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I've realized I've checked every new response here holding my breath, but never wrote anything myself. Felt like everything had already been told, really.

It has.

And it might be too late to add something. I loathe myself for it.

You guys know what the worst thing is? If Squigs has decided to end everything, we'll probably never know. This is the weird side of an Internet community. You care about people, but they may be one close window button away from never being heard from again.

- This is not true for everyone. If Tom stops giving news, I've been to his home. I'll take the next flight to the frozen pile of rocky shit that his archipelago is and kick his Norwegian ass. -

Now I don't know, Squigs. Forum says you haven't been online since october 3rd. That may be true, or maybe you check the forum anonymously from time to time.

But hear me out.

Every time I open a tab to this forum and magically allow this particular group of friends to keep existing in my life, I think of you. Where is he? What's he doing? Is he okay? I'll check for new posts in topics I'm interested in, all the while looking at this "Ok." thread and feeling something strange. We've never properly talked, posts of ours may have crossed and interacted, in the forum or in the chat. And I mean... millions of people come and go on the Internet every day.

But this here is a family.

Like every family, there is a whole spectrum of people. Like every family, you don't get to choose these people.  There are people you get along with, some you don't. They're not perfect. BDA is sometimes a quick-angered jerk. Tom a pretentious prick. Sometimes I don't understand a word Regan says. Owen is twelve.

But it's a family. That means I care. I don't get to define how much I care. I just do. I want these people in my family to be okay. I'm not sure I perfectly knew who Invid was, but then he was gone and I was deeply sad.

This is my family. I love you all unconditionally. That means also you.

I know depression. I don't know yours, everyone has their own. But I know mind numbness. I know the "average grey" color. That I don't like or understand who I am, and I don't want it. I didn't even choose it. Fuck this arbitrary universe.

But when a glimpse of light is emitted, I see that I wouldn't want to be, couldn't be, anyone else. Because it wouldn't be me. It's a strange paradox that falls purely under logic. If I weren't me, it wouldn't be me.

I have principles, logic. A way of thinking, however broken I believe it to be. It exists, and it gives me judgement. I believe some things are right, I believe some are not. Even when I don't feel like I like things anymore, I'd rather have them than other things. I just don't see myself as being worth them.

And it dawns on me, I'd rather have this than nothing.

Nothing is the absence of pain, of difficulty. Undecidedness, numbness. But it's nothing. It's beyond boring. It's the absence of anything. No thoughts. Not even darkness. Darkness is something, because you realize it's there. It's like that moment when you fall asleep. You never realize it, you never remember it.

It also reminds me of discussions I've had as a child with my dad about trying to figure out what's beyond our universe, if it's finite. That thing we call the néant, or void. What's it look like? "Well, nothing", my dad said. But I insisted, what if I were to look at it? What would I see? Black? Pure darkness? White noise? "Nothing."

That can't be right.

Assume you're staring at the end of the universe. You cut a hole in it. Tear it open. You stare through that hole. What do you see?


I didn't like that. Couldn't wrap my head around it.

And you know what? Years later, when I finally understood what it meant for the universe to be infinite, I was hella relieved. I didn't have to try and imagine that fucking void anymore.

However, the universe is infinite (far as I know), but our lives ain't. And so my dreaded void is still here somewhere.

Yeah, I'm fucking scared of dying. I want to see the universe unfold, that great big story. I want to see galaxies collide, stars fire up and die. I want to understand and know. Life is fucking unjust, you get the ability to understand things, and after a few years of mountains moving a few inches at best, you're gone.


But I understand all this because I live. Because I think, and learn, and love, and hate. Wanting this life to be gone would be a complete paradox.

I dream. I want dreams to be true. That fucking void doesn't dream. I don't want that void. I'd rather have dreams that never come true.

Be okay, Squigs. Break the cycle. Hike up a mountain. Get lost in wilderness. Look at nature, doing its thing without caring a bit about that silly species that asks itself questions. I'm not even talking about plants or animals, that get hurt in the process. I'm talking about mountains, giants moving at billions-of-years speeds. Light coming and going, water evaporating and condensing, laws of physics happening. Stare at our universe. Marvel at this whole thing around us, that created us, that was, that is, that will be. Those things way beyond us. The universe is alive. Even the coldness of space is alive. It is.

The humbleness it commands me fuels my life. Nothing matters at my scale, or any scale. Let's enjoy it and contemplate it.

And give us some news while you're at it.


