My healthcare plan is not to get sick. If that fails, my backup plan is identity theft of one of you Europeans.


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Writhyn wrote:

Looks flashy, but with the whole "rise of skywalker" thing I'm nervous JJ ain't gonna go with Johnson's "the legend is a lie and it doesn't matter who your parents are" theme.

Of course, it could go the other way and say the new "rising skywalker" is specifically a nobody with the "skywalker" mantle. Hmm. Here's hoping.

If the former, supreme eyerolling. Ugh, move on from the Skywalker line please.

If the latter, it's browbeating people with symbolism that had been left latent for forty two years. Preferable, but still. I heard someone today say something about being confident in Disney and Abrams' subtlety regarding the matter and I just

Is that you, Z?


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Today, the latest in "pulp-ass shit Boter reads"...

Necromancers. Ladies with swords. Swords wielded by lady necromancers. Listen, if this isn't hooking you, I don't know what will. Gideon herself is the most self-assured protagonist I have read in a long time, with wit and actual competence to match. Mix in a conspiracy involving the immortal emperor, eight houses vying for supremacy, and a dash of LGBT+ representation naturally woven throughout and you have, hands down, an early contender for my favorite book of the year.

To expand a bit on what I wrote as a staff review for my store, I really enjoyed the narration in here, though at times it jumps outside what's reasonable. While not told from a first-person perspective, Gideon is still the point-of-view character, so while the following sentence is fun: "Then Gideon whistled through her teeth as she unlocked her security cuff, and arranged it and its stolen key considerately on her pillow, like a chocolate in a fancy hotel." You stop and think, "She's never been to a fancy hotel and likely has had very little opportunity to read about them." I just sat back and enjoyed such literary decoration, meanwhile Steph started reading it and couldn't get past it.

Still, between the writing, the characterization, the exploration of what "necromancy" might entail beyond just skeletons when there are eight different Houses each with their own take on it, and the plot itself, I thoroughly enjoyed this and had a hard time putting it down.

The book is due out September 10th of this year.

I reviewed a game called Refugee that ultimately didn't get funded, and it did card synergy very well. Maybe some of the parts come on at "half power" or something, not providing their full bonus, unless another part is also built; conversely, some of the Crit cards can specifically impact parts on your ship. If your success strategy, either short- or long-term, is hinging on a specific part or combination of parts you've accumulated, breaking that back up with damage is a good way to flip that.

(Though, the player owning the ship is the one that chooses a Crit effect, right? They could just not take that one. Not sure. You can check my review of that game for some examples of that synergy and it getting flipped, and hopefully it helps Smithereens.)

Seems cool big_smile I don't really have the reading comprehension and visualization to critique it without playing but I'd like to be the first to sign up for a prototype kit when you're comfortable sending them out. I'd be happy to turn a camera on us and not really do it as a presentation but then you can watch people who haven't played wrestle with getting their heads around the rules and figure out where there are any rules that need to be cleared up that you may have been making assumptions about.

Nothing to add here, agree strongly with avatar's #4 and #5 points.


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Beyond the Aquila Rift

Part of Netflix's "Love Death + Robots" anthology.

I haven't watched the rest of the anthology, but I recognized this title from a short story I read years ago, which indeed this is adapted from.

In short: I enjoyed it, though would have preferred something more faithful (which is doable) but also see how they were going for a different goal, difference pace, slightly different angle to the same story, so I can see why they changed what they did.

In long: I did a way-too-involved deep dive to come out with basically the same conclusions. Click the pic below for a link.

Watch the episode (NSFW), read the short story if you can, they complement each other really well.


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Some friends were discussing this at a birthday party a few weeks ago and I jotted it down. I don't know nearly enough about WWI as opposed to WWII and they had a lot of great things to say about it, so I'm definitely down to check it out.


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I seen it.

Get well soon, dude.


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Ish? I can sorta get the idea but I can't really tell how balanced it might be, or how to improve it, until I've actually tried playing it.

I will say, cards rather than dice is a good mechanic that I wish was used a bit more. Was used effectively in Daytona 500 back in 1990 or so.


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Snow Crash: Now that I think about it, Owen, that seems about right. I did love it but each time I re-read it it feels slightly less than I remember it - the sum of it's parts would be great, and it falls just short of that into "quite good" in my opinion. Diamond Age does a better job at being cohesive ("better"), but is still recognizeably the same author and similar plot arcs IIRC.

Tolkien: I got up to Return of the King in high school and about midway through that had the stunning realization, "I'm not enjoying reading this." It was annoyingly dense reading the entire time and when there was a point that I was satisfied with where the characters were and didn't bother reading through the endless epilogues and denouements (again, as I recall, this was some fifteen years ago).


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I haven't gotten to it yet, but Gideon the Ninth jumped to the top of my reading list when I'm done with For Want of a Nail.

I see a fair amount of Teague in the face. Might just be the red hair and most of my visual memories of him including it. The pitch at the bottom seems like it's trying slightly too hard but damn if it isn't my wheelhouse anyway. It comes out in September, but hey, bookseller perk.

Plus it's kinda cool seeing how they put the cover art together. … er-reveal/


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Solid reads sir. Especially a fan of the last two. I recommend Diamond Age also by Stephenson, if not immediately after Snow Crash then sometime within the next year or so.

6:30: "Who wants to have fun... who has the most public awareness?" *Boter raises hand* "Public Awareness 7, that's what, a Lifetime series?"

10:45: "You guys absolutely qualify as terrorists." "Accidental terrorists!"

That narration though.


Sequel time! Like last time I did lightsaber visual and sound effects, and I also did the blaster visual and sound effects. I particularly enjoyed the longarm rifle's sound design - "How many different games can I pull sounds from?"

I was telling someone yesterday what a great job Shadow did with bringing stuff back unexpectedly. Sofie, We Are We. And similar sort of "shock the players" vibe when Digi-Walt shows up on the screen.

I think my Recap excerpt is gonna be, "He pulls out a gun and shoots you in the face." "Is this why you guys call him Sketchy McDumbfuck?"

Build-a-joke, that's a good term for the type I'm most sick of. Related one I tried was Punderdome. It is basically impossible to be presented with two unrelated things (car, breakfast) and come up with a good pun. A joke or turn of phrase, maybe, but in the two times I've played it I've never had anyone play one so good that it is worth remembering five minutes after the game ends (unlike some star Cards Against Humanity plays I've had in the past).

I've joined in on a few Jackbox stuff, good middle ground between "pull this off the table and play it quick" and "let's set aside an hour". It does shift attention to the TV though which I've lately been trying to avoid when I have folks over for a hangout/party/whatever.

Party games. I mean Cards Against Humanity and everything that followed it. Often going for shock value humor and the same damn style of gameplay as CAH took from Apples to Apples. What Do You Meme? is the latest that I've noticed and just... I like the idea of a short game that's easy to pick up and play but I'm kind of just done with them. I'd rather spend an hour on a game with more nuance and less "well you need to know that Tracy likes cerebral answers and Emily goes for cheap dick jokes".

(This post prompted by seeing a new game from Matthew Inman, as a follow-up to Exploding Kittens, and me just going, "Ehhhh.")


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Eh, start with a two-thank max and see how it goes. Sometimes it's important.


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It's not a sequel, I think by followup he meant it in the same sense that Hot Fuzz was a followup to Shaun of the Dead - the director's next movie with maybe some similar themes.


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Intersection totally messed me up. That was awesome.