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It's not a sequel, I think by followup he meant it in the same sense that Hot Fuzz was a followup to Shaun of the Dead - the director's next movie with maybe some similar themes.


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Intersection totally messed me up. That was awesome.


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Dead broke but in for $5 and a signal boost, good sir. This sounds fascinating, best of luck!


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I had heard of the name once or twice, loved Old Man's War and Ancillary Justice, and those covers are indeed gorgeous. Great purchase!

I ended up doing the reverse for my dad a year or so ago. He's had a poster of "Dragonspell" by Chris Achilleos for something like twenty years; I got him the book that it was cover art for for his birthday.


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Quite the read. I'll pitch Jason Momoa as a movie star that bought my ticket to Aquaman which I otherwise wouldn't have cared about, but that's picking nits. Well written and reasoned, and I hope to see answers to the other green prompts in time.


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Not kidding, is there somewhere I can get a nice high-res of The Wall? My triple monitor setup thanks you in advance.

Great news, dude! I'm happy for her, and you by extension.


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Thank you sir! I checked this thread, said "ooh", then scrolled and realized I was already on Fourth Traveler big_smile


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I usually make action movies, with guns or lightsabers. Sure, those action movies can have thinking scenes, but are they the point? (Well, they should be, but are they?)

So I set out to make a thinking movie. It still has guns in it, but they aren't used, so it's maybe a step in the right direction.

Last year, as I was winding down at my last job and looking at an excess of free time, I dusted off an old script and got some folks together to shoot it. Then I got a ton of help from Teague for a subtle yet super effective effect towards the end. And then I released it, and I can't watch it without headphones otherwise one of my dogs freaks out at the wolves howling every time.

I'm starting production on something else now that is, in some respects, like this. Low on visual effects, more thinking than action (though certainly with action in it), and hopefully a fast turnaround from filming to release. So it's as decent a time as any to revisit, and repost since it was lost in last year's rollback.


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Did Hyacinth's banner get lost in the rollback? Or is it in the code but the lead post just not updated?

Hoping to eventually finish something (namely Breakdown at 238 Hypatia), myself, that can be added to the rotation tongue


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That's incredible. Thank you, Emma, for such a kind letter!

And Writhyn, congratulations again on making something so impactful.


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This video gave me the heebie jeebies but at the same time, it is fascinating. Here's the muscle structure of the iris.


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Congrats on the little Wardling!


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Yeah, definitely wouldn't respond as nicely as other Canadian megafauna.


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Yeah, definitely. I was firmly in "moose is big deer" camp until I saw that video.

I have, I believe, never seen a moose in person.



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This video is an older one but I think about it quite often.

There are trains with plows to clear tracks that are awe-inspiring in their power. But the only reason we have them is that a moose can't be bothered to clear tracks for us (and in fact considers such paths to be optional in the first place).


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Periplaneta boteria proves to be remarkably adept at pattern recognition. Once a member of of a colony is trained on a particular outline of an item in two dimensional space, it is able to train the rest of a colony to continue to trace along it. In this manner, the Boter Bug puts rotoscope artists out of business within weeks (and BDA completes Innervate 2: Electric Bugaloo).


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Ooh some gaps to fill.

June: BigDamnArtist's computer crashes, falls through his desk, and collapses in on itself. It reemerges from its pocket diomension two days later with the source code for a hitherto-unknown game. He releases it and he becomes the next Notch, his game the next Minecraft; attaining all of the success he deserves through no agency of his own.


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Mortal Engines


Enjoyable. Dialogue errs on the side of corny and you can tell where character arcs were truncated, either while writing the screenplay from the original novel or in the editing bay after shooting, to save runtime.

I went into it knowing its pedigree of a dystopian YA novel. Do the same and you'll have managed your expectations enough to enjoy it. It won't make any sort of lasting impact but it deserved more than the dozen or so people in our theater on opening weekend.

(Also I want a badass longcoat, as is generally the case after seeing movies like this.)

Meanwhile, at the theater:

Sorta-kinda like when Vaportrail and I visited Nate while he was still in Nebraska, and he showed us around the bowling alley/theater he used to work at, in the sense that, "This is the location of Duel of the Dorks".


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Not gonna lie, that got me excited for Disney's streaming service more than anything else when I found out that Diego Luna's reprising his role.


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Hm, offers some insight to Type O Negative and Ogre/Skinny Puppy being involved in the Descent 2 soundtrack. Love that industrial sound from games of the period.

I like single-line roundabouts and two-lane roundabouts where the lanes shift each exit so if you're getting off at the third rather than first exit, start at the inside and that lane later becomes the outside lane. Roundabouts with an inside lane just sorta chilling there wig me out.


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So I DM a campaign for a couple of my coworkers as well as some other parties (Steph, and a coworker's husband), in the Pugmire setting. Essentially D&D but with uplifted bipedal dogs instead.

After some considerable misadventures whose details need not be related, Jacques Deripaw was recognized as someone who was convicted for murder of a noble and escaped. He tried getting away from the person who recognized him, turn a corner, and hop into a barrel. He rolled horribly and was halfway in when the person saw him, so they just stuffed him the rest of the way into the barrel and called for the town guard. They rolled him to the guardhouse to deal with him in the morning.

Trying to save him: Shepherd, a shepherd (never bothered to pick her name, basically cleric class), and Sammy, with a hat of disguise. Sammy uses his hat to disguise himself as a large nun, tries to go in and ask where the privy is, is pointed to the outhouse 'round back. That doesn't work. They discuss other options.

Leah, playing Shepherd, who has been pretty straight-and-narrow on the morality thus far:

"What if we use fire?"

I shed a tear of goddamn pride at my players, unprompted and this one not even having been told of the misadventures of our Shadowrun party, deciding to use fire to solve their problem. I'd thought that Jacque had had it at this point, but they set fire to the thatched roof, and as the guard hustled out the front with the town drunk in tow, Shepherd went in the back, through a burning building, and rolled the barrel - did I mention the cell was unlocked and they'd just dropped the barrel into it? - rolled the barrel out of the building, down an embankment, it got away from them, hit the gangplank, and bounced upright onto the getaway barge with the town guard none the wiser.