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Ben wrote:

Also, rhyme for seeing Threepio without his outer shell, Episode 9 to Episode 1?

It's like poetry!


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Extended Edition - 145 Gaming Grab Bag

We're not dead yet!


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Boter wrote:

"Here's a 14 minute single take, no jump cuts, of a pleasant older gentleman talking about cinematic video on digital cameras as he canoes down a river."

I love this guy!

But if you shoot at 30 fps. You're a monster.


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They actually found HMS Terror a few years ago.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/ … ge-attempt


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Boter your photos look awesome on the shop display!


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Let's hope it's not another Sifa Dyas...


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Is that by that big bridge?


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Top work Abbie Turns out I have seen 67% of DIF films. I need to sit down and watch the rest if only to listen to the commentaries!

On one of the Extended Editions Teague said something like "Oh, as fans I know you guys listen to ALL of them!" and we all meekishly nodded.

He might have sussed us out now!


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I didn't think it could get any worse, then James Corden showed up...

Abbie wrote:

"That thing that made me happy when I was a kid, exactly, but with just enough change that I can pretend it's a new interpretation."

Oh totally.

I just miss films that actually end. I was saying to Owen that ironically one of the few places you can get a stand-alone blockbuster these days is the Star Wars spin-offs.


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I really enjoyed Stand and Ollie, I don’t know much about Laurel and Hardy outside of seeing their films on afternoon telly when I was very, very young but the story of the double act that’s been through it’s ups and downs really hit home.

The performances really blew me away, Steve Coogan, who is perhaps best known for yelling “Dan” in a car park and John C. Riley who is usually an indicator that a film will be bad were really on top form.

Really enjoyable film and by the end I had a bit of a tear in my eye, I need to track down more silent comedies.

Abbie wrote:

It's pretty much ruined original storytelling on a big scale. What are kids these days growing up on in terms of hit movies? Outside of original Pixar movies and . . . Frozen?

I don't think you're wrong, but it's also not anything new. You grew up with the Prequels and turned out just fine!

But obviously, you're right. These kids today don't even know they're born!


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Writhyn wrote:

No that's a boggart. A bogoth is when a store throws a buy one, get one sale.

No no no, Bogoth is what Owen tells his mum when she tells him to put down Pokemon and go outside and play with the other children!


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So... like Boter's a goth now?

What? Surely if one party doesn't turn up the other win it by a landslide?


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Owen got me to watch the bloody Pokemon movie...

Extended Edition - 144 Detective Pikachu


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Well here you go then!

Extended Edition - 143 Game Of Thrones Season 8


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Anyone care to jump on mic to discuss Game Of Thrones?

Abbie wrote:

The issue isn't even how much content they're pumping out, it's that it's completely broken the theatrical distribution model. I checked AMC showtimes near me yesterday and there are literally like five non-MCU movies showing on screens right now, getting three or four screenings a day.

So we're back to Sorcerer flopping cos Star Wars got released?

Hey cool, it's Professor Brian Cox with his key-tar!

He's just dropped me a message to say he's out of surgery and waiting for sensation to return to his legs.

Presumably in the back of a pussy wagon.

Your sig really helps hit home your last line! Avatar.


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MartyJ wrote:

Is it more palatable to Britons?

It is not.


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I just finished Hemingway's "A Farewell To Arms" Oof. What a gut punch!


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The trailers make it look like a lot of fun in the it's wasted on kids variety. It's disappointing it's not doing well, but I can't actually think of the last time a live action film aimed at kids was popular. The Goonies?

I've been a fan of Joe Cornish since New Years Day 1999, so I hope this doesn't stop him doing more.