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Thanks drax!

The sound effect you're referring to, is it the three-beep incoming transmission effect?


DarthPraxus wrote:

Ugh, fuck you for

"The Parting Glass" at the end there.
Fuck you.

I think that's a compliment, so... You're welcome wink


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I would love to have known what I was doing regarding compression and balancing audio. I basically wrestled and googled until I had some sense of where things ought to be, and then kind of achieved that. tongue The imbalance that's left is the best I was able to do at my current level of "skill". Fair points.
And no, High-Explosives didn't get three'd. Come to think of it, if Blue had said it during her monologue that woulda been a great time for it.

Your last sentence sounds helpful but I don't think I quite understand it. Can you elaborate?

Regardless, thanks for checking it out! smile


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Tom, since you're the first reviewer here who went in blind, quick question: how did the tension work for you? Obviously, there are a lot of tense moments:

The missile launches, Grimm's helmet cracking, Argus' suit threatening to break, the tether breaking, the shuttle crash-landing.......yadayadayada

so I don't need a review for every one, but overall,
How'd they work for ya?


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Yay! The first "this isn't working for me" feedback! I was getting worried, for a second tongue

Re: Teague's impression of 6 and 7
I think I can see where you're coming from on the scenes getting "actier and actier" I think. There are several reasons for it and only one of them (people trying to act like things are OK in order not to break down) is intentional. I can understand that being hard to get around.
Ultimately, I'm afraid it may be lack of experience that keeps me from seeing where you're coming from on Grimm being one-note, especially since he also has a "rad arc." I'll admit I don't see how those two things can co-exist.
Unless of course you mean performance-wise, in which case I can't argue one way or the other. Personal bias and all that. I don't cringe when I listen to it, and I'm pretty happy with that, but I don't think I'm unimpeachably good.

While I totally understand feeling bad for these opinions, don't feel bad! Sure, I'm a little bummed that it wasn't a home-run on every front for you, but that's just cause I'd love everyone to love it. Which is obviously a ridiculous desire. So, thanks for sharing! I'll definitely keep an eye on this sort of thing if I do any projects like this in the future. STOP FEELING BAD tongue

If anyone else agrees, pls say so. Trust me when I say this: anything less than "blue and finch were amazing!" will not likely be passed on to my sister and wife. There's really no need for that, so don't feel bad if they weren't working for you. I won't tell them big_smile
And as always, if Con or Grimm didn't work for you (or the writing, editing, whatever), feel free to eviscerate me. I'm pretty good with such feedback smile


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I kinda liked that he looked like he'd been hit with a bat a few times. I dunno. Just liked that he doesn't look like your typical choice.


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Re: Finch's death: Yeah, my plan was to make at least one case where death comes out of nowhere, but I actually mixed the sound of a thousand breaking bones into the background. I wasn't able to get it very clear though hmm I think it's because there's already so much going on in the mix that the crack is lost a little.
So yeah, Finch breaks her neck, and it's definitely there if you're listening for it. But if a little accidental ambiguity works for you,
I'm ok with that!


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I haven't felt like the feedback was too short at all smile Enjoying Teague's highlight reel and boter's tears and your essay, saniss! And of course I'm passing on the reaction to my wife and sister too!


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Makes me think of the red-channel offset Mike mentions a couple times on DiF. I really like hearing about little tricks like that, even if I have almost no idea what is being said and I'll never need it because I'm not in VFX


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That could be featured, man. That's really nifty-lookin'


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This is gorgeous! Also it looks like it might kill me.


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Second chance:
I moved out to CT in '09, at age 19, because I'd been dis-satisfied with the way my friendships were turning out in TN, where I'd lived for over a decade.
Joined a church, made some friends, everything was hunky-dory.
Particular 2 friends were a young couple just a few years older than me. They were awesome, basically gave me an open-door invitation to hang out with them, which was great for this young, single guy who loves quality time spent with people.
Couple of years go by, some weird friendship things start happening again. Nothing I'm able to articulate at the time, just a sense of barriers being put up. Not so much by the young couple (Dan and Joanna, btw), just by others.
So I thought I was cool with them.
Then, one evening, I was over at their house for a bible study with some other friends. We were studying James, if I'm not mistaken. Long story short, I leaned on their wooden table (one of those things with a single central column as opposed to multiple legs, but a big one) and it collapsed. Complete accident.
I said sorry, looked at it and saw that it had a previous weak spot, and that was that.

After the study, everyone went out for coffee. But Joanna seemed...peeved. And I noticed this only near the end of the hangout. Everyone else eventually left, and Dan, Joanna, and I were walking to our respective cars, when I said, "Are you still mad about the table?"

Joanna rounded on me, and proceeded to give me a talking-to like I'd never gotten:
"No it's not that the table broke, it's that your apology was half-assed and you gave an excuse saying the table was weak instead of apologizing for real. Then you didn't offer to help repair it or pay for repairs. I wouldn't have cared if you'd been legitimately sorry. But that table was a hand-made gift from my parents for our wedding which I told you about, and you didn't seem to care (this was very true)."
Then she proceeded to tell me five or six ways that I'd been dismissive of her and Dan's feelings on multiple occasions, not taking seriously the time they were giving me, cancelling on workouts with Dan even though he took time off work on those days to coach me...
There were quite a few things, all of which were absolutely fair, and NONE of which I was aware of. I was that self-focused. Here I thought I was all about friendship and stuff, but I'd never put myself in their shoes or tried to have empathy. It just didn't register.

After this, I was stunned. I swear, God kept telling me to shut my mouth even though my (natural) tendency was to be defensive. This is one of the very few times that I would say I have "heard" God. And He was telling me to shut the hell up and listen, because she was right and I had been a jerk.

