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Teague you may have missed when I dropped this in the chat room a few days ago: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xN4fKA5jYHzVQS1a6

Eclipse Lamp v1, battery-powered, remote and/or timer operated.

v2 will be a much cleaner design, hopefully next week will see testing. If it goes smoothly, I've got a few people wanting to buy one off me smile


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What's up with me is a few things.

Mrs Writhyn is finishing up prerequisite courses before she jumps into her masters (master's? master? masters'?) degree, and working way more than she should be (her employers are...not good at hiring people). So, my main task these days is to keep the house running smoothly. I work a normal 40 hrs, so I basically do the shopping, cooking, and cleaning so she doesn't have to worry about that.

All this doesn't really leave a lot of time for my creative work, but I'm waaaaaaay cooler with that now that I have a finished project out there (I may have mentioned it once or twice), so I don't mind hibernating a little bit. Here and there I'll write some poetry, song, or craft something small, including the cool-as-hell eclipse lamp. Keeps my CREATE SOMETHING DAMMIT! brain at ease. People still mention having listened to THD here and there, which is nice, and lots of people keep recommending it to each other on Twitter and Reddit.

One or two thoughts I have on continuing getting stuff "out there" is to render THD into a prose serial, doing the reading myself as a sort of companion audiobook that would allow for the narrative to open up to the other characters (Temple, Ember, Station...) and world. It'd be way less production work than the audiodrama, but it's still enough work to be on hold for a while.
The other thing I'm pretty much already doing is setting up to offer eclipse lamps for sale. Already have a handful of orders, though I'm not really expecting too many. Just something for a little extra cash here and there.

Besides this, I'm trying to teach myself full-stack web programming, with the objective of changing careers into something that interests me and has the potential to earn a bit more cash. Same reason the Mrs is getting her next degree: we really really want to adopt kid(s) within the next few years, and that requires a nicer place to live.

That's what's up! Oh, finally, there's a big transition in my church's leadership as the pastor is starting a different ministry and the other pastor is taking over. He asked me to preach much more regularly, so that's gonna happen soon. Cool cool.


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Whatever, I'm sure they were fairly paid and compensated, and were able to get reasonable amounts of rest, right?

... Right?


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Oops. Sorry tongue


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Haven't seen it yet, but I didn't care about spoilers so here I am tongue
I personally didn't like any of the animated stuff, particularly the fact Maul survived his bisection. That was very dopey...

but it's Star Wars, lot of the stuff is dopey. I think the fact he's in here is dumb, but that's because I think him surviving Menace is dumb, but that's because I think him being killed in the the first place is dumb. So, my issue with him being in Solo just goes back to my problem with Menace....

So meh, I'm good with it. Doesn't make me want to see the movie more or less tonight. And, what does tip the scale in favor of Maul is that maybe Ray Park gets to play Maul going forward for a while. Sure, these "star wars story" movies are "unnecessary" in the sense that they don't need to be told...but most stories are?

Sorry, now I'm getting into other criticism, but whatever. Rogue One wasn't necessary, but I thought it was great. Solo may not be necessary, but apparently it's not bad. Boba Fett or Obi-Wan are apparently getting movies. Necessary? No. But if they're good, who cares? And if they're bad, I can still enjoy the good ones.
People often remark that we're scraping the barrel with origin stories, but it all depends on whether effort is put into making the story good.
Hell, Ice Cream Maker guy could be given a truly deep story that surprises everyone. So could Boba Fett, or Lando. No story is necessary. Star Wars wasn't necessary. Empire wasn't. Jedi wasn't. But that doesn't mean they can't be good. Doesn't mean they can't be terrible, either.

Mod edit: Spoiler tags.


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Whoohoo! Finally got a chance to watch!

I like it. I like the concept, it's a nice little short with a cool thread. Also, excellent use of the setting and sound to create more material than you could film (such as the yelling voices in the woods and the fire effects).

And fun use of the puppers, too!


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I'm in, depending on what I can say about whatever subject is being discussed.


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That sentence melted my eyes. What the hell??


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Good grief, Suzie is like 1000% more film-cultured than all of us.


