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Episode 4

Damn was that satisfying when Fett's ship loomed up behind the bikers and incinerated them.

And when Shand killed the sarlacc with the sonic charge.

Overall really good episode that dug into why Fett's doing what he is doing now.


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I'm really liking the vibe so far. In fact, between the Mandalorian and this show, I am really enjoying the more limited stakes in these stories. Although I'm sure it will ramp up to something more galaxy-wide eventually, it's precisely the small scale that has been so fun.

And while of course a large part of Fett's coolness was his lack of backstory, I certainly don't mind this show exploring the interim years. Him having the opportunity to learn and grow as a character both post-sarlacc and as a (somewhat inept) crime-boss is a great framing. And it's neat that some of the Tusken lore from Knights of the Old Republic is being explored.

Also, his personal gaffi stick is BADASS. I hope he starts carrying it again. In fact, it's a theory of mine that he's going to have to re-embrace his Tusken trappings and meld them with his reclaimed armor/identity to forge his new life. I think they fore-shadowed that with his statement that the tuskens shouldn't have to hide in the (horrifying) lizard trip scene. They're gonna join him in Jabba's palace and be more established.

On that note, "I thought that was part of the dream." was a golden line big_smile

and also that wookie was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Not so good:
From the first notes of The Mandalorian music, it was iconic. Perfect for the character and story. So far, absolutely nothing about Fett's soundtrack is catching me. Which is fine, I guess. Music doesn't have to call attention to itself. But so far it feels really generic.

And Mos Espa is way too clean. Very little about the town sections of the show feel like they've got that Tattooine grittiness.

I'm also not quite buying Fett's sudden concern for the downtrodden moisture farmers he exhibits in a few scenes. His relationship with the tuskens I get, and maybe his near-death experience shifted his thinking, but I really want to see him just SHOOT someone who looks at him wrong. Maybe even someone who doesn't QUITE deserve it lol.

So whatcha think?

I might be down for initial Jackbox type stuff. I'm also reasonably available evenings and weekends, but a lot depends on my social energy level on a given day.

So, basically, figure out whatever works for the rest of you, and I'll make it work if I have the means smile


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This is badass!


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What all they said. Spill the Teague. smile


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Almost been six months since the little one joined our home, and it's been a challenging blast! There's a lot I could say, but I'll just spit some facts and leave some pictures and call it a day big_smile

Galaxy Anne is doing really well with us. Some days are harder than others, but she definitely considers herself to truly belong here (as well she should). Lots of amazing moments over these months:

First time she said "I love you!" or called me "Dad!" was about six weeks after placement. I absolutely did NOT pressure her to do so on any level, but just the same it was nice to hear after some weeks of her calling the Mrs "Mommy." Her temp foster family had let me know that she bonded much more quickly with the mom than with the Dad, so I knew ahead of time. But it was nice to know my care to let her feel safe with me worked smile Great feeling.

She's playing Zelda with us (Skyward Sword), occasionally taking over the controls semi-competently. Future gaming sessions are going to be a blast smile

She loves spending time "tinkering", i.e. using all kinds of random supplies to make contraptions and inventions like door-openers, hammocks for stuffed animals, twirly-gigs and whatnot. We've added a lot of tinker supplies to her arsenal.

She loves dresses, which is fantastic because I love shopping big_smile

She's gotten really into science (as a 5yo understands it) as we've introduced STEM kits through monthly subscriptions. Rockets and space are a passion of hers! She now wants to be a princess astronaut when she grows up, and then to be "queen of the moon".

There are, of course, bad days. Everything she's been through is ROUGH to process for a 5yo (or really, anyone), but we all love each other and belong together. That's what matters right now.

Photos link:


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For whatever reason I was thinking about Gravity today. I saw it in theaters and loved it, even though the only showing available was 3D: I generally dislike 3D, just never did much more than distract me.