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Teague wrote:

Yo, I totally hadn't gotten there yet. You just taught me that piece of the world. Thanks. smile

Being a huge storm nerd finally pays off!

I'd be glad to continue this in a dedicated thread. Meteorology is great.


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Temperature is also an antecedent to humidity, since warm water allows more evaporation (molecules mosh-pitting at the surface of water manage to escape it better than molecules not mosh-pitting) and warm air can contain more water vapor.

It's precisely what is happening to us at the moment in southern France: the Mediterranean sea is warm from the summer months, That's a powerful-ass fuel. Get in there warm air from the Atlantic, another mass of air coming from the opposite direction (creating a vertical force much like two meeting huge pieces of land created the Alps) and you got yourself huge rainstorms that last for days and create flash floods.

Temperature is the antecedent to everything. The only reason we have climate in the first place is because our pale blue dot is round and doesn't get as much sunlight at the poles than it does at the equator. It's the basis to everything.


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Tropical cyclones don't exist near the equator.


Cyclones can only exist because of the Coriolis effect (among other factors like sea temperature, tropopause altitude, etc.): because Earth is a rotating sphere, air will not travel around it at the same speed depending on its latitude (same as us). Thus when such air moves up or down in latitude, its speed will remain unchanged but will now be different from everything else around it, and shift to the east or the west in comparison to the Earth.

That effect will naturally reverse its direction at the equator, as rotation speed has reached its maximum and will start to decrease.


The Coriolis effect (which is, by the way, a pseudo force, because it doesn't exist per se but is only a result of inertial laws) is well-known, but it took me a while to be able to visualize it correctly.


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This channel is incredible. Lots of music theory and knowledge derived from popular music works, clear explanations coated in a bit of humor (the Lars Ulrich Disdainful Face in the video above killed me).

I may have linked to it in the Youtube recommandation thread a while ago... Probably got lost in the offering of the database to the Gods beyond.


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Metallica's Master of Puppets has a recurrent riff that doesn't perfectly correspond to any kind of time signature; the band just plays it by feel.

Did you ever feel like something was off in that song's rhythm? I didn't. The measure feels right and is performed correctly in unison by the whole band, but though it's often transcribed as a 5/8 measure, it's not exactly the case. There's an added pause that permanently shifts the beat onwards.

I personally love that this beat is incorrect from a technical point of view, but the song still feels perfectly right. Something about the instinctive nature of music that can't be narrowed down to technical terms.


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I don't know, I mean... If I were driving a truck, my number one concern would probably be if it fits bridges I pass. Aren't the drivers simply a bit careless and/or drunk and/or dumb?

PS: I still feel genuine empathy for the following minutes when the driver has to get out of their truck and witness their error in front of everyone around. Makes me wince.


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Still waiting for posts in that thread that go "You know what? This was simply great. Nothing to add here."

Until then I still don't see how I can find the incentive to pick it up again. This show has slowly developed a standard of mediocrity.

Mom, I've become cynical!


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That's the way I'll be answering my phone from now on.


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All metals are crystals.

In fact, almost everything (natural, that is) that isn't organic is a crystal. Most rocks are.


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Holy shit.


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MadBadCoyote wrote:

* removal of Laws pertaining to protecting the environment/fighting climate

This to me is the real dealbreaker. It is absolutely appalling as (2), and in the longer run is a definite no on (3), whatever good he may have done for a certain range of people. Giving aspirine to someone to cure their headache is not gonna change much if they have terminal cancer.

I can't really say more on his policies, as an outsider. But as an outsider, him denying climate change is perhaps his most terrifying trait, matched only by his instability. We're standing here in the middle wondering if he's a tweet away form beginning WWIII.

(it's probably not that simple; but he is unstable, and an unstable head of one of the most powerful countries in the world is fuel for nightmares.)


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I didn't even know this was a thing.

What the fuck.


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Guys, as said before, you don't owe us anything. Every day I'm surprised this place keeps existing although the podcast stopped years ago, and it's a forum and so belongs to 10 years ago. The mere fact that there was stuff to lost is proof of your commitment, both of you. I'm forever grateful, and losing a year worth of content, though sad it may be (thinking especially of Writhyn), is not the end. It existed, that's already something.

Nothing to apologize for.

Everything for us to be grateful for.

The forum is dead, long live the forum!

PS: I'm still Trey's pimp, everything's as it should.

Running Bladder.



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An essay in literary witticism.

DeepThought: Don't judge a book-skin human by their leather
Saniss: 11/10.
Writhyn: I have a book-skinned friend. Good guy, but he's a little hard to read
Writhyn: textbook introvert, is all I'm saing
Writhyn: *saying
DeepThought: He's probably filled with drama
Writhyn: maybe, but I like his ideas. Very novel.
Writhyn: he's into politics, and he even served as a congressional page.
Writhyn: While his alignment isn't something I totally agree with, his opinions are justfied
DeepThought: Don't go reading into ideas yet. He'll probably edit them within a day or two
Saniss: He once told me he likes manual labor, but don't take it literally; what he did with his car speaks volumes.
Saniss: I think he's just not my type.
Saniss: That kind of character is a piece of work, I tell you.
Writhyn: give him a second chance, guy's a real font of knowledge
DeepThought: It's hard when he's up for interpretation
DeepThought: His words seem to everywhere
Teague: *eats go-gurt on the slide*
Saniss: Your jokes lack impact.
Boter: (nomination for Best Of Chatbox thread or whatever)
Writhyn: We all know teague's jokes are a little........sans comic
Saniss: You know who this forum's lacking? Italian dudes. Because in this kind of times, new roman people might renew our humor a bit.
Writhyn: my grandma always said those italics are a little bold
Saniss: ... damn, that kid's good.
Saniss: Heard she was in a comma, btw. Sorry to hear it. She was always good at underlining social issues.
Writhyn: yeah, she always had great quotes. Every time we talked, I had a mind-blowing apostrophe
DeepThought: I heard she she only had a semi colon
Boter: oh actually i think i know your friend, tried to talk to him about how he'd hurt his footer but he'd just sorta glossary over it
Writhyn: Yeah injuries don't really phrase him
DeepThought: His outline is top notch
Boter: Sticks and stones and all that, though he does actually get pretty hurt by words - witnessed the rising action myself as he was getting ready to layout someone
Writhyn: fortunately the paranthetics were nearby and kept anyone from dying
Saniss: It's a tough period for him. At some point, next time someone asks him a question - mark my words, he'll make a dash for it and punch him.
Saniss: STRIKE, I MEANT STRIKE. Completely missed the occasion here.
Writhyn: Yeah you brought this thing to a full stop
Regan: What have I missed? I got here as fast as I could. Sorry I can't stay but I've got to, em, dash!
DeepThought: Slash your way on out of here
Boter: and here i was taking "punch him" as a slant rhyme/pun for "punctuation"

(God bless Notepad++'s search and replace)

I'm not gonna stop at like, sorry.

Song: Dryad of the Woods
Artist: Pain of Salvation
Something: This instrumental is my favorite instrumental that ever was. It's become the theme of my relationship with my girlfriend, because I used to play it to her back in '11 (5 years before we got together, that is). It's the first time I ever dared play an instrument in front of someone else (took me a while, yeah). It's the song I've most played in my life, my acoustic guitar could almost play it without me by now. It's the most poetic piece of guitar music I've ever known, full of melancholy and timeless. It puts visions of autumnal trees under a soft rain in my head - it's one of those pieces of music that comment nature.


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Teague wrote:

Organs come pretty close, too. Jump to 00:20. (Right-arrow four times.)

HOLY HELL. This sounds EXACTLY like the MIDI versions of the theme on old Star Wars games.

Kibouchi wrote:

Superhero movies. Like, all of them. Except Logan.

Liking it isn't enough; here's the post once again. Consider it as a hatchling of the original post; may it spawn many others. We will people the forum with this post, raise a happy little family of superhero-film-denying posts. They will have a loving roof over their heads and a good education, and in a few generations we might hope to have created a genuine House with an actual coat of arms that reads "SVPERHERO MOVIES SVCK".

(it would work better in latin but I'm not sure this can be translated properly)


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Faldor wrote:

We watched this in English on one of those days near the end of term where they just shove a film on instead of teaching a lesson.

Ah, the best days. I think we watched Cool Runnings 3 years in a row. Wonder what was up with that.

At some point during my Counter-Strike days my nickname looked something like ~D4C|< 54|\|155~ (before I lost the Dack).

I don't know which is worse, the fact that I used to do this, or the fact that people on CS:GO still do it.


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I love the face Boter makes when he drinks it.

I want to have it printed on a pillow.


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Teague wrote:

"Weirdest booze?"

Pickle juice martini.

Oh, dear God.

"Jar-Jar Binks: so bad even John fucking Williams couldn't come up with a cue for him."

This is an achievement, to be honest.