It's been on my list but hearing such a rave review for it definitely bumps it up!

The movie is out!

After a year in pre-production, four years in post, then a year doing the festival rounds (with ten selections and six award nominations between four of said festivals), the movie is finally available for the public to view on both and!

Breakdown at 238 Hypatia at And at

(Fun fact: if you just search for it on Amazon, it will have Writhyn's name in the URL because he's top billed.)

Riiiight, that.

Don't mind the two note dip where I suppress a yawn in the first verse, but it helps show that, yep, I just looped it.


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Wow, I kept getting that recommended to me but I never got around to actually watching it. That's astounding. The last one, with Bluetooth connectivity for real-time axis shifting, was by far my favorite.


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Quick "how we got here": BDA recommended the story "A job for a deathworlder", currently being serialized on r/HFY. I kept reading on the subreddit and eventually wrote a couple short stories. Then I started writing a novel as I wanted to follow up on some of the story seeds laid down in those stories.

I don't know if people are interested in me posting it here as well, but currently it's also being serialized in r/HFY, with a new chapter coming out every Thursday and Sunday. The third chapter just went up today there, and the fourth is now up on my Patreon.

Here's a link to the first chapter: How We Stopped the Destroyers - Chapter One.

Again, if you'd like to read them here, let me know! Otherwise, I can also just make a thread for it and post in that with a link to Reddit when a new one goes up. (I will say that reformatting to bbcode, in addition to Reddit's Markdown, would be annoying, but if I know y'all're gonna read it, I'll do it.)

Enjoy - and I'll have more to mention with the story as it progresses!


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Testing forum functionality, since the chat box crashes access to the site, figured I'd post a reply. And while I'm at it, here, enjoy something that came up on my Pandora station that plays "epic trailer cover" style music.

Edit: Changed the video source to be from the artist's YouTube page instead of a repost.

Some updates! Well, mainly one update. Alright, I got into some film festivals. No award wins yet but some nominations smile

L'HIFF is one that is exciting, as it's in Barcelona and they seem to really have their stuff together. Spanish films are required to have English subtitles and, crucially, vice-versa, so I've been working with a bilingual cousin of mine to translate the film. Will release a captioned version of the trailer with the L'HIFF laurel plugged in to promo that event.

big_smile Thankya!


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I'm generally not a biopic person... and it's a parody of biopics... I don't know that I'll be checking it out, but it still seems really cool even if it's not my particular cup of tea smile

Not karaoke if there's not backing music, but it's fine, right?

There was a moment of regret here.


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Ever since running across the 3dbotmaker diecast racing channel on YouTube, I was interested in getting customs done of my cars. I'd gotten a single Hot Wheels Saturn Ion already, and more recently a Chevy Volt from Greenlight Collectibles (my previous and current cars, respectively), but set about collecting the rest of the releases of the Ion casting and inquiring about commissions. After one turned into a lengthy dead end, I reached out to a few more and finally found someone that could help me out.

So, while I felt that setting up a huge race diorama was unfeasible - at least, to do it well - I did get a small set, and made a story out of it.

Thank you to Tom, who can be heard among the background voices, and of course to everyone else who helped out.

Check out the guy who did the customs on Instagram at Custom Diecast Garage.


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Someone flew into New York from North Carolina to buy a car from us.

(Actually, he's not the only one. We're doing a lot of out-of-state business.)


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It's easier to see the resemblance in older photos of him with longer hair.

British YouTube circles just seem like they're really fun, and more interconnected.


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Tom Scott did a collaboration with Beardyman (if you're unfamiliar with him, but he looks familiar, he's Jay Foreman's brother, but to a lot of people Jay Foreman is Beardyman's brother).

I was in awe through the whole process and I've listened to the resulting track roughly five times a day the past couple days since this came out.


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Yeah, I really wish they'd had, uh, a human deliver Luke's lines.


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That looks gorgeous. Kinda gives me Moonlighter vibes, which I quite recommend.


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Dude, that's awesome! I'm really excited for you!

My weekends are filled up for January. Not sure what weekday times would actually work for everyone. I don't mind sitting out something this month or waiting for next month.


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I'm wondering why he's got a bug up his ass about settling down as a crime lord. My suspicion is that he wants to use the position to enforce Tusken sovereignty, but we'll see.

Mandalorian's theme didn't hit me as iconic until I'd listened to it on its own a few times, after watching the series. I'll give Boba's theme the same opportunity to grow on me. It's good to vibe to. Dunno if it's bounce around my head for days yet.

Hey all! I showed this at the last Games in Your Head, but I publicly released the trailer for Breakdown at 238 Hypatia. Hits many of the same beats as the teaser, but uses music that will be in the movie, as composed for the movie, and fills in a bit more as well.

I will ALSO be doing a cast-and-crew premiere in a few weeks, followed by a supporter viewing party. I know a few of you tossed a few coins to your, uh, producer here, but I'd be honored if the rest of you wanted to attend as well. It'll be a Zoom party on January 16th at 2PM EST. Out of interest of not having the link be totally public, I'll be dropping it into the chat on the forum's front page, visible to those who are signed in, about an hour before go time.

Thanks! smile

Christmy Merras.

And hey - if after a round or two we find it isn't clicking, we can switch games midway through anyway.

Shadow, never played with proximity chat, wouldn't mind trying to figure that out another time, and not sure how well it works if someone tries to join on their phone or something.

That time works for me! My vote goes to either Gartic Phone or Among Us.

I'm good for this upcoming weekend.