It does, but there's a reason that it wasn't included in a setlist until the third game, with its keyboard controller, came out; it's very much a background instrument. It's definitely noticeable in its absence when you mess up notes :'D

Y'all making me feel left out with your instruments.


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Zombieland 2. Not such a classic as the original but a good follow-up. Homages to the previous one didn't feel forced and it brought some fresh stuff as well.


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yikes CHILLS. Yeah man I cannot wait. Same with hoping JJ doesn't retcon her parents, but otherwise... man so much of this seems cool and new and exciting, and so much looks like awesome OT era stuff that we wanted more of. (A Y-wing doing cool maneuvers! The new crew piling into the Falcon's cockpit!)

Tickets purchased and counting down.


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"Hey, can I just use my webcam?"

NO. Should've at least used a separate mic. It auto-leveled the crap out of it and you can't even hear the nice loud neck cracks I got at the start sad

But in the spirit of "first take", hereyago: … n0uQ2fzU3J

Dude, YouTube has gotten really good at recognizing background stuff. Almost all of mine for this thread have been claimed by whoever produced the karaoke track, and Late Goodbye got a full takedown.

I was 100% thinking of doing that last one as another duet with Steph! May still do so, in the spirit of "No go ahead and do one again".

Saniss, I finally got around to reading your work on this so far. This is fascinating! I totally get what you mean about that moment of, "This is real, this is happening now." I love that moment.

Can't wait to see updates as work continues!

Idea: Do it while driving.

No. Stupid idea. I don't know the lyrics 100% by heart and you guys don't need to see footage of an accident.


(Couldn't find a good karaoke version so I just reduced audio in the original file.)

Edit: YouTube blocked it, uploaded to Drive.

Particularly because I enjoy 1776 so much, I think. (I tried to find a good one from 1776 to do but they're all duets if not ensembles, and I couldn't find a good backing track to But Mr. Adams.)

Not that the duet thing held me back here. (Then I did a second solo, then a third, then the third again in a different register, then YouTube autoplayed a fourth.)

Wow Regan, take it easy tongue (DO NOT TAKE IT EASY NOBODY EVER TAKE IT EASY)

You killed it with the crooning big_smile I think I know what I want to do with my next one but you've reminded me of a few others besides.


That banjo is indeed nice and the bass line is among my top 5 (if I were to make such a list) and DUDE YOU DID IT FOR US F YES




And uh I haven't heard the other but I still loved your rendition if it tongue

ALICE. Have I watched any of the musicals you pulled from? No. Did you rock it and keep me watching the entire damn time? YES.

Okay, will definitely include a musical number in my next batch. UGH I HAVE A LIST

I don't know! I thought it was maybe because YouTube is weird with fresh uploads sometimes before it categorizes them but it's still like that! Not doing it on any other videos too. Just...

RIGHT?! This is seriously like the next best thing though.

Edit: YouTube recommending algorith, are you okay?

There's a game called Twitch Sings which is basically Karaoke with chat. I saved some clips from playing it with a friend but haven't done anything with them.

Well obviously, Teague, you just fell for more pandering.

I 100% had that in mind while setting up the lighting.


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Same, after watching it on tapes Dad had recorded from HBO or something, we got the THX Faces box set. I actually really enjoyed the Maltin interviews; this of course was before we learned of George's fallibility.


"When did you learn this cool stuff" UH I REMEMBER YOU LEARNING THAT STUFF

(I have rave.wmv on my hard drive, one sec while I watch BABY TEAGUE AWWW)

Oh right, I forgot to answer this. Song with sequel: "It's My Party". Sequel: "Judy's Turn to Cry".

Aw Teague I thought you were gonna go all the way through... guess I gotta finish it tongue

(wait why the hell did i put on the headphones, it was still coming through the speakers)


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Teague, it kinda was huge at the time. Not that there weren't other movies with sequels or even trilogies, but usually (not always) sequels were considered cut-rate, and trilogies weren't as mythological in scope.

Massive trilogies and - dare I mention the elephant in the room, franchises like MCU and Fast and Furious that just keep churning out moneymakers - were absolutely not the norm until this millennium, unless I'm way off the mark.

Teague reactions give me life big_smile

I watched about halfway through - thanks for the kind words on mine, and I agree that Abbie's was a hell of a jam, especially with the tap dancing fingers! I'm still on my phone's data connection but will watch the rest when I get back home tonight.

Love it [heart_eyes_emoji] AUGH and the tap-dancing, I don't care what you say, it's PERFECT.

Got mine up... had fun! Set the focus a bit too far away though. Not bad, just... well this isn't the place for perfection anyway so hah.

EVERY TIME I hear Kryptonite I think of Planet With No Name. EVERY TIME.

Shall record something - there's a silly thing I've been waffling on for a while and this is a great outlet!


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I have no idea if this is going to be too engineer-y for me but hot dang am I giving it a shot when I get home tonight.