Weirdly, Gravity is the ONE 3D movie I've seen where it *worked* for me, and as I'm thinking about it, I recall why: instead of the content "coming at" me, it was more like it was going the other way. The screen felt like a giant window to scenes that had exterior depth, instead of a portal with stuff attacking me.
Aside from a couple of obligatory "hand reaching toward me" scenes, it felt like the 3D plane started at the screen and went *back*.

So my question is, is that a thing? Like what makes that kinda difference? It *really* worked for me, the "screen as window" instead of "screen as portal" visual. I think I'd be more into 3D if that was the norm.


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....My own feelings with Star Wars are bizarrely aligned with Tom's, except I'm still at the point of "not yet" with CW.
I get how it could be good, probably is, but I can't get over the episodes I've seen (my brother made me watch a few) showcase so many problems that could be instantly solved with someone grabbing a physical object with the Force, with all those someones conveniently forgetting to do that.
Grab the plot MacGuffin from the villain? Nope. Use the Force to wrench open the blast doors while *chasing* the villain? HELL YEAH!

It gets annoying tongue And I'm not suggesting the plot should include those easy Forced solutions: I'm saying the plot problems shouldn't be something easily solved with telekinesis in the first place.

But otherwise, I have almost Tom's exact same thoughts about every single part of the franchise.


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....I am *very* interested in the Despecialized Editions tongue I have always been curious


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Daffokill is AMAZING big_smile


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DUDE. That thing is BADASS.

A cyberlilly? A spineorchid?


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Just posting this here, because I feel like Trump leaving office is a good thing to mark with a post.

Feel free to share your thoughts. I'm just relieved. Whole new set of challenges going forward, but at least we don't have an Executive pouring gas on the fire and calling it "achievement".


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Gideon's setup such that Bo-Katan couldn't have the darksaber was wickedly devious. Full marks!

I assume now the next season is going to be Mando figuring out if he wants to be Mandalore


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Everything about it was awesome. I think some were frustrated that they went back to the old well, so to speak, by bringing Luke in....but so what? It makes perfect sense. We knows he's been looking for trainees. Why wouldn't it be him? And it's not like now we have to watch the Luke and Grogu show: it's not about them at all. It's about *ahem* The Mandalorian.

That said, my gosh Luke did not look right at all. The lighting on his face was completely flat and unlike the entire scene. We've seen extraordinary deepfakes at this point. There's no excuse for that sad

Other than that, the episode was great and a perfect conclusion for Mando's quest with the Child. It was powerful and emotional. Great episode, great season.


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LatinAlice, just curious if you finished smile How was the creation of man and woman, and (of course) the fall?


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I may have squealed a bit when I saw Fett reach for the switch!!

Overall great episode, some really cool character moments. But honestly one of the best parts was seeing the interior of the slave 1 do its thing while the characters were talking (rotating and such). Dunno why it was so neat, but it was.


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It's fascinating how it says things in just the oddest possible way but they still make sense.

Like early on there's a character who has an unexpected visitor for the first time in years, looks through the lock to see who it is and sees an eye that "he knew belonged to someone else because not only was it a different color from his own iron marble, but also (and more convincingly) it was on the other side of the door."

(Slight paraphrase, but what a ridiculous way to say that! I love it.)


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Out of left field I ran into a recommendation of the Gormenghast trilogy by Mervyn Peak. It starts with Titus Groan (1946)

I've only just begun but it's weird as hell. It's like the Phantom Tollbooth meets a medieval Tim Burton. There is a plot, but really the point of it is just to read the descriptions of the characters and setting. It's incredibly precise in language to really get the vibe right.

The Castle Gormenghast's tower described:
“This tower, patched unevenly with black ivy, arose like a mutilated finger from among the fists of knuckled masonry and pointed blasphemously at heaven. At night the owls made of it an echoing throat; by day it stood voiceless and cast its long shadow.”