So finally I choked out "Can we go to the car?" I needed a few seconds to think, and also there were a couple of random people sitting at the outdoor tables near us that probably heard everything (which, in retrospect, was probably really weird for them).

When we got to their car, I broke down and apologized. REALLY apologized. Not just about the table (because it wasn't about that, really), but about everything. Asked for help for maybe the first real time in my life. I'd been SUCH an asshole.

All this backstory to lead up to this:
Dan and Joanna both hugged me for a long time, said I was like their little brother, that they hadn't wanted to drop all that on me at once, but they couldn't take it anymore. Prayed with me, and promised to keep spending time with me and forgave me.
I ended up fixing the table myself, and I did a hell of a job smile They never brought up past issues again, just made sure to let me know if they felt like I was lacking empathy in the moment. And over the next few months, I learned to be a much more considerate person.
My friendships with other people got a lot better as a result. And I continue to work on being sure to think how others are feeling.

That was one of the best/worst nights of my life, and I'm glad it happened. So I guess it answers a few of those questions, actually, but whatever. I'll just say it answered the first smile

Forget existential dread: what's the most existentially exciting thing that's ever occurred to you?
Most ironic thing that's ever happened to you?
What is something you did that you once deeply regretted, but now are glad you did?
Moment from your life you've revisited a million times, and why.

EDIT: Geez this was long.


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Well, it's done. Holy carp. Guys. GUYS!!!!!

It's been since about April 24, 2016 (in the chat: first actual post about it was from a few days later) that you have been hearing about/helping with this thing.


Ok. Now that's done, here's the website: https://www.davidecarlson.net/hyacinth
You can listen via the Episodes page directly, or use the RSS link if you want it on your podcasting app.

7 Episodes. 2.5 hours. It's a coddamn feature-length audiodrama.

So whatcha think?


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This looks really awesome!


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(says the guy with an audiodrama) tongue


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I do see what you're getting at Boter. Not sure I'll make the prologue "in-world," (it'd be a little weird over the music) but lemme try something like it.


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Working on the intro for the series. I'm trying to make it as brief as possible, setting up the story without going for 5 minutes tongue

Here's what I've got (it reads aloud in 61 seconds):

On August 11, 2127
The mining vessel MRS Corvus, under orders from Halaesus Mining Co, departed for its third clandestine trip prospecting a rich asteroid in the territory of rival supercorporation Lykaeon Minerals.

On August 13,
The public comms network broadcast an open transmission from a captain in Lykaeon’s defense fleet: the Corvus had been apprehended with its 52 crew and its captain, Ember Roth. Ransom was demanded, on threat of destruction of the ship and personnel.

Corporate heads at Halaesus Mining ignored it.

On August 14,
Friends of captain Roth seized a chance to help her and her crew in the only way they could. Taking their ship--the MRS Hyacinth--to survey a promising asteroid, they prayed it would be worth enough to entice their employers to pay the ransom.

The following audio is directly from the black box of the Hyacinth, recorded as they carried out their desperate mission...

It's either something like this, or just go "2100's, humanity is living and working in space, here's a story." and let the dialogue unfold the situation. Any thoughts?

Alternatively, I could write a little pre-scene with a corporate guy ordering "you" (audience) to listen to the black box recordings and report to him what happened, and more importantly where it happened. That could put listeners in an attentive mindset...and maybe have Grimm ask whoever is listening to make it all public near the end. Hmmm. Might be cool, might be too cutesy.


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Okie dokie, I'm just about done (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Still got some work, but it's really happening, you guys.

Before I start solidifying the site, here's a question:
Do you think the full title: "From Ember to Ashes: The Hyacinth Disaster" still works?

I like it having the |ARTSY TITLE: literal subtitle| format of books about real crises, but it is a mouthful. I've been referring to it more and more simply as "The Hyacinth Disaster" in my brain. Which works I suppose.

Just now it was suggested I just go with "Hyacinth"

Any other opinions? Obviously, Imma go with what feels right in the end, but you know I'm always open to suggestions.

I'm asking now, because I suspect NOBODY is going to say to their friend "Hey, have you heard of From Ember to Ashes: the Hyacinth Disaster?"
Might as well title it something that they don't mind saying aloud.


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Quick couple of questions, especially for those who played a character:

I'm thinking of making a page of character profiles in the form of "employee dossiers" for some extra info/pictures that could help people picture what's going on during the story. So, to that end:

1) If I take random person photo and morph them with another random person photo, creating a third person who doesn't exist, is that "transformative art" enough that I could use it? (obviously you're not lawyers, but you might have some experience)

and 2) If I do that, are you who played characters ok with me putting another person's face instead of yours? (Your actual name will be credited elsewhere: right now I'm just talking about the character info)

Bonus question:
I'd like to make the characters a little more diverse than I was able to manage with you actors tongue Do you think it's ok to race-bend when it comes to character portraits?


Blade 4: Runner


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I can't wait! smile


Just saying, I've never seen Tom and Kibs in the same room...


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Agreed. I'm also really pleased with the revamp and I'm not sure I would've thought to change anything if you hadn't voiced your opinion.

Libations for everybody!


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Ok, in the meantime, I took a hard look at what I've got, and I agree that it could use a bit of a revamp. It's not on the level that I suspect Teague is getting at, but I:
1) Cut Blue's conversation with Con by two minutes
2) added a bit at the beginning to set up the sense of place and the group dynamic
3) streamlined some exposition
4) made Con a little more stressed
and 5) still managed to shave a minute off of the entire beginning (up until Con calls Argus about his suit)

See what you all think:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B34wSs … sp=sharing

Realized I used the wrong mic for Grimm on the couple new lines. I'll fix that later.
Sidenote: it's really, really helpful for rewrites that I played two characters tongue