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That'd be fun. He cooks, I eat and rate it.


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In my case, I had the advantage of knowing more about Boter's personality than he had of mine. I've seen some of his videos, and his skits, and short films, and his only exposure to me was via this forum and our efforts on Hyacinth. These last two were shared experiences, so again, I have seen more of Boter's personality than he has of mine.

All that is to say, he's consistent. The instant we met face to face, I felt like I was, indeed, talking to Boter. His online persona is about the same as he is in person. Of course, it's quite possible all this was a front (as most people put up some kind of face when hosting guests), I'm inclined to think that I got the straight Boter. Naturally, there are depths to him that must only be found by close, long-time friends, but my point is that nothing he did or said seemed false. He cared about making sure we were comfortable, and yet was comfortable enough to share his own life aspirations and quirks. He even told me about his murder shed, so you know he's not hiding much.

Hanging out with him was fun. Board games, chill movies, that sort of thing. In fact, all four of use worked really well together, such that we dominated a cooperative game that's supposed to be difficult. Communication was easy, and the task was done quickly. One reason for this, I believe, is how his relationship with Mrs Boter seems quite like mine with Mrs Writhyn, with a gender-swap. Mrs Boter and I seem both pretty laid-back, and Boter and Mrs Writhyn were more gregarious and hilarious (more on the jokes in a minute). Thus, Boter and I were already well-practiced at dealing with a person of the opposite temperament.

This meant the actual work part of the weekend (shooting film) went very smoothly. He was an able director, knew what he wanted, but was open to suggestions and responded positively to change. What little obstacles occurred during production he dealt with gracefully and in good humor. Good man. I liked him. And the footage turned out great: he knows how to light a scene, while being honest about his past shortcomings. Best kind of person.

Boter and Mrs Writhyn had too much fun with awful puns. While I sure enjoy such word games in this forum, it's different in real life, when you have to listen and you can't get away. No murder shed needed: I almost died.
But Boter was funny in other ways: he gave me a birthday card envelope written to Grimm, with a funny message inside written by Dreadnought. Ace joke.
Also, his computer room is pretty badass, his willingness to pursue freelancing dreams admirable, his house is pretty sweet, and his dogs are not nearly as annoying as I find most dogs to be. And he can cook!


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Google, how do I fly a B212 helicopter?


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Here's the correspondence, would appreciate advice:

Message from the guy:
"Hi David My name is Gareth Severn and I am a radio Presenter and voice over actor based in Cyprus. I have recently come across Hyacinth.
I wanted to ask two things really. Firstly, I am a radio presenter on a station called Ex-pat Radio that broadcasts throughout the world online and my show currently gets around 60'000 listeners on a Tuesday prime slot. I have been looking to air a sci fi drama and would love it if you would kindly give me permission to broadcast your show. If so it would also be amazing if you could voice me an introductory segment introducing yourself and the project Hyacinth.
Secondly I am also a voice over actor and if you ever have any other projects that need a cast please consider me as it would be awesome to be involved. Let me know as would love to get the first episode up on the show next week  Have a great New Year!"

My response:
"Hello! Wow, this sounds awesome! I have a number of questions, but generally, I'm completely willing! Thanks for the opportunity.

1) How will the episodes be presented? They're all slightly different lengths, so I'm curious if there would be any editing on your end? Will they be played from start to finish, or will there be breaks?

2) I'm assuming my compensation for this would be the exposure only, which I'm ok with. But since you're the presenter, do you have any suggestions for how I might re-record the info at the end of the episodes to maximise the chances of your listeners checking out my website, leaving reviews, or even donating a little?

3) Speaking of recording, what sort of things would you like me to record for the introduction? I wrote, directed, edited, composed music, and produced the series (all firsts for me), so I could say a lot about the process. Especially if some of your listeners aren't regular listeners of sci-fi audiodrama. How much of an intro are you looking for?

Please excuse my ignorance, I'm completely new to all this. Thanks for reaching out to me! I'm glad you enjoyed the show!"

I looked up the website for the guy and he's on there. Seems pretty legit.


