This happened to me at a toll booth tongue


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Ok. Ok his Tom Cruise faces were uncanny. Like, show me a still, that's Tom Cruise. But he *does* kiiiiiinda look like him?



Oh it's a deepfake. Sincerely did not know (didn't read the preceding comment). Ok, yup, deepfakes work, and they're going to kill us all. Oh my cod.


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Damn. Is A Hidden Life looking timely or what?

Also I'm down for even the 97th Little Women, given that cast tongue

Hell yeah!

Aaaaaand another one! It's a new series we're doing on the "directional" commands of Jesus, like "Go," "Enter," "Turn," and so on. I covered the humility Jesus calls us to when we pray, and that we shouldn't pray for people unless we are willing to be the answer to that prayer. Otherwise it's insincere (at best). I felt more comfortable this time around, and had more fun with it.

Anywho, here's the link:
The audio isn't great this time around, sorry!


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These are nice!


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No that's a boggart. A bogoth is when a store throws a buy one, get one sale.

as a devotee of the Bible in question, I am equally pissed about this kinda thing. *fist bump*

President does/did this frequently and it makes me so mad.

The overall point I agree with, then

Counter-article I just stumbled on. I do get how different people would see this in different ways. … jPLeTglnNs


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Talkin' fancy, eh? Well, it's good by me. More testers, the better.


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Also @Boter and @BDA:
You guys were willing to test the prototype, so I wanted to make this clear: To Smithereens is (at least right now) a 2-player game, so not really geared for fun game nights with many friends tongue. Not sure I made that clear before. Still interested?


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Update #10
I've gotten The Rules knocked out. Aside from (I'm sure) some word-wrangling, I don't expect them to change much before prototype printing. Feel free to take a look:

The Rules: … sp=sharing
(formatted for a half-size booklet so you may want to zoom out a bit tongue)

The Player Handbook (guide to parts and such): … sp=sharing
This one's a PDF 'cause I made it in MS Word for some reason.

That is an aggressive removal of the entire context of the episode. He stopped her from drinking (by stopping her hand) to drown her literal demons, called her by her actual name which no one knew, and quoted her childhood verse which was God's declaration of comfort and peace before peacefully healing her. Whether one takes this as a fantasy or not, it was obviously a positive thing as set up by the story. Particularly since she was actually led there after she almost committed suicide because of her condition.

Yeah Nicodemus is a solid character. That rant didn't really bother me, though. He'd been dealing with asshat Romans throughout the episode so a rant seemed in order.

Interesting to hear your thoughts!

"pretty creepy lady-stalking" .......that's an odd take of peacefully addressing a woman as a person and healing her. You're entitled to it, I guess. I may be *slightly* biased, though tongue

The method of delivery was sketchy, though for the record they did buy every copy they distributed. As for censorship, it's not really that when it simply allows the watcher to choose parts they'd rather not see. Censorship is forced.

But, fair.

Is that a... Pun?


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Update #9
It's like, 95% there. There's a couple of finagly bits I want to iron out/test:

1) Adding a few more tiles to the Asteroid. Feels like it's not quite varied enough. In fact, there are a couple of things we're trying out to give the Asteroid more of a presence.

2) Damage system is getting a test tonight. At the moment it feels a little too back-burner, like parts being damaged is a very small part of the game's strategy. The system to be tested is spreading damage: parts will be able to receive multiple damage tokens, and if a 4th token is received, 3 of them are spread (equally as possible) onto adjacent parts. This opens up further tactical options for targeting things. Anyone who's played Pandemic will probably recognize this mechanic.

And, that's it. So far I've tested the game with about 5 people, including a short-attention-span high schooler who nonetheless played it 4 times in succession. So, there's that!

Also, The Rules are coming along nicely, so I'll have those ready before too long, and after that, Prototype Volunteer time!

As I mentioned in the chat, this production is really good. The creative backstory is interesting enough that I wouldn't want to spoil it, but let's just say that they really emphasize that Roman occupation made life extremely difficult for a lot of people, and drove them to do things they're not proud of.

The main characters are cast appropriate to 1st-century Israel, which is awesome. The disciples (the ones introduced so far) are young and dumb and it's great.

The first episode is free, I'd recommend skipping the trailer to avoid spoilers (yes, spoilers!). I'd be interested in anyone's opinions! A lot of "christian" movies/shows are hyper-sanitized/unreal/terribly-acted/-written/dumb. So far, this one feels like a real story with real people. Just my opinion. will direct you to the channels. I think you'll have give an email address, but the company is not fishy. I've been using them for years and they're solid.

Teague. Why, why do you keep getting kidney stones?? That sounds like HELL

Very excited!


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I suppose they could be, at least insofar as the actions they're taking could be done by drones. I'm honestly not sure how well "You're actually a drone" would play on most players of strategy games, though.


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Yes. Moving on is...please. please.

And I agree about the other thing, too. Yipes.


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That makes sense. Incidentally a couple of the battle royale video games now (particularly Battlegrounds) might actually cross that line for you. They're (usually) slow start games, kitting out your avatar, looting buildings, getting progressively more crunched in space on the map until there's only one player left. One life, might last 5 minutes, might last half an hour....and still die. Definitely nearer that one life intensity.

I certainly agree with the overall "permadeath" annoyance at least in board games with several players. To Smithereens is only 1v1, so there's that. Once someone dies, you can get drinks together right away.

Or play again, because we've finished up and been like "Fuck you I'm gonna beat you next time let's play NOW" big_smile


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Welp the teaser's out. Looks flashy, but with the whole "rise of skywalker" thing I'm nervous JJ ain't gonna go with Johnson's "the legend is a lie and it doesn't matter who your parents are" theme.

Of course, it could go the other way and say the new "rising skywalker" is specifically a nobody with the "skywalker" mantle. Hmm. Here's hoping. Anywhoo I really liked the character choices of Last Jedi and I hope this one is good.