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I shot a video for Ashens a few years back, nice bloke.


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Extended Edition - 140 Solo: A Star Wars Story!

We start to talk about Solo but then remember how much happier we were fifteen years ago...

We've totally been doing episodes for the last six months but Owennever hit the record button.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


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12 Angry Men did exactly what it said on the tin. This is one of those movies I've been meaning to watch for about 5 - 10 years and not gotten around to watching because I wasn't in the mood, but everyone is right. What a good film.

I thought I recognised one of the jurors and couldn't place him until I looked him up on IMDB. It was Piglet. The voice gave it away.


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Brilliant film ruined only by the poor choice of end credit song.


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We watched the earliest film on the list, Charlie Chaplin's "The Kid" from 1921 this morning. It was only an hour long and pretty funny. The plot was somewhat convoluted but surprisingly for something nearly a century old mostly made sense to our modern minds.

You don't realise how much modern films seem to be made with people using their phones in mind. I was eating lunch when we put it on and when I looked down to take a bite I missed what was going on. None of this standing around chin wagging you get in your superhero movies!


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We just watched Coco for the first time. I'm usually luke-warm to Pixar films and figure people only rave about them because the other kid's cartoons must be just so damn terrible, but that was a very pleasant surprise.

Mrs Faldor loved it and all, even if she did do her usual thing of (correctly) yelling out her guess at all the plot twists.

and it left me thinking of my old Gran...


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Jimmy B wrote:

So...that Joss Whedon is a bit of a dick, eh?

Why now?


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Boter wrote:

The A.C. Crispin trilogy is still a more complete story in my opinion (it better be) but Solo works well for a movie.

I thought a lot of the movie, particularly the opening reminded me of the Han Solo trilogy. Which I read years ago.

Knowing that Jon Kasdan through in some EU references I do wonder how familiar he was with those books.


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Whilst I enjoyed Solo, I know where people are coming from with the whole "Does this story need to be told" angle. When Rogue One came out I said how I was surprised they didn't schedule Solo first as it seemed like a pretty safe bet.

When the new films were announced a lot of people were wary of these movies being pumped out like this and I wouldnt be surprised if Disney didn't slow things down for a while or if it was the reason that we havent yet had an official announcement for Kenobi and Boba Fett just yet.


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DarthPraxus wrote:

Welp, despite insisting I wasn't gonna see it I got dragged anyway. God, what a nothing of a movie.

If you're really saying this is worse than The Phantom Menace, I think you'll need to hand in your pass to review movies.



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What's the book?


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Teague wrote:

I think we should take a moment to recognize the role the FIYH podcasts played in bringing you together,

The podcasts should now be required to come with a label warning that it can make you french.  cool


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Saniss wrote:

what does that say about you? pimp

That I have a life of fulfillment, and a roof over my head.  cool


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Nothings changed wink

Don't try playing Blu-Ray on a computer!

"Hey, you've got two monitors, I refuse to play"
"something something piracy"
"But if I wanted to pirate it, I would be watching it by now?"


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William Shirer's Rise and Fall Of The Third Reich is well worth a read.

It does seem that the extreme left are more than happy to attack anyone on the left whilst making no comment whilst the right run amuck...


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drewjmore wrote:

I cannot recommend, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, enough.

Oh Heinlein's best by far!


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Well we kicked things off with Double Indemnity, I really rather enjoyed it.


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Boter wrote:

Also can we get less retina searing in the green, 'kay, thanks.

Happy now!?


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Boter wrote:

And also probably "View revision history". tongue

The last revision saved was a few hours old and would have lost hours of Regan typing runtimes in by hand!

I don't really know much about spreadsheets, I just type "How do I..." into google and then I know things  cool


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I was really hyped for Valerian when it was first announced. I've always enjoyed the fifth element and Adele Blanc-Sec a French-language film that Luc Besson made a few years back about an Edwardian adventuress.

However, when the film came out I didn't have a lot of spare cash for cinema trips and the tidal wave of negative reviews did not encourage me but I watched it last week with my wife and it was definitely nowhere near as bad as the reviews made out. Whilst it wasn't particularly good either I enjoyed it for the visuals if not the plot which was certainly lacking. It felt like one of those films where they had gone over every detail in the source material and tried to fit all of it in instead of just taking a small portion and focusing on that. Definitely not as bad as some people say but nowhere near as good as it could have been.

I really enjoyed the opening sequence with the ISS being expanded on and all the different meetings to the David Bowie song. If the rest of the film had been more in keeping with the opening it would have been a lot stronger.

On Sunday I got to watch Molly's Game which is the directorial debut of "love him or hate him" Aaron Sorkin. I am certainly in the former category, enough of a fan to recognise that Idris Elba's law firm was the same one that Rob Lowe had worked for in the West Wing. My viewing companion commented on the way out how much he had enjoyed seeing a film with a strong female lead that did not involve a romance. Certainly, one to pass the Bechtel test.


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Great stuff Teague, it always boils down to what the lights doing with these shots, if you can figure that out, you are laughing smile

I'd definitely be up for something assuming it wasn't in the middle of the night.


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Jaws was one of those movies that whilst I knew from its impact on popular culture, I'd never been particularly interested in watching.

However, whilst putting together a Christmas list I figured it would be fun to put down some classic movies I'd never seen, also Owen kept nagging me about it.

It was a pretty good film I guess!

and the best part is I have another Down In Front to listen to!

Guys, we only meant stop eating on mic, not stop entirely!!

Edit: Trey mentions Harry Turtledove, author of lots of alternative history novels. He actually wrote a novel with Richard Dreyfuss about a version of North America which never broke away from the British Empire.