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Yikes. All we have to worry about is the yearly pollen drop. "Left the car parked for three hours. It's yellow now."


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Even now there are a ton of nutrients in the ground there. Prevailing winds grab the airborne stuff and shoots it across the Atlantic, and maybe 2% of it - still tons and tons and tons of the stuff - helps fertilize the Amazon.

BDA, I hope I said it before, but thank you again for recording nearly every session and editing them. This is such a cool thing to be able to share.

Edit: Speaking of sharing, can you put the Shadowrun stuff into a playlist? YouTube sometimes ain't the smartest about figuring out which comes next.

Nice. Reminds me of the opposite back in '02 where Joss Whedon intentionally framed people on far opposite sides of a wide shot with a ton of space in the middle to force a 16:9 broadcast from Fox.


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Wowww, that last one is a really cool use of a lens ball.


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Ugh that would have been a really good idea. Of course, Shadow would have arbitrarily limited its length or lengthened the distance to keep some sort of crucial detail obscured.


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I forgot about this thread and its revitalization is an important public service. Thank you, BDA.

OHHHHH-kayyyy, here we go. Did what minimal audio processing I could do (mostly bass and teble boost to the appropriate tracks, and another boost that I found recommended somewhere online that I liked) and then video editing.

Wish I hadn't sung it that high but whatever, you edit the four year old performance you have, not the one you want.


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what have you dooonnneeee


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You don't actually want that.

(That said, I sat down this morning and worked on my tracks from the Still Alive project and will probably be releasing that next week.)


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So. I just watched Sad Max. For the first time.

It's been in the background here for so long, but... I'd never gotten to it. I offer no excuses. I made physical discs of Adventures in Faking This and never sat my kiester down to watch Sad Max.

Teague, I know I'm late to the party here, and I can say nothing that I'm sure this community hasn't already said before, but god damn this is great. I wanted to reach out to Max and say, "I'm here, I'm a new subscriber and I care," but I'm seven years and one apocalypse late.

Browsing through the thread now, I can only echo what others say. Lighting was magnificent - I turned off the lights in my room about ten minutes in to watch in sympathetic darkness. You always had it at just the right angle to feature your eye well, never too front-lit and never too side-lit.

And Disproportionately Happy... man, I had no idea how it would end without just falling off a cliff but you made it work. You brought a smile to my face - remembering what he'd devoted, literally, the last three weeks of his life to, and that he'd accomplished it.

And to your performance, Teague. Genuine. One hundred percent. I was never watching Teague, a VFX artist who used to run a podcast and does music stuff sometimes, I was watching Max, a musician who runs (or, I supposed, used to run) a YouTube channel with a decent following.

(But yes LatinAlice totally whooped your butt on waaaaiiiitttiiinnnggggg.)

Great job and you have my deepest apologies for not actually getting around to this sooner.

That's super cool. I only ever watched the first but I dug the first video I decided to watch, on how they chose the cars for the film.

I feel like Bogoths were one of the groups responsible for the fall of Rome.

Oh yeah, Abbie, you would be a part of Book Twitter, wouldn't you? One of the high points of this is not just the author's reaction, but replying to comments, replying to retweets, and generally finding more people in Book Twitter to follow. Such a great community I've started to be able to peek into ^_^

Gideon the Ninth is a fantastic book that I love love love, and got a kick out of the idea when Katelynne said we should dress as the main characters at the store on Halloween. But, why wait?

Originally my thought was to try to get the author to come to our store, but they're based in the UK and this is their debut, so it seems unlikely. I won't post every photo, just a selection - the full Imgur link is at the bottom.







It was really cool to put this together. Like a film shoot in ways - scheduling, making sure we had all the props and costumes we needed, and so forth. Great time with friends and we love the results!





So yeah. Great time, awesome photos, and fantastic response online. Enjoy the rest right here:



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Weird question for me, because I don't necessarily enjoy cooking, but I enjoy eating the food I cook. With that end goal in mind:

1) Chicken Riggies
2) Chicken Divan
3) Bacon Sushi
4) Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole (No Boter Cooks Something episode... yet?)
5) Simple-ass pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs/sausage

And a prompt to maybe bump some more threads:

Top five discussion threads on these forums (with links to the threads; if the thread was lost in the DiFsplosion, re-start the thread yourself and link it here).

