Meanwhile, at the theater:

Sorta-kinda like when Vaportrail and I visited Nate while he was still in Nebraska, and he showed us around the bowling alley/theater he used to work at, in the sense that, "This is the location of Duel of the Dorks".


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Not gonna lie, that got me excited for Disney's streaming service more than anything else when I found out that Diego Luna's reprising his role.


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Hm, offers some insight to Type O Negative and Ogre/Skinny Puppy being involved in the Descent 2 soundtrack. Love that industrial sound from games of the period.

I like single-line roundabouts and two-lane roundabouts where the lanes shift each exit so if you're getting off at the third rather than first exit, start at the inside and that lane later becomes the outside lane. Roundabouts with an inside lane just sorta chilling there wig me out.


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So I DM a campaign for a couple of my coworkers as well as some other parties (Steph, and a coworker's husband), in the Pugmire setting. Essentially D&D but with uplifted bipedal dogs instead.

After some considerable misadventures whose details need not be related, Jacques Deripaw was recognized as someone who was convicted for murder of a noble and escaped. He tried getting away from the person who recognized him, turn a corner, and hop into a barrel. He rolled horribly and was halfway in when the person saw him, so they just stuffed him the rest of the way into the barrel and called for the town guard. They rolled him to the guardhouse to deal with him in the morning.

Trying to save him: Shepherd, a shepherd (never bothered to pick her name, basically cleric class), and Sammy, with a hat of disguise. Sammy uses his hat to disguise himself as a large nun, tries to go in and ask where the privy is, is pointed to the outhouse 'round back. That doesn't work. They discuss other options.

Leah, playing Shepherd, who has been pretty straight-and-narrow on the morality thus far:

"What if we use fire?"

I shed a tear of goddamn pride at my players, unprompted and this one not even having been told of the misadventures of our Shadowrun party, deciding to use fire to solve their problem. I'd thought that Jacque had had it at this point, but they set fire to the thatched roof, and as the guard hustled out the front with the town drunk in tow, Shepherd went in the back, through a burning building, and rolled the barrel - did I mention the cell was unlocked and they'd just dropped the barrel into it? - rolled the barrel out of the building, down an embankment, it got away from them, hit the gangplank, and bounced upright onto the getaway barge with the town guard none the wiser.


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Queen Elizabeth rocks.

Realized I hadn't posted here. Agreed - the sort of thing with enough material for people to get different things out of it, or for it to resonate differently if I were to watch it again, say, a year from now.

RE: Big-studio-movie. Same thing with big-studio-video games. Though I don't know how much that's due to optimization (this year's Call of Duty didn't have single player, but it did have a battle royale mode!) and budgets just getting untenable. Shamus Young made a point when talking about the evolution of Bioware (in the context of the Mass Effect series) that the early 2000s seemed to be a good mix of creators able to make art with the time and money needed to do so vs. huge teams needing to be able to have the latest graphics and physics, all with aggressive deadlines and budgets. As a result, I haven't been interested in any AAA titles this year, but I keep playing stuff by indie developers (Bendy and the Ink Machine) and midsize developers (American Truck Sim, Stellaris) that don't have conglomerate publishers - the studios, by way of comparison - holding things (optimization?) over them.

I... feel bad that I couldn't get through it, I got lost after about fifteen minutes. I must be part of the problem sad Will attempt to give it another go, or download the audio and throw it on my phone for a longer drive maybe.


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Many of the trucks are rentals - people who are not used to having to check, then rent a Uhaul to move to anothert house or something.

Many others are just stubborn, or not paying attention. Standard tractor trailer height is 13'6", so low bridges might be marked for 14', 13', 12'6". Someone who's 12" and fits places a full tractor trailer can't won't pay attention to the numbers.

They SHOULD pay attention to the multiple signs and FLASHING LIGHTS at that intersection that turn on when you're overheight, but still. That's when you look at general idiocy, and the fact that it's a high traffic area so even one out of, eh, a thousand is plenty of content.


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I love 11foot8. It's like the most stoic passive-aggressive behavior of all time.

"Turn back. Don't do it. Seriously, don't. ... You did it. Good job. Hope you're happy."


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"Bang Your Drum" by Dead Man Fall is that to me. I never got past "why grt out of bed and do anything today nothing matters" level, but this got me up and going.


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Your mom.


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Unfortunate, but reminds me that I've got to watch Apollo 11 VR, not that I expect emotional drama out of it (it's documentary more than drama) but at least it'll, as you say, communicate that visceral experience better.

Heck, I recently heard Public Service Broadcasting's "Go!" and that got me going.


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It's English's lack of handy features that have made me embrace "y'all" as a second person plural pronoun in casual conversation, despite my geography dictating otherwise.


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Gandalf Doctor, love it.


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I haven't watched an episode of Who in years - pretty much only when I was force-fed by someone who hasn't had the chance since before Capaldi. But yep, got a chill from that video too.


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You seem to forget that there are no poor people in America, only temporarily embarrassed millionaires. (Steinbeck) Improvements for the rich will mean improvements for anybody that something something bootstraps.


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To add to what BDA says, perhaps some people ARE getting jobs - the great mythical "economy" often lags behind the policies set. Not quite sure at what point a Trump's economy is "his own" and not inhereted from the Obama administration, though at this point I suppose we've got to be in it by now. Great numbers for the rich, average joe... isn't in general better off financially (though I could be wrong).


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Ah yes, Regan pulling from the Citation Needed well of knowledge (S1E8 The Flag of Mars and Rods from God). Between the actual articles and the side tangents they find themselves on, lots to mine from there. Such as (S3E3 Sergeant Reckless and Terry Google):

The United States Marine Corps promoted a horse to the rank of Staff Sergeant in the Korean War.


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A rich man living in California who'd grown up in South Africa ended up losing his entire fortune, went crazy, and proclaimed himself Emperor of the United States (and later Protector of Mexico).

No, not a prediction of Elon Musk's future, though the surface-level parallels are amusing. Emperor Joshua Abraham Norton I dealt in rice, made a bad gamble, began wearing a uniform, issuing proclamations, and even corresponding with foreign royals, and the citizens of San Francisco went along with it. He died homeless and penniless but his funeral was one of the most well-attended of the time.

Played trombone in elementary and middle school, now all I play is air guitar and steering wheel percussion. I'd like to take up an instrument but don't want to drop time from other hobbies I've got going in order to do so.

I've lost whatever glands on the body produce hope; if they still exist, they only exude nostalgia for when hope was a thing.

My thoughts are, he'll get confirmed (possibly tie vote, go to Pence to break it), without John "I'll be dead by elections so fuck it" McCain to (possibly) throw that monkey wrench in there. Since it's so close to midterms, GOP then gets hardcore voted off of Capitol Hill, Democratic Senate keeping Trump from doing things, many a Twitter rant until he's replaced (2020 or possibly sooner), then 10-12 years on the general American public forgets and we go through this cycle again.

So, y'know.

DarthPraxus wrote:

I feel like I'm just completely burned out on anger at this point; all I can manage is disgust and resignation.