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I'm interested

Edit: Damn


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Well, it's on twitter now. @TheMRSHyacinth

And it was live-tweeted (quite entertainingly) by a person I don't know!


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(also, how about that Ryan vs Dorkman moment in the throne room? Yay!)


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Oh and when Luke completely subverted the grandiosity of the scene from TFA's end by tossing the saber...that was sooooooo good.


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Saw it. I liked it more than 7.
I agree that the plot felt messy, the first half being hard to focus through. The casino planet sequence was hard because, frankly, it felt like they were trying to make a thing about animal abuse while people were dying in the fleet. I get that it was thematically a point about the kids rather than the animals (kids theme was cool BTW), but it felt weird.
And was anybody else wondering why the long-distance shots at the fleeing cruiser were flying in an arc?

The second half was mostly awesome and the several character twists and turns did keep me pretty tense. Overall, I liked it, and aside from the plot messiness I really liked the different vibes from previous movies. Plus, it fixed a couple of problems I had with 7 by hanging a lantern retroactively in a sensible way.

Good themes, good character stuff, Hamill killed it with his performance, and finally, like others have said,

Why bother with weapons when you can throw a ship at your enemies? Why didn't they empty one of the earlier ships before it ran out of fuel and jump it into the enemy fleet??? But lordy, lordy, lordy, that shot sequence was almost the coolest thing I've ever seen. And everything was silent during! So goooood!

And Teague owes me $20 wink


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Thanks drax!

The sound effect you're referring to, is it the three-beep incoming transmission effect?


DarthPraxus wrote:

Ugh, fuck you for

"The Parting Glass" at the end there.
Fuck you.

I think that's a compliment, so... You're welcome wink


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I would love to have known what I was doing regarding compression and balancing audio. I basically wrestled and googled until I had some sense of where things ought to be, and then kind of achieved that. tongue The imbalance that's left is the best I was able to do at my current level of "skill". Fair points.
And no, High-Explosives didn't get three'd. Come to think of it, if Blue had said it during her monologue that woulda been a great time for it.

Your last sentence sounds helpful but I don't think I quite understand it. Can you elaborate?

Regardless, thanks for checking it out! smile


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Tom, since you're the first reviewer here who went in blind, quick question: how did the tension work for you? Obviously, there are a lot of tense moments:

The missile launches, Grimm's helmet cracking, Argus' suit threatening to break, the tether breaking, the shuttle crash-landing.......yadayadayada

so I don't need a review for every one, but overall,
How'd they work for ya?


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Yay! The first "this isn't working for me" feedback! I was getting worried, for a second tongue

Re: Teague's impression of 6 and 7
I think I can see where you're coming from on the scenes getting "actier and actier" I think. There are several reasons for it and only one of them (people trying to act like things are OK in order not to break down) is intentional. I can understand that being hard to get around.
Ultimately, I'm afraid it may be lack of experience that keeps me from seeing where you're coming from on Grimm being one-note, especially since he also has a "rad arc." I'll admit I don't see how those two things can co-exist.
Unless of course you mean performance-wise, in which case I can't argue one way or the other. Personal bias and all that. I don't cringe when I listen to it, and I'm pretty happy with that, but I don't think I'm unimpeachably good.

While I totally understand feeling bad for these opinions, don't feel bad! Sure, I'm a little bummed that it wasn't a home-run on every front for you, but that's just cause I'd love everyone to love it. Which is obviously a ridiculous desire. So, thanks for sharing! I'll definitely keep an eye on this sort of thing if I do any projects like this in the future. STOP FEELING BAD tongue

If anyone else agrees, pls say so. Trust me when I say this: anything less than "blue and finch were amazing!" will not likely be passed on to my sister and wife. There's really no need for that, so don't feel bad if they weren't working for you. I won't tell them big_smile
And as always, if Con or Grimm didn't work for you (or the writing, editing, whatever), feel free to eviscerate me. I'm pretty good with such feedback smile


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I kinda liked that he looked like he'd been hit with a bat a few times. I dunno. Just liked that he doesn't look like your typical choice.