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Just finished a project I've been working on for a few weeks. It's a poetic rendering of the Bible's account of creation and the fall of mankind. If that immediately brings to mind Paradise Lost, it's quite different. That is an EPIC. This poem is not like it at all tongue

I know the subject matter ain't everyone's cup of tea, but if you're curious enough to check it out for the sake of the craft, I'd appreciate your thoughts!

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o-S … sp=sharing

The source text is primarily Genesis 1-3, but since that text was a limited revelation, I blended in sources on creation from the books of Job, Ezekiel, and the Gospel of John. Some poetic extrapolation is necessary, of course, but I kept it as reasonable as I could.

For anyone who remembers that random chat conversation from a long time ago, it might stand out to you when the poem emphasizes how Adam was present with Eve when she ate the fruit and said nothing like an asshole. That's kinda why I wrote this: to present the text in an interesting way, that also cuts through pre-conceptions a lot of people have. In this case, people way too often miss that the Bible explicitly says Adam was present, and is at least equal in blame. So this poem emphasizes that.

There's also a whole lot of confusion about what the text actually says about "The Serpent" that our cultural tradition completely messed up, but that's a big ole subject in itself. Suffice to say that, while my poem uses serpentine descriptors by way of common analogy, it does not reinforce the idea of a literal scaly reptile. Because the text itself does not support that.....but whatevs, we can talk about that later if anyone's curious.

PS: fair warning, it's ~820 lines long


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I did notice the sound stuff, but I assumed that must be how her sabers were in the show and shrugged.

And yeah, I've been ok with the planet-of-the-week format, but I'm hoping to see more of one place in the rest of the season.


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I'm enjoying the new season so far. First episode was fantastic (Krayt Dragon).
Spiders episode had really good atmosphere.
Episode back with Greef Karga and bluefish guy was reeeeally fun.
Seeing the mandalorians taking over an imperial ship was also great.

The Ahsoka episode definitely feels like it would ring better if I could have brought myself to like Clone Wars, but it did a pretty good job even for someone who barely knows who Ahsoka is. She's the Jedi Mando was sent to find, she has a history...yada yada. They could have over-explained it, and I'm really glad they exercised restraint. For those who know Clone Wars, I imagine it worked, and for those who don't (me) it worked as a simple Jedi side-character episode.
Only thing that reeeeeally wasn't working for me was her gosh-darn lightsabers. I know enough about Tano to understand why they're white (no issue there), but the *effect* of them was so......bland. Like they legit looked like FX plastic bars. They had practically no flare, like the Ep 3 "physical point" sabers dialed up to 11, with no halo.

I actually liked the juxtaposition of Mando and the Other Guy talking while listening to the saber fight instead of watching the whole thing. That was an awesome directorial choice. Although from what little they showed of the fight being kinda bad choreography, maybe that choice makes practical sense tongue Either way, I liked that quite a bit. I also liked how the episode didn't explain everything verbally. You pick up on what happened through off-handed remarks, even that one old dude probably being the former magistrate of the town who they all still respect because he's been trying to help. Good stuff.

So we're probably in the wrap-it-up episodes next, which I'm sure will be great. But I'm stating here that I've really appreciated how the show is totally fine being so limited in scope. Love it, love it, love it.

Oh, also Grogu is.....a name. Dunno about that one yet tongue


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big oof.

That's freakin hilarious, though, not gonna lie big_smile


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(seriously, thanks man. It's an honor, and I hope the best for the rest of the project!!!)


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A new review that made me happy:

"there's something magnificent about stories with scientists in a remote location going through some shit. i started listening to this podcast under the impression it was a comedy, imagine the shock wave i went through! and yet that's my favorite kind of surprise; when you go into something expecting lighthearted and humourish story and get a heartbreaking tear-jerking motherfucker. the humour is on point and so nuanced and balanced with the tragedy of it all i couldn't help but laugh through the tears. and the characters! good god, i felt like i knew them for years.
from now on this is the only genre/trope i crave for"

Friends I'm really sorry but I definitely don't have the bandwidth for this. Got some potential adoptive placements going on (yay!) moving forward now...I can't commit the time.