So, with one thing and another I didn’t get to make a short film like I’d had hoped this year. So instead, recently I’ve been playing refamiliarizing myself with Photoshop.

One of the things I’ve been playing around with is colourising old black and white photos. This is Douglas, he was my Mother’s father. He was a photographer with a studio in the West End of London in the 1930’s.

I knew my mum had a large print of his, so I got my sister to sneak it out and get me a scan. So I set about making a colour version to give my mum for Christmas.

I used a gradient map with photos of myself as reference for the skin tones, the hardest bits to get right were the lips, which had a separate gradient map and the skin blending in with the hair line which took a bit of experimenting to get just right.


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I'm sorry Mando, The Jedi is in another castle"


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Owen_Ward wrote:

I'm going to hazard a guess and say another shed.

Sheds making shed. How perverse!


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I'm sure I'll end up watching the movie, but damn Dune was a dull book.


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Yeah, This is coming from Cardiff Uni so clearly Torchwood is up to something.

at Cardiff University in England.

Oh no they didn't!


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Star Trek: Picard The Last Best Hope – Una McCormack
what can I say? I am a sucker for tie-in novels. Opinions seem divided on the latest Star Trek series there were things I really liked about it and others I was less keen on. This book may be the best thing about it, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. It expands the back story glimpsed in the show between the ending of the next-generation movies and the start of the pilot. Following Picard as he led the mission to evacuate the Romulan Empire. The amount of space politics leaves it feeling more like “Babylon 5” than traditional Star Trek even borrowing the other series moniker for the title. This is no bad thing and it really expands both the Star Trek universe and the new Picard series both in the way a good tie-in novel should but also perhaps some think we should have seen in the episodes proper.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet – Becky Chambers
This is one of those books that gets mentioned a lot recently and I was put off picking it up by the comparisons to firefly. I love firefly, but every third advert on my Facebook timeline is an e-book comparing itself to firefly and I don’t want any more second-rate knockoffs. I enjoyed the characters and world here although the book is rather episodic and never really feels like it’s telling a larger story, it was nice to read a more uplifting positive sci-fi tale without everything being horrifically “twee”.

Second foundation – Isaac Asimov
I actually took an extra couple of days before starting this book whilst I looked for the third entry mistakenly assuming this had been the second. I really enjoyed the first book and everything it set up, so was really disappointed when none of it really seemed to be paid off. I can’t really fault Asimov for the concept he used that have become cliché in the many decades since but this didn’t particularly grab me. I would have liked to have seen the establishment of the second Empire that the books had been alluding to the whole time, perhaps this is something that happens in one of the many, many sequels he continued to write but I’m not sure I’ll stick around for them. That Nolan brother that does “Westworld” is apparently developing this for television, I’ve no idea how that will work but good luck to him!

The last Emperox – John Scalzi
I’ve been a fan of Scalzi ever since “old man’s War” and have read almost all his books, this interdependency series has been one of his strongest and I found it to be a very tight trilogy it is closer to “Game of thrones” in space then “the expanse” series although very much its own thing. It has overtones of “Dune” with its clashing noble families but without the tedious boredom. The sarcastic style and ample swearing really works for it. It is definitely one of those series that I would both love to see on film, yet no they would never get the tone quite right.


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avatar wrote:

Prequels are out in UHD - time to watch again as the resolution goes up each decade.

How does that work? They were shot in high def?!


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Teague wrote:

Anyway. Hi. If you want to register, shoot an email to teague [dot] chrystie [at] gmail, and say "farts."

Surely you mean "Fizzle" !

I would be excited to listen to this. I remember the director's commentary was one of the dullest I've ever heard!

Trey wrote:

and Tony the "presenter"

aka Baldrick


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I dig it.

You probably owe JJ Royalties.


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I've just read Gideon The Ninth on Boter's recommendation. I enjoyed it but did feel it went on a bit long. I'm not sure I'll be rushing to read the sequel but I didn't hate. I really enjoyed the snarky narrative style which at times reminded me of Terry Pratchett. I certainly didn't pick it up and say "Oh no, not another space lesbian necromancer novel, I am so tired of these."


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Because we already have a chat?


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Saniss wrote:

Oh, and I'm still French, if you were wondering.

I was French for a bit as well. But I got better.


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Extended Edition - 146 - The Rise Of Skywalker

We're back! and with the hottest take of them all!

I didn't hate "Rise Of Skywalker" as a movie it began, middle and ended better than some of the prequels. You will note that I say some of the prequels which is already pretty damning. (Sorry Owen) I should mention that I have only seen the film the once and with the previous few films my opinion shifted after a second watch.

When the sequels were announced my biggest concern was that the significance to Vader's sacrifice in return of the Jedi would be diminished. By having the Emperor return it rather is, however I must admit to being quite positive to the reveal in the trailer that he would be back as Ian McDiarmid is just fun to watch on screen. He is by far the biggest highlight of “Revenge of the Sith”. Which makes it such a shame that Rise Of Skywalker made such little use of him. Frankly his character could have been any Tom, Dick or Exar Kun.

I never had a problem with the characterisations of “The Last Jedi” and it is a crying shame to see some of the most interesting choices made in Star Wars in recent years completely walked back. The supposed it revelations made about Rey raise more questions than they answer and whilst the decision to make her a descendant of the Emperor works better than her being the daughter of either Han or Luke it still does not make for as interesting a story than if the force can simply come to anyone.

A lot has been said about the supposedly fan service in the film, what I think people mean is a service to people who aren't fans and complained bitterly that they didn't like what had been done and surrendering an interesting narrative for the sake of a vocal minority completely leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So what did I like about it?

That little dude who reprogram C3P0 was pretty cool, I like that C3 PO had some decent screen time this time around after he and R2 were underused in the previous two instalments, I miss the idea from the OT that they were the narrators. Bringing Lando back to just stand around seemed like a cynical attempt at pleasing the crowd, but I can't help it it was pleasing.

It didn't make the decisions that I would have, and whilst some of those detract from previous instalments overall it was a fun movie even though it didn't reach its potential and whilst it will not be my first choice to revisit I also won't be entirely striking from the record.

Writhyn wrote:

The scene where older General is kneeling before the Emperor

"older General" ?!

Mate, that's Richard E. Grant!


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Ben wrote:

Also, rhyme for seeing Threepio without his outer shell, Episode 9 to Episode 1?

It's like poetry!


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Extended Edition - 145 Gaming Grab Bag

We're not dead yet!


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Boter wrote:

"Here's a 14 minute single take, no jump cuts, of a pleasant older gentleman talking about cinematic video on digital cameras as he canoes down a river."

I love this guy!

But if you shoot at 30 fps. You're a monster.


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They actually found HMS Terror a few years ago. … ge-attempt


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Boter your photos look awesome on the shop display!


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Let's hope it's not another Sifa Dyas...


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Is that by that big bridge?


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Top work Abbie Turns out I have seen 67% of DIF films. I need to sit down and watch the rest if only to listen to the commentaries!

On one of the Extended Editions Teague said something like "Oh, as fans I know you guys listen to ALL of them!" and we all meekishly nodded.

He might have sussed us out now!