact opposite from Owen.

(except Solo which I spoil-rotted myself with, because I just don't give a shit about that movie)


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Sup? I'm a supe. (had to.) It's going well (don't listen to Martin), although I'm kinda not counting my work hours. Girlfriend works at the same studio as a historian so we don't even have the other one waiting at home to motivate leaving the workplace... it's dangerous. But work is great, it's the balance I needed this year between making shots, helping people out, teaching (which I always thought I sucked at but apparently not), and bringing my two cents on other projects currently in development.

Home time, when there's some, is cool. We're growing vegetables, our cat is now completely free to explore the surroundings, after spending months inside because of his hurt paw, and our fear he wasn't ready. Dude waits for us on the front steps when we come home.

Plus, we found him a little sister to take care of. Bite-sized 2 month old kitten that grew up in our street. It's so cute I actually melted a bit, which can be explained by science. They haven't met yet, but it's a matter of days.

I've been getting back into composing music, alternating between Ableton Live + the absolutely mind-blowing VSTs by EastWest (35 euros a month; something like a terabyte of data available. Subscribe now.) and letting my fingers roam freely on my guitar. I'm currently immersed in viking music, Wardruna being a huge inspiration these past few weeks. I've been exploring its cyclic, one-chord, droning style. It's absolutely captivating, fitting my contemplative side.

Life's good. I could use being a little less anxious for no reason. I've been feeling a bit disconnected from the mountain, so I need to find time to get back to hiking. Suzie's been buying me lots of books written by reknown mountaineers from the 50s, and I'd like to try getting a bit closer to nature in its purest form... without, you know, dying. They died a lot back then. Still do.

By the way, Everest is a great film.


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I... kinda didn't want to know that? I may be absolutely the only one here. But just in case, you might want to spoiler tag it.

EDIT: Thanks Prax, appreciate it.


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This looks all kinds of great.


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Which is why they keep existing three years after - Wait THREE YEARS?! IT'S BEEN THREE WHOLE YEARS?!! WHAT?!!

Anyway they keep existing three years after the show has ended because this fucking place, man. Debates like these are a bit less frequent, but man, please don't stop existing. I feel this community's equally as important as any other groups of friends I have.


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It was zarbanned.


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I somehow missed pretty much this whole conversation back in 2012. Incredibly interesting, articulated work of thought everyone contributed. Wow. This place, man.


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DarthPraxus wrote:

That was the weirdest thing about this whole rollout. They reshot the entire movie but refused to shift the release date back to December and then didn't start marketing until late February. It's such an obvious blunder for Disney to make when they're usually the marketing king.

I can still hear the screams of agony of a thousand VFX artists.


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Faldor wrote:

I wouldnt be surprised if Disney didn't slow things down for a while

They're going to, apparently. Can't remember where I read this but Solo not exactly being a huge box office hit, they're gonna go back to a one-per-year ratio.


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How's everyone doing?

We've pretty much had zero time for movies in the past few weeks - it took us maybe a month to finish the last two episodes of Penny Dreadul - but I'm aiming to get back to it.


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To be honest I kinda liked what they did in Clone Wars, it's one of the darkest and better made episodes (in a show that had lots of crappy ones). But it was its own thing, and I never quite considered it as canon (mostly because I don't give a shit about developments made from the prequels). That they would take it and put it in an actual SW film... jesus. Episodes VII and VIII go by the motto "We're continuing the OT, and taking just a few elements from the prequels when they were really good and coherent with the OT". The Star Wars Stories are apparently going batshit insane.


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1 is dumb but can be discussed.

2 is... holy shit. I'm done.


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Teague wrote:

You know, now that Saniss is the reason you have a job and gets to take credit for that shit all the time, I think we should take a moment to recognize the role the FIYH podcasts played in bringing you together, which is another way of saying I and we are also the reason you have a job, and we don't seem to talk about that enough.

Ultimately, since I discovered FIYH through Ryan, and Ryan is the reason I even started having an interest in VFX in the first place, we can safely say Ryan is the reason Martin has a job.


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And you're being supe'd by that same pup, now what does that say about you? pimp


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God, I looked like a pup with a terrible accent.


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Nice. Ryan be crazy.


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That's a definite yes, this moustache  is absolutely gorgeous.


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So we decided to watch Secret in Their Eyes, but then at about an hour in, we realize we're watching the 2015 US remake of the actual movie on the list which is a 2009 Argentinian production, with an extra The at the beginning of its english title.

Ugh. But we're kinda relieved, really. The one we were watching was just not very good. Plot doesn't take time to set things up emotionally so the payoffs drop flat, performances are clichéd (Julia Roberts is really good to be honest but she's the only one, as the writing of the characters is half-assed), cinematography is not interesting one bit.

We got it wrong so you guys wouldn't. Pays off to pay attention to the release year.


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It is, but as I saw Darkest Hour last week, that the makeup team won an Oscar for it is at the very least something done right. Such incredible work, paired with Oldman's performance, holy cow. I never even told myself "Huh, that's great makeup", or "Gary Oldman is good", I just thought "What a strange old man".


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Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything


You all know the webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Wait, you don't?

Then go read it yesterday. This webcomic is simply one of the best out there; it talks about science, psychology, philosophy, sex, everything. It won't teach you something everytime, but is consistent in making you laugh even on subjects you know nothing about (it cracks me up with economy; let this sink in). As a comparison, I find it more accessible and consistent than XKCD, which can be brilliant at best, but leave me wondering what the hell did I just read at worst.

So Zach Weinersmith, its author, partnered with his wife who is a top scientist (how convenient) to create this book, Soonish, studying current emerging technologies and how they can shape the future to come, in a very good or a very bad way.

Nuclear fusion - where we are now, the multiple projects for it, where it could lead us (e.g. bringing your own fusion reactor on a spaceship, how it could make interstellar travel much more feasible, and how we can imagine this); orbital spaceflight - and when you look at it, just how ridiculous it is right now that we have to carry fuel on a rocket to propel its own fuel into escape velocity; asteroid handling and mining (handily available resources for space exploration, but also, what if terrorists decide to just push a big one towards Earth?). It's not only a great summary of current developments, it's also really good at making you picture where they could lead us, but it's also fucking hilarious. Like the piece on Dr. Bull, a Canadian scientist who somehow ended up working for Saddam Hussein to fund his spacecannon project. It's written in a style that won't let you forget what it's teaching you, because it's making you laugh your ass off at every turn of a page, in association with sporadic drawings from Zach.

Do yourself a favor and buy it. Science and humor are not that often paired - done well even less so.


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Regan wrote:

Also, Wild tales - that was a movie none of us had seen. The stats list needs to be adjusted wink

Yeah, we picked it on purpose tongue