It very well might! Shall coordinate with you.

Noted, Teague. I can't afford a proper maying amount for the shots (a hundred bucks as a thank you maybe) but I appreciate that.

In talking with Regan (who contacted me last week and who I haven't followed up with), I realized that of the three shots, only one really NEEDS to be a comp of live action and CG, and that's the third one. The other two, if they don't get done, I can get close enough with just a hard cut.


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Same. Didn't have the self-control to not click it.


The regret is real.


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I'd be down. I'm off the next two days (Thursday, Friday) so am free to jump on during y'all's European evening hours. That said, I really enjoyed season 8 as well, though it had some shortcomings, so it may not be the balance you might like.

Short version: I need someone to do three CG shots to match to live-action footage for my starfighter movie.

Long version: Hey folks, I'm in need of some help. Damien Valentine is handling the majority of the exterior shots of this movie, but the software he's using - iClone 7 - isn't your standard CG software, and he's having issues matching a few shots to footage. I was hoping that, if I provide the requisite models, someone would be able to step in for three shots and somewhat match the style Damien is working on.

Completed starfighter shot, for reference:


(Using gifs for these for now, obviously can export full 1080p stills and movie files for those anyone interested in taking a stab.)

Damien says he'll be able to export the fighter as an FBX file. The small asteroids they're flying through are a particle system built into iClone, may not be able to get that to the artist but it's the least of my concerns.

Now, the three shots. In this first one, Davis (played by Writhyn - say "Hi, Writhyn!") levels out from a turn and the camera settles in front of him.


I'd love if we can keep CG in the shot all the way through, but I'm also open to starting with the fighter with the opaque cockpit and dissolving to the live action shot as we get close. Think the reverse of this following example, from the Tie Fighter fan anime.


The next shot is that in reverse - starting with live-action then dissolving out to the fighter pulling away from the camera.


The final shot is a less dynamic one as far as movement goes. Forgive the garbage matte while the shot is a stand-in; the fighter rises into frame.


We did a test comp of this one as a still frame but motion still eludes us.


At this point it was over a year ago that I shot the live action, but I can get the focal lengths to the artist (either 20mm or 28mm) and try to estimate my distance to the subject. I'll take care of the actual compositing (rotooooo) so I would "just" need a plate with the CG model.

Again, let me know if you're interested in taking this on, or anyone you know might be, and I'll try to facilitate getting materials passed around to make it as painless as possible.

I've always lived in smallish towns and never noticed anything but large nationally-released films in theaters. Not that I went looking for smaller films, but I just have always seen the big movies with marketing budgets hit my 6-9 screen theaters I've lived near.

Interestingly, I checked the movie theater I grew up with to see how many screens they have. 9, and I recognize only Endgame, Pikachu and The Hustle in their current lineup. The other five movies (Endgame being the only one showing on two screens) aren't necessarily indie dramas but are the fare I'm used to seeing at theaters. Poms, a comedy; UglyDolls, a ??? who-is-this-marketed-to-and-that's-why-it's-bombing; Long Shot, comedy; The Intruder and Breakthrough, dramas. None of which I've been marketed to, either on social media, streaming ads or in trailers before other films.

I don't know how long they'll be staying in that particular theater (and I'm a bit miffed I don't see Tolkien), but it's hardly screens upon screens of the same tentpoles. Lots of movies are being made, MCU jillion-screen releases or no, and small town theaters only have so many screens, and again to my recollection never had the luxury of being able to let an indie flick sit on a screen for a few weeks.

Oh God yes, it's awful. Cigarette butts are a constant wherever you look even as they get more and more stigmatized. I used to have to sweep the walk in front of the grocery store in the morning and like, there's an ash can *right there* guys, come on. Also people just hucking them out car windows, embers flying everywhere.

That's a specific example of it, but yeah. Littering, man. If you're brought up not caring it's really hard to make you care.