Sweet! I'm back to doing The Recap episodes so shoot me a clip of your favorite part.

"There has literally never," I begin, "been anything more important," I continue, "than putting pretty little bends," I add without blinking, "into every single wire."

Teague, I just read through the finished version, for some reason I'd only read your as-you-were-going. Reading again is because the forum has been showing me Radiopunk's banner for days.

Regarding pretty little bends, I haven't done any electronic-y stuff but in set construction I looked at a bunch of old SATA cables I was adding to a set wall and said, "You know what? These need pretty little bends." And so it became.

(Also there is a lot of extraneous extra spacing in the finished version, is that a word processor copy-paste weirdness or something?)


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Spreadsheet Thingy: All columns up through Saniss are protected; I'm trying to move Steph next to me just for easy "wait who it Steph ohhh that Steph". Not sure if protection is intentional. (I can still edit contents of the column but not move.)


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Also can we get less retina searing in the green, 'kay, thanks.

I'll show it to Steph but I don't think she'd be interested. I'm sitting there at the lowest by far at 20% and I'm sure she's seen even less of them than me.


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Get your operator to upload a pilot program, duh.


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And also probably "View revision history". tongue


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Hmm. I don't plan on *trying* to watch all of them but I'll add my name and fill out what I've done. Cool idea.

Edit: Froze the top row so it stays visible as you scroll down.


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Valerian. At the start we didn't buy any chemistry between the leads. At the end I said I'd buy it if it was on sale.

Aside from that, it leans pretty heavily on bad exposition and, "We need to ha r the main character say something, so let's give them a useless line of dialogue." Even secondary characters - if someone is disarming a bomb, do you think that yelling, "Hurry!" is the best use of dialogue?

Past that, I enjoyed the story itself and presentation was top notch. Great background pretty lights while doing something else viewing.


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Watching this evening, I can see why there were some spiteful words for Adobe earlier today.

Edit: BDA, when Teague found the concrete parking thing, I went back to the plate shot you posted. I just glanced before and saw the background replacement of it, but now I see how much you added to the buildings, wow. Nice job on the matte, sir.

Me neither but we're only eight days in.

I'll see myself out...

Mmmm noted. I'll have to ride the next month out to see what my middays look like but that's not entirely out of the question for me.

Noted. Sundays are out for me for the next month or so anyway, after that it switches to Wednesday nights. I want to keep Saturday clear for generally not tying up social obligations week after week, but that still leaves Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and maybe Friday.

I Kickstarted a game system called "Pugmire", where everyone is descended from dogs inhabiting the world left to them by Man, who disappeared long ago. I want to see how the next month goes for me as far as time available, but if I have time to put stuff together I'd be down for running that. No promises but wondering if the interest is there.

I'm losing my regular employment and kind of transitioning off of it over the next month or so. Depending on how things go, I may have a lot more free time. And hey, Sundays always seem to be a thing.

So how about it? Who is nominally interested in getting some regular gaming sessions in, who might be in for a one-shot, and importantly who is interested in *running* a game?


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God I cannot wait to watch this movie again.


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I'm gonna agree, there was some really good stuff this year. My personal favorite might be Doki Doki Kiterature Club because of the genre switch a couple hours in and the utter mindfuck it pulls from there on out.


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One hell of a recommendation sir. I'll look it up.


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Oh sure don't correct *him* on pronunciation. (Unless that is correct and my "correction" in Hyacinth was incorrect tongue)


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You have 24 hours to live but only $1,000 to spend. Your one companion is Bill Murray. What do you do?

Movies. I feel like watching movies with Bill Murray would be a treat, and it's something I enjoy. (I'm not that active, even if whatever were to hypothetically ail me wouldn't keep me from things.)

Start out with a few things I've seen and enjoy, and throughout the day, as he learns my tastes, he may recommend a few that I hadn't seen but that he feels I should, and would enjoy. We talk about the movies and maybe about life,maybe about what comes after.

The $1,000 gets us some grub and enough caffeine to get through 24 hours of it. The rest to some charity, Bill's choice.

Forget existential dread: what's the most existentially exciting thing that's ever occurred to you?
What's the most amusing physical injury you've ever had?
At what point did you realize that you, at some specific point,
were no longer the same person you were at some specific point in the past?
(I feel like we've had prompts in this spirit before but I tried to leave it open ended enough to potentially get other answers.)


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*sets an alarm on his phone, which he'll totally have in ten years*


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I remember seeing a trailer for it before Thor: Ragnarok. Looked like a good movie; not my genre, but good. You talking about the director makes me wonder if it's at all what the trailer makes it out to be - his wife ends up not joining him (it's not reversible), he's depressed because it turns out the downsized world is full of the same douchebags that the regular one is, and he goes on one of those "soul searching to less privileged country" trips (of course, all within this Downsized world, however big it is) - maybe people who had done so because they had no other financial choice, or maybe were put through it against their will because they were a burden on whatever country or society (not killing them, so it's humane!). And in helping those with real problems, he finds fulfillment and a sense of self?

I start guessing towards the end there, but - looked like a solid application of sci-fi into what the rest of the world would consider a worthwhile drama plot. Cool to hear that, whatever it is, it holds up.


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really 'cause i never foresaw that

Other skills in use - setting up lighting in the portrait studio and dicking around in Lightroom to get the color palette to match a bit better.


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Did a photoshoot this morning for the title slide of my next Let's Play series. Took a lot of sliding and rearranging and I learned *super basic* particles in After Effects for the sand effect, but I'm happy with the result.


We were trying to match the original art for the game, here:


Not 100% but I'm happy with how it came out smile


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Fair point, but I think even by screenwriting rules it works.

Luke has been tempted before. He sliced his Dad's arm off in rage before realizing he was going too far. I don't think it's improbable that he still struggles - being on the side of the light is portrayed as an ongoing battle, not a one-and-done.

He didn't slice off Ben's arm before realizing he was about to go too far. I'd call that progress from the last time we saw him, not regression.


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I was legit confused when it wasn't him when